How to Pack for Winter Travel: Packing for Cold Weather Trip & Outfits Ideas | #ChanwonTips

17 November 2017

Hello Sweeties πŸ’• I'm back with another blog post about how I usually pack for my cold weather / winter trip. Yeah, I love travel to cold weather country because our country is summer all year long lol. So each time when I'm planning for a trip, I probably visit there during autumn or winter season or maybe spring in Japan. Since it's not the first time I'm packing for a cold weather trip + after tried and errors, finally I'm able to share this packing tips with all of you.

Actually I did blogged about this before on my previous post (click here) but that time still newbie. So today, after so many winter trips, finally I'm able to talk about it in details and show you more about the tips. I can call myself a pro now because I can pack for my winter travel anytime and anywhere. As long as I know what's the destination and the weather / temperature then I know whether I should wear slightly thicker to stay warm or lesser. So as usual when I packing for cold weather trip it's either 12°C ~ 18°C or during winter 6°C ~ 10°C and even snowing. When I'm still a newbie I use to pack a lot of thick and bulky jacket, then my luggage left only 20% for me to fit in other items.

Ever since then, I never bring huge or bulky thick jacket with me or I will only bring one thickest and big jacket. Because most of the time you will only wear that one thick jacket and spending other 70% time searching for a better jacket to look good and most of the time when I travelling to Japan during winter, it's like 2 day in snowing area and other than that, I dont even need to wear like a jacket monster and look so ugly with that.

Even not nice to take photo with that outfit too. Therefore, I learn how to layer it up and most importantly, wear the correct item to stay warm and look good at the same time.


| #ChanwonTips: Layering 
So from my experience, layering is one of the alternative option to keep yourself less bulky but at the same time, you can stay warm as usual too. It's one of a great option for cold weather. I will explain to you one by one because actually in most of the time, we don’t need one massive and bulky jacket to keep you warm when you can bring smaller pieces to wear multiple ways. A lighter clothing and somewhat light jacket can provide as much warmth as big, bulky items.

Another thing about layering is, you can start mix and match with all the items and clothes you bring plus, you can choose to wear it individually. One important thing to layering is, wear the correct base layers. No more heavy, bulky or suffer when it comes to packing for cold weather trip. Am I right? So here's a little bonus for you guys. The ultimate cheat-sheet done by Me! HHAHAHAHA 


| Chanwon's Cheat-sheet on Packing for Cold Weather Trip
Before you get confuse, I sum up everything for you guys. Plus, I decided to show my very ugly drawing on my blog. lol I'm quite shameless / beh paiseh lol. Wahlao even lecturer also never treat me like this. You guys are just like my babies so here's the cheat-sheet for you guys. If you use must credit to my effort ok? πŸ˜‚ I dont mind you keep one copy on your phone! HAHAHAHA

Before I kickstart with it, just take some time to go through the photo below and it makes everything much easier!

Yea, please give me a hug. I draw this for an hour lol. If you are good at drawing please help me to complete one so I could share the nicer version to my readers lol. So, I just categories everything into 3 different part.

  • #1 Top
  • #2 Bottom
  • #3 Accessories & Other

Omg suddenly feel like lecture a class now. πŸ˜› I wanna make it as simple as that, so people can always refer back and stop crying and zero worries when it comes to pack for winter travel. So now, let's talk about it one by one and also, I received some of your msg/ emails and msg on instagram about the outfits ideas for cold weather trip. So I will summarise everything for you guys. Please read everything ya so I no need to keep repeating the same answer lol.


#1 Top: 

So yea, one important point to stay warm is to wear it correctly / choose the right one to wear and take note on the layering method.  For winter travel, as I mentioned earlier on my previous post I normally wear 2-3 layer. But after I do some research, you can actually wear it in a smarter way to stay warm all day long.

So for Top, I break down into 3 layers!

  1. Base layers
  2. Presentation layers
  3. Jackets / outers 

Last time I always wear 3 layer of normal top then someone introduced me the HEATTECH winter wear from Uniqlo. So I bought my first heat tech top from Uniqlo in Japan one year ago. It was so good but for -0°c or below 3°C winter, the heat tech need to wear at least two layers which I think it's quite troublesome. And until recently I went to Uniqlo (just few days ago), I realized they came out with new* ultra warm heat teach for intense and super cold weather.

Spot the label, the UltraWarm heat tech came in a nicer box packaging , the extra warm heat tech was the white stickers one and the normal heat tech is just the normal label. In total, there are three types of HEATTECH to choose from:-

Normal Heat Tech (normal winter wear) > Extra Warm Heat Tech (very cold days) > Ultra Warm Heat Tech (Intense cold)

 So guess what? I broke after that lol. The Ultra Warm is RM79.90 & Extra Warm RM59.90. 

 Here's something you might need to know

I paid and bought this myself until I get heart attack when I pay it on the counter but better than I cold die during my trip right lol. I planned to get more but I think I have few more left in my house so I just get 6 items this time and I have my own old heat tech leggings. So here's my haul.

