♥20120829♥ How about a Flea Market?!

29 August 2012

Herloo sweeties :) How are you?  I'm still have a little time to come here and update my blog because this is the only way I can do /talk to my blog when I'm really stress :'( A little exhausted after finished 2 assignments & presentations this week and still left 4 assignments , 2 Quiz , 1 very last exam paper before my coming FINAL EXAM! 

God Bless Me!

I have no enough time to prepare my taiwan trip already :( Going Taiwanin this coming October straight after my final exam  then when I'm back I need to prepare & think for my Birthday Celebration yo! Very exited now.. Really can't wait to fly to TAIWAN!! I'M COMING ~ Will blogging for the hotel there because the hotel I stay at taiwan had offer me & bobo a very good price ! Stay there for 7 night so I'm very sure will find a GOOD and NICE place to stay with! 

and of course girl's talk with Boboat night or sleep like hell if I'm too tired! 2 photographers there and their wifey :P So ...basically having a photoshooting at there lahx :P Hopefully I got time to do some shooting and shop like hell! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH I'm really so happy but $$ fly :(  Should say this whole trip I use my own savings ! Expensive ticket tooooooooo 

So, think about taiwan > CHEAP CLOTHES > SHOP LIKE HELL > $$$$$ 

But the most important thing is where to put all those new clothes?! Argh! That's really a hard thing for girl :'( Okie! Let's see my dream wardrobe!!
How I wish to have a very big room which can have a BIG & Organize wardrobe ! But my room is just sooooooooooooooooooooo tiny ._______. like a square! I got a HUGE book shelf which I'm really regret now because I bought it last time to put all my book , comic , magazines! Then now I'm regret why I BOUGHT IT..IT'S JUST TOO HUGE to put in my room -.- 

But I think I always complain my room not big enough and my wardrobe not big enough for me! Let see mine ._____. small hor?!
SEEEE! even the top part of my wardrobe got a lot old clothes/pre loved/clothes never wear one T^T SO MANY! think to join a kind of event like Flea Market 二手跳蚤市场rather than bazaar because rental for a booth in those popular bazaar need RM50-RM100 sometime! I joined before..sales not bad because I sold some pre-loved clothes! but still all the $ earn that day also need it to pay the rental for the booth :3 So it just like break-even but not a bad idea sometime~

Just you need to join the correct bazaar don't join the wrong one..Like all booth selling first hand / new stuff but you selling pre-loved..or those too high class/expensive places maybe have no buyers interested with your pre-loved clothes..They wanna shop for new one not pre-loved stuff like that :X I joined wrong bazaar before so I know! But still there are a good place to chatting with others seller and meet new friends / socialize ! So I'm still happy even I have only have like RM100 sales on the day :)
I hope Malaysia got this kind of event! I think it had but just it's just a small event..Not big enough maybe due to the venue. How could I wish somebody here to organize this event..Invite bloggers and seller to join with them.. Have fun with each of us then can talk about fashion/ talk about your style / talk about any topic! and I wont feel shame to purchase pre-loved item or second hand item! People around there exchange for item get money to purchase more.. All pre-loved item of course is in a good condition lah! Then with the contribution of everyone.. I guess this will be very successful

Just some procedure needed to apply the venue and organize a event like this :( complicated procedure! Organizer need to be responsible for everything! It's hard for me I wish I could organize too but it's hard to decide where is the venue , date and etc..
You see T^T actually I organize and put everything nicely but too many clothes it seems like very messy but IT'S NOT MESSY :'( PLEASE SAVE ME..every time I open the door I feel very stress..Thinking how to give up all my clothes that I never wear before :( need help to find them a new owner.. I updated a status few days ago i remember..Those fellow especially boy straight away ask me DONATE...

My god! Once i saw this word I feel like scolding them :S Hey bro! You know how much girls spend on them? OMG ..They don't even think about it when they say so! This doesn't means that I'm so bad and selfish don't like to share those clothes...It's just like my babyT^T I guess you are the same tooo [hopefully] I rather to donate MONEY straight away rather than clothes.. I might donate sleeping clothes/ T shirt / Normal top or pants for them but NOT FASHION CLOTHES or accessories pls LOL!~   I think even we donate those people doesn't need it ! AM I RIGHT?..Why don't you just donate money ?!  Why donate them this kind of 'sexy dress , short skirts or cute accessories?!!'  SERIOUSLY, do they need it?  Should be a good question I guess :S

Just I don't understand Why they only ask us to donate[..Can I ask you to donate your lovely COMPUTER , LAP TOP , game? ar.. Male's thought sometime really diff from us ! Sometime** Some very useful hair accessories and etc + never use before just trying to find them a new owner maaaa.. WHY NEED DONATE.. It still can use and match with others stuff just I can't use it anymore :'( Some very cute hair accessories I can't use because I feel like people will think 'OMG 20 YEARS OLD ALREADY STILL ACT CUTE .___. ' 

LAST TIME , I gave all my clothes + new clothes which never wear before to my relative.. But those kid don't know how to wear and their mom like 'Oh no..this is too short / ohh what is this for?! it's a skirt or a top? / what is this? legging?omg how to wear this? how to match' a lot a lot comments.. In their mind they think we're weird.. Then give them also waste of my petrol / time / and money ..Purposely bring that for them then receive those feedback.. *Heartbreak* </3 their kids don't even dare to wear..I think maybe it's really not suitable for them! sometime :S 

So why don't I give or sell all my clothes to those people who really interested and want it..I don't wanna waste a single sen for it! All clothes bought it for RM30-RM100.. diff price range and I like selling for just RM5-RM15 ..why not? I just wanna clear my wardrobe and don't wanna have too much clothes ! I wanna to have more SPACE god! Never get enough for the space.. Don't ask me.. Girls just like that :S The return is just not a matter for me but just trying to find someone who will show their appreciation to it! Why not !?
So stop asking girls to donate next time.. We do donate but not this please! I saw many diff kind of flea market in other country! like taiwan , japan , korea..They do have diff kind of flea market selling stationary , books , clothes , even shoes and etc..They appreciate their item..They spend it but they give the item a second life to meet a new owner who need it! So why not? I hope there're a event coming our place like this kind of flea market!! PLEASE :'(
I need some space for my wardrobe to fit in new clothes and stuff! HAHAHAHA so please..If you're organize any event something similar like those flea market..CONTACT ME :3 I would like to join this kind of event! I miss the time I join bazaar too! So find me yea :P

Some people might say WHY DON'T SELL ONLINE.. I sell it before not bad but it need to pay additional  like postage fees :( Waste money.. But still I hope I got the time to clear my wardrobe before I go to Taiwan or maybe after i back?! Would like to use some time to shoot the pre-loved item and share the goodness stuff to you guys :)

OMG I'm like totally out of topic..from assignments to trip then end up with flea market -.- I'm good enough to write here! HHAAHAHH I guess is time to stop here :) So yea..What you think..would you join flea market too? :3