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07 May 2021

OMG I really can't believe my last post was in mid of March and now it's already the first week of May. What I am doing for the whole month in April?! To be honest, I'm really exhausted and then at the last weekend of April, I went to a staycation in Selangor and I guess it was the best short road trip ever. 

I miss you guys a lot. The whole month in April was really crazy. Firstly, I'm busy planning for my wedding day in first week of may but unfortunately it has been postpone *again* due to the sudden changes of MCO in Selangor area falls under 6th May. So yea, you will noticed how disappointed I am to on hold the whole plan again. This time I just plan 1 month earlier, but still MCO happens anytime.

Apart from that during the end of March until the beginning of April, Bebe hospitalised and the whole half month I have been going back and fort visiting him at the hospital, brought him to look for new vet once every few days and then check on his body conditions. I have no idea how I go through all of these and at the same time I still have shoot and work going on. Lastly, I found out that my body got scoliosis and breast lumps within the whole month in April.

It was an intense month for me and realising how important it is to take care of my health and managing my stress. To be honest, my life before covid-19 was quite a stress-free life, I can easily manage it well until we are all being stuck at home, going through the WFH life for months and then I realise there is something wrong with my body. Also because of getting into marriage, I went for a full body check up and at the end all I got is an 'intense' result.

I'm doing fine, so no worries is just that I really feeling like being trapped in a cage again. I adapt the new norms really quick, never plan too early ahead because it will lead to disappointment and just do whatever I can when things fall apart but deep down in my heart, I miss the freedom soul. The day where I can still travel freely omg! Due to WFH situation, I didn't really go out exercise and walk because no class available during the MCO 1.0 , 2.0 and now even 3.0.

So all the while I have been staying at home, working with my laptop and soon I realise my body pain here and there. I went to look for Chiropractor and still going through the treatment every month, then so happy that I went back my dance class and even took pilates class for the whole months and all the sudden, we trapped into MCO 3.0 again lol. No matter how we supporting the stay and work from home life, there are days I feel that it's so hard to get accept it because once we can go out as usual, the next month cases increase and then we get trapped and MCO happens again lol.

That's quite a joke for me and from 1k cases it boost up to 3.5k within two weeks. The world are being changed by this virus and we have no idea how many months and years we need to fight through it but I am so looking forward for the day where we can go out without worries and even without wearing any mask. Within a year, I'm not sure how many times I have mentioned this sentence to my friends lol.

After all the incidents happened, I decided like before my big day I wanted my two family to know each other and get along better. So I booked a villa located in our selangor state and spend 3D2N there. It was a good good plan ever. I really spent 3 days there without working like I didn't bring my iPad / laptop along with me. I just chill, waking up to enjoy the sunrise, lying on the bed to chill and chit chat with my family and enjoy the BBQ time there. Since it's a private villa, I can temporary take off my mask for a while and embrace the breeze.

I have no much photos to share for this whole month thoughts but I have shared my favourite photo of the month through this post. The header photo of this blog post is one of my favourite photo we took during our short fam staycation and although I'm really disappointed that we need to postpone our wedding day again, but at least I still manage to go on this staycation. I'm also here to thank god, even though the whole month have been a crazy month for me but I still manage to take some new class, learning new things and I still gone through it.

I really want to thank to Smelly, who have been supported me through the whole month. I realise sometime the biggest courage I have, is when he's beside me. I understand it's not easy at all but I'm so ready and prepare to share all the ups and downs with him, my husband. Can't believe it's almost half year since we officially became husband and wife lol. Still the normal days, still him, everything still the same, still can't travel 但是一想到未來的不久我們可以打敗病毒 我就很想要認真的活著每一天 每個平凡的日子有著一種期待 也何嘗不是好的一天 

I hope you all can have a great day ahead despite you are still finding your way to survive in these day. We will all be alright sweeties! Can't wait for it and hope you all can stay healthy and take care! Love, xoxo.

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