Life living in my studio apartment #4

05 November 2017

OMG time flies! It's November now and the last update on this series was 2 months ago. Finally I have time to sit down and did a little personal life update. Just to record every single thing on my blog because I can read it back anytime and anywhere. So here's the next part of my life living in my studio apartment. So fast 😨 It's almost a year now, I moved to this space in 2016 December 27th or 28th and now already November 2017.

So the first thing that I wish to record it down was my little garden, my green babies 😭 

My little green babies died

Keep raining in KL and I have no idea why but my 2 out of 8 succulents almost dead. I received my first succulents 5 months ago. Everything grow healthy for the past 5 months until recently where my space couldn't get them enough to exposure to the natural sunlight and part of the succulents turned into normal green colour, they grow higher and the lower part of it easily dried out and then I water them every week as usual. 

There aren't unhealthy in the past but just this few weeks. So I guess the main problem is the weather, because my space dont have balcony, they can't get enough sunlight due to the weather and I'm worried. So a day before my event, I put them all together and thought I'm going to shift them to somewhere else so they could enough 'sunbath'.

For your information, unlike other indoor plant, succulents need enough sunlight in order to get healthy. If your place is too dark or always indoor without clean air and sunlight. It can easily K.O. Then my friends got me an air plant as a birthday gift because she know I'm really sad lol. You have no idea how crazy am I, looking at the sunlight every morning and every time when its raining, I must look at the direction of the sunlight and see where should I put my succulents. Whether it's at the window nearby my toilet , which has the direct sunlight for them or the working area of my space but most of the time it's raining 😭

So go back to the topic, before the event I placed everything beside my toilet's window. Nothing happen, the weather was super duper good and I'm happily leaving my space. I went out and the weather turned really windy and start raining after i took my lunch. Ended up I go back to my house, I open the door but the win too strong and I need double of my energy to push my main entrance door.

Next, Smelly immediately help me to push the door and I hear that little 'PIAKKK!~~' sound from my toilet. I thought just the wind too strong my shampoo drop but who knows the whole succulents dropped down because of the strong window and pressure. I dont even notice that! I seriously go push my main entrance door stronger than the wind so I could open my main door. Mana tau the toilet window was the window that allows the wind flow inside my house, and my toilet just opposite my main door. Then each time I open the door, the window will slightly move due to the pressure and that's the reason why ended up all my succulents dropped. wtf*

My toilet suddenly become like a RIP funeral. I so sad and I got some kind of bacteriophobia 洁癖. I dont usually use my hand or fingers to touch my toilet floor or bathing area unless I'm wearing glove because I think it's so dirty even I clean it every week wtf. Then I dunno I just so sad but I'm gonna fix it. Smelly ask me to go away and throw it but you know, it's my babies 😭 How OCD or phobia i also die die must clean it back.

One of my babies killed by the wind. But I removed and keep 2-3 leaves from the original plant, snip the stem off close to the soil and leave it in the pot to dry out so I can grow a new succulent again. Smart me but i also sad because it died. Then I put the soil back to the vase, put back the injured succulents and cactus. 

Then I left 5 of it now. One dead last week due to the weather recently and I blame myself dont have a nice balcony. Is okay, wait my new home fully build I can have a new and bigger balcony space! Wait til that time I will only get some new babies and meanwhile, I will try my best to get them become a healthy baby.

Haix, so sad seeing them K.O. like that. 5 months leh, got relationship already but still they leaved me 😭 I dont think I will get new one unless it's air plants or cactus which won't easily die even without a proper sunlight like this. But one of my cactus dropped and injured, so it's half way K.O now. Imma so sad! I'm still really proud for the past 5 months because all of my friends who own their little succulents failed to keep them alive. Only mine and I always teach them how i take care and soak them into water once every week and every Thursday is their sunbath time 😭 Now 50% RIP already. Suan la, I think I better concentrate to take care the remain one and next time just buy a new one again from Teamo. 

Other than that I will try my best to grow the succulents leaves lol. See whether I successfully grow it or not. Will keep you guys update here and my instagram! 


Ever since I moved out, the relationship with my family getting better. Lol Not because I'm a bad daughter or my parent isn't good enough, it's because they finally believe that I'm an adult, I grown up and no longer need their CCTV eyes on me. No matter how busy I am, I go back twice a week. Everyone was like are you mad because I have many works and things to do but still, that's what I had promised with my family and because of that, they allowed me to stay and moved out too.

So I'm grateful because you won't understand how my growing life was with a strict and typical asian parents. Imagine you are 24 years old now and each time you go out, you need to submit a report for them to approve. I'm working full time as a blogger, I got event but I need to arrange my time accordingly with that. So time management is really important to me. I complaint sometime because I can't change  my life. 

