My Kind of Romance

28 November 2017

Hello Sweeties 💕I'm back on my blog again and today I received a surprise text from Smelly which makes me think of this post and some other related deals that I learn from Smelly & would love to share with you. So as you guys know, both Smelly & I are not the silly romantic type of people. Although most of us (to be honest) more prefer on someone who is really romantic, like the one we use to watch in Kpop drama or in those girl's comic lol.

Ever since I grown up, I realized I'm not the silly romantic type of girl. I dont want the heavens or the shooting stars. I wish to stay the rest of my life with a steady hand and a kind soul. I want to fall sleep and wake with someone that I feel comfortable with and knowing my heart is safe. I want both, to love and to be loved.

So as you guys know, Smelly wasn't a romantic person lol. He is quite a boring one but when he came to my life, I know he's a practical and real person. He won't spoil me with diamonds , money or luxury bags. We both are quite silly at times. But I think my kind of romance is wishing someone could hold my hand when I'm sad, make me laugh when I'm down, be with me whenever I need him. Most importantly, never get tired of each other.

My romance usually is shy and sweet! People love others in different ways and I received quite a number of dm or emails asking how I normally deal with the problems in my relationships or should I say how I maintain my relationship. I never give any advice for people because I'm not the perfect one and no one can be perfect when it comes to relationship. It takes time to see whether is that your Mr. Right and knowing whether is that the relationship that you are looking for. Other than trust, honest , communication and never say break up easily, I got no other advice that I could share with all of you. But relationship isn't about promise to someone you love about something, it's about commitment.

Yes, I'm quite tired this few days because I'm really busy at my work and just landed in Malaysia few hours ago. But guess what, my heart melted when I received a msg from Smelly telling me that he actually clean my floor and ask me to wait him to pick me up in the airport because he knew that I'm afraid of taking taxi alone.

Then after I waited him for an hour, I just walk around at KLIA2 and thinking to pay my postpaid plan because it's end of the month. I should pay for my phone bill and worries that my line get cut off because I'm oversea and can't pay it on time lol. So I walk to the Digi store and when I click on the screen, it showed that I paid for my phone bill then I was like OMG?! Who pay for me? lol Then I received a call from Smelly, who waited in front of Door 2 in KLIA2 entrance.

He never did something romantic like this before. For me, romantic is not about giving me a bouquet of flower with lots of balloon + pick me up at the airport ( like what girls love the most ). It's when someone actually think of what you need and secretly did that for you. For example, buying me my favourite food when I'm down, scolding me for not drinking water but at the same time running to the counter and get one to me, buying me a stupid phone holder as my Valentine's gift, making my favourite mashed potato with bacon for me.....

I don't like my another half is that kind of person who never think of me or never put effort on doing something for me. But this time, I feel so silly but I tears because I never told Smelly but he own-self go and pay for my phone bill 😭Not about the money, he never do this for me. I remember I did that once for him because I knew he was so busy with his work and it's been a year now. I never know I could be really happy when he paid my phone bill. Happy tears 😭😭😭 Is like win something from a giveaway lol.

So in the car, I told him like ' Not sure who help me to pay the phone bill, you so busy sure won't go digi counter help me pay one lah' Then I start to think of it's either my mom or something wrong with my phone bill lol. Then Smelly just answer like ' Now no need to go digi counter also can help your love one to pay one ok??'

Next, he showed me this  ðŸ™„ expression. Then I was stunned and asking him like OMG?!! IS THAT YOU? HOW?? Then he show me his phone with the latest MyDigi app. Wahlao... how come he so smart and updated. I asked him to show me and immediately download the app right away on my phone lol. I always thought I'm really loyal to Digi but i never thought Smelly was the one who loyal than me. We have been using the friend & family plan to get free phone call lol... 7 years ago until now, then shifted from prepaid to postpaid plan. I think no one else can be loyal than Smelly and I lol.

Then I got no idea what it is until Smelly teach me how to use the MyDigi app and some more asking me to send him the invitation code so he can redeem the reward from MyDigi app. Totally unexpected and ever since I started to download the app, I realise there are lots of exclusive deal, offering and rewards that really benefits me and like Smelly told me, you can now easily pay bills for your loved one on the app itself without going to the counter.

