♥20120811♥ Color Fever

12 August 2012

Herloo readers! How are you? Spending your precious moment with your friends? I'm still waiting for the last mid term paper on this coming Tuesday! Have no idea how come our lecturer keep on delay at last mins and never arrange the date and time nicely :'(  All my gang enjoying their small little trip @Tioman while I'm just staying at home all the time! Lol not yet touch the book..Degree in Finance Year 2 is not as easy as I thought :'( 
Lifeless recently due to the exam week :O Exam week then nothing to update here I guess no one will be interested with my exam post..xD Will be emo after read it I guess :) I saw many people posting and update their instagram @TWG *Recently very active in Instagram- Follow me @Chanwon92* Then I went there and have a visit ! Planned to enjoy their dessert at there but I have no idea why during PUASA WEEK every place also very crowd .. I standing and waiting almost 30 mins and line up there! At the end I'm seriously freaking hungry then give up decided to have my dinner at Sushi Zanmai :'( 
See my pale face .____. Don't know wanna sick for how many time! I'm not satisfied I wanna to have the cake and dessert / tea at there!! ARGHHH!! Why crowd?! Why :'( But at least I grab a box of macaroons from there! I still not willing to accept that lorh :x  Okie lah! Snap one photo with their paper bag ! AHAHAHAHAH I know I'm stupid sometime... RM4 per one macaroon ! Compare to Dreams Bakery it's expensive than that few sens ~ But still~ I want to try out all diff kind of macaroons from diff place/shop! This is my dream :3 But some macaroons really too sweet don't know how many calories per piece *

I will  get back to you , TWG  ! It located at 2nd Floor, Pavilion :) I guess their tea is much more special than others! Will try it out one day~ Then continue window shopping at there~
Until I spot Victoria's Secret  !!Opens Pavilion KL 2012 ♥ @Level 2, Fashion Avenue, Pavilion KL..OMG girls at there are really damn rich their product some is really reasonable but some is pricey for me :'( Still student ma! But I freaking like their perfume and lotion.. Their shopping bag and everything come with pink color! And leopard tote bag , wallet !! Girl's Heaven    ~
Wink* I have no idea why my fringe must have a hole or black line -.- No matter how hard I style it with anything It's STILL THERE ! Annoying and feel like chop it again!Lol but I have to wait it;s long enough first because YOU GUYS NEVER SEE ME WITH LONG FRINGE BEFORE RIGHT? :P Except this few month I start to let it long..Don't wanna cute anymore  ♥ >w<
Nice background Lol ! Do I look weird with the belt? Hopefully not because I HAVE LIMITED BELT.. No idea where can I buy nice and small thin belt :(

So I guess everyone of you realize that I really is pastel lover:P No i means I'm really in love with colorful stuff! No matter it's clothes or some daily note book.. Prefer colorful than just black & white.. Sometime the color of your outfits show your mood and personality~  When I'm lazy I will simply grab black color clothes as my outfit. On the other hand, when I'm really good mood or prepare for dating/outing I will always styling myself with diff kind of color ! Very colorful (but sometime very over) like a Christmas Tree! Lol
Went to Forever 21 @ Sunway last week and also Forever 21 @ Pavilion today! I found that Sunway forever 21 seems like the arrangement is much more better :X  I really love the colorful top at forever 21 :) Come with neon and some pastel color! The best one is it's very simple and easy to match..Even can match with those pastel short pant! Can even wear to beach with a combination with your Bikini :P  Those colorful top/ singlet is just RM25-RM29.90  ! Feel like grab all into my wardrobe ! The price is reasonable and affordable right? :)
So I simply choose some neo color :D The color is freaking sharp right? Even I stand far away from my friends they can recognize that's ME ! AHHAAHAH 
This is basic one :) with pastel blue pants from Double Beauty :P

Nice nice?

I love this combination :) Pastel blue with a neon Pink I guess it's sweet for me..What you think? Faster go grab it @ Forever 21  yoooo~

Which one you prefer? :) Will try to update a post with stylist tips with pastel long pants and short pants ! HEHE hopefully I can finished my lecture note before the exam ! Good night darlings!XOXO