Happy Birthday to me

21 October 2020

Happy Birthday to me✨As you guys noticed from the title of this post. Yes, it's my birthday yesterday and every year I always so excited to enjoy all my gathering opportunity or date with my friends.  But this year, it's a little difficult to celebrate my birthday at a restaurant. Unlikely I will stay at home for the whole week but guess what, due to the increasing cover-19 positive cases around Selangor area, we are advised to stay at home. For our safety and also to stop the spreading of the virus.

I'm currently stay at my own place for almost a week without even driving or going out. So a day before my birthday, I remember it was really late that time, I told Smelly that I feel so down and sad. Not sure how to describe the feeling but extremely sad because I can't even enjoy a lovely dinner at a restaurant. Like at least I go to somewhere with nice ambiance or cafe to enjoy a little dessert time, or maybe have Smelly or my friends with me.

I feel extra sad because Smelly have to go work and we can't go out at night so it's just gonna be me, myself, yes just me spending the whole day alone at home lol. I'm not feeling lonely or alone but just, it should be a celebration week but what the hell I'm doing and just trying to get busy when I'm at home since we can't go out and nobody can even come to my place to at least have lunch or brunch with my friends.

So yea, I feeling so sad lah as I never like only celebrate with myself. Then Smelly just give me a hug and say he will be back to have dinner with me. Of course, I'm gonna cook for our dinner. One thing that I'm really proud to say is, I already cooked for the past 4 days. Like every dinner I think of diff recipe and some I don't even know just simply throw everything on the frying pan and well cooked. At least it's well cooked I guess we won't get any food poisoning lol.

Next, I wake up in the early morning after Smelly went out for work. Doing usual housework like cleaning the toilet's sink (because I'm really OCD and always like tidying up my house when I'm feeling sad or stressed out lol), preparing my own lunch and planning for the dinner. I ordered some seafood from online store and I'm surprise that they delivered to my house during my birthday lol. I thought it gonna arrive maybe ..few more days? 

I then received lots of direct msg and greeting from my friends. Years ago we use to greet and celebrate each other face to face, now all we can is just Watsapp msg and greeting everyone birthday virtually. I quite miss those moments I used to celebrate my birthday when I'm oversea. It also reminds me it's been a year since Smelly proposed to me last year (read my proposal story here). Time flies, too fast lah it's been a year and until now our wedding celebration just keep postponing. Don't ask me I have no idea when, or which date I should pick now. Whatever when we almost settle down with our actual wedding date, there must be some update that force us to postpone the plan. So now, I just let it be and see whenever we are ready then only will settle and announce it. So for now, just gonna stick without a plan 😅

So I woke up and while my Mr. Rice Cooker was preparing for my white rice, I decided to take this little video clip and post it on my instagram just to give thanks to everyone who wish me on my birthday. Okay, this photo reminds me that I feeling sad because no one here helping me to take photo lol. At least with my birthday cake, so I set up some photo corner because there are some cake delivery on the way to my house. Just thought that I'm gonna take photo with the cake through selfie and I'm not blowing the cake alone. lol 

Next, this sticker describe how I feel when waiting Smelly back home to blow cake with me. Oh yea, it's a gift from one of my follower. So cute right!! I'm gonna spam my friends through Watsapp with this sticker of me pose like gudetama lol. So while waiting at home, I feel like it takes forever and ever. HAHAHAAHH Anyway, to keep myself busy and don't think too much or maybe I'm hoping time can quickly skip until evening, I decided to sort out my work in my working room and of course, looking at my schedule this month & I'm feeling bless when I went out to toilet and back, I spot this scene from my working room...

Like finally after so so so long, I done tidying up this little room so I can work here also I'm grateful that I finally own a space like this. From sad Chanwon to a Chanwon with grateful heart. I think it's all because of my stupid hormone lol. My period aunty is coming this few days, so I guess it's why I feel sad at first and suddenly my mood can go ups and downs within a second lol. 

Apart from that, every year I will prepare a gift for myself. Mostly it will be a flight ticket but since we can't travel like how we did in the past, I decided to get myself something useful. I have eyes on this drawer chest for the longest time. It always keep in my shopping cart and finally it arrived just in time on 19th. A day before my actual birthday. With the help of Smelly, we fix it completely after 90 mins. Not because we aren't smart, it's because the fixing guide manual is suck lol. I have been fixing so many furniture so far, this is the hardest because the guide book we got only look like a piece of paper and has only 4 photo for me. wtf

See I didn't see it wrongly. It's like half paper with this and another half is the amount of screw and the name of it. The photo didn't show any step to step guide like the one we always got from Ikea. Hell ya, it took us hours to figure out which screw to put but after fixing this, I think my level up from 10 to 100. Actually it's pretty simple but because of those amount of diff mini screw and wooden thingy we got from the box, we aren't really sure which to put on which spot until we actually try and test for few times. 

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the complete furniture link that I got from Shopee, Lazada and Taobao. I have one more furniture, once everything received and fixed then I can finally give a true and honest review of each of it. As some of it really bad quality and spoiled during the delivery process from oversea. So I guess you all should wait for my honest review just in case you guys won't waste your money as well. Some is nice on the photo but not practical when it comes to putting and using it at home. Some is so so but super useful. I will compile all the link and make it into a blog post for you guys so you guys can always check back the link and grab it if you like it for your future or current home. 

