Belif Age Knockdown Range | TRIED & TESTED Review

17 November 2020

Hello Sweeties✨ Finally after so many months of sharing the belif Age Knockdown range on my instagram, it's time for a complete blog post on an overall review so you guys can always check it out to know more about each of the product details and sharing too. Before I started trying this I was always using the aqua bomb series and I remember in the beginning of 2020, belif finally came out with the first Age Knockdown V cream. That was the first item making me falling in love on the whole range.

For those who read my beauty review, you will noticed that it took me a long time to review and try on new beauty product every time before I posted it on my blog or social media platforms. Normally for whole range items, it's either took me 2 months at least to really try and share the review while for single product like mask, it takes at least 2 weeks. So for skincare range, I love carefully try and look at my skin condition before actually sharing it out.

Looking at all the stories shared and tagged by you guys really made my day. Especially whenever I share about the super worth combo set from belif online store, personally I couldn't resist it especially the 11.11 promo few days ago. Moving forward to now, since I tried and used it for quite a long time now, I'm really so looking forward to share all of the details with you guys.

As you guys spot on my instagram post, on this belif Age Knockdown range, it has a total of 3 products. Which includes Age Knockdown Water Essence, Age Knockdown Bomb and last but not least, the Age Knockdown V cream. Age knockdown V cream is the latest extension of belif Age Knockdown range and consider it's the latest product to join the big family. 

To be honest, I rarely share about anti-aging product as most of the anti-aging range, especially the product texture is quite thick , oily and sort of 'too heavy' for my skin. Every time I wish to try it and after using it for few days, my skin get small little pimples or small bumps appear and then I will stop using it, let me skin rest few days and then only using back what I normally use. It's why I don't really trying or recommend new product unless I'm really confident on the brand and personally tried it.

Also the whole range has no addition of Mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives, animal origin ingredients. ZERO harmful ingredients!

As I mentioned earlier  this Belif Age Knockdown range is by far the most suitable early pre-aging range product for our age. So far these few years, I only falling in love with this pre-aging range and thumbs up for its texture. It’s not oily, greasy at all and most importantly, not too much or too heavy for our skin. I think this is really a nice anti-aging range for our age. Just the nice amount of it and for our daily skincare routine. Even our weather is quite humid, after using this my skin won't feel oily and just different experience compare with others anti-aging products.

As for the steps, it will be started with :-

Age Knockdown Water Essence > Age Knockdown Bomb > Age Knockdown V Cream
The whole anti-aging routine will be started with Age Knockdown Water Essence right after you cleanse your face. It's the first pre-step to fight against aging skin especially at our age. This age knockdown water essence helps to improve the strength of skin and increase our skin elasticity. One of the ingredient that I love is its anti oxidant and cell activation essence which are mean to activate skin cell and has the effect to protect skin from external stressors.

As for the texture, it's a silky and watery type essence. Whenever I apply belif product I really love the calm scent it of the range. For this water essence, it's quite smooth and after the application, I can feel my skin is quite supple and really quick absorb into my skin. Most importantly, like the overall range, it's non sticky at all. Normally anti-aging product tend to be a little sticky but this is totally not sticky at all.  

I love feeling of a smooth skin after using it for 2-3 weeks plus and I can really feel that my since has more radiant and even in the skin tone. What surprise me the most is after using the whole range for a few months, I feel like the whole range actually help and give my skin a long lasting moisture benefit.

Sometimes if my skin feel extremely dry, I will add on the belif ampoule serum too. So it's more hydrating and the base makeup will be really lasting and won't feel cakey at all.
Next, it's the Age Knockdown BombThis age knockdown Bomb has the same anti-aging benefits like the V cream which helps to increase the skin elasticity and for people who has large pores problem, it’s also good to reduce the length and appearance of enlarged pores

Except for its non greasy and oily texture, I also love how it helps me to increase my skin’s elasticity. I can see a diff after using it for almost a month and especially using it together with the V cream like a whole complete set. So I guess I can conclude that for anti-aging range, it's more effective when you are using for the whole range. 

A lot of people grab the Age Knockdown Bomb together with the V cream during the previous promo I shared on my instagram and I really looking forward to see how's your review. For the application on this Age Knockdown Bomb, it's pretty simple. Just apply it after your toner or the Age Knockdown Water Essence. Just give yourself a 3 pumps of the serum and spread + apply it all over face. You can also gently pet for better absorption.
Here come to the last product review, Age Knockdown V Cream. It's the life saver to achieve V and lifted face. You can use it directly or like me, personally I prefer to have more lifted effect. So what I did was added a few simple steps of massage on my jaw line and upper cheeks area. I will show you more details about it as I have shared the tutorial on a video format on my instagram but would be my pleasure to also include it on this blog post.

Not just to achieve V shape face, if you are having sagging skin, this product can be one of your solution too. As you can see from the photo above, you might think it's really creamy or too thick for the skin but honestly, the unique belif cream texture really make a huge diff. Right after you apply, you will feel your skin is more soft and silky. Once you spread it over your skin, the cream texture will absorb nicely into the skin.

No worries if it's too heavy on the skin because from my tried and tested review, the product didn't irritate my skin at all. Also it instantly improve the skin texture and one of the tips I normally use is using it on my neck area. The non sticky finish making it a nice product to apply even on the neck.

Application is super duper easy too. Just apply an appropriate amount evenly onto skin after using serum or moisturizer. If you wish to achieve an instant lifted face, you can also give your skin a little massage! Here's the tips for the massage method:-

(1) Facial Line Lift
Starting it with your jaw line. By using 2 of your fingertips, giving it a little lift and repeat it for few seconds. Just like the photo below.

(2) Cheekbone Lift
Moving to the next tip, continue with your cheekbone area. Using the same fingertips, going upward and outward from your nose to the outer spot of your cheekbone. Also doing this step for few seconds. At the same time take a deep breath and you will love the V cream scent too!

(3) Neck Smoothing Downward > Upward
Lastly, it's our neck area. It's the area where we easily neglect the most. But please bear in mine, if you didn't take a good care of your neck area, you will really regret on that. People always say if you want to know the age secret of a women, just take a look at their neck. This is why I also need to take a good care about it. 

Now using two of your fingertips, just moving downward. Then when you move upward toward your jaw line, just using your whole hand instead of just your fingers.

With all these massaging tips and the product, you can easily achieve smoother, more elastic skin and at the same times it also helps to reduce wrinkles and boost your skin toward a healthier and firmer one. Time to take precaution on sagging skin and remember all these basic V-line massage with just our fingers! 

This is all you need to slowdown the aging process of our skin. Remember to give yourself a try if you are looking for an anti-aging range too. I'm really in love with all these Napiers Original Formula product from belif. It really do a great job on moisturizing our troubled skin with minimal irritation.

Feel free to check through belif website (click HERE)
Shop through their online store at

That's all for today and hope you love my sharing. I will see you on my next post! Till the next one. Please take care and stay safe for now. Love, xoxo.

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