29 March 2020

Hey little Sweethearts✨How's life going? Today marked a half month record for not stepping out from my house. It's also our #MCO Day 12. Pretty much enough for me to write a summary on things I did over the past two weeks. Like how everything changed and some little thoughts from my experience. So we all know that we should feel grateful because compare to other country, they get completely lockdown or having movement restriction period for more than 1 month. I'm not sure how's everything going to be but now we have another 2 weeks to go as out MCO extended until mid-April 2020. 

The first 4 days was amazing for me as you know, I just got back from my trip. I have so many videos and drafts need to edit. So staying at home and not going out for me is not a big deal because at least I have work need to be done and I can be doing something to kill my time. But the following day, when I notice that I have done all all my work on hand, I'm anxious.

I'm feeling anxious on the 5th day until few days ago (Day 9 maybe?!), I finally drag myself out from my bed and DO SOMETHING. I remember on the first week of MCO after I done whatever I have on my hand, I feel anxious and I can't wait to go back to my Studio, grab my camera lens, props and tripod to continue my work. My hard disk and everything including the basic props I need are all placed in my studio. 

I'm a person that couldn't see myself with 0 progress throughout the whole month. I can't imagine that I'm just going to do nothing at all through the whole month. I watched whatever I'm interested on Netflix and I even get bored til give up on makeup and just click on the live stream button on my instagram lol. Trying to get in touch and talk with you guys. Also force myself having team meeting with my team and friends with my pyjamas and mask on. Okay the first week is really struggle for me because of the uncertainty. But when I slowly change the way I think and trying to find something to do and to kill my time at home, wahhh lahhh. I think I can now survive through the whole MCO month. Although I left 2 weeks more until the day I can step out and take a deep breath outside of my house.

Our government allowing us to go out for grocery shopping or buying our daily essential with our mask on. But don't you think it's too scary. Like the moment I step out and back from my grocery shopping, I need to give myself a completely change , shower from head to toes and also washing my clothes, hands and just sanitise everything. Need to spray on everything I touch, wear on mask and remember to not touching eyes and nose is just not my thing. So I rather just be at home and order anything I want at home. Yes, although I really wish to go out but I'm not taking the risk out from my house unless it's necessary.

Instead of doing nothing at home, I start finding something to work on. One day after I wake up in the morning, I sit down on my table and wrote down 3 simple things and to-do I wish to complete on the day. Including some personal one like doing laundry, keeping the toilet clean and just stop myself from lying on my bed or sofa. TAAAA-DAAAA! While I'm searching for my Apple Watch charger, I found some  of my books that I purchased during my Taiwan Trip last year. 

So I thought why not to add this into some to-do and think of some extra content for the next couple of month. I'm really trying hard to make use of my time until I read three of these books within this 4 days lol. Yes seriously, it's not me 😂 I normally couldn't finish reading a book within 2 days, but the past few days proved that I'm wrong lol. 

I also tick of some of my old to-do list like planning for my youtube channel. I have been neglecting it for a long long time. I almost forget that was one of my 2019 resolution and I guess is time to pick it up. Before I actually start to sort everything out, I also have a group meeting with my team on changing some of their job scope as most of our work getting affected by the virus. Most events and workshops that I host forced to cancel due to the covid-19. Planning some cash flow for the next few months and trying to adjust everything as much as I can since my team are mostly work for me on events and shoots. 

Lots of the employees don't get paid through this whole MCO when it's extended. I see business closed down due to the virus, I feel anxious when I saw on those news and can you imagine I'm a girl that never watch TV news, now every 8pm and afternoon, I will make sure to check the TV or live stream through facebook and get the latest update on our Tv news. This is not me x2 😂😂 Next, since I'm not able to go back to Studio where I normally spend few nights staying there for work and when I got my shoot til late night, I need to think of and propose a new idea and direction for those project on hand and film it at my home. Yes, without any backdrop and my props. But thank god, I still can order the delivery pick up service to get some of my small props from my studio to my place. Other than that, I just try my best to deal with it. Finally I'm dealing with it, slowly and slowly, one by one.

