Facelogic nanoSkin Device Review #2

08 November 2017

Yay! Back to my favourite topic again. After my first nanoSkin device review: here, it's time for my part 2. So the first one is more like introduction and detail + overall review for the beauty device and this part, it's more like how I use and things I prefer. I wanted to put all in one post but I know, it might be too long and too many 'info' for you guys.

So finally, here's the part 2 of my review. One of the most frequent question that I get asked on my instagram was, how it helps to clean our skin. Sorry to say that it's not a cleaning facial device and that's why I need to mention the 5 main benefits and functions of this device lol. It has that function which helps to purifying, which is deep clean your skin but it's not a facial cleansing device. So please dont misunderstand the function of the device. If you are looking for a facial cleansing device then this is not the product for you. 

So don't ask me the same question again because that's totally an out of topic question😣 As I mentioned earlier, this nanoSkin device can be synced up to 3 users. Which mean you can get one device for yourself, then you mom or sister can use that too. Each time you can select either user I, II or III. Each user detail recorded your favourite beauty function so it's still like a device that specially customised just for you.

I didn't really share with someone else because that's mine! HAHAHAHA But sometime I will help Smelly to apply the mask first and use this facelogic nanoSkin device , turn on the supercool mode to tighten his pores and also purifying his super dirty skin lol. I'm a good gf 😏

So here's some of the multi-function and mode that I love the most. If you have no idea on how to use it, don't worries because everything written on the device's screen. Then, once you click on the user button, it's now a full menu for you. It's easy, user friendly and just click on OK or up & down only. Nothing complicated or scary.


| #1 Beauty Mode 

On this page, it's the beauty mode and below beauty mode, there are nutritious , V face , Lock nutri , Free mode and so on. For the beauty mode, it's the special BEAUTY COURSE that design for each of us. It's like an all-in-one mode, so once you click on it, it will show the combination of few functions which specially design to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin.

So on the [Beauty Mode] it includes:-
  • RF+ION+
  • RF+ENI
  • RF+EMS
  • COOL

It's all in one tutorial for cleansing, nourishing our skin, removing wrinkles and lastly, helps us to achieve the V shape face. If you are really lazy to think of you can straight click on the beauty mode and follow all the instructions on the screen. It's like a step-by-step beauty tutorial for you. The whole beauty course took me around 15 mins. You can use this once every 3 days or as much as you prefer in the morning or at night.

Else, if you want something more to nutritious or focus only V shapping, then click on other mode. Then about this device, if there are more beauty course available you can synced with your phone and update the version of it. Like our smartphone omg! I think this can consider a smart beauty device lol. 


| #2 Free Mode 
Otherwise, like me I did beauty mode each every 2-3 days and normally after my mask time, I prefer to use only certain mode for example, only cooling mode and I dont want any V-shapping. So at that time, I will prefer to click on the [FREE] mode.

In this mode, you can have your own choice and freedom to pick any mode you want. Or even the multi-function mode such as RF+EMS or RF+ ENI on the beauty mode. Isn't that nice? The people who created this is just a pro. So here's the 6 free mode available for you to pick:-

  1. RF+ION
  2. RF+ENI
  3. RF+EMS
  4. RF
  5. EMS
  6. COOL

In this Free mode, you can choose any mode based on your preference. There are 3 mode that I love the most! Firstly, it's the COOL mode but that's always the last step on my routine and before that I will go for RF+ION mode > RF+ENI mode. So that's the 3 mode that I love the most. 

Cool Mode

RF + ENI mode

For people who older than me or maybe at my age, you need to emphasize more on V shapping + collagen or firming, then you should take note of the RF+EMS mode. It can help to activate our skin collagen but need to use together with the nano gel from facelogic. Complicated? No worries, the tutorial and info of each mode will show on the screen when you click on it 😏

To recap, here's the 5 main functions of the device:-
  • Purifying (Ions+ technology) - Deep clean your skin. 
  • NriBoost (ENI technology) - Achieve deep and effective penetration.
  • V-Lift (EMS technology) - Lifting 
  • eCollagen (RF technology) - Replenish Skin collagen
  • Cool (Supercool technology) - Cooling, calm your skin, close your pores.

