Pattern's 攀藤室 @Batu Pahat | Where to Stay / to Eat in Batu Pahat

10 January 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Is me again and I'm just read through all my emails, comments and dms on instagram.. Thank you so so so much for all your overwhelming messages regarding the #CWkissaLZ collection. Can't believe that it's now 5 days after the launch. I can't wait to see all your beautiful outfit photo during Chinese New Year. Apart from that, I received quite a number of email and message asking where's the location of the shoot.

So this post is dedicated for this beautiful homestay, which located @Batu Pahat, Johor. It's actually one of my friend's homestay. You know it's not the first time I have been to Batu Pahat, I went there more than twice every year. To visit my 'long distance' friends and I kind of missing the food there. If you are planning to have a short gateway or road trip to JB, then why not staying over at my friend's Pattern homestay and discover some of my favourite to chill cafe and food at Batu Pahat. In this blog post, I will be suggesting few cafes and restaurants for you guys too.

Before I plan for my shoot I actually searching for the shooting venue. I'm looking for a nostalgic looking yet beautiful venue because we have both modern collection and the classic CheongSam. After discussed for a month, I decided to go for it no matter how far it is. Yes, I'm glad that I choose the right venue on our collection. The photos turn out were really good and it's more than what I expected.

Just wish to share such beautiful homestay for all my followers and readers out there. If you are looking for a short trip with your friends then this is the best decision ever. My friend Ryim put a lot of effort on this place. I remember two years back when we had our supper together, he talk about this idea and I can't believe finally it's here. 

It started few months back and I'm so glad that I visited such beautiful place awhile ago. But due to the amount of work, I'm really put all my heart on the shoot and thinking to go back again with Smelly and my friends as well.

It's quite a huge space for friends and family gathering. Whether a short road trip or a getaway, this space can totally relate to you. I love the idea of having Netflix accessible on their TV in the homestay's living room. Of course, the super chio Mini Bistro space with bluetooth player & arcade machine.


Mini Bistro Space (Night)

This is my favourite space after all. Every morning we are just chilling around this space for breakfast. There are mini bar with drinks and maggie available for you. A UFO catching machine for you to play as well as the arcade machine. If you are looking for an instagram worthy spot, here you go! 

Mini Bistro Space (Morning)

Arcade machine

Coins for you to play!

Now, let me show you some of the photo taken at this beautiful spot.

There is another room right beside the kitchen / mini bistro space. It's a beautiful corner again with a pink chair. Look beautiful like a corner of a Korean cafe!

It was all a dream
Every corner look so photogenic. Ryim is really talented. Remember my previous blog header? The pink x dreamy photo theme. He is the photographer and I wrote about it few years back. Click here He is a photographer and really talented on taking wedding / couple shoot. I love his angle of photo. It's like telling a story and now I know why every corner of his homestay look really photogenic. A lot of clothing shoot taken at this place and even if you are interested on couple / wedding shoot, you can ask him for more.

If you need more event space, there is one event space just right beside the homestay. Will show you later. Also, here's the photo I took at this beautiful photogenic corner.


That's the first highlight. Next, the second highlight will be this beautiful Glassroom. It's located beside the entrance of the house. Right beside the car's parking area.

There is an air-con available inside the classroom. It's quite a nice space to chill with friend. Imagine I'm sitting on the floor and drinking my favourite cup of apple cider or maybe playing game cards with my friends lol. It look beautiful at daytime and night as well.

This is the photo spot that we shoot for our maxi CheongSam collection.

At Night

This is the entrance of the house. Look really nostalgic!


Coming up next! The living room area. There is actually a huge TV (55“ LED Android TV) right in front of the brown sofa and tea table. You can watch and enjoy your Netflix. It's fully air-conditioned. There are 3 rooms available with 1 toilet as well.


Sorry for the mess! HAHAHAHA We had all our meetings at this corner.

Some of the photo taken at the living room area.

