12 January 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Time flies it's the currently the first month of the year 2019. It's been awhile and I remember the traditional way to celebrate my new year eve will be setting my own goal and resolution for the year. I have been doing it for many years. It it's not mistake, I think it's been more than 6 years now, similar to my yearly #MassiveGiveaway. 

If you read my last year post: HIGHLIGHT IN 2017 & NEW YEAR RESOLUTION FOR 2018 , you probably understand why it is so important for us to set our yearly goal. If you practice and keep doing this , you will be surprise. Trust me! It doesn't matter it's a small goal or a big one, as long as it's something that you wish to work hard for! For example, learning new skill or cleaning once every week. Anything can be your new year resolution!!

Looking back with the new year resolution I did for 2018, I listed 10 for myself and I think I did 80% of it except for the 20% , which is the first, make time for breakfast and second one, workout every work. But the rest I did it. A big big big yes! I normally write it on my blog but for Smelly, I always ask him to note it down his resolution for the year on his notebook. So every month, he can review it back and see what else he can do to make it better or achieve even more.

2018 have been really surprise for me. It's out of my expectation and one of the biggest point for me is to learn accepting that there are things that is out of our control. I often frustrated on things that out of my control, plan that changed and things that goes out of my plan. I felt really anxiety about it but after so many incidents, I learn to follow the flow and sometime just let it be. Also, it's important to learn to say NO. Saying NO is harder than saying a YES but there are nothing's worth more than the respect you have for yourself. So I learned to say no in a good way in 2018 as well.


There are so many highlights in 2018 and here's basically sum up everything. I tried my best to recover back my memory hahaha! I'm not a clever person but I always wanted to learn something. One of the reflection of the year 2018 that I wish to share with you guys is don't afraid to learn. From my experience, the more I learn, the more doors of information and opportunity are open to me. Year 2018 has given me so many choices and opportunities. Some say yes some say no but I believe that's always the best decision I ever had for myself.

1) On Stage & Workshop

2018 have been a crazy roller coaster year for me. I can totally put myself working 24/7 or flying no stop. I don't tired at all except when I'm feeling unwell or sick. I rather work harder so I got no regret than standing at the same spot without growing up. I want people to see more about me. I wish to step out a step further than my comfort zone and I take every opportunity into my consideration. Learning how to improve myself and year 2018, I have totally give my best on my blogging career.

Blogging give me opportunity to work with so many amazing clients and brands in 2018. It proved and showed me that I'm possible. I might not be the best but at least I give it all my best, to try, to experience and to be a better one. No one born to be knowing 100% what to do next and knowing everything. We learned from mistakes and life lessons. 

This year the biggest highlight is having the opportunity to meet all of you in real. Hosting for styling , photography and sharing workshop is really fun. Being able to do public speaking and on stage is quite scary but I nailed it. Working with brands and clients that appreciate my value is so satisfied. I realise I cherish more on the opportunity given rather than feeling afraid of it. I hosting workshop with Fossil, Fujifilm, Canmake, Marie Claire magazine, Saime, Mujosh and the craziest is having 3 travel related sharing workshop together with Klook in Penang, JB and KL & more. 

Also, attended and appearance on few fm and magazine interview through the year 2018. It's fun and I'm so glad that my story inspired many of you. Thank you for listening on my story and join my journey.

Another surprise is being choose to work with Marmite and Pocky. Both are the brands that I see everyday. You guys know I'm marmite girl also I have no idea how they found me but Pocky and Marmite are two of my new client and brand ever. Also there are so many amazing clients and brands that I feel grateful for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ Also because of all the work opportunities, I met a lot of new sweeties friends. Hello if you are reading this. Thank you for those who appear on my workshop ❤️

2) #CWkissaLZ Project 

This is also one of the biggest highlight of the year 2018. You can click here to read the full story. I have been working on it since the middle of year 2018. Through all the ups and downs, finally we launched it on 5th Jan 2019. Although it's been quite a long time and commitment for me but I'm happy with all the experience I learned from handling this project to the marketing part and to the feedback from customer as well.