Let me show you my favourite mode here and how I usually use it together with my own skincare products.


| #3 The correct and effective method 
I actually asked the beautician to teach me the most effective method to use the device which can helps to achieve the best outcome of lifting. So here's the method that you should take note of. For those who skipped this then, it's such a waste for you 😭 

The device is good but with the wrong method to apply, it's just such a waste for you. So remember start from one side of your face and move toward all the direction to the ending point. Like the photo below. When I first use it without the correct method, it's just a little lifting but when I follow the instruction from the facelogic team, it's much better and I can say it saved my life. So please, if you saw your friend using it in a wrong way then teach them with the correct way to apply and be like a pro! lol


| #4 Free Mode: RF + ION 
So in this mode, it's the combination of eCollagen and purifying deep skin mode. You need to fix the cotton pad with the metal rings. Next, pour your favourite toner on the cotton pad itself for deep cleansing our face. For this you can use any of your toner as long as it's hydrating toner or any kind except whitening toner. Or you bought some toner you personally like but rarely use and you just put there for nothing. So it's the time where you can fully utilize the product.

Just pour as much as you can and the Ion+ technology will deep clean our skin because the negative ion charge attracts positively charged toxins and pollutants on the skin and pulling it away from the skin like a magnet.

Pour the toner onto the cotton pad and attached it with the metal ring

Remember the correct way to use it. The ending point is important. 

Just remember don't 'kiam siap' about your toner. Pour until the cotton turned wet and you need that toner to make the device move smoothly on your skin. I always pour a lot onto the cotton pad lol.

Just keep move toward to the ending point and after few minutes when the timer stop / end, you can now remove the cotton pad from the metal ring. If your skin = super dirty, then you can see the yellowish and grey color dead skin on the cotton pad. If you go facial or did peeling every month, then it got just a little thingy on the cotton pad and you should be proud of your skin. lol


| #5 Free Mode: RF + ENI 
This is the second mode i love the most. RF+ENI! A combination of mode that can replenish your skin collagen and at the same time help to generate your beauty skincare product deep into your skin. So in this process, I always use my expensive or high-end skincare product.

Sometime when it's too expensive, you worry it won't fully penetrate into your skin, but with the ENI function, it can help to achieve a deep and effective penetrationIt's dozens of times better than common penetration or compare with the product application using your hand.

Another tips for you, if you bought some very expensive essence or  serum product, but it's so hard to absorb into your skin and you just lazy to use it because it's too sticky or too thick for you. Then here's the method for you to fully utilize the product.

I dont recommended to use together with gel product because normally once you apply, the product just absorb right away into your skin. If the product absorb too quickly into your skin or if you didn't apply any essence or serum in this process, it creates friction. Plus, this mode is helps to penetrate deeply your skincare product into your skin, if you apply little bit only or didn't apply, then it wasted your few mins effort. So please, dont too much but also dont too less lah! Remember ya.
 Apply a medium layer of the essence or serum on your face

 Take off the metal ring and cotton pad

 Start from the starting point to the ending point

I use it together with Dr.Wu product but I think I need to change the gel to something else because the product itself absorb too quickly lol. Like that I need to re-apply and repeat few time hahaha! So I decided to use maybe innisfree green tea seed serum or other serum. 

#ChanwonTips: If you have dark spots around your face, you can apply your brightening treatment on your cheeks area, then use this mode to penetrate everything into your skin. More effective compare with the one you apply with your fingers.


| #6 Free Mode: Cool 
This is something quite fun and it's always excited when I turn this mode on! LOL it's like OMG last step before I sleep lol. The cold compress can helps to shrink pores and firm skin. I use it every time I did my mask (free mode) or after my RF+ENI mode. As long as it's the last step of your skincare routine. 

Remember this function can only use for 3 mins and if you wish to continue or mad love with it, remember to rest at least half an hour for reuse purpose. 

So I guess that's all about the part 2 review! The part3 will be something related to lifting and some extra tips for you to read. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. Hope this is useful for you.

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  1. Hello! I just bought a Nanoskin and really in the instructions does not come the time of use of each function and how often the treatment has to be done and how much time has to rest. Could you, please, tell me how you do it? Thank You