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27 October 2017

Hello Sweeties~ Welcome back to my blog and it's another beauty mask review for you guys. I always wanted to try something new and compare to those normal mask, this is something really caught my attention. What's so special about this mask was you can use it in 2 ways. If you want to use it as a normal mask then apply it on your skin for 15 mins while if you put it longer until 55 mins (another 40 mins) it can act as a repair mask + a mask that can remove both blackheads & whiteheads. 

WOW! That's crazy huh? I never use this before and it's why I decided to give this a try. After I tried it I was like wtf? It really works and I accidentally tear my eyebrows off -.- lol. Beware of this 😆 Normally I use blackhead remover mask sheet or those black mask to remove my blackhead or I just go to the facial place to remove it.

But sometime to maintain your nose clean and clear, you have to do both and also using the blackhead mask (those normally in black color) is quite a lazy thing for me because later on need to clean the black mask away and sometime when my skin too dry, it cause sensitive and might peeling too if the mask is too strong. So all these mask you should stop using it if you skin too dry but this mask caught my attention because it's like a normal mask but at the same time if you let it place on your skin longer, it can act as a life saver to remove both black and whiteheads. So let me show you how and let's get started!


| #SnowyCare Coconut Fiber Cleansing Mask 
So taaa-daa! Here's the mask 的庐山真面 lol I posted the after use video on instagram stories and everyone asking about it. I wanted to share a complete one for you guys so you know whether you love this kind of after-use outcome or not before knowing the brand.  

Only 3 mask sheet in a box and unlike other mask, this mask need to apply for 55minutes. It's okay if you want to apply for 15 mins but once you try it for 55 minutes, I confirm you won't tear it off unless you wanna waste your own money lol. The first 15 minutes is just to give your skin an enough moisture level. After apply another 40 minutes, it can effectively help you to clean the dirts inside your pores, absorb blackheads and whiteheads & remove it, and tighten your skin to away from wrinkles. 

This 55 minutes might be long for you but it helps your skin to achieve a perfect healthy skin condition and if you use it in long-term you could slowly see the decreasing amount of blackhead but please bear in mind that you need to follow up with a proper skincare routine after using this mask because you need to close the pores and lock all the moisture into your skin. Please don't simply skip your normal skincare routine ya.

Normally after mask I will use hydrating toner / product to close and minimize my pores. After toner follow up by a serum and light moisturiser / gel base on your preference.

Once you open it up, there are 3 different layers on the mask. The middle one is the one we need to place on our skin. Other than the middle mask sheet, the other two layers (top and the bottom) need to tear it off correctly in order to place the mask on the right position.

The extra 2 layers is slightly different than the mask itself. The texture of the mask is like gel-jelly type, not paper mask or silk type ya. It's like a cooling gel-jelly texture mask but thinner than a normal gel mask.

 Tear it off

The mask itself is so fitting. The shape just like the right shape for my face. Normally mask will be slightly loose on a side or maybe the eye shape and nose shape not really fit me well but this just the right one for me.

 Fit perfectly and i look like a clown lol.


| #After 55 minutes 
I just put on the mask and continue working in front of my laptop and so sorry that I'm wearing my glasses. Here's a photo of the mask after 55 mins. The mark slowly dried out and I can feel that the fiber contracted. 

At this point, please don't laugh because the mask dried out and it's time to tear it off. Remember to use upward method to tear if off ya.

Here's the magic happen. While you tear the mask off, it will remove the whiteheads and blackheads together. The fiber mask did a good job because it can pull off those mini dirt on our skin and at the same time it's no pain at all. I feel super satisfied when I tear off the mask.

This is how it look like after tear off from my skin. You can't see anything on it because it turned really dry, as thin as a piece of paper and some wrinkles on the thin paper.

HAHAHAH OMG My eyebrows lol

So where's the black and whiteheads? The fiber mask contracted so you can't see anything on the mask, maybe just some small tiny dot. You can easily spot the whiteheads back, just pour some water on the mask and TAAA-DAAA!

My T zone always so oily and all the whiteheads and blackheads located beside my nose area and upper T zone.

While not much dirt on my cheeks area except nose area and T zone. If you have serious problem with it, you will get all the brown dirt all over the mask. Like the example below:-


| #My Thoughts and opinions 
The first time I use, it can only extracted my whiteheads and some part of my blackhead. Some of the blackheads still there, but after remove the mask I can spot the blackhead came out a little bit. Then I simply use the applicator to slightly squeeze it out. Otherwise, on the first use it normally soften our black and whiteheads (especially those really small and hard to remove or see with our eyes one), then follow up to apply the mask again on the next 2-3 days to enjoy the best result of the mask.

Then after that, you can use once every week to maintain it. This product suitable for people who experience big pores problem, oily to combination skin especially oily skin on the T zone area. But what makes me fell in love with the mask was the after use outcome on the next morning! Just need to remember to apply your skincare product after the mask. I'm shocked because the next morning my skin turn quite soft. I guess it's because the mask removed all those tiny whiteheads and left some blackheads on the side of my nose which I will continue use the mask to maximise the result.

But as for the mask itself, I'm quite happy with it as it's easy to use plus, it act as a normal ask on the first 15 mins and if you continue to use it, it can be a black and whiteheads remover mask. The price itself not expensive too. RM68 per box (3 pieces) and you could give this a try see whether you love the after use feeling or not. I feel extra satisfied when I pour the water on the mask and all the dirt , whiteheads + blackheads just appear on the fiber mask. 

After using the mask (now you have a clean and clear face), just follow up with your own toner. I prefer hydrating toner or you can use the toner which can minimise pores. Then continue with your serum & moisturiser. That's easy!


| # Where to get? 
If you are interested on the mask, just give this a try because you gonna love the after-use feeling too. Satisfaction level 100% HAHAAHHA!

You can simply drop a msg on WeChat : Joannekiszz2 or if you dont have wechat then place your order on facebook : or for more information, you can visit to

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% on my own and it does not influence my opinion as I only review product that I'm personally use it and like it. 

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