RM450 OOTD Challenge for CNY Clothing

17 January 2018

Hi Sweeties 💕 Thanks for coming to my blog and today I'm going to share something very kiasu with all of you. HAHAHAH Not really super kiasu but suddenly this came to my mind this morning lol. So when I was still in the secondary school period and before I start working or entering my uni life, my dad usually gave me & my bro a special Chinese new year clothing ang pao (red pocket) It's always 500 bucks lol. Yes RM500. 

So after I received my ang pao (normally it's one month before the CNY), I will usually date with my friends and besties to enjoy our little shopping time at our favourite shopping mall. So during that month, I feel like I'm hunting for new year clothes everyday lol. I will keep buying anything within that budget and keep all my new clothes to wear on the first day to the 5th day of the CNY. It's a must-do every year and even until now I still keep this in my mind.

But you know our style normally keep changing after years and the price of the clothing I bought getting expensive. Last time we use to get our new clothes even at the night market (pasar malam) lol. Now I start shopping online and whenever I have extra time, I will try my best to fulfil my shopping dream lol. So end up for this RM500 budget, I normally can get only 3 set of outfit to wear during the first , second and third day of CNY. 😭😭😭

So sad but today I have something special for all of you. I knew some of you might still a student, you have 'limited' pocket money just like me when I'm still a student. Then you are asking me what to wear or any OOTD ideas for the CNY OOTD. So here's the challenge. I planned this for a while and decided to get my nice ootd items from the same shop that I'm wearing their OOTD during my Hong Kong & Macao Trip few months ago. 

#ChallengeAccepted I get everything within my RM500 budget and sum up with the total around RM450 included postage. I think it's RM44x so it's below RM450. Yes, a total of RM450 for 5 set of outfits which you can wear during the 1st to 5th day of CNY. How smart am I! HAHAHAHA But I picked this according my preference, so you can use it as an example to plan your CNY OOTD or else you can get which items you like from the same shop I got my items too. 

So are you ready for that? Let's get started!


「CNY OOTD: Day 1」
So normally the first day of CNY must avoid black colour. I'm not sure whether is that okay for you to wear black but my Grandmom will hate us if we wear black on the first day lol. Since it's a big no no for the black colour, I decided to get something more stand out and special.

Normally the first day I will wakeup myself and try my best to be as pretty as I can lol. Yes with the help of makeup and outfit because it's the day where I will visit most of my relative house. I normally spend my first day in my big uncle house with all my cousins which I only met during the CNY.

So the first outfit is one of my favourite and I posted a photo wearing this on my instagram. I'm quite surprise with the amount of comments on the photo omg. You guys love me more with this outfit! HAHAHA I guess I can't go for sexy ootd other than being all covered. lol #SoHealthy! I'm so surprise when I put on these two items together, it makes me look and feel like so 氣質. Looking at myself in front of the mirror is just unbelievable. I can put on this style so well!!

For those who visit your uncle and aunty house. If you want to be as  氣質 as me or wish to show them in a more mature way. This outfit can make those aunty uncle love you more. I guess my Grandmom will love this outfit like I do. Normally I never think of wearing a turtle neck top during CNY because it's always ended up too hot for me. 

So it's why this item I pick is actually suitable for our summer weather. It's super thin material, not those super thick sweater material like the one I'm wearing in Japan. It comes with few colours, I got myself a dark green to match with the brown and also a mustard yellow too. I think there are red and black colour too. 

The material is thin and breathable. So if you are looking for thicker and sweater type turtle neck then this might be too thin for you but for me, it's just nice for our Malaysia's weather. All year in summer season lol. So here's some syioksendiri photo to show you guys how I match and plan for the outfit.

If you like you can put a book inside your bag so you can pose like me in front of your relatives. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm just joking please don't do this lol

 I love the pants and it's loose and comfy. I spot this everywhere in Japan but the size is normally too big for me but when I get this I told myself, I should just try my luck. Then, ended up I'm so satisfied with the size, just fit me perfectly and so sorry I forgot to iron it lol. The waist is just nice even for petite size girl. With this outfit you can walk like a boss and act like a lady lol.

 Look so Japanese! 

Wahlao wanna slap myself look at my expression! HAHAHAHH

hmmm 😛 My new LAMY pen in rose gold color <3

I guess with this look you can get more ang pao! HAHAHAHA Just joking but I really love myself dressing in this kind of outfit. Hopefully I could get this kind of pants again. So that's all about my first day look. Let's move on for my second day outfit!


「CNY OOTD: Day 2」
Day 2 is ang ang day. Last year I spent my Day 2 with my friends so everyone team up to wear on some dress so for this challenge, I wish to get something which make me look very 仙. Yes, with this dress you can get the best ang ang award during the CNY ahahaha.  Normally red dress tend to make you look too old or too traditional, this one look little cute on everyone because there is 2 ribbons on the side of your hand.

Yes this! Both left and right. Then when you walk on the street, you feel like you are walking on a runway lol. It just so fluttering! I called this as a fluttering ang ang dress. lol Who the hell name their dress like mine HAHAHAA

 See how fluttering it is!!