Then everyone was like, I love my family I always wish to stay with them but why chanwon you moved out. You never know how stress my life was in the past but everyone has their own choice. I'm 25 years old now, I left 5 year to work hard for my future because I thought of 28 like that I could get married with my future husband. So now I must earn as much as money i can to get my dream house. I can make my own life decision, not based on my parents and if I continue to work without my working space. I can be really stress up and couldn't create any content and being so negative under the control of my parents lol.

I also wish to always stay with them so I no need to do housework lol, then food always prepare at the table, I no need tot think of what I need to eat later or thinking how to clean it and shopping just to buy some household items. Staying outside alone, has lots of thing to do and need to pay. To be honest, I didn't able to save as much as money if compare with staying together with my parents lol.

But I proved whatever I can to my parent tell them I'm not moving out for fun or just purely my freedom and shut up for those aunty who always ask my mom whether I moved out with my bf wtf. If I moved to live with my bf then everything will be easy for me because I no need to pay everything all by myself. So in conclusion, if you want to moved out for freedom, then your wallet will be so pain because staying with parent can save so much money and you got no worries with any expenses, even grocery , utilities paid by your parent and what you gave them i just their monthly pocket money.

The story changed after you moved out, even toilet tissue paper you will start to count and compare price. Be like a typical household aunty lol. You will know once you stay out from your parents but thinking about the good side of it, you are now responsible for your life. Even it's quite hard for me to go and back each week , I enjoyed because I finally got my own private work space and life. Finally ζˆ‘ι‡θ§ε…‰ζ˜Ž. I become more time to reflect about my life, love myself and being really productive everyday except each time when I back my parent's house it's like my weekly holiday. Other than that, most of the time I'm working lol.

This is how our life is. Every decision you made has its pros and cons. So dont be afraid because there's nothing to be afraid of and after many years or hard work. Finally I'm able to gather a family dinner with my parents during each of our birthday. That's the main thing that I always fight for it. All of our relationship getting better after all. Although it's very hard for me to make this decision but so far, 2017 is the best year of my life.

I'm so happy for my life now. Really and I really wish to share the happiness with you guys.

Freedom, Yay OR Nay?

Is this a freedom life? Really? Yay or nay? If you are my follower since 7 years ago, you know my story. Imagine your friend ask you to go out and you still answer them like 'wait ya, I call my mom and ask first ' That was me when I'm 24 years old. Before I moved out lol. Yes, every single time I need to get approval. If not there will be a world war every single time lol. 

So I always ask myself, why I dont have the normal freedom like most of my friend had. Actually I dont freaking care what they think of me but I feel sibeh paiseh each time I say sorry I need to ask my mom. lol Then sometime I just told them, I'm quite busy lol. Lifeless, I dont even know how it look like inside a club. Yes, I never go into any club before until my early 25 I successfully know what's pub and I really dont like clubbing because I hate the environment. It's full of smelly smoke and I CAN'T EVEN TALK NICELY WITH MY FRIENDS. lol. So hard to talk ok so the first time I went to the club at Zouk was during the semi final of #InfluenceAsia party lol.

I was like OMG. Inside like this one ah. Then my friends just 😳 and stunned. 

Now after all, I get back my 88% freedom lol. Finally after 25 years of waiting hahaha! Also, I start to understand that freedom will came to you when your parent finally realise that you have grown up. I always force myself to think of any solution to get some freedom at least I can go out, be whatever I want to be and that's how I start travelling to other country so I could do whatever I want. But wallet pain after all lol. So ended up just because I moved out and settled everything all by myself and with a  little help from Smelly. Now that's consider a life that I have been looking for.

I can just simply book a flight ticket and a week before, I will just tell my parent like. HEY YO, Your daughter gonna be fly again. Last time my parent will scold me like shit but now they worried me. I getting slim than before and sometime my hair falls like shit and I was like trying my best not to stress. Yes, I have lots of commitment just like most of you who work for a better future. 

But let me tell you what, everything worth it. So for now, I would like to celebrate my freedom year HAHAHAHA also, be a good one. When you have all freedom you need, you just need to be responsible for every decision you made for your life. That's what I have learned.

Clingy Bebe 

Brought bebe came to my place quite frequent recently. My mom finally pay a visit to my space and she start complain about my space saying that's it's somehow like our old flat house that use to stay during our childhood time. It's very space but it's warm for me. I prefer landed house but I wish to get my family back like what we had in the past. Even we not rich, but I really love seeing each of every member makan together. Dinner together and thinking where to go every weekend.

I worried about my safety sometime because I usually go  into the lift alone at my condo. There are few time I met some weird weird strangers. Look and scan me like a machine then I always back home after the event really late and each time if I'm inside the lift with some other stranger family then I have no worries but sometime with stranger that laugh at you and wanted to get your phone number is quite creepy for me.

