18 March 2021

Hello Sweeties✨ How have you been? It's the beginning of March and Chinese New Year just passed away like this omg. I can't believe it's almost the mid of March now lol. The beginning of year 2021 is just stay at home and work from home lol. Since it's almost a quarter of 2021, as usual, I will back up all my laptop's photos to my hard disk and look at all these photos just remind me how much I miss traveling, especially my second homeland, Tokyo.

I love both city and countryside area. I love to shop till drop and experiencing new things in the city while countryside, I mostly love visiting because of the breathtaking scenery / views and also just purely exploring new places. I remember the first time I visited Tokyo, it was back in 2015. What a loooong time. I remember the first time I spent almost half month in Tokyo. Having my first sakura viewing experience, meeting my friends, staying in a homestay, enjoying the real traditional Japanese cuisine, the food and just EVERYTHING.

Whenever I'm taking a new adventure to visit a new prefecture, the first few days or the last few days of my trip, it will be in Tokyo. Plus, it's the first place I visited back in 2015. For me, Tokyo reminds me of all the adventures, stories and memories. While transferring all my photos and back up to the hard disk, I realise there are so many photos taken in Tokyo, which I haven't show before. It reminds me all the happy memories and now I just want to express my love toward this beautiful city. Maybe next time it can be a series for other country or prefecture too lol.

I remember this was the first fast food I had in Tokyo back in 2015. If you read all my Tokyo blog post, you will remember how I use to blog on my Chanwon Travel in Japan series (click here). I record what I did everyday during my first trip in Tokyo, Japan. 

The first time seeing bidet toilet for real.

The first time seeing sakura.

The first time seeing the huge venting machine.

The first time visiting a Game Center that is full of UFO catcher machine.

The first time I shop till drop like a crazy girl.

The first time entering a public toilet that comes with a special theme and it was super duper clean.

The first time taking #Purikura for real in Tokyo

The first time visiting the drugstore in Tokyo.

The first time experiencing how good the customer service, people are really polite and bow for almost everything.

The first time having my breakfast at the convenience store.

The first time enjoying the onsen.

and many many many many many more...

I remember the first thing I did in Tokyo except for everything I mentioned above, it's also my first time visited to Mt.Fuji. I spent almost one week in Tokyo and in between that I went to Mt.Fuji as Tokyo is very close and convenient to go to Mt.Fuji area too. Last time still don't have such a nice camera to take beautiful photo. Mainly using my phone lol. I almost forgot how happy I am or how I feel when I'm in Tokyo. I love exploring all the places there and having fun with my friends. I also made a lots of memories with my loved ones here. I spent the last 4 days in Tokyo in Jan, 2020. I can't believe that was the last visit in Tokyo omg.

This photo taken back in 2019 on A Different Side of Tokyo blog post. I remember the first time I went to the 'not so city' side of Tokyo. I always think of Tokyo like our KL city, always full with people and shopping mall but there are these secret areas / spots where you will enjoy a relaxing and clam life in Tokyo too. What a good trip and you won't believe there is traditional onsen stay here in Tokyo prefecture too hehe! Read it and bookmark to visit after the pandemic. I love to surround myself with greens and the nature, the birds singing and the cozy whether as well.

How about you? Do you miss Tokyo as well? Or you miss the shopping heaven in Tokyo? I miss almost everything. Like the sky, the food and also the place for me to escape and take a deep breath. 

Also staying so excited and being so awake during my trip to Tokyo. It's midnight or 3am that time but I'm still awake in the flight. I miss the landing speech on the flight and being stuck waiting at the busy subway station. 

The beauty of autumn in one of the famous park in Tokyo. The best background ever to match my OOTD. I remember it's the first time I dressing up in the same color scheme like the weather HAHAHAHA! I really miss the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter season at there. The unique activities that we can do on each season and dress up ourself in winter or thicker jacket outfits.

Randomly stumbled upon a local hidden gem cafe. Everything even the menu wrote in Japanese. So what I did was typing it with the Japanese keyboard on my phone to translate it and some just basically guess from the wording because it's almost similar with our Mandarin words.

Visited my favourite fashion clothing store. It was 3-4th floors building and I really shop till drop there. We can even recognise the road without looking at the google map hahaha! Smelly was always afraid to visit this building with me, I can spent at least 3 hours here. I got inspired whenever I shop at their fashion clothing store. I love the way they style their dress and matching it with something really casual at the bottom, or their Japanese style makeup to have blusher putting on around the under eyes area. I even got inspired and did a lot makeup tutorials on my instagram and youtube.