So back to the story of my actual birthday, you must be asking like who helped me to take this photo. Yes, that's the best gift for me lol. So around 4pm like that after picked up my delivery parcel from the lobby, someone ring my door bell. I was like wtf? Can someone come up at our block to ring my bell, shouldn't be Smelly as he's working. Maybe is guard? Am I dropping something at lobby or someone playing my door bell lol.

Few seconds later after opening the door, I saw a familiar face wearing a black long sleeve working outfit. It's smelly!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

At that moment I really feel like to hug and kiss him like those super wonderful moment in Korean drama lol. Like wtf? Smelly told me cmco he can't have time to collect the present for me and gonna have a replacement dinner after CMCO and look why he appear at the door. He brought our favourite croissant, an huge ice cream cake (he told me he gonna get this so it can be keep longer than normal birthday cake and we can enjoy it with our favourite drama tonight lol), a mini black packaging bag which looks kinda similar but I couldn't recap what brand it is until he passed it to me and asked me to open it and last but not least, his working bag.

So he came in with all stuff on his hand, he desperately and happily ask me to open up my cake and present. But there is nothing happier than seeing him so I didn't even care what the gift he prepared for me I just became like a baby girl and hug him happily and tears. 😢😢😢😢 I think I should blame the hormone like I never think I can tear because of this or maybe I'm really happy he back so we can spend some time together and enjoying the amount of cake I have ahahahahah!!

Next, he seems knowing me too well and say ' faster change some nice outfit I help you take photo with all the cakes'. 

I told him not to worry, there is just 2 cakes from my friend and he asked ' so which cake you want to make a wish and blow'. 

WAHLAO...This how to answer xD

Of course Imma smart girl, I said ' of course yours because you rush back and finish your work earlier taking half day EL. So, today must blow your ice cream cake mahhhh' HHAHAHAA!!

Then he show me his happy face and then because I didn't make up I just change my outfit and look at the sunlight, my room don't have enough natural light soon I must take few photo before it's too late. So I throw on a pink pyjamas thought of doing a pyjamas alike birthday photo but ended up realise my camera don't have any battery left wtf. So I just use phone to take photo as a memories. Who know Smelly actually surprise me and back early so I can get some photo today to post lol.

Then I also ask Smelly to take some photo with me. We then dressed up in our couple outfit hahahaha! very dramatic hor, no choice must take nice photo as memories because he is a gift for me! HAAHHAHAAH Then we took this photo using iPhone timer. So cute ~ Thanks my friends for all the lovely cakes. 

There are actually two cakes sent by my friends. I thought that's all so at least I can handle it and finish having it with Smelly and then within the next couple of hours, Smelly and I take turn going down to our lobby to pick up the extra surprise delivery from my friend. OMG All must be wanting me to gain some weight within this week lol.

Although some of the cake ruined during the delivery process but my heart feel so full with all the happiness they delivered to my place. All the hand written cards, the msg I received and of course the food! Thank you to each of you who sent me birthday greetings and also cakes. I have too much cakes yesterday and this morning I went to toilet twice to 💩 lol

This strawberry cakes is so nice and yum but too bad it ruined, didn't manage to take photo with it as I changed to my ugly pyjamas and it delivered after our photo time. But at least I still able to take a photo of this through my stories. Luckily and also there is a mango flowing cakes from my friends too. With gudetama theme AHAHAHAHA!!

We thought of capturing a short video clip of this but when we tear off the plastic block, the whole thing flow from top to bottom making it the mess-est and funniest cake ever. HAHAHAHAHA Gudetama look like swimming above the cake lol. But the happiest news is also from this friend of mine who sent this cake to me. Nothing happier than getting her good news than my birthday cake. Can't wait to see her and all my friend after this CMCO too.

After all, time to be a wife-in-traning status again. lol Cooking my 20 mins dinner for both of us. Yes because I wanted , like die die wanted to eat Japanese food, just in time our frozen seafood delivery is here this afternoon, I just cook and prepare all of these within half an hour. No messy kitchen and no need any cleaning after that because I just put the Unagi at the air fryer, then turn on rice cooker and place the Japanese tamago on top of the steaming slot of the rice cooker, then ended up also added some furikake with the white rice. 

TAADAAA, a priceless dinner from Chanwon is here. Cooked and prepared by the birthday girl lol. We had a wonderful dinner together and last but not least, blow cake and make a wish moment.

This is my simple at-home birthday celebration this year. I hope I can forever stay at 21st in my heart lol. Although I'm 28th now and soon to be in early stage of 30, but I guess we should also cherish each of the ups and downs moment and what a bless that I'm able to share all these journey with you.

Thank you so much for all the love msg, birthday wishes and cakes yesterday. I will reply all the msg when I'm free after I edited my beauty video later. I'm grateful to have each of you in my life. It's also time for me to have my lunch. 

Once again, happy birthday to me! That's all for today. See ya!

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