Smelly was worried about me. He saw me stretching my head every morning, waking up at 7.30am. My body alarm wakeup at this time when I'm worry about my work or feeling anxious about something. So to make sure and take a good care of my mental health, I decided to try on home workout. Today was my 3rd home workout day. I did that once every 2 days started since a week ago. Feeling pretty good and my body feel so tired at night so it really does it magic to help me on getting bed on time. No longer sleeping at 3am everyday on the first week! I'm happy with it and will continue and hopefully this could be one of my weekly to-do starting from now on. 

Quite a good thing to finally start working out at home and do something diff as well. I also received quite a number of dm asking me how to be productive through this MCO. I'm not productive at all on the first week and I have nothing much to share but lately I'm been doing something and have a little progress like what I mentioned just now:-

(1) Waking up
(2) Find your favourite spot or sitting on your working desk
(3) Take your notepad or your phone
(4) Write 3 simple to-do/ things you want to complete today. Can categories it into Morning / Afternoon / Night

Eg: Morning - Read xx Book | Afternoon - Workout | Night- Proposal and Blog Update

It can be something related to work or personal. Even having a self-pampering DIY hair spa day could be one of your to-do. It can be reading 1 of your favourite book, listing to your favourite music or something that you aren't try it at home. Something other than Netflix and Youtube / instagram lol. It can be something like doing laundry, complete a beauty review on blog or practising my piano, taking a new online course or cleaning your toilet.

Make it simple just 3 things you need to complete every morning. By doing that you can slowly create more to-do on the next day and slowly you can also add something fun like cooking challenge, recently there is a pancake challenge online, or maybe having a little tea time at time with your parents. Or downloading a new app and start figuring how to use. Like tiktok. HHAAHHAHA

I saw lots of my friends are playing tiktok now. I download it but I still can't stop laughing myself when I trying to film the video. At the end of the day, I deleted the video and didn't post it up on my tiktok. So let see if I need something to kill time again, I will probably play around with tiktok again. Next, through this MCO it makes me feel like we are all united with each other. I see how frontlines sacrifice and risking their life for us, trying to use social media as a medium to spread donation for the frontlines, buying meals for them and get the latest covid-19 cases numbers.

I know this is a real challenge for all of us especially for small business but I'm happy that everyone start doing things and transform it to digital. Like how we get to meeting through the internet by using diff meeting app, helping the farmers to sell vegetables online, start make use of pick up and delivery service and all. Without internet I guess, I will just cry. 

Also government only allow 1 person from the family can go out for grocery shopping. I see how husband actually learn to buy grocery and cooking ingredients. They FaceTime, taking photo to ask their wife and all sort of funny meme on the facebook. Like buying fresh fish guide, where to buy bread and toilet papers.

I got no complaints now, after all. I respect it and support #stayhome. So I will stay at home and go out only if necessary because that's the only thing we can do to help everyone and of course, stop spreading it. 

Lesson learned, the only moment in which we can be truly alive is the present moment. Worrying about the things that are beyond our control couldn’t help but just making us accomplishes nothing. Instead, why not focus on things we can do now and see if that open up your mind and change your perspective.  Let’s us focus on what we can do from now. 

Like what Smelly mentioned to me, I'm quite the lucky one on this because since I graduated from my Uni, I have been working as a full time blogger and I have been practicing working at home for most of my time. So self-discipline isn't a problem from me but working from home during MCO is somehow quite a diff for me as in I couldn't have real touch and real interaction like face to face with my friends and team. But I know after all til the day I can go out, I will appreciate and cherish going out freely, hugging friends anytime I want and going back my house to see Bebe. 

Not sure when is the end of MCO but trust me, we can go through this together. Just stay home. Let's pray and soon everything get better and we can go out for a walk, enjoy going out without fear and worry. I miss you guys! See you guys on my next post. Love, xoxo.

Ps: But one thing I really enjoy through these few weeks is...wearing pyjamas everyday 😂 Opssss 

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  1. Not just in pyjamas everyday, I also kaki ayam for almost 14 days... I forgot how my shoes look like already. Hahahaha... Even I hardly touch my house key (cause the boyfriend did the trash dumping)