Every time when I'm on the trip, I got to sleep over at a new and cozy homestay. It's always so tiny yet got everything we need in a house. The bidet toilet is one of the must have in every homestay. If you visit Tokyo in winter, you get to experience the 'kotatsu heated table' like what we have seen in Crayon Shin Chan movie. 

Also miss taking 23470343204803248 photos on the street lol. I think it's mainly for instagram because of the Japanese wording on the street. HAHAHAH Also showing how it looks like on the neighbourhood. 

Other than simply stumbled upon cafe, we also check out some famous and insta worthy dessert store in Tokyo. Like this! This place has the best Totoro cream puff. Super yummy!

Memories with loved ones. After this Tokyo trip, Smelly brainwashed by me and love Tokyo as much as I do now. Hope we can go back again for our honeymoon. In 2020, I thought we can go back to travel in 2021 but looking at the pandemic, I don't think we can travel now. I'm so sad and I miss Tokyo so so so so so much.

You won't be surprise as whenever I'm having a trip here, Tokyo is always a convenient hub to travel to other prefectures. It's like a travel routine and it's why I always recommend some Tokyo must go or to visit places on my blog and instagram post.

The landmark in Tokyo. How beautiful it is! I remember I once stay at a homestay and from the balcony window, we spend few hours just sitting at the balcony and admiring the beauty if the city and from far, we can spot Tokyo Tower too.

Our first picnic with the most breathtaking view ever. Also super duper cold!

Waiting for the domestic flight in airport to another prefecture.

Flower bed in Tokyo!

The flower spring season in Tokyo is super duper beautiful too.

Other than the night picnic, I also visited Tokyo Tower during the local children day. It was filled with surprises and I miss all my friends in Tokyo. 

Beautiful right? Every season, every time I go back to Tokyo, I experiencing new thing. Never get bored of that!

Of course, my favourite strawberry! So cheap I remember it was just few hundred yen back then in Tokyo and I went to Jaya grocer last week, spot the super huge strawberry selling in a pack for RM97 just 5 biji. OMG!! I miss visiting the local grocery store and buying tons of fruit and enjoying it in our homestay.

Crossing the busy street and huge LED sign board everywhere on the building!

Winter steamboat at outdoor. This place is just few steps away from our homestay in Tokyo. It was a good memories during our pre-wedding shoot in Jan 2020 last year.

Also went to so many art and science exhibition in Tokyo.

Missing this too

Solo time in Tokyo!

One of my must EAT whenever I'm in Tokyo!

The dinosaur. If you went to Tokyo before you know where it was.

Thoughtful gifts and surprise whenever we stay in Tokyo.

The cloud view from my seat.

Missing my friends and the kids in Tokyo :'( 

Kicker grown up a lot and taller now!

UFO Catcher time whenever we visit to Tokyo!


GET ALL I WANT! Collecting capsule vending machine. gotcha!

Buying new weird items and hand carry them back from Tokyo.

Waiting at the subway resting area. The feeling of secure and cleanness are what I love about Tokyo.

Missing my best friends, Cheesie and having so many trips with her, exploring new prefecture and so on. I hope you're doing good Cheesie! I miss you so so so so much!

My favourite homeware store. I remember I told myself to have an empty luggage to Tokyo and grab whatever I can back to Malaysia so that I can decorate my home with Japanese homeware items. 

Kawaii haul in Harajuku!

Flower shopping in Tokyo

Buying tons of gudetama merchandise items in Tokyo Sanrio Store.

dressing up like a bun in Tokyo during winter season.

Buying souvenir and tons of snacks omiyage in Don Quijote.

The food!

The happy me!

Fresh sashimi!

Basically just everything in there! I can't find any reason to not loving Tokyo or not missing this beautiful city.

Hope that when the pandemic over, I can have 8293792137 trips to Tokyo or maybe I should rent a place there and stay there for few months to replace back my empty heart now. 

I hope everyone can do our best and stay safe for now. Take care of our health and when the pandemic is over, everything can go back to normal, we can enjoy mask-free day, walking out with freedom and zero worries about the virus too. Best part of all, I'm sure we will be back to this beautiful city and enjoy everything there. Please wait for me and I REALLY MISS TOKYO!! 

Now while we are all missing about Tokyo, in this GO TOKYO have more information from A - Z about Tokyo and more about Tokyo’s COVID prevent procedures, feel free to check it that out and share it with your besties.


  1. Been re-visiting your blog yesterday and today just to cure my 相思病 towards Japan. But somehow it just makes me miss Japan more and I almost teared up from reading your blog hahaha! Desperately wish that the pandemic can be over soon and I can't wait to be back to this country I called second home 🇯🇵 Take care too Chanwon and thanks for the beautiful pictures of Japan (as always❤)

    1. Yes I miss it too! Especially now ❤️❤️❤️