It was one of my biggest pleasure to work with many talented people on this project. Cheer for more and more to come. For now I don't really want to start my own brand because I always believe I will be happier if I'm able to add value to others. People advice me now it's the best period for me to start my own brand but I always think that, I myself is already the branding. I'm happy with what I have now and will look forward to achieve more milestone in the near future.

3) Voted for our #GE14 election 

Finally I'm eligible voting for my own country. I'm a part of it and able to contribute a little more on my country's future. Also feeling blessed of being a Malaysian as I realise the more I travel, the more I noticed the benefit of being as a Malaysia.

People often surprise with the amount of language we know and learned. I remember during the time I travel to Bali, people feel so shock that we can understand their language and even answer them back in Malay. When I'm traveling to oversea, I met people speaking with diff language, I'm able to hear it in Mandarin and help to translate to English for other tourist. When I'm traveling to Japan with my dad & bro, I saw a group of Taiwanese couldn't understand everything on the board, I walk toward them tell them what I know in Mandarin.

At the moment of life, I'm proud of being a Malaysian. I will never blame the school who force me to take so many language and exam anymore. I slowly understand the reason why and I love being a Malaysian. Also I miss the food in our homeland whenever I'm oversea for more than a week. I really really love our roti canai with double cheese, our local chicken rice and mee goreng , bak kut teh & so on. 

From all of these, it inspired me to explore more in our country. It's why in 2018, I have so many road trip with my friends to JB, Penang, Cameron Highland. Hope this year 2019, I can explore the east part of Malaysia. I wanna go to Sabah as well!

4) First Family Trip 

First family trip ever. I remember in the early of the year I wrote on my instagram saying that I wish to be able to have a trip with my family. Then I went to Taiwan with Smelly and his family. It inspired me more and I work even harder for making it happens. Few months later, I remember I was texting with my bro and dad telling them I need their passport no to book the ticket.

It's unbelievable! I never thought that but it really happened. I remember the day before my birthday is the day we landed in KL. I received a tag from my bro's instagram. I teared like a crazy women in my car lol.

To my only sis @chanwon92 : Happy Birthday baby tiger. Thanks for everything that you gave and taught me in my life. I will never able to visit to my dream and favorite country, Japan, on my own without your support. Sponsoring me to Japan twice without asking anything in return. Love the moment we went out together, helping each other taking nice nice photos. From a dumb person that dunno how to take photo at all and keep give you scold to now, kinda know how to take photo person now. Felt really useless when I can't take nice photos of you but at the same time felt really happy when you praise the photo I took for you. Loved the moment we chat the whole midnight until sun rises. Taught me alot of things especially how to be a better person and work hard for my life. Taught me lesson that you learnt from years of working hard. You're always a good example for me because of how successful a person you are. Work so hard and already earned so much when you're at my age. I think you really earned a lot of respects not only from me but others as well! Eventhough we argued sometimes but we always able to get closer each time we argued. Really glad to see @jiamingho treat you so well and can tahan you without any problem (because I can't tahan sometimes 😂). Wish you two old head till white ok? And stay sweets as always! Also, felt pity and angry at the same time when I heard how some other people treat you in a bad way, talk bad about you and stab you behind your back. When you treat others so well but they stab you in your back. Nothing much u can do about it but ill let you know. I'm the one that will support you always and forever. No matter how much people treat you badly outside but when you came back to home, I'm always here for you, supporting you and hearing you brag about others! Really dunno how express my feeling here anymore because words just can't explain how much I'm so proud of you as my sister. I wish you all the best in your career and earn many many 💵 and bring me fly everywhere ok?! 😂 Last but not least, Happy Birthday! Sweet 26 #1020
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Birthday Message wrote by my brother

My brother is 4 years younger than me. I never receive such long msg from him because we usually don't say something like this to each other. Although I became quite broke after the trip but it's totally worth it. It's a good family bonding time and if I can I really wish that one day my mom could join us. Or maybe a trip for mom, bro and myself as well. But it's quite hard lol. I think I can start praying for that to happen lol.

