#ChanwonTips: How I Pack My Luggage

24 October 2017

I know it's really hard when it comes to pack on your own luggage. I hate it too but what I hate the most now was unpack my luggage rather than packing it. So before my recent trip to Toyama + Ishikawa + Fukui Japan Trip, I recorded some clip to show you guys how I usually pack it and how I plan what to pack. Since it's a video and I'm really suck in talking with my camera lol. I decided to write it on my blog for a complete guide and just more detail than my video but video is a good platform to show how I put everything in, how i sort it while my blog just show you some important tips.

I hope all these details and informations could help you on packing your own luggage. So are you ready for the tips? Here you go!!


| #ChanwonTips 

#1 Check the weather on google / iPhone weather app
So before you start packing your luggage, remember to check the weather of the country that you are going to visit. Normally for Japan and Korea (mostly Asia country, the weather report was quite true) but like places such as Hong Kong it's quite different with the weather report lol. So most of the time, I will check on google regarding the weather report, then check on my iPhone weather app to double confirm. Next, for the iPhone weather app I will key in exactly the city that I'm visiting , not just the country to get the real-time weather report so I won't bring the wrong outfit because it's a 4 season country, if you bring it wrongly then no one could save you there lol.

#2 Check the location or hashtag on instagram
Also, last thing I normally did after that was checking the location tag on my instagram so that I can see someone else post photo about the weather or some photo for me to refer to. Normally if it's popular location you could see whether it's almost autumn season or their ootd like that. So it's why before the trip I usually get really nervous and busy lol.

#3 Decide to buy Simcard or Pocket Wifi
For those who followed me I guess you guys knew that I always get a pocket wifi instead but recently due to the amount of work I need to do I always tend to forgot to book the pocket wifi plus having a really heavy bag + amount of digital device I need to charge , I decided just to get data sim card if it's my solo trip. If with a group of people who wish to share the data, it's more cheap and useful. But if I'm alone, I dont mind to pay for the sim card and no need keep charging my pocket wifi. Plus, normally for homestay they included a pocket wifi for me I usually get it.

Or if I travel to super far place or 'ulu ulu' place far from the city, I prefer to get simcard because the line is more stable than pocket wifi. So I get a lot of question about this, but still all decision based on your own budget and preference. So it's depend on yourself. Don't have a best answer for you because you are the one who decide which is the best for you.

#4 Things I look for when I pick a luggage
My previous large size pink luggage spoiled. I used that for more than 5 years and I'm super sad even it's really cheap but it's really practical. So for me when I look for a luggage I will look at the material , weight , waterproof, expandable zip, wheel and lastly the colour. I prefer something lighter because I need to carry it alone, I dont like those cotton material luggage I prefer plastic material one.

For me I dont care about the brand, I care about how practical it is because it's something that i use every month. If you got extra budget you can get a better brand with better quality but for me, luggage is like 消耗品, as long as the wheel is smooth and easy for me to carry around, it's 360 degree turning and good storage space + color then I will just grab. But this kind of luggage can't last very long, most probably can last you up to 3-5 years.

Like this grey one I bought it when my pink one spoiled, I just want to get one before my trip on the next day. So I passed by the leather avenue, I get this for RM350. Largest size and I think it's super reasonable and the wheel is the 8 wheels luggage. Super easy to carry around and pull it. But one bad thing about this was, it doesn't has the expandable storage for me. So I have to carry hand carry bag with me.

But consider with the price itself, I can't complain much but still loving it because it has been doing good for me hahahaha! I love this little grey luggage lol.

#5 Think from top to the bottom & throw it on your luggage *ChanwonTips
How I usually start packing was using this tips that I always share on my stories. I will think whatever I need to use from my head to toes. Like for hair I need shampoo, eyes I need contact lens, I need makeup stuff, bras , underwear, socks and so on. Then Wallet and passport. Everything I think of just throw it on my luggage and later I will sort it out.

So this probably need 30 mins. Whatever you need just throw and later will take out some and sort it. Your clothes all also throw on your luggage and slowly plan first.

#6 Create your first very own travel checklist
If you travel really frequent or really lazy to think from the top to the bottom, then you can create your first checklist and after that print some extra one and keep for yourself. So next time, you can refer to the list and check it after you pack everything in. I use to have my checklist last time but after I printed and used the final sheet I lazy to print it again lol. So I just use my brain 😝

#7 A recycle bag
Like me, I'm carrying 2 camera + go pro + power bank + pocket wifi + stabiliser lol. So when it come to the reality if I bring a bag with zip and a lot of slot / compartment, I need time to take it out, put it in then need to take out again change camera blablabla. Except if I want the bag to match with my ootd I will bring one small one but still bring one recycle bag with me 布袋type one and put all my thing inside. So whenever i need it I just grab it out.

But it's very messy because dont have any compartment to sort thing out. So I will use this trick if I'm going for a work trip AHAHAHA If go with my friends or Smelly, then I will take nice bag because I'm not the one who carry the camera, so Smelly will bring a backpack to carry my camera lol. I'm a smart gf! HAHAHAHA

Also, most of the time like mine will be midnight flight I will put my 5 mins makeup must-have product on the recycle bag so before landing I can do some quick makeup on the flight. Why? I remember last time I always use to put on my makeup in the airport toilet but due to the rush schedule and itinerary, the TV shoot is already at the entrance waiting for me lol. So after all, I decided to bring some basic makeup product with me, then I can make up anytime before I meet with anyone.