The design at the back is also quite special. It's sexy on a way good way. 

So if you are playing any board game or card game during the second day of CNY. This ang ang (red) outfit can make you Ong Ong! Win all the way! AHHAHAHAAH Omg where is this idea came from lol. It's even easier if you are wearing an one piece dress like this. Just grab and wear. What you need to do for the rest of the morning is to think of a perfect hairstyle / hairdo to match with this outfit.

I just simply tie a braid at the back and by adding an accessories, it completely changed the outfit into this chio. So remember to make use of the hair accessories or necklace you have. A rose gold or gold accessories will add a different look into this style.


「CNY OOTD: Day 3」
Day 3 is quite a lazy day for me. If I'm going back to my Grandmom house, then I will stay there until Day 3 or Day4 only back to KL. Yes, my grandma house located at Teluk Intan. Missing my grandma and the food too. So I'm not going to meet anyone else during the day 3 or maybe sometime when I'm back, I will be having a gathering with my long lost friends. Most of them coming back from oversea and here's something that I would love to wear.

Simple and it's also a one piece item. The best outfit to look chic and stand out. For people who are light to medium skin, you can choose a navy blue color to wear and it makes your skin look brighter. 

You can wear it with a jeans or like me I just wear it alone with a short pants inside. So to complete this day 3 chic look, I decided to tie all my hair up again and wearing a long earrings.

For people who are really skinny or wish to hide your wide / big shoulder, go for something like long sleeve. The ribbon of this top is adjustable, whether you like it or not, you can adjust and tie it according your liking. Just tie to a side or in the middle also can!

 I love to put the ribbon on a side

Then you are done!


「CNY OOTD: Day 4」
Day 4 I decided to wear something like a top and skirt! I'm matching a white top with a dusty red /maroon kind of color. It's more on autumn tone and I'm loving the sleeve of the top. Taaa-daaa here's my outfit for day 4!

Just realise I'm really into ribbon lately lol. I love the skirt of this, it's adjustable and stretchable at the back. So whether you are S-M it's something that can fit you nicely and if you wish to turn it into more mature, match something like a normal white top rather than a feminine off shoulder top like the one I'm wearing. If you wanna wear it for working, a simple Tee will complete the whole look too.

 The back

I'm wearing a black underwear so the skirt actually quite good in term of the quality. For the top it's chiffon light material. So you need to wear a super light color bra. I'm very a light grey tube bra that I shared on my instagram stories few weeks ago. Even the top is really quite thin and easy see through, with the light color tube bra I still manage to look good with it. I guess this is really pretty on the sleeve that's why I don't mind for the thin material.

Look how pretty the top is!


「CNY OOTD: Day 5」
Here come to the last outfit for Day5. Normally Day5 I will spend my time at home with my parent. Or maybe shopping to nearby shop to grab something and wait for my friend to visit my house to play some card game and just some random chitchat. It's quite boring on the last few days because most of my friend start working after Day3 and sometime, I'm also start working on my blog after Day4 too. 

So whether I'm going out or stay at home, I would be happy if I could wear just a one piece dress kind of outfit on the last day. Because I'm always lazy since not really going outdoor to take photo with friends or what but I still want to look good even when I'm home. So I picked my favourite mustard yellow color again. 

This dress is quite simple just a full button up dress but the material is super good. Wont see through and I added up all items I got for total of 5 outfits included this still never more than RM450. How reasonable it is. Everyone can look pretty in the CNY. Just save RM100 every month so until CNY you can get RM500 to shop til drop! 

This is the material of the dress and for petite and skinny girl. This might be loose for you. I guess this dress is suitable for medium size girl because for me the back of the dress is a little big loose. Not sure whether is there any size available of just free size for this because I forgot to check on the size. I  just pick it accordingly the photo I saw from the shop. So if you are interested with this dress remember to check out the sizing with the seller ya. If you are M size girl then this should be quite fitting for you too.


「Where to grab?」
So here's the end of the post. I get all of the items from @ampm_online_store (Instagram) and if you wish to contact the seller in a fastest way then you can add her Wechat: AMPM_WECHAT in order to make your order or simply dm her. 

I guess I'm quite satisfied with all the items I picked to create this blog post and I hope it's something that you could plan for your CNY OOTD. Whether you are on budget or thinking to grab these products, it can be useful for you too. Hope you can be super chic and chio on the coming CNY and take as much photo as you can during the celebration.

Have a nice day and I will see you soon on my next post. Love, xoxo. Oh yea forgot to tell you, since I collaborate with them I actually contacted the seller asking them to give my followers and readers some discount, so as long as you grab something from them you can receive a free gifts when you purchase up to RM299 and for RM399 you can receive free gift and free postage too. Tata!!


  1. Hahahaha "take a book and pose" so funny🤣🤣🤣!! I enjoy reading this so much! Thanks Chanwon😚💛💛

  2. you really have a good sense on picking nice outfit~~ enjoy to read your blog and insta~ xixi
    your appearance is warm and cute~ lov tat . thanks you sharing ya~

  3. I just love ur outfits and photos ♥ Ur style is so pretty, elegant and feminine ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

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