Belif Numero 10 Essence

27 March 2020

Hello Sweeties✨ How's everyone doing? Instead of just staying at home during our MCO period (also got extended for another 14 days), I decided to continue replying my emails, having digital meeting online with my team and I can't stand myself with no progress through this one month of MCO. Lots of my props and shooting stuffs left at my studio but I guess for this few weeks, if anything I can do at home, I should just stay at home.

There are lots of products I wish to share with you guys and some other beauty review as well. But thank god I brought my Belif Numero 10 essence with me to Perth so I'm able to share this post earlier with you guys. Right after I landed in KL, until now, I just can't go back my Studio to continue my paper work. So I guess for now, I just share whatever I can through my blog. Thank you for clicking this post and take care people! We can go through this together.

Since I'm home with the product I might as well just shoot it at home. I guess it's now back to the days that I use to set my own tripod and start playing with timer and taking photo. But this time I'm quite lucky as I'm able to spend my whole MCO period with Smelly and also give him some #ChanwonTutorial on how to take my photo again so that I no need to set tripod and timer myself 🤣

So today, as most of you requested from my dm and also from my Night Hydration Skincare Routine video, I'm sharing some little review on this Belif Numero 10 Essence. For those who read and follow closely my beauty reviews, you know how much I'm loving this brand and their special nappies original formula. My top favourite is their aqua bomb products but today I'm introducing my new try since early of the year 2020, the Belif Numero 10 essence.

It's actually a bathroom essence. So in this post I'm gonna tell you when, what and why you should try this product and use it as a pre-skincare routine.

I guess it's something really common after our hot shower time. Some of you, like me, right after our shower time, I normally, first, blow dry my hair, while some of us might walking to our closet picking your next outfit to wear, doing something after our shower. Right? I'm not a person who apply skincare like 1 second right after my shower. In between after shower and before skincare, there will be a 20-25 mins gap. Next thing happens after drying my hair, I can feel my skin is really tight and slightly dry. What should I do next? Just run back to my bathroom and quickly apply my toner , follow by my moisturiser and other skincare product.

So when I heard of this product, I'm pretty interested because it's the product that use to RIGHT AFTER you taking your shower (when your skin is still damp or wet). Then you can enjoy do whatever you want, like drying your hair and only continue with the rest of your skincare routine. What this product does is, it catch back all the moist that evaporate in the air back to your skin within 10 second, lock up moist and increase your boost your skin hydration level.

I tried that right after shower and I feel my skin is less tight and really does reduce the moisture loss and increase my skin hydration as well. If you are having a combination or an extreme dry skin, this should be the one for you. Although the product itself saying it's suitable for all skin type but as for my review, if you are having oily skin, you might need to give a miss on this, as for oily skin, like Smelly, he don't feel much on it. But for dry skin or combination skin especially during the time where I'm traveling, my skin became extremely dry due to the weather changes, I really think this product helps me to boost the hydration level.

 Super easy to use!

 Give your skin a boost in just 10 second!

One #ChanwonTips I would love to share is, I love to use this before my mask time. It helps to boost the effect of the mask. Also did I mention that by adding this product right after your shower time, it also boosting the effect of the next skincare product. Sometimes when I'm being lazy, I just clean my face and apply this numero 10 and then the aqua bomb sleeping mask. The next day, my god, the skin is plump and moisture through the whole day.

Love to use as combo with the aqua bomb. 

Also can apply before applying any mask.

My skin wont feel heavy at all as the texture of this product is gel alike. It's so easy to spread as well. Time to say goodbye on tight skin after shower. As you can see from the photo above, it's transparent without any colour and watery-gel texture. Like what I mentioned on most of my review, it's still non-sticky, fast absorb into our skin and really light.

Next highlight point is, this product is FREE from fragrance,  mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes and NO animal origin ingredients.

Also it's as easy as it seems. Just right after you done your shower and cleanse your face just grab this, give yourself a 2-3 pumps on hand and immediately apply it all over your face. Then you can continue dry your hair, picking your outfit or do whatever you wish and lastly continue the rest of your skincare routine.

Almost feel like nothing on my skin.

That glowy skin tho...

This whole bottle can last for more than 3 months and I really think it done the job as it stated 10 seconds for the perfect 10 skin. No more tightness right after I apply this and do increase and boost the moisture level on my dry and combination skin. I'm having combination skin, it's often I feel the tightness on my cheeks area and upper forehead so I really can see the diff. So if you have dry skin and also hate having tight skin after your shower and in between the gap you are doing something else, you should try this.

Also I saw some of the Taiwan Beauty Show featured this product before. Here's some screenshot saw from the internet.

I hope this blog post answer your question on how and when to use this Belif Numero 10 essence. I saw that there are special promo happening through belif online store in this month (click here for the link). Quite #HoKang now it offer gifts with purchase! You will get FREE 2x belif numero 10 essence in travel size, 10ml with belif pouch with purchase of each Numero 10 Essence 75ml. Wooohooo! Dont say I never tell.

That's all for my sharing. Hope it's helpful for you and see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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