So I rather be transparent inside the lift. Or either I dress like a household with my all hair tie up + ugly t shift then no one else will look at me lol. Or I just holding a smelly rubbish bag with me wtf. Then my mom came and she keep saying that Bebe can't run in the house lol. The only place he did was lying on my cozy bed lol.

I really dont mind or dont care how big my space was as long as it's somewhere i feel comfortable with and just I suka la. Then bebe also get use to be in my place I'm so happy. My mom give a little check-up in my place lol. Check toilet la, open window la, then walk here walk there , turn that on turn this on. Open every single door in my house, see what's in my cabinet. Look at that just make me wanna laugh my ass off. Omg I dont even complain about my place but she's the one keep complaining with my dad.

Saying this and that then I told my mom like ' You see, I'm not honeymoon here one. I'm working' HAHHAHAHA Then she start to believe me. But indeed I'm so happy because my mom finally came to my place and we start to chit chat about the house that i bought. I show her the drawing plan and how I want it to be then my bro and bebe just nap at my house lol.

We also unbox the mooncake and enjoy the mooncake with each other. Although my dad didn't make it this time but I'm still really happy about it. So as usual, bebe always like to sleep between my legs since he was 8 months old and now...

Every single time I'm working at downstair, he will still act like a baby boy and look how innocent he is. But my leg so numb I can't move at all lol because he is no longer toy poodle size lol.

New scent for year 2017 
I love diffuser a lot. I placed all different kind of diffuser in my toilet, closet room, working area and my sleeping area. This year, I decided to choose a new scent for myself. Yes, not diffuser! I didn't really use fragrance on my body. I love the Chanel perfume, the chance series purple one. That was my favourite since 3 years ago but I never have that kind of 'really die die want to buy' mood on that fragrance.

Why? Because I know I won't use. I got other perfume like Gucci flora one which I received as a gift from brands and some other 'too mature' scent that I dont really like. I just keep there and sometime I gave it to my mom or Smelly's mom if they want. But I really dont have that kind of time to put it on everyday.

Then I wanted to be more' girly' lol or feminine, I look at Jo Malone I was like, everyone recommended that to me. I wanna try and the packaging so nice, can use as a props to take photo too. HAHAHAH Then I tried it once until now I haven pick the scent that I love the most. I can't decide until I went to Diptyque first boutique shop @Pavilion, KL few weeks ago.

I was there to attend their new launch and try their product like body lotion and shampoo. Then I smell one of these scent that I'm so tempted to get. It's the DOSON from Diptyque. Next, I asked the staff like , do you have any perfume that has the same scent like this. They immediately introduce that fragrance for me. It cost me RM639, cost more than Jo Malone then I ask if any smaller size. They introduce me the white lighter scent one which cost me RM399, but the scent last me longer compare to Jo Malone one. Then I thought to get this as my xmas gift lol.

So I say nvm, I must stop myself because I'm going to tick my wishlist to get new laptop this end of the year. I must tahan!! But end of the year especially all xmas set = DAMN NICE! Like NARS product and all πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ Then who know I finally get this. It's my birthday gift from two of my really closed friends. When I unpack it I was like wtf?!!!

But I knew this because my cute honey call me to ask, Chanwon the scent that you really like that one a...What's the name already? Yes, she gave me a call a day before my birthday. AHHAAHAH That's why I confirm know but I stay calm, answer her nicely and when I close the phone call I was like, OMG Why so cute one she really think I dont even know? Yes, that's a gift from Bobo! HAHAHAHAHA

So now the fragrance placed above my ikea drawer which I can see it everyday and use it. I always pass by perfume corner and ask Smelly try it on and see whether he like or not but he always answer me 'too much la, too strong la, not nice' Then this scent, I never told him before. So during the first time I use, he was like wah, not very strong but very nice this scent.

I often prefer feminine flora scent which is not too sweet but just nice one. Something like Chanel chances purple one. Or sometime my mood go really well with rose scent but compare with other rose scent from Diptyque, I prefer DOSON. It's the mysterious tuberose amid berries and flowers. A fresh sweetness, like a sea breeze in a pagoda on the banks of the Tonkin Gulf. It's like sleeping on a bed of berries and flowers. Not very strong or to sweet. Just very ζœ‰ζ°”θ΄¨.

Then after I shared it, lots of dm asking the code or the number. Actually the packaging itself told you everything. But a plus point after Smelly told me I smells good. LOL it's like a life achievement because he always say girl putting perfume is just too much. lol He is a boring bf lol. Then after he told me this, I very scared DOSON out of stock since I use it everyday, I decided to buy some travel size one so I could take it with me during my trip.

Yes, I pass by Diptyque again and went to the shop. Guess what, online got the travel pack but in Malaysia dont have. Either you get the 6 in 1 set (only one Doson scent others one I dunno lol) or get the same bottle again. I really dunno which part of my brain not function well on the day. I bought it wtf.

