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25 January 2018

So here's a little diary of mine! I have 2 more hours left before I'm heading out to meet my friends. Having a really tough time yesterday. I'm so happy and mad at the same time. My period came on yesterday and I'm super happy that it's no longer so suffer and pain compare with the past (because I everyday force myself to drink the disgusting molasses a.k.a the black treacle. Basically, this is the only thing that works for me to reduce the period pain.

The mad part is I'm actually doing nothing, but I still can't feel my leg. My whole leg is numb and I can't even stand nicely. Like the past few years if you followed my Instagram you probably know, the only thing I did during the 1st day of period is just crying, rolling and wrapping myself up like a sushi, sleep the whole day on my bed, vomiting and the whole 12 hours for me is like giving birth for my blood wtf.

I remember the first year when I start my period, it was in my last 2 year of secondary school. My period came pretty late than all my friends and I always wonder whether what's the problem but then, turn out I'm still the normal one so I'm happy. Then I saw some of my friends are suffering the menstrual cramp. I was quire surprise with it. Some of them can't even walk to the toilet or faint during the class. I was sitting beside my friend, holding her hand tight and bring her to the restroom that time.

I was wondering why is it happening to her. Then after that I never experience menstrual cramp until the first time during my first year of Uni. I know the main reason why I get all these. Firstly, unhealthy lifestyle. Always sleep late, burn the midnight oil lol. Next, eating habits changed. I start to drink a lot of cold drinks and skipped my breakfast. Last but not least, stress life plus I'm getting older now and not as healthy as compared to the past.

Here's the 3 main reasons I noticed because when if the whole damn period I'm stress free, sleep very early, eat healthily, the next month I confirm can run and jump like a monkey during the first day of my period. But it's no longer happening on me lol. 

People might never experience the pain before will never understand. Like the younger me, never understand why my friend always skip her class during the first day of her period. I'm so curious and the pain is actually bearable but it's so annoying until I feel like throwing things and just faint on my bed. The pain is continuously coming and suddenly pain and it stops and pain again and stop again. wtf it's like giving birth.

I tried a lot of methods and the only thing that works for me is when I consume the molasses for a whole damn month. Which means whenever I'm traveling or I skip it, the pain just come back and say hi to me. But thing changed after these few years, especially this few month. I start to experience numbness on my leg, and my backbone is just super numb / tired and it just feel so 'sour' I'm sleeping on my bed and I feel like I'm sleeping above 921387392739 lemons. 

Since I consumed molasses last month, I just experience 2% of my usual period pain lo. I'm lucky enough but the whole damn night, I couldn't sleep. I shout like a crazy women on my bed, releasing my pain by nagging and basically I just can't sleep. No matter what my sleeping posture is, I just can't sleep. I feel like crying because no one could understand how suffer it is. It's like you are sleeping and there are someone who continuously pulling your leg, whatever you did is just useless. So the rest of the night, i just watching my white plain wall and just nagging.

Smelly never notice how scary it is until he saw me crying at my toilet and nagging on my bed. He can't do anything for me, I'm so hopeless it's like the scariest day of the month. If that day I need to go to event or meeting, I will choose to take pain killer. Yes, I rely on that pain killer so much and now I just force myself not to eat. I successfully stop taking pain killer for almost one year and every time after my period I can be like a dragon and once it's the first day of my period, I can just basically be like a dead fish for the whole 12 hours.

I think I put too much time doing all my work and usually I update my blog at night. I feel like blogging in the middle of the night has the greatest feeling ever. All my inspiration just appears in my brain and I can write as many as I want. But I need to change this! My body no longer allows me to do so. I should put more effort to take care of myself and I really never skip any event except I really can't walk down from my bed.

Sometime I know that I'm not superwomen , I must rest and take care of myself. But you know living alone is like the happiest time of my life. I can do what I want, be what I like lol. The responsibility just way more important than my own body. If I never finish it, I can't never sleep nicely on my bed. I afraid that my emails get BOMB and I can't sleep at all. So at the end of the time, I will stay awake and continue my work. I will wake up to wrap parcels at night and the satisfaction just keeps me motivated all the time.

When I'm staying with my family, my mom will scold me and ask me to sleep early. Arrrgh, so 犯贱 I miss that moment sometime lol. She always tell me to take care myself and I always so envy my mom because she got no pain at all during her period day. She can do whatever she want and she always ask me dont take heavy stuff and ask for others help. But I will never, hahahahah I never ask someone to help me. I die die also will take myself and tell people that I can do it.

Sometime I get scolded by Smelly because he always told me that I'm just pretending that I can. Probably because he was the first man who appear in my life that can scold me for being independent and he always scold me until I get angry but at the end, he was the one who help me to take all the heavy bags and stuffs lol. Okay la, I really can't pretend anymore, I need help I should just speak it out normally. But I just can't because I feel so bad to trouble others just to help me lol.

