20120825 ♥ TWG

25 August 2012

Arrrr :) Herloo sweeties! My very first selca photo with my 'very new hair' using my camera :) Tell me how was it? Is this new look OK for me? CHIOK a not?! Hope it's better if not I'm really regret for cutting my fringe :O I'm not even care about my length of my backside hair but I do care my fringe..A LOT A LOT ! This is girl :3 But definately short fringe look much more younger for everyone I guess!

AND ALSO due to my very'TALL' and 'High' forehead too :( Then I decided to cut it..Don't know how many time my friends around me almost burst because of me!! I keep asking them whether not to cut ,keep it long or cut it..Diff people Diff opinion but still I have to decide it for myself :O Just know I'm very happy and high after I done my shooting then just YES/ON..Just cut what you want :O but very thanks to Le Royal By Jeff :) He did this for me! I'm loving it now~
Very greatz that I finally tried #TWG ! This time no more crowd & no need line up :D Went there on weekday I'm sure no need line up and wait for a sit! 
 [2nd floor @ pavilion ]
Very nice place to chill with friends seriously :) But too much choices for their tea ! I only know 1 tea out of 300 type of diff tea! OMG we don't know what to choose then we ask some suggestion from the waitress there! There're very nice and friendly :) Seems like already experienced many people asking for the same question! HAHAAHAH got their intro tried their tea with a very nice smell and taste like heaven
This is how I spent my holiday! AHAHAHAHAH
One more day tomorrow :( LAST DAY OF MY HOLIDAY!!!! Need start to touch my assignments :) Not 1 is 6!! Next week Presentation + Financial Management Assignment submission  TAT '' 

Have to really serious about that and prepare for my taiwan trip with Bobo!! Woohooo I can't really imaging that 30/9 last day exam and the next day need done packing and prepare to KLIA! HAAHHAAHH any nice place recommended for me? My very first time trip with friends :P I had email to many hotel but still no blank room :'( God bless me~

That's all for today!!!!!! :3 Final exam coming soon! WISH ME LUCK LUCKKKKKK PLEASE :3