YES I BOUGHT THE EXACTLY SAME ONE -..- I think my friend will slap me if they know. I always did this. If I really love the item, I will keep on for us, one just to keep and make sure won't out of stock wtf. I changed last time but now these habit came back to me again. Some more this is not cheap and I'm not sure how I'm going to finish the whole bottle of Doson within one year HAHAHAHAHA!

I'm sorry but okay la, consider my xmas gift wtf. Then year end got lots of advent calender! OMG I want all!!! But wait, please don't chanwon! So for now, I'm loving the Doson scent. I spray it in the morning and last until 7pm like that. At least 7-8 hours!! The black label version one is stronger than mine and last longer but I think I get the normal one enough. No need too strong lol.

So it's end of the story! I love Doson and if I have excess money I will get the shower oil, body lotion and all in Doson scent from diptyque. In my dream maybe πŸ˜‚

Grow bigger & bigger 
So it's my polaroid photo memory wall. I use to look at this a lot and each time my friend who came to my place will pay a visit at this beautiful corner. I love it! It will now a complete heart shape but will grow bigger and bigger. yay!!

New Studio Set Up 

Wanted to say a big thank you to Apple and WaiWai who came to my place and fix the new studio backdrop for me. It's no  longer a plain white wall but a super colourful one with my birthday unicorn icon design from them too. There are the owner from Party.Nutty and who did a great job to set up for my high tea session with my blogger friends.

You may check out their link here: One of the service that I always recommended to my friend was the props renting service. If you have budget concern and dont really wish to keep everything that you buy and use it once only for your special celebration then you can think of renting the deco props from them.

Like a backdrop, those people usually use during birthday , baby's shower event or anything one just RM150 like that only. Like the cupcake holders and decoration items also available for rent. They will teach you how to set up everything according your theme and you could save the amount of money by renting it from their place. Quite worth it and I received lots of dm regarding it, so I guess I could share it here with you if you want.

Feel free to check out their instagram and contact them. A nice and chio birthday celebration set up is no longer a dream. You can choose all the props based on your budget and they are really helpful too. They help me for kindness and I'm here to share it for kindness. Of course, the owner really sibeh nice and friendly. They are now a mom of two kids but still look so cheerful and young. Plus, my high tea session sibeh chio also must say thank you to them!

Xiexieeee ❤️

T.T T.T 

So this is my Fujifilm XA2 super old model but I used this for years. I guess this year = the 3rd year having it in my life. Most of the time based on my work, I need to be my own photographer. So while I'm shooting for my halloween makeup look, the tripod stand suddenly out of balance and it dropped on the floor.

My lens freaking just dropped on the floor and it no longer attached with the camera. I can't turn the camera on so I just freaking pray for it and take the battery out and turn it again & again. So now the camera 'temporary' still working ok but the lens, couldn't attach it back with the camera body. IT BREAK IN FRONT OF ME.. I'm so sad because I love love love this a lot. Smelly & I get this in Melbourne, Australia few years back. It was a month before xmas, my xmas gift!!!!!!

Please come back to mama. I sold most of my camera but this one, I always keep for myself. People ask me to recommend any camera suitable for beginner, I always recommended XA series because has the selfie screen while the one I'm now using is the new latest model XT20 but without selfie screen one. So you need someone to take photo for you instead of taking it for yourself.

Then now my only selfie screen camera spoiled like this. Please better it can be fix. If not only weekend holiday I can ask Smelly came to my place to help me. Okay la, I dont wait already, I will send to somewhere else to fix it 😭 

Why I'm so careless. I shoot most of the photo myself and I never thought my tripod stand can simply drop down like that. But everything happened for a reason. Maybe it's time to get a new lens but ....I want to get my mac first. 

So I'm waiting the day to come. My hand must be shaking when I purchase the new mac because I can't imagine my piggy bank less 5 digits because of one damn stupid computer. Okay, I will earn it back nvm! That's an investment!!!!!

*I guess that's the end of the post! Hope you guys love my update here. Enjoy reading and see you on my next post! Love, xoxo.


  1. Ah your cloud floor mat is sooooooooo cute!

    I really like how you decorate your place, so homey :D

  2. Hi can I know where did you get your cloud mat and the multi coloured house wall storage?

    1. cloud mat get in Korea. Butter shop in Hongdae~ The house wall storage from party nutty

  3. Hi, Chanwon, really enjoy reading your blog, so many info to get. thank you.
    by the way, may i know how much the Diptyque, DOSON you bought ? thinking to buy too. :)

    1. The one small size RM399 , big one 629 or RM639 I forgot.

  4. Hi, Chanwon. Can you write about how do you deal with living/sleeping alone?

    1. I think i wrote on my #1 or #2. But you can try scented candle + pillow around your bed lol

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