Then I always told my friends that I can because in the past I did it all myself. I carried all of the heavy stuff myself then Smelly who stand beside me will answer me like:' 一直讲以前 你现在18岁咩?你不要一直拿8年前的东西来讲好不好' hahaha Then no choice lo, I just let him say later when my friends back I will smack him or kick his ass wth. Now, I also agreed what Smelly said. Yes, I'm no longer 18 years old, I'm 26 years old now. OMG

I just can't believe I'm 26 years old. My mom get married when she's 23 years old while my dad get married with my mom when he is 27 years old. WTF! Please...stop mention this to me. I'm not afraid to get old, just my body no longer feel as young as last time. I wish I'm a man but I  love dress and make up so much. I wish I'm a women without any period pain and I can do whatever guys can do. Wah like that is quite impossible but I really need to accept the fact that I'm 26 years old.

Girls, if you are still a student or still young. My advise will be the same. Please enjoy as much as you can. Do as much as you want. If you are like my age, you can really feel the diff except you are really healthy and always exercise. When I was young, I always plan activities or thing to do during the weekend. Now I'm old, I always love be with my bed lol. 

When you are almost 26 years old (like me), you will focus more on your health because it's really diff if I compare to the past few years. Last time I can sleep for 4 hours and still be like a dragon on the next day. Now, if I never sleep for 8 hours, the whole week I will be like a zombie. I can't focus my work, I can't be normal lol. So here's my advice, please take care of your body. Don't be like me but I'm going to take care my body from now.

I will go to body check this few weeks. Hopefully but if doc can, I wish he can kill me first before taking my blood out from my body. wtf I really afraid of injection and bleeding one. I can't stand someone going to put something on me and stuck my blood out with the stupid needle wtf. Okay, maybe I should really go this time. I got no excuse anymore since I'm no going anywhere before the CNY. I should get my body check and doing my blood test this month. 

Okay, I should go. Can someone just hit me? Or make me faint? wtf 


Okay okay, I going to do my blood test by this month. Okay. I will... TAN CHAN WON YOU BETTER GO OKAY! Okay. That's all. I need to go now! Bye everyone 😭😭😭😭😭 


  1. Jia you! have you ever tried evening prime rose or 白凤丸?Also, you have to 补补身子after your period finish. My grandma used to cook 八珍汤 for me after i finish my period. Perhaps you should try one of the above.

    Further, try not to shower in late night, especially not to wash your hair in late night!

    1. Yes I eat the pill with molasses only able to cure the pain. If any month I skip confirm next month will pain again! Thanks for the tips I never try k 八珍汤 before. I should get that at traditional Chinese medicine place.

  2. Thank you very much for this post! You are precisely like me ♥ I´m so happy someone has the same thoughts as me ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

  3. Hi Chan Won, I have the same problem as you too. I’m from a painless period to a super bad period cramp person. The feeling is really terrible. I feel you =\

  4. Oh dear you should take care of yourself more! I experience it as well so I knew the pain and suffer, I normally cannot work or even walk down from my bed. Don't consume too much ice (food or drink as long it is ice or cold), it will suffer you more during period. At your case I think your 宫寒 (uterus cold) is quite serious. If you are into chinese medicine, try to take some paifong pill (normally I get it at yu yan sang) to reduce the cold in your body (uterus)

    Don't take too much medicine from doctor(like panadol) to reduce the symptom as this related with the energy inside our body, women's body need more warmth to allow our period come and go smoothly every month.

    To keep our body warmth enough and good blood circulation, we should avoid icy food/drink and always keep ourselves warm all the time even it is whole summer in Malaysia. Try to drink more ginger drink/herbal soup or the one you mentioned (molasses) or we say as brown sugar in chinese which improve blood circulation.

    Lastly I would also advice not to bath/wash your hair late at night, after 10pm is prohibited actually, and do some yoga poses(you may search it online or learn from yoga teacher is recommend) to let the blood circulation smooth, once it's smooth, the pain will reduce and vanish! Try to do yoga more to reduce the cramp can helps as well!

    Now I am able to get rid the pain, only the first two days will be quite uncomfortable(not cramp), as long I still can work normally, walk perfectly it would be good enough for me who suffer the pain over years!

    Stay healthy and pretty my dear :) Hope my comment helps!

    1. Thanks for taking time to share this with me. Your advices allows me to understand more about my body. Yes I just tried the pill and the molasses. I think it's really because my uterus so cold thats why. Cause when the whole month I eat durian omg the month no pain at all. Cause durian is more hot / warm I guess.

      Thanks for your tips. I should try yoga too! Thanks a lot for your sharing <3

  5. same here...don't want to admit old also cannot d. every week go chiro and my bones here pain there pain...doctor also said "when you young you sure didn't take care yourself one"
    kena hentam so zhun!

  6. Get well soon Chan :)

    I hope you be better soon!!


  7. Dear Chanwon,
    The Chinese medicine like paifeng pill is actually quite heaty. A suggestion for you is to try to eat sheep placenta for at least 6 months. Everyone thought that sheep placenta is for beauty purpose, but actually it is very good to regulate your body hormone because it contains cellular materials which can help to regulate your menstrual period. I know got gynaecologist who suggest her clinic patients to take placenta to solve their problem, especially those pre-menopause woman. Perhaps you may try a good sheep placenta as it can help in the long term.