Taiwan Must Buy: Tsiao Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask + Aloe Moisturizing Mask

13 January 2018

Hello Sweeties ✨Omg I'm back with my favourite beauty product ever! It's all about Mask. So I received quite a number of emails and dm on my instagram asking me to introduce some of my favourite mask and when I think of mask, I think of my first trip to Taiwan. It was like few years back but I remember that was the first oversea trip (all the blog post will on my blog lol) + my only fun time was going to the drugstore and grab those famous mask. I guess it's not new anymore when we talk about Taiwan Must Buy Haul. It's definitely won't run away than having a half luggage full of famous beauty product, especially the made in Taiwan mask.

I guess because those product was really common in Taiwan and it's almost everywhere. Even their convenience store was selling those famous beauty mask lol. After so many years, I'm still the one who always being so excited when I'm visit to their drugstore. Other than Japan and Korea mask, Taiwan is one of my top must-buy list too. I visit Taiwan again last year to visit my friends and I saw this local brand called 上山採藥-  Tsiao Mask and I stand there for awhile and I was like 'OKAY! I must give this a try'

This brand is famous with its invisible silk fabric mask with affordable + reasonable price and most importantly, TSAIO (上山採藥) is known as “the natural skin care expert” It emphasize on the nature ingredients of the mask. 

So when you not sure what to bring back as a souvenir for your friend, you can actually bring back all these mask and give it to your friends. But please must more because normally ended up you are the one who regret not keeping few extra boxes for yourself lol. It's good for both personal use and as a gift and today, I'm going to introduce two of my favourite product from Tsaio. It's the Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask + Aloe Moisturizing Mask.

So as you guys know, I'm always a fan of moisturising and hydrating mask because that what's our skin need the most. Of course there is lots of nice one from their range but in this post, I'm going to focus two of this as personally I think my after-use experience is quite good!

Actually there are few type to target each of our skin problems but today let's focus on my two new favourite Tsiao Mask. It's more suitable for our age and compare to so many series, the nature series one is my top top top favourite. So are you ready to the review of the mask? Let's get started!

 left: Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask  |  right: Aloe Moisturizing Mask


| Packaging 
Actually I'm really surprise for the packaging itself. It feel like a high-end mask packaging. Look at the design and details of the packaging and box. Everything well pack and it's very beautiful when it comes to this coming gifting season. I guess it's something that everyone can use and will love to use it everyday.

Even the word at the back design is full of information and available in both Chinese and English. I know the reason why it becomes the biggest local open-shelf brand in Taiwan now. I saw this everywhere in Taiwan Magazine and you can easily get it in Taiwan. Mostly can get in Watsons, Taiwan.


| Sweet Orange Moisturizing Mask 「甜橙面膜」
Each box contained 10 pieces and my top favourite within the moisturising range will be the sweet orange mask. Except my favourite moisturising natural ingredients, the extract of fresh orange of this mask is really rich in Vitamin C. Personally this is my favourite over all because for this mask, it has a light citrus scent, very refreshing and and the same time, it provides extra moisturizing effect which targeted on dry skin like mine. 

I really love the scent of 'rich vitamin C' ahahah I dunno why but it feels like I'm taking supplement for my skin too. lol It's not something you can get if compare with other drugstore products. 

The good thing about this mask is it can lock all the moisture on our skin and make your skin feel soft and tender all day long. Another good thing about it was, the ingredients of the mask can easily penetrate into our skin and all thanks to the silk fabric mask sheet.


| Tsiao Silk Fabric Mask
One good thing about the silk fabric mask was it fits perfectly on your face. Yes, most of the affordable mask is using the normal fabric mask sheet but for Tsiao nature series mask, they improved it to silk fabric mask sheet to enhance the absorption level of the product and most importantly, the cloth is 100% nature with environment friendly material.

Let me show you!

 Tear it off with your fingers.

 The high quality silk fabric mask which can fit your face perfectly.
It's thin, breathable and help the essence to penetrate into our skin easily.

 Take out the mask and place on the correct position like how I did on my face.

 Tear off the top plastic layer.

 Left the silk fabric breathable sheet on your skin. 

Next, after you placed it on your skin. You can feel it fits your face pertly and everything wrap nicely on both side of your face. Remember to let it be for 15-20 mins and remove it after that. For the remaining essence, you can gently pat until it absorb into your skin. Otherwise you can apply this mask while you are playing your phone or working on your lap top.

For this silk fabric mask, the absorb rate is 12 times compare with a normal traditional mask sheet and most importantly, for this orange mask the refreshing scent really help to soothing my skin and I feel like how gentle it is on my face.

Right after using it, you can feel your skin no longer dry and if you experience terrible dehydrated skin condition, you may use it everyday to balance out the water balance on your skin. But just be aware of the time. If you use it everyday, make sure to use only 10-15 mins for a quick SOS treat for your skin. Either you are really tired in the morning, use it after your bath time 1 hour before you start to apply your make up or at night before you sleep.


| Aloe vera Moisturizing Mask 
Next, if you are having sensitive skin +  experience bad skin due to the changes in term of the weather or season in the country, you can try out this mask! It's the famous aloe vera moisturising mask! This mask feature its super concentrated essence which provide a deeper hydration into your skin.

It works on all skin type especially if you experience slightly peeling skin. I didn't experience peeling skin because I always apply mask lol. Really love to do mask but I tried on Smelly's peeling skin (on the cheeks area with bigger pores problem too) and his skin getting better after 2 of these mask (I use once every 2 days for 15 mins-18 mins). No  more peeling skin after one week and he love it! 

I love how this mask help to balance the oil and water level on our skin. I have sensitive skin and when I use it the first day I feel the concentrated essence do help to keep my skin moisturised and then when I continue use for the next day (yes, I'm so hardcore because wanted to review it and share with your guys) for about 17mins around that, I can feel my skin smoother. Next, after 5 days of using it, the 5th day after I wake up from my bed I can feel my T zone area less oily compare to the past.

So I guess this works the best for long term use and the omg it's really very affordable. Years ago when the market just appear to has silk mask, we always have to pay for the high end price to get silk mask. But now, all of us can try it because it's nice, affordable and really benefits our skin than a traditional mask sheet. So you don't have to worry about your wallet anymore lol.

So if you are planning for your trip to Taiwan and thinking what to get, feel free to get few boxes of the orange and aloe vera moisturising mask. It can be a great gift or souvenir for your girls friends and no one will complain about this because it's something we love to use it every single day lol. Hope this sharing helps you and remember to shop til drop in Taiwan drugstore and let me know if you love me to share more.

For more information you can click on:
Tsiao Official Website: http://www.tsaio.com.tw/

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