12 January 2018

Hello 2018 💕 Of course, a big hug to all of you sweeties. It's been awhile and this few days was really busy. Busy planning my resolution of the year and of course, thinking what content I would love to focus more on this year. So as usual, 2018 will never get better without all of your love and supports. This year, I completed my studio and finally get my new laptop to serve you better & able to create more creative + useful content for all of you.

I recorded all your suggestion and it's hard to do it all alone but I'm glad that I finally found my team! Now, can't wait to show you what we have in our mind and everything will be coming really soon. So as usual, every beginning of the year I will make sure I come out with my own new year resolutions and a little reflection on things I did / highlights in 2017.

There isn't a better year but a better you with a good , grateful & positive mind. I love everything I did in 2017, no matter it's good or bad we need to move on and continue to live our life to the fullest. This is a brand new year, for me there is no a better one unless you work hard and review your goals every month. Remind yourself what have you done for that specific month, are you going to do it just to achieve your goal or you just be lazy and do nothing.

That's your choice. I think I did my new year resolutions for years and it became my every year to-do now. Without new year resolution and yearly goals, I feel lost and not sure what to do. Without a goals, I can't motivate myself to go further than this. So I decided to ask Smelly to join the game and it's super duper simple. 

But to be honest, for people who don't get use of doing these, it might be hard for them. Like for Smelly, he always told me it's hard to even sit down and set for a goal. I used 1 hour to give him some simple example but simple example isn't helpful for him. I show him my planner, diaries and show him how I'm able to achieve this and that. Then at the last few mins of our conversation, he decided to write his resolutions down on a piece of paper.

But I force him to write it in a book then if he want it to be a reminder, he should repeatedly copy it again on a note paper and stick on his working desk. So I'm that very strict person when I'm serious about something. When I told Smelly, come sit down now and write your yearly goals. He was like 😑 are you kidding me. But after showing him and guide him nicely, I'm so glad that he joined the game hahahaha!!! 

I'm not sure you but have you ever feeling like :-
  1. Everyday work work work, don't know I work for what except for getting paid every month
  2. I dunno what I want, I feel so lost
  3. I don't know what should I achieve, I just can't think about it
  4. No motivation, no aim and no life
  5. No passion and my life is so bored
  6. etc....
I experienced this when I was just enter my uni life. Don't even know what I want and always complaining about my life and how boring it is. I'm basically complaining myself that I'm doing nothing. People who always ask me like ' Chanwon, how you normally motivate yourself & so on'

One of the tips is- Set your own yearly goals and resolutions.

To be honest, when my uni lecturer told me to sit down and think about my new year resolutions, I was like 'wtf? are you kidding me? I really dunno what to write' but after knowing and doing all these in the past 4 years. This really works!

No one can help you to set for your own goal. You are the one should do it for yourself. You aren't a 6 years old kids anymore. Even the kids nowadays will tell their mom what they want to get as a xmas gift or what they want. Don't give yourself an excuse or thinking this wouldn't giving any impact in your life. Even a small resolutions or monthly goals can make a huge different in your life. WHY?

Because when you achieved something and work hard on doing all these, you will feel satisfied with yourself. You will feel the feeling of 'worth it , therefore I should work it' It also gives you a motivation and more positivities toward your life. Trust me, if you never do this before then you are never be late. Do it now!

Even just a small goal , doesn't matter! As long as it's achievable & reliable. So what you need to do is super easy, get your diary / planner or you mini book that you really like and make sure you could read it on your working desk at least once every week or if you so kia-su can read it every morning lol. Then do it with your friends or your bf or your siblings. Every week, open the book and review it.

I will make sure I review it back every month so I know what's the progress now and what should I do to make it more achievable. Then whenever you feel unmotivated, just open and read it all over again. Normally I will set 8-10 resolutions every year. It can be as simple as:-
  • work out twice a week
  • drink more water
  • Save RM10k this year
  • Learn new song 
  • Cooking & etc

You are welcome to read back my highlight in 2016 & 2017 new year resolutions [click here]. Then read it back at least once every week or month. I feel that reading and review it back every week better than review it back in a monthly basis. So here's my tips that I would love to share with you.