After entering the living area (in between the mini bistro), there is toilet and this corner of nostalgic under-stair decoration. If you walk upstair, there is another space with table and 2 single beds as well. Downstair has 3x bedrooms with queen size beds!

 My favourite red dress ever!


This can be another chilling area or girl's talk area as well. If you come with a group of people, some watching Netflix at living area, some can come upstairs just chilling and chit chat!

Some photo taken at this spot:-


The 3x bedrooms are kind of similar except the placement of the mirror and mini working table. There are mineral water available. Like a hotel-standard bed lol. The bedding, towels and quality toiletries just feel like a hotel! HAHAHA 

 First Bedroom

It's all two pax queen size bed. Enough for 6 person add with the upstairs bed, the whole homestay can be more than enough for 8 pax. If you need more bed, can request and inform the house owner.


The toilet also look super chio! It's grey theme and you can turn on the button and enjoy your favourite hot shower time.


This home is located at Batu Pahat, Johor. 3 hour drive from KL and for me it's somewhere in between of JB - KL. It's also 5 minute drive from bus terminal, D’Garden and 10 minutes to SquareOne mall, OldStreet Commercial centre & BatuPahat Mall. 

OldStreet Commercial is a nice place to chill. There is hair salon, boutique shops, Korean Fried Chicken restaurant and basically just a lot of cafe and food restaurant available there. Shoploooh's shop is located at the same building as well.

This house is great if you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere for vacations, gateway, private parties and social gatherings. You may also have production shoots or weddings here (if the rules are complied with).

There is one MAMAK right beside this house. My favourite supper dish will be Roti Teluk Double Cheese and a cup of iced milo. HAHAHAHAH Seriously it's just right beside this homestay. Probably need only 1 min walking distance from the house.


So if you are planning to stay over at this place. Here's some of my recommendation for you. 

(1)My first one will be this breakfast shop, the Macau Kopitiam. It's the super yummy burger and the double cheese sandwich!! For breakfast choice, this is one of my MUST EAT! 

Macau Kopitiam @Batu Pahat

(2) Next, if you are coming with your friends or family. Why not try this swimming pool steamboat! It's actually a steamboat restaurant right beside a swimming pool area. That's the reason why it's call 泳池火鍋. Their top rated dish will be the fried chicken and fried salted egg pumpkin. I love this steamboat shop because the staff here just way too friendly. They will come to you and ask you to pick your favourite dish and you can make your order or just chit chat with them.

Loving all this 有人情味的小地方.

泳池火鍋 @Batu Pahat

(3) This is one of the local dish recommended by my friend in Batu Pahat. It's the Soon Lai Kuey Chap! If you go in the afternoon, honestly, the weather is really killing but I really love their kuey chap and the brown color soup! If you come here, please try this! There are a lot of side dishes available for order as well. You can google to read all the review and look at the yummy dishes as well.

Photo from google search

(4) Next up, one of my friend's recommendation as well. If you have a dessert stomach or looking for a place with nice ambience and good dessert! Try this. It's actually a cafe alike bakery called Mong Bakery

Photo from

(5) OldStreet Commercial: Because I always go to Shoploooh, I have been here for more than 10 times lol. It's actually a huge building with lots of commercial shoplot. There are restaurant, boutique shop, convenience store, hair salon and more. At night, you can enjoy the light up and nice decoration at the highest floor of the building.

Photo credits to google image

I guess that's more than enough for your 3D2N short road trip to Batu Pahat. I go there quite often and really love such beautiful place in JB. I'm glad that I'm able to help you with some recommendation but most of the time I'm there for 2 days or 3 days only. If I happen to explore more food and to-visit place in Batu Pahat, will of course share again on my blog ya!

If you are interested to stay over @Pattern's 攀藤室, can contact them through facebook (click here) or instagram for more (click here).

Hope this answer most of your enquiries and thanks for reading my blog again. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post!