#8 Extra outfits + basic items
If it's 5 days trip I will bring extra 2 outfits so I could change the look to create more beautiful photo on my blog. If not imagine I'm wearing the same outfit all day long but doing the same thing over and over again. It's quite tiring but it's to create more nice content and photo on my instagram. That's why when it's my working trip, normally it's really rush and tiring but I love doing it. So i dont mind.

My outfits usually go for something which can mix and match. Like a one piece jumpsuit I can wear it as a one piece or add on a long jeans + outer to make it look like i changed to a new outfit. Then basic shorts and pants I will bring 3 only. Others will be always tops , outers and denim jacket. If you going to a summer > Autumn country then bring summer outfit with few thicker outers to keep yourself warm. Because if you bring too thick, it's too hot since most of the time when it's end of summer and beginning of autumn, the temperature normally can't predict. It's either super cold in the morning and night and super hot in the afternoon lol.

I'm so pro on this already. Because I use to bring the wrong one until I wasted so many $$. For outfits, as long as it can be mix and match with basic color tone then just bring it. Spring time i will bring pastel color clothing, autumn will always go for earth tone or brown , maroon, yellow hahaha!

I also will google search on the location and how it look like. If it's city i bring something more high fashion. If it's not city, I bring something denim, brown and light color.

#9 Plan and draw it out
My drawing sucks but no worry because no one know except you guys! HAHAHA I normally draw every mix and match outfit on a paper and book. Keep that as a reference in case I forgot which to wear lol. It's very stress for me because if I'm wearing the wrong outfit, the whole photo turn out can look like photoshopped and I will be really disappointed with myself. If I travel with my friends then I normally won't draw. I just throw whatever I have into the luggage than set how many I want to bring. So every single ootd photo I taken oversea, is all based on my planning and experience lol.

This hong kong trip I planned on Smelly's outfit too. So happy it turned really nice because whenever I take photo with him, it  look like pre-wedding or couples shoot HAHAHAAHAH!

#10 Small bags
I love to separate my skincare with my clothes , then all panties and bra in a diff compartment. But since most of our luggage didn't come with a those compartment you can always create your own. I get those from Daiso or sometime I receive travel bag as a goodies when you purchase something and get it for free lol. You can always look for those bag in Daiso. Seperate all my chargers nicely and make it easier for you to look for something and keep it tidy and nice. I'm really OCD. so I always need to pack it in a way that I like.


How I pack My Luggage

#11 Roll everything and long one like jeans or long coat / jacket then it will be the base
About my packing tips, if it's a set of outfit I will roll it together. Roll everything except the first step I will put on my long coat, jacket or denim pants (whatever is long and thick) just put it as a base. Then roll everything up start to put on the bottom and the lightest one on the top. You can refer to the youtube video below (I will link it on this post) to see exactly how I pack it.

Because if you roll up all the jeans and big jacket it's really big and no more space for your items. So I will put it as a base (left or right also can) then put everything on it like your clothes after you rolled everything. *Here's the photo I found on my phone , taken one year ago lol 

 The 'Base'

After all, just cover it like the video I show you! Then get your makeup bag / skincare / charger digital bag / curler / panties bras bag and put everything on the top of the luggage. Your power bank need to put with your hand carry ya. Can't check in power bank ya.

#12 Empty half of my luggage
The empty side of my luggage I will put shoes or maybe sometime extra bags but mostly, I keep that empty for SHOPPING! AHAHAHAHAH Yes, to grab something back from Japan wtf. toilet essentials and whatever I need. Then you can use it to separate your dirty /worn clothes with your new one :D I'm so smart! AHHAHAHAHA

#13 Hydrating Skincare
When I'm travelling I will always bring my hydrating skincare product  with me. Because the different in term of the weather can make my skin turn really dry and dehydrated. So I will bring hydrating skincare product rather than anti-aging or my facial set. Especially travel to winter country, please make sure you bring the correct skincare, if not after back you might experience serious breakout. If I have a shoot or need to look good and slim. I will bring my facial device along too can reduce swollen and make my face more V. I really

#14 Muji Head cover Neck Pillow
I love my muji neck pillow which came with a head cover one. That's the best creation ever wtf. I feel like kiss the muji shop when I found that in Japan. You know how useful it is! You can now sleep with mouth open and no one know who are you! AHAHAHAHAHAHH Even they take a photo of you, people won't recognise you from the photo because half of your face cover. Then when you go to the hotel, you can turn it into a small pillow. Hug it as kiss it as many as you like lol. Then each time when you back from your trip, the cover can easily take off and wash it.

The cover is dark blue color, it helps to block the light and enhance my sleep too. So I really recommend this to my readers because I never love my neck pillow so much lol.


Youtube Video
So after my long grandma story, you can enjoy watching this video now! lol Hope it's useful for you and it takes quite some time for me to come out with this but it worth for my time so...Enjoy watching and I will see you on my next post.