*As for the ultra warm heat tech I will wear it as a base layer because it's quite thick compare with others heat tech and it's just so good to use it as a base then next, layer the presentation layer with the extra warm + sweater if you really afraid of cold. If not you can just ultra warm > extra warm > Jacket and you're DONE!

If you are afraid of cold weather, you can wear a base ultra warm, extra warm + sweater then lastly, just put on a jacket. Or else ultra warm > extra warm > SUPER THICK jacket also can. It depends on your own preference. I normally wear ultra warm > extra warm > Jacket or a thick sweater if it's not too cold or snowing.

 This is the extra warm. For the extra warm, it's best to get the turtle neck one because from my experience, all the ootd look nicer and more chio with turtle neck and it's more warm compare with the one without turtle neck.Plus, it's more presentable!

 Extra warm heat tech : Turtle Neck

There are lots of colours. From navy blue, to black, maroon, white & so on. You can check it out and I didn't take photo on it so I can't show you the total available colors lol. Also, for normal cold day or autumn weather, just extra warm + normal heat tech will do. Don't wear too thick later you cry! lol

I just love the yellow color, so I got this normal heat tech turtle neck top for me to layer my outfits on my coming trip.

Heat Tech Socks

Let's continue to talk about the layering method. 

1st Layer- Base layers 
So for base layer, I normally wear the ultra warm heat tech that I got from Uniqlo because it's much better compare with my previous 3x base layer of extra warm lol.My tips is for inner base, get the highest color either white or nude skin color so it won't see through if your next layer is white. White color base layers can easily be concealed.

For me, base layers is always white and short / long-sleeved shirts should be okay depend on the weather of the country you are planning to visit. For snowing or lower than 6 degree i recommended you get the long sleeve one. 

2nd Layer- Presentation layers 
For second layer, we called that as the presentation layers. It's basically what people will see you. So in this layer you can wear the extra warm heat tech with turtle neck one. Or any sweaters / fluffy jacket that you like! (fluffy jacket is really good to stay warm) Also, on this presentation layer, the items I picked are mostly quite fashionable but at the same time can easily conceal the base layers. Example includes hoodie top, sweaters, cardigans and so on. This layer can be whatever you like and if you afraid of the cold weather, then make sure you add on another piece of extra heat tech. 

Presentation Layers: Some light colors, turtle neck or even black one also can.

Even sweater can be one of your presentation layers too. Remember to wear the base layer ya!

3rd Layer- Jackets / Outers / Coat / Thick Denim 
So here's another tips for you. I'm a big fan of jacket and outers. I love wearing denim and coat too. So as for the outer 3rd layer, I didn't get Parka (a large windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather) because it's too bulky, heavy and no space for my luggage. If it's not below 0 celsius I will not consider to bring 5 Parka for my one week winter travel outfit, I might just bring one and other will be as usual using my layering method because not everyplace I visit is snowing, someday I will be going to city and so on.

So please please please, look at your itinerary and plan accordingly. Think it carefully so you won't regret on getting something not useful at all. Next, my opinion for colder destination, always go for a bigger, bulkier jacket. However, you really no need to pack something like a parka if you're dressing in layers because those 3 layers should be enough for you to stay warm.

Denim Jacket for the 3rd layer. If you really afraid of cold, get those denim jacket which has a inner fluffy layer one. It's more suitable to wear in colder weather and more warm compare with normal denim we use to wear everyday.

You can also go for some bigger jacket like this. Also, hoodie jacket also a good choice for you too! If really too cold for you, get the one I'm wearing on the photo above (top right), the parka! HAHAHAH I think I never bring that after i know the layering method lol.

If not too cold, autumn or spring weather, can go for something more light and just a normal coat will do. But remember to stay warm with the base and presentation layers.

Hope all this photo can help to improve your understanding lol. Wah sounds like a lecturer lol! Next, it's the pants , bottom and shoes that I normally wear during winter or autumn in winter country especially in Japan + Korea.


#2 Bottom: 
As for the bottom, it's all about the:-

  • legging / jeans / tights / long pants  + 
  • socks + 
  • boots / winter shoes

For the bottom, I normally will go for black! Yes, later on when you see my winter outfits ideas and summary, you can spot I'm wearing either black culottes everywhere or the ultra warm heat tech leggings lol. If it's super cold weather, I wear two layers:- 

  • either two layers of heat tech leggings OR
  • one legging + one layer of jeans/ pants / culottes

Jeans and corduroy pants are one of the best bottom layers, as it can easily be worn over things like leggings, tights, and long underwear. If you prefer to wear short skirt / shorts , you can wear it over things like nude skin color leggings or heat tech / winter leggings. 

How I usually mix & match my top + bottom

For the socks, you can get the heat tech sock too. But if you dont have budget. Just make sure to wear your socks with longer pants which can cover up everything. If it's not so cold, then can just wear a normal sock too. Remember to pack multiple pairs of warm socks. It's important to keep your feet warm when traveling over the winter. 