5) Bought New Car 

For those who followed me frequently and read my stories on instagram. You probably know this. Yes, I sold my 13 years old myvi and bought a new and bigger car all by myself. I never think of changing my car but my myvi is too old and it's quite dangerous for me to drive it out everyday. Also the amount of $$ I need to fix it can already bought a new car.

After several consideration, I decided to change my car and get a new one. So I can enjoy a better driving experience and without making everyone to worry about me lol. To be honest, I should change it earlier because it's really all for safety purpose. I dunno but new car really fuel saver and just soooooo smooth to drive with lol.

I always push back my thought of getting a new car because I wanna get my house first but since I already did in 2017, I guess is time to spend for something that I need for my work. Therefore after so many things came across my mind, I decided to do it once! Yes, like finally!!

6) Content 

In year 2018, I start to explore more and produce more video content. Although it's a little bit slow because I normally edit and brainstorming the story board myself but at least I produced something different. I remember I set the goal saying I need to create 2 video every month on both youtube and instagram. At the end I can only do it on my instagram because youtube video editing is harder than I thought.

Actually is not just about the editing, it's also quite time consuming. But at least I did the goal. So this month I will be more specific on coming up 2 videos every month on my youtube lol.

In year 2018, I also work together with few talented people in a team. Like for #CWkissaLZ project and some video content that is on my hand. It's quite stressful at first but things getting alright and smoother after that. So in 2019, more to come!!

7) New Country & Prefecture unlocked | Travel 12 times

Year 2018 has been out of my expectation. Can you believe that I even travel to New York City and unlocked few more new country and prefectures? Yes dream do come true. 

I unlocked few more prefectures in Japan:

  1. Fukuoka, 
  2. Oita, 
  3. Hiroshima, 
  4. Hyogo,
  5. Tottori,
  6. Okayama
Also in 2018, I visited to my neighbour country Singapore twice, Taiwan, Osaka for many times, Busan and Seoul as well. I also visited two new country, New York and Indonesia (Bali). Oh yes, before I forget, Australia (Brisbane) as well. In 2018, I set that I need to have 2 self-leisure trip, once in Japan and one in Bali. So yes, goal achieved!

8) Survived 2 years at my space

Yes, two years doing so many pack and unpack things every week. Going back to my parent house every week and also working at my space. Can't believe I have been doing that for more than 2 years now. Salute to myself and sometime I feel like to giving up but yea, just feeling like but I know I won't lol. Next in coming 2019, I'm so excited to get my own house's key and renovation as well. Hope everything goes smoothly and I can't wait to have you in my journey too.



1. Learn something new: Dance

2. Travel more in Malaysia

3. 2 video content every month on Youtube

4. Sleep before 12am (*at least 5 days per week) 

5. Help others.

6. Drink 3000ml water everyday.

7. Learn how to cook ( my old resolution bring forward to 2019 xD)

8. Plan & renovate my house based on the theme I like

9. Learn to say No

10. Learn to take care of myself and eat supplement lol.

That's all about my highlight of 2018 and New Resolutions for year 2019. I hope it's something that you could practice every year. Set your goal, work hard for it, review it every month and making it possible to achieve for yourself!

That's all for today. Love, xoxo. What's your new year resolution? Let me know so I can read yours as well 🌸


  1. Happy New Year Chanwon! Please come to visit Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu. I will give you a list of food to eat XD

    1. Yes!! I never go KK before!!! I eat any except SPICY!!!

    2. haha... no worries, KK not much spicy food :p

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  4. Please come to KK, Sabah! I'm sure a lot of your readers are here (including me) hahaha...