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17 January 2018

Good Morning Sweeties πŸ’• Is me again and today I'm taking you to the Eleanor event with me. It's been awhile since the last time I blog about beauty event. I miss those events and for those who missed my instagram stories, then here's a detail post for you guys. It was a beautiful morning spent with all my blogger friends and most importantly, I'm able to be there to share all these beautiful moments with you.

So this is the first official launch of The Art of Beauty -Eleanor,  the new exclusive cosmetics brand and it's only exclusive & available in Sasa Malaysia. The event was held @Botanica + Co with the concept of “being Beautiful never goes out of Art”. Eleanor is designed to integrate “makeup” with “art aesthetics” and introduces a brand new cosmetic experience to women combining the both. 

Here's me with these beautiful cosmetic products from Eleanor. I love how this brand created beauty products to help women transform to be a muse of charm, and unveils their inner artistic sense to craft their own beauty. All packagings of the products are super duper nice. Plus, a big highlight go to these products are made in Japan and authorized for retailing by the Japan government. Now, let me show you the full complete range of makeup products from Eleanor.

Here's the full range of Eleanor lips products. From lips shaper to their signature lipstick and lipgloss. For eyes there's the brow shaper, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner & mascara.

Next, we have some special products for our face too. It's the full range products for our face. Starting from a face primer , cream foundations, liquid foundations , powder foundations, loose powder and press powder & last but not least, a beautiful and gorgeous blusher for all of us.

Look at the packaging and products made in Japan always high in the quality and the detail + presentation of the product too. The little key attached with the packaging is way too cute. Couldn't resist it. The packaging stand out really well and just caught my attention when I first enter to the venue. Of course, blusher is my all time favourite. This designed to be worn alone or blended together and the colour can easily create a 3D look on our cheeks.

One special thing about it is the compact actually comes with a handy brush applicator. It hides under the blusher itself. 😍

Then now it's the eyeshadow palette. Love how the texture easily blend on our eyelids and whether you wish to create a day look or transform into a night look, it can easily achieve with these eyeshadow.

Face primer, pore refiner and makeup remover products.

Not just beauty products for our face, there is some unique nail lacquer from the brand too. True to its concept during the event, to tie in with the beauty is Art, all of us were treated to a special fashion illustration using Eleanor lipstick / nail polish and a customization of floral arrangement.

Sorry for the out-of-focus photo lol. But this photo show how excited I am while waiting for my illustration painting. Everyone dressed up in Pastel / Floral. I look so girly that day ☺️ Later on the fashion illustrator will use these nail lacquer & lipstick to draw on the paper too. 

Next to-do is the floral arrangement time. Look how pastel and pretty it is. So in love with these colours. 

Yay! Done mine πŸ’•

Next after finished the activities, I decided to go back to my seat and continue playing with the cosmetic products. Everyone was super duper excited about it and we can use all the product on our table. My favourite will be the lipstick, blusher and the liquid foundation too.

I'm on the same table with Karen too. So here's the photo taken by her. We helped each other to take super chic photo. There are lots of invited guests during the event too. I saw actresses Jasmine Suraya and Emily Chan Zying and they will be giving a short make up demo of their favourite Eleanor looks on stage, so I'm fully prepared to have some beauty fun!

Took these beautiful photo on the table and I guess it would be nice to include these on my blog too. Arghh, look how pretty it is with the blusher and eyeshadow all together on the table. So lovely!

Imagine it's on our vanity / makeup table lol

Also some tried and tested time with all Eleanor products. One of the highlight is this liquid foundation which can instantly transform from liquid to powder and it creates an all-day lasting finish with controls of sebum. Super weightless and if you need extra coverage can add on the powder compact foundation or your own concealer but if you wish to have those kind of natural looking skin, then this is the one for you.

 So natural and lightweight!

Lipgloss time!! It provides a glossy and dewy finish on our lips and the amount of shine just perfect on my lips. It makes the lips look fresh & moist. Total 8 colours available for both Sheer and creamy lipgloss.

During the event, Sasa is honored to be able to have both the talented Emily Chan and Jasmine Suraya in sharing on their favorite make-up looks by using Eleanor products. Emily Chan shared her favorite products from Eleanor for a soft and demure day look perfect for work, a date or just catch up with your favorite girl pals. While Jasmine shared on her favorite look with Eleanor for the perfect night look.

Joyce, KarenKho, Jasmine, Chenelle, Me & Grace

Back home with a happy bag and when I unbox it, I was like 😱😱😱😱 Look at the box and the super pretty adjustable mirror.

 πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜± The amount of product I received! Spoiled me like a princess.

The brow shaper and liquid eyeliner.

All made in Japan with Japan high quality paper made box as the packaging.

 Look like my name Chanwon on the font! HAHAHAAH Omg I just syiok sendiri here lol

Also got the signature lipgloss too! 

Lipstick 😍 So so so pretty!!

Powder Foundation 

This 2-in-1 compact powder foundation glides easily over skin to provide a flawless, natural matte finish. Can be used as a foundation for medium, adjustable coverage or as a finishing powder over foundation for matte and perfect skin. Available in 3 shades with SPF20 PA++

Last but not least an eye makeup remover with super cute and princess-looking packaging. Can't wait to try out everything! If you are interested to try out or get the product, then remember to check out Sasa Malaysia for Eleanor products. Hope you enjoy reading this post. Love you guys, xoxo. See you on my next post ya!

For more info, you may click on:
Website: eleanor.world
Sasa Website: www.sasa.com.my 

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