It’s like sending them a gift credit like that. I wanted to share this with all MyDigi users and Digi subscribers who reading my blog now because I never thought their rewards can be so addictive one. lol Like the recent wedding dinner I went, the dress I'm wearing is so pretty right?

It's from my favourite online shop and I can't believe MyDigi app offers 35% off MyDigi Rewards to redeem. Wahlao it's such a waste that if I dont even know there are so many great rewards to redeem. It's totally FREE and you can redeem whatever reward that you like, just click on it and redeem it. So easy and although it's out of topic but just want to share good deals with all of you. Hope it's useful for all MyDigi users too.

So this is MyDigi app, when you click on it you can click on your MyDigi Rewards and choose whichever rewards that appeal to you. Actually not much people notice this because I usually just go to the counter pay money but Smelly always check the remaining data on this app, pay for his parents’ phone bill and of course my surprise xD Then so pro to redeem those nice reward lol.

This is the shop that I always purchase their lovely dresses to attend any event or a friend's wedding dinner. Although the price range is around RM90-200 but the quality is super duper good. Guarantee because it's not sponsored, I always buy that with my own money. Now with 35% I can use the code to redeem this MyDigi Reward and can get my new year ootd from here. 

Just click “Get Reward” and then it will be saved in your MyRewards section. Just one click and you can enjoy 35% off to shop in double woot website with their highlighted and selected items. Their 35% off items is so pretty, suitable for daily and working outfit too. I must say a big thank you to Smelly lol.

I also redeem my 1GB data for free. I guess because this still not many people know so please share this with your parents and use their phone to download it, get the invitation code and you can receive the RM2 e-voucher to spend in 99speedmart. You can use that to get an ice cream or a bottle of your favourite drinks for FREE! 

So I redeem my reward and using the e-voucher to get my favorite drink for free. Now I'm quite addicted to the MyDigi app. I even got my bro and mom to download the MyDigi app. Plus, I always look for new MyDigi Rewards every week so I could redeem something that appeals to me. AHHAAHAHA So easy!

And for those who wanna know how to pay bill for your loved ones..Here's a sweet surprise for you!!

I wanna be a helpful gf also. So i added Smelly phone number and label it as “romance” relationship lol. Then I also added my parent's phone number in the MyDigi app too. Just click Digi Share then you will be brought into this page and enter the amount that you want to pay the bill and that's all!! Surprise :p 

There are other cool MyDigi Rewards that I personally want to share with you guys. Except for free e-vouchers, there are discount for my favourite tealive drinks, free one more scoop for your favourite baskin robbins ice cream or cool brands such as coach for 50% off and many more!

I got really excited when I saw the Petronas Mesra at MyDigi Reward. It's the nearest petronas located near my staying place. So I went there just now and guess what, I forgot to check it's actually RM3.99 for RM5 breakfast combo voucher. I went there at night lol. Totally get too excited and forgot to read the description lol.

 So here's a photo to show you how silly I am lol.

Other monthly rewards such as food, shopping voucher for you to buy and save your money at the same time. Some idea for me to think of what to eat this weekend and can enjoy the discount!

No joke, really 25% off one! It's mostly reward so you get diff reward every month, Just redeem and go ahead to enjoy it!

Just a photo to appreciate Smelly idea for me to create this content for you guys. HAHAHAHAAH Also, you can be like Smelly gift MyDigi Rewards to friends and family via Digi  Share. Or be like me surprise my mom to pay for her phone bill. I steal this idea from Smelly lol.

Or else continue to be like me from utilise the “Invite and Earn” feature in the MyDigi app! HAHAAHAH I keep sharing my code and ask my friend to key in it so I can get the mystery gift from MyDigi app too!! Save more and you have  nothing to lose by downloading this useful MyDigi app. No need to thank me but say Thank You to Smelly for this idea and thanks my blog which allows me to share this with my readers. For more detail, you can click on this link: here


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