So before I start to blog about my new year resolutions this year, I just want to share a quick one about my highlight on 2017. It motivates me to achieve more every time I read it back lol. Also, I'm so thankful that Smelly finally squeeze his brain and came out with his 10 resolutions this year. Let see whether he can achieve it or not lol. It took him 1 hour to complete it and I'm sitting beside and doing all these expression like >> 😦😯 WAHHH face. Guys resolutions is totally different than girls one hahahaha!

Reading back all my 2017 resolutions make me feel so good and motivated. I achieved everything except learn how to cook and swim wtf. Guess I could never learn how to swim hmmmm.. Learn how to cook I decided to postpone until year 2019 HAHAHAHAHAHA!! When I got my own kitchen first lol. Okay I shouldn't give any excuse now lol


| Highlights in 2017
1) Successfully survive for a year (staying alone)
This is one of the big big highlight in year 2017. Yes, for those who read my [Life living in my studio apartment] series blog post should knew this. I moved to a completely new space for work and of course, learn how to live alone with freedom lol. Yes, I only have my really own freedom for the first time in 2017. Going out without asking permission from my super strict parents, booking any ticket in any date I want, waking up and doing all things myself & so on.

But being a eldest in my family, I have lots of responsibilities and daily task to do. I'm glad that I'm able to manage both at the same time no matter how busy am I. Although it's hard at first but everything turned smoothly after that. Also, big thumbs up for myself that I'm survived for a year now lol!! 

2) Set up my own studio room for shooting and a work space with my team
I never thought this could be me in 2017 but everything happened for a reason. I'm really proud to be able to have a tiny space as my studio for shooting and even the working space is quite expensive but I did it. Lot of commitments in 2017 but this brought me to the next level of myself. I always thought it's impossible but never say this is impossible until it's done. Commitments also in a way that it motivates me to work harder on achieve things that I want in my life. Also one of the best thing is I could decorate it all by myself!! 

3) Understand myself better 
I'm really diff now in term of my mindset if you compare me with the past. I used almost a year to find back myself. Knowing what is the best for me and feeding my souls , understand what makes me happy and what's not. So glad that I found my values no matter how hard my life is. I'm glad with all the ups and downs happened in 2017 and thank you for showing me what's more important to me. A lot of people who feel lost mainly because they don't understand what they want and why life could be so hard for them. That's how I feel in the past and I work really hard to walk out from my comfort zone and I DID IT. 

So for those who still feeling lost and can't find your own values, No worries because I, myself experience this too. Change your mindset and be with people who show your values and add value to your life. Get rid of negatives people and your life will be good again.

4) Top Winner of InfluenceAsia2017  
One of the peak in 2017 so far. It add value to my life and knowing that it's possible to be recognised as a blogger and it's possible to take your passion as your full time. Never thought I'm able to be on stage and reading all your comments just melted my heart and seeing all of your shouting my name when I'm on the stage just make me tears. I love you guys and I will continue doing what I'm doing now for you and myself. Continue to add value for brands and people that I work with and appreciate my work.

5) Bought my first house 
It's something that I work really hard to achieve. People always telling me that it's easy to get married and wait for your partner to give you a home. For me, I don't rely on others. I do what makes me happy and ever since I graduated from my secondary school, this is my life time mission. I'm not coming from a perfect family, I always wanted to have my own cozy house. A place where I can cook, laugh and inviting my friends to come and have fun.

