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13 November 2017

Hello Sweeties 💕It's me again and it's a quick & short update regarding the 一心堂本鋪 Design Face Pack from Japan. For those who don't know, it's currently the #No.1 hot selling mask in Japan. Unlike others mask, this mask is so popular now because of the design face on the mask sheet itself. There are more than 10 designs in Japan and I believe it's getting more and more famous because recently, this brand even came out with Ironman and Captain America design lol. 

So here's some of the photo I print screen from the website and got it from google. It somehow look really stupid and creepy but trust me, you will get use to it. AHAHAHAHAHA I mean like, normal mask sheet is just too boring but look at this, this could cheer you up when you feel moody 😂 This look really lame but I dunno why when it getting more and more fun after I tried the first design face pack.

I didn't see this during my trip in Japan but I got it from Loft, pop-up store few weeks ago @SOGO, KL. I think you can see this everywhere in Tokyo or drugstore. So I just randomly choose 3 of the design- Minions, Doraemon, Maruko 小丸子. But I'm so surprise when I check the hashtag on the instagram. 😂😂 Omg it was really fun because there are some new designs that totally laugh my ass off especially when I saw some of my friends from Japan took the selfie photo with the design face mask. 

Then, I put on the first minion design face pack and that time Smelly was just right beside of me. I didn't surprise him with this, I just simply go to a corner and put it on my face. That was the minion one and he told me it look really stupid but the whole 20 mins, I couldn't laugh at all. I just feel like who the hell created this and it look so creepy. Few days after, I put on the Doraemon one. I try really hard to look like a Doraemon and feel like crying because this look really stupid and I was so sad on that day because of my work and quite emo on it. Then few second later when I start looking at myself in front of the mirror,  I immediately turned my tears into laughter. 😂😂😂

This is the Minion Design Face Pack 😂😂 wtf?! AHHAHAAHAH Laugh my ass off then I posted it on my instagram and it seems so fun when I received your msg telling me that I made your day. Then I was like ' how?' It somehow look creepy and scary for me. Next, I start to look at myself and pretend to open my mouth widely so I look like a minion but it failed. Then, I put the mask on my pink neko stuffed toy, I immediately know why I look so stupid. Because my face not big enough. The minion should have round face but we, as a human, our face look like V with our chin. So it kinda look quite weird.

Then the whole masking time became really fun. I feel so excited and can't wait to try the second design. Thanks 一心堂本鋪  for  making my day lol.

So while choosing the next mask sheet to try on, I look at the packaging and realise the packaging itself is another hidden gem. HAHAHAHAAHHAHA LOOK AT THIS WTF!😂😂😂😂

This is the Maruko one!! Why Maruko so cute but they go and put the swt 😅 expression ?!! HAHAHAHAAHHAH damn!

Then you see the Doraemon? Some more eating his favourite Dorayaki. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTH?!! CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME?!!! 😂😂

Doraemon Design Face Pack 😂😂

 Maruko Design Face Pack 😂😂

Then Smelly told me I made his day and cheer him up with the Maruko one. I somehow think it's not even 1% look like the character but you know, it's just too funny. I can't hold my happy tears wtf. I really dunno who the hell create this or even draw this out and approve this design. Maybe because it look so funny that's why it getting more and more popular. 

The best part is, I never laugh at myself. I only laugh when I saw myself on the phone screen + taking selfie. 😂😂😂 I really can't describe my feeling or whether I love this mask or not. But the mask really not bad, the beauty ingredients of the mask really moisture our skin but I think the point is not the mask but the design of it! 😂😂 Please ignore the amount of 😂😂 emoji on this post. It's too funny.

You see this is MARUKO meh?! Not even 1% look alike. 😂😂😂

Since this mask is so popular in Japan. I tried to add the hashtag and search for it. WAHLAO, really got lots of people pose with the mask. I just can't hide this, I wanna show to you guys or you can search for the hashtag on instagram. It's too funny I can't tahan!!😂😂😂

 Then I saw this lovely photo from the hashtag. It's such a lovely family <3

I want to do this with my parents but i guess only my bro will play this game with me. I guess my mom gonna kill me if I buy this mask for her. But maybe I can ask her to try and told her this is something new but I think she's no longer a 3 years old girl. HAHAHAHA But you see la, if future I have daughter I will play this with my daughter. Look how funny it is!!

So if can, please try this I really wish that you could feel the same with me. It's quite fun to play with the mask. Never thought of this before but someone created this to make our day better and happier. I dunno but it's getting really fun + I wanted to try all of the design face pack. Will search for this next month when I go to Japan. 

Hope this could cheer you up and I know it look really weird and stupid but...It's fun! HAHAHAH That's all for my sharing. Enjoy reading and this's not an useful post for you but could at least, make you smile 😀. That's all for today. Love, xoxo.


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