No Plan is the best plan now

17 March 2021


Hello Sweeties💕 I miss all of you and finally I have some time for a little self-reflection time this month. I can't believe it's mid of March now. First quarter of 2021 just gone like this. I have been really busy last month and this month, without any trouble, I sleep quite well every night. Previously I have insomnia for weeks and I guess I'm quite well this month.

To be honest, I think it's a good thing to not to think of anything and make a pause on my brain whenever it's time to sleep. Previously my brain just keep functioning especially at night and now whenever it's after dinner time, I just stop replying email and put a full stop on my work so that I can really make my brain to rest. Being at home and work from home for months, finally it's the end of MCO. We are able to 'at least' go out to take a deep breath or a short walk outside of our house.

I'm feeling so much better now and I guess exercise does help a lot on making my body feel 'tired' so I can sleep earlier. I also realised that work from home for such a long time really will become so lazy one. I remember few days ago I was kinda lazy, for a whole 24 hours, I just don't feel like working and not even wanna touch my phone or scroll through social medias as well.

I just wish to nap for a whole day or just looking at the ceiling lol. Then all my creativity side of brain feeling quite stuck at that point, I really miss traveling because there is where I got all my content and also inspiration from. I guess at this point of my life, each of us really have to get vaccine first and only start traveling in 2022. I remember last year 2020, all of us were so looking forward for the new year so we can start traveling and then all plan just failed lol.

I remember I wrote a note for myself and ask myself to stay calm and not to plan anything too ahead so that I won't get any disappointments. So this whole month, I really got no plan and frankly speaking, ever since I practicing my no plan's plan, I can fall asleep every night and whatever come then I just open my hard to accept the fact of it. So I guess no plan is a good plan for now. My wedding day postponed twice and now I just don't have any plan, just postpone and maybe when time comes then I will suddenly use 2 weeks to prepare again. Who knows? lol anything could happens now.

After practicing my no plan's plan, everything seems acceptable. Like if suddenly I get a shoot, I was like 'hell ya, just go ahead'. All the sudden the plan changed, I was like 'oh yea, maybe this is the best solution for now?' I just no longer plan so ahead and being so stress about it. I think it's really the best solution for myself and allowing me not feeling anxious on uncertainties and etc. So if you are feeling stuck or stressed out like how I used to be, maybe you can start to have your no plan's plan now. Just do whatever we could and not giving a damn on the future lol. Because I guess this is the best thing we can do for now since everything might change due to the sudden pandemic situation like now.

So all the sudden, no plan is the best plan now. 🤣

I guess I quite enjoy all my no plan day now. Just it might be quite difficult for my team to work as productive as what we did previously. Previously we planned all the shoot and detail few weeks ahead, now it's like whenever I got the idea then we just go ahead and do it on the next few days. Quite scary one to be honest, but really no choice because the stress I have after postponed 39473294923 projects ever since day 1 is scarier than last min plan lol. So I think we slowly get used most of it.

Apart from that, I also busy on sourcing for my business and I guess I'm really surprise that the effect, time and cost to slowly grow a small business is more than throwing all in once to go big. Like I wanted to have part of the buatan Malaysia things on my business and supporting the locals, it costs more than getting the supplier from oversea. Also have to balance up both of my blogger journey and also the business. I feel so exhausted sometimes to do both at once. But this is all experience that I gained. 

If I don't ever try, I won't learn from it and after giving birth I think I will miss all these moments where I still can work at home and not distracted by anything. Just that I really need a short escape or staycation for now. When can we cuti-cuti Malaysia, I hope to have some beach trip, maybe planning to visit Langkawi or Desaru once everything back to normal bit but for now I just wish that all cover-19 cases can reduce quickly.

After that I'm gonna stay at a villa, hearing the sea wave sound and just relax, eat & sleep for a short escape from my home! HAHAHAHAHA I guess that's everyone plan now. But again, I will not plan ahead for now, will have surprise staycation whenever we can travel out from our state soon.

I hope everyone stay safe and feeling better now. Hope to meet each of you soon! To be honest, I'm gonna salute to all those who celebrating 1 year of Working From Home. I really salute and I know I can't do it lol. Please continue to support each other and fighting!!! Gonna say bye bye for now because need to fetch my bebe for the vet appointment soon.

See you again on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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