20120819♥ Poco

19 August 2012

Herlooo people  :3 HAPPY HOLIDAY!! Wooohoooo I'm a happy girl now because I got one week holiday from now but at the same time I got 5 assignments need to be complete within this month :O I'm still glad to be here and I know you guys miss me so much 

So as usual I'm always hope to fully utilize my holiday but last mid term break due to my sickness I have to be at home for almost a week ! So yea  I will fully utilize all my holiday from now on and don't be sick :P I'm still planning my holiday because I have to plan some photo shooting when I'm free.. 

YES  ! just got msg from Bobo few days ago and then with the discussion among us we decided to have our shooting with 2 new photographer on Saturday (yesterday la) ! One of them purposely come to KL from sg and another one from Muar ! Thanks for the awesome day as well 
Guess this will be a meaningful date for me :) We decided to shoot for 2 diff theme ! The first one will be at @Poco , a very nice environment and place to chill with ..I almost spamming my instagram with all the photos took at there :) & the second one will be at I-city  So this is our first destination!

This POCO is located at Bangsar I guess :) This is what the photographers told us about.. The blue combination of white & blue color front door + window + green small little plant at botton there with black board is really sweet! Perfect combination ! Really can't wait to step inside and see how it look like! Okie! Don't talk crap I continue with all the awesome photo I took yesterday :P Don't missed it baby  



The middle part of POCO..beside the window the wall look exactly like this 









 Our Brunch  Very delicious! Homemade 
yum yum :) Didn't really try all their desert but I know their dessert are more popular! But their rice is really diff from others.. Tried their cake and other dessert but only few bite :P I'm really full and satisfied with their food seriously.. Healthy Meal right? Should bring my family come enjoy with me next time!  
 Fully utilize our time..After Poco we change our outfits and heading to I-City :) Photo will be update once I got the final photo from both photographer ! But we're not just shooting.. We're just HAPPY FAMILY :P again* ahahahahaha having fun together! Had a blast and suddenly thinking of the LATEST SONG recently..Opp Opp Oppa Gangnam Style!
and both of us! HAHAAHAHAH Crazy la but most important is have fun together right? :P

 & LAST BUT NOT LEAST..after done shooting with  my long curl with long fringe hair I decided to cut all my spoiled hair! Chop Chop Chop !Hopefully I'm not regret for that :O
See my previous long hair   

Some of my photo uploaded to Instagram - Chanwon92  Follow me :)

That's all for today! Had a blast with them :) Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog! I miss the place , the food , the people and you as well :3 Happy Holiday! Happy Hari Raya enjoy your holiday ya~ Xoxo