How if you want to wear skirt? CAN! Wear a midi skirt (longer than knee) skirt and layer it with a heat tech legging as a base. I did that too when I'm travelling to winter / cold country. Just show your mix & match skill and creativity. There is no such thing as CANNOT! 😏

Lastly, wear a nice boots when you are travel to snowing / winter country. It keeps your leg warm and protect it from falling too if you are getting the winter boots. Remember to get something water-proof , cover your leg & able to walk on the snow / just ask for a winter boots. Mine is from Charles and keith, it's not water proof or winter boots and it's why I almost fall down when I walking on top of the snow lol.

Lesson learned and remember my tips ok?


#3 Accessories & Others: 
Lastly, it's the accessories and some other items that you need to pack into your luggage too. Wah my drawing can be your checklist too. AHHAHAAHAH


So for accessories it's like something like headwear items such as hats / berets,  gloves, and scarves. You can also include the hot pad / heat pad as one of my tips to stay warm during winter. If it's snowing, remember to wear beanie and please please please get yourself a pair of gloves!

Accessories such as hats / berets,  gloves, and scarves with few hot pads in my pocket to keep me warm lol.

Others will be something like your daily essential. For me it's always the sunscreen /sunblock, lip balm, lotion & moisturiser. Our skin and face can get chapped from the wind and cold during winter weather so remember to apply sunscreen to protect your face / skin , apply lip balm every morning or at night and last but not least bring lotion or moisturiser for both of your face & skin.

Normally when I visit to cold country, I will bring this two baby with me. It's the MOILIP from shiseido and DHC Lip cream (it can use as a lip balm). It's really good and protect my lip from peeling or cracked / bleeding. So please get this two! I recommended it x8394793274932 times on my blog and insta already. Everyone who travel with me will ask me question like: ' OMG chanwon, why your lip still so moisture, soft and hydrated even during winter time'. Then I will bring them to the drugstore to get or borrow mine for them. ❤️

Really good! OMG (ps: not good I chop off myself) πŸ˜›


| #ChanwonTips X Autumn & Winter Outfits Ideas 
So here's some autumn and winter outfits ideas based on the top + bottom + accessories & others layering method. The autumn outfit can be wear during Spring / sakura season in Japan or Korea too because it's 12°c ~ 19°c while the next photo shows the winter outfit ideas 3°c ~ 10°c. I worn these outfits during my trip and I break down into two photo and categorise everything according the weather and temperature °c. Hope it helps and then here's some of the styling and outfits tips that I would love to share with all of you.

For Autumn / 12°c ~ 19°c ↓

For Winter / 3°c ~ 10°c ↓

#ChanwonTips: Colors & mix match tips
Based on my 49837532849 tried and errors. Here's another ultimate tips for you. Hope it's useful for you to plan your outfit! Normally for the mix & match color, I will always go for:-

  • lighter color top + darker color bottom
  • Blue color with maroon (deep red color) 
  • White + pastel blue / pink color
  • Earth tone such as brown + neutral color 
  • Grey with white
  • Autumn color such as deep green, dark yellow, maroon, brown and so on

As for planning your outfit, normally the base layer and leggings will stick with the few pieces I bring together and the rest like , jacket and presentation layers will always change. Sometime you can bring a longer one pieces knit wear / sweater, then you can wear it individually, or match with a midi skirt to create another outfit. It's like 1 items but able to create 2 diff outfit look. It's all about the mix 7 match and color game! So, dare to try and you will love it!


| #My thoughts 
Thank you so much for reading this post. I sacrificed my sleeping time and specially created this useful post for you guys because I know someone might need this as a reference. Also, thank you so much for your patience and love! Hope this is helpful and remember to keep the cheat-sheet on your phone! I will be proud for that! HAHAAHAHAH Share with someone else if you think they might need this and tag me if you want to.

That's all for today. It's 3am now. Bye and see you  on my next post. Love, xoxo.


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    Just wondering where can I get nice coats/jackets and boots with reasonable price in Malaysia or online store? Those jackets u r wearing are shoooo nice

    1. I always get whenever I spot any nice jacket / coat in Zara , zara kids , bershka and those shop in Japan and Korea. I collect jacket whenever i spot any nice one. HAHAHAHA During season sales also

  2. Hi Chanwon,
    I am an avid reader of your blog even though a silent reader :)
    Thank you so much for your effort in posting about this topic. Really helped a lot for me to plan my next trip.

    1. Hi Ara,

      Thanks for your comment and first time gave me <3 hehe!! Hope it's really useful!! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Hello Chanwon, this post comes at the right timing for my next trip next year to Korea! I really appreciate for your effort & writing (your drawing looks cute eh), it helps me alot and I did note down all of them as well. Just one more question, where do you get those plain color scarf? Is it from uniqlo as well?

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  7. Thanks for this post!!! So helpful...I’m going in January and my first time in winter...any tips of what to wear from Malaysia hot weather to Japan cold weather? Dunno what to wear in plane

    1. maybe a legging or a loose sport pant with a long sleeve top + jacket??

  8. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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