Now I will work hard to save money for the renovation and meanwhile I just wait the day I could collect my key from the developer. Hopefully my house can complete in end of this year as promised by the developer. People always ask me how I achieve this all by myself. One of the thing is I save money since I was in Uni that time, I never dream of getting myself any branded bag when I can't afford that time, I never drink Starbucks every day / week. I get affordable car and just clear all the debt few weeks ago. Parents ask me to change a new and better one but I think not now, I will change only after I renovated and get my house key. Maybe when I'm 28 first lol. 2 more years!

People always telling me it's a must to get branded thing to show our social status and prove that you can do something and it's every girl's dream. For me, I will get if I really like and when I can afford. I don't like to get broke for looking rich. I never rely someone to buy that for me or rely on my bf to get it for me. I will get it when I'm ready but this year my dream bag savings go to my lap top already. I wanted to get my YSL dream bag but nvm, I get a lap top better lol. So next time ya dream bag, mama will come to you again! HAHAHAAH Maybe I'm too particular on this lol.

Say yes to new opportunity, contribute it & perform the best of my ability. This is one of my resolutions I stated for myself last year. I always afraid to say yes on new opportunity because somehow it shows my weakness and also, I'm so afraid that I disappointed someone and myself. I can't be the expected one. I'm not confident enough and so on. But at the last 6 months of year 2017, I asked myself whether I should continue standing in the same spot or move further.

Stepped out from my comfort zone. I accept few interview on magazine /online and radio interview too. Also, be on stage giving public speech and remember my hands were shaking that time. Speaking in my second language, English and this is a challenge for me lol. Thanks for all the interviews opportunity and on stage sharing session + thank you guys for coming over to my workshop just to say Hi & giving me your supports.  Thanks for the appearance opportunities on Japan TV & Newspaper + Magazine too. Love you to the moon and back!

Thank you for loving who am I!

6) New Prefectures & New country unlocked 
Continue my life-time challenge. Unlocked new prefecture this year:-

  • Fukui
  • Ishikawa
  • Toyama
  • Kanagawa
  • Gifu
  • Ehime
  • Iwate

Also unlock new world map. Able to travel to Krabi, Philippine, Hong Kong, Macao and visited Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok & so on.

6) Learn something new / self-improve and learning 
Learn soap making, candle making and piano too. One new song every month and I find out one of the biggest challenge is my busy schedule. Most of my travel schedule clash with those class but I'm glad that I'm still able to make it! 


New Year Resolution 2018 

1. Make time for Breakfast

2. Butt and Thigh Workout at least once a week (Because I realise I'm getting older and my butt start sagging wtf 😢)

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

4. Save money for house renovation

5. Self-leisure trip without work!! At least twice a year.

6. Learn new song every month.

7. Two videos every month either on Youtube or Instagram.

8. Improve and learn how to speak with confidence.

9. Be calm and think more than twice before speak.

10. Balance both work and self- me me time.

So here's my new year resolution. Seems quite achievable lol. Let work it out together and I would love to hear about your resolution too. At first I wanna to write something like ' clear all the debt' lol but seems like impossible because house debt can't never be clear lol. But So happy that no more car debt now! That's all about my highlights and new year resolutions. See you on my next post!


  1. Go ahead with your resolutions Chanwon! Jiayou 😊

  2. Thank you for your sharing !
    Always motivating to become a better me!
    Jiayou in 2018����

  3. love u and proud of u as always jie jie xxx

  4. Wow. Although I am much older than you, I feel that I need to look up to you and learn from you. You're doing a great job being someone the young ones can look up to. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work!

    1. Do what makes you happy! You can do better than me with your life experience Shealiteh <3

  5. Thanks for sharing your new year resolutions with us! You're my motivation now coz your hard work did paid off! Gonna make myself a productive year in 2018.

    1. Welcome dear! I should thank you for always giving me your support and comment on my blog! Jiayou together!

  6. This is too cute and inspiring!! Makes me wanna qork hard for my own goals toooo <3

  7. you are so simple and down to earth!
    i love how you are always you, so happy for you in so many ways!

    smiles from wan @ everything magical