My Fried Chicken Tower Birthday Party | Officially 25

30 October 2017

Hello Sweeties! Finally I'm back with another post on my blog. Yes, it's something fun because it's regarding my #FriedChickenTower Birthday Party! After I end with this post then will start drafting for my HongKong itinerary post. So back to the topic, as you guys know I normally don't have big celebration during my birthday mainly because firstly, my friends are from different group of people. So mostly during the birthday month, I always have those small gathering with my friends and family but this year, I decided to throw a birthday party with my old friends and a high tea party with another  group of friends.

Yea, it's my first time having both party in one day because I can't find any date to put the party on since I came back from HongKong on 18th and my actual birthday was 20th Oct. I guess you guys really familiar with their faces lol. We met since secondary school and still so close with each other but because of work, the only chance where we get to play & meet each other is probably during our birthday celebration lol. 

Then my friend, Yuri from TeamoMY actually texted me see whether I'm having any dinner party so she could come over to my place to deco the dining area for me. Next, I start to look for some nice venue with extra rooms for my friends and etc. Super busy and I settled everything few days before my birthday. Thanks so much for the help, a big thank you to my friend Nicole who recommended this studio house for me. So that I can throw on this fried chicken tower party lol. 

Yes, I'm quite last min and it's very hard to find the house with my favourite kind of pink pastel design. The house is one of my friend's business and this place just so me and a big plus point which allowed people to organise party in this house. Whether a birthday party , bridesmaids party, family trip to KL or baby shower party with a group of people. 

I took lots of beautiful photo with the deco done by TeamoMY. I just can't wait to show you here. Actually the deco I want is just a tower to put my fried chicken and a dining area deco. But who know one of my friends AhMiing sent a baby's breath flower box to me and she also booked from TeamoMYSo ended up the set up is the dining area and a flower table and other than that, the furniture and everything was originally from the house


| #Venue
This house is one of the signature design and not much people actually throw a party here. So I was like, why not I be the first one then I can take nice photo with the interior too and please look at the house!! It's so pretty and how cute it is or how good it is if this is my home wtf. This place can fit min 8 people and max 12 people. Included Smelly and my bro, total of 9 pax. My mom and Bebe couldn't join at the end because her car get into an accident a day before my birthday. So sad 😣

This place located at scott garden, downstairs full of bar and restaurant and convenient store like Family Mark so that I can buy anything there. Total of 1399sf with 3 bed room available for the guests and a huge L-SHAPE balcony. One thing I love the most was the balcony view. At night it's damn pretty omg!

Let the photo do the talking!

 Tv, wifi , dining table all in 1 lol

 Insta photo worthy corner with a perfect sunlight 

 OMG So pretty! 

Photo taken on the next day of my event, before check out and I keep everything nicely because I want to take nice photo on the next morning. lol

 A big kitchen

Downstair has 2 rooms, living area, kitchen, huge L shape balcony and a toilet while upstair has another big master bedroom with toilet. Each room has a queen size bed while the master room has one queen size + a sofa + single bed. So total up with the bed on the living area can fit up to 9 pax and if you want to add more bed it can fit up to 12 pax.

 Someone is sleeping here lol

At night, it offer an incredible night view of the city. A huge I mean super huge balcony. If this is my house I can put my plants here lol. Also a BBQ corner lol.

So pretty OMG!

 Master room

If you guys are interested to throw a party at this beautiful place. Feel free to contact (by call or whatsapp) to 012-2030 555 Edmund . Check on their website: to know the price and diff listing for your party venue or staycation. Of course, for my reader just quote "Chanwon" can get extra 15% off for all unit. What? RM380 only?! So cheap that's why I think it's worth it + quite reasonable. 3 rooms and the house was super pretty!


| #My Fried Chicken Tower  B'day Party
Lol Yes, here's all the 38 38 and crazy photo of us. So sorry to spoil the post but this is really a Fried Chicken Tower party. I'm serious! Thanks Teamo_MY for the deco!

 Are you ready for the KFC party? HAHAHAHA

 Silly friends everywhere lol

Jeremie, Xiiao & her bf , NicoleNana , Lyvia & her bf

HAHAHA Sorry after that it's the photo of us enjoying our fried chicken. 

My favourite view of my fried chicken! AHAHAHHA

Next, game on! Playing the card and board game. One of our favourite is the sabotage!

Please go and get this card game! Damn fun and crazy! 

 Birthday Cake from my dear <3 

HAHAHAH Because I'm too tired, so I changed from my little pink dress to this sleeping wear wtf. Yes, this is me. If can next year I will organise a sleeping wear gathering. So everyone can straight away go to bed after come for the gathering. If you followed my insta stories then you could see the exactly same sleeping wear every time. My mom bought 4 pieces with same design one for me HAHAAHAHAHAHH

Seriously not sure who took this photo but it's in my camera lol

生日在大家面前许愿是件很害羞的事 😂
 I always did it so quick until I forgot what I wish for lol

Okay I promise this is the last photo of the deco!
OMG It's just so pretty I kenottttt!!

 Me with my surprise from Miing who can't join the party~

A true smile from me! I look so stupid here 

Of course, Smelly who rush to the party after his work. Everyone came here after work! 

Lastly, here's the photo that I love! I also brought my Fujifilm SQ10 there to capture every wonderful moments on my special day.

A big love to TeamoMY and if you guys looking for beautiful Conceptual Floral Designs or flower bouquets please feel free to contact them. I guess you guys quite familiar with TeamoMY because it's the only flower bouquets shop I share on my instagram. Been knowing them since 2 years ago until now. Almost three years lol my favourite still their baby's breath!

Once again, thanks everyone for the love and wishes. I had a blast during my fried chicken birthday party. Can't believe I'm officially 25 now and more to come lol. Until I give birth I also will blog about my feeling and thoughts here lol. That's all for today. Thanks for reading my blog. Love, xoxo.


  1. Yaay, I was born on the 20th of Oct too ♥
    Happy Birthday to you too! :) ✿

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. Happy happy birthday Chanwon!!!!!! <3 All the best for you.
    Cannot believe with the num. 25 right? I also turned 25 6 days after you and until now I still feel like I am 20 =X
    The party seemed awesome and I loved the place.. Thank you for introducing to us!! Chicken tower is the best ma! I love itt.
    I also played Saboteur at work hahahaha this game is seriously funny!! I was the Saboteur a few times and tricked some colleagues to last min XD

    1. Hello welcome back to my blog!!! <3 Happy belated bday to you too! Yes, omg 25 years old now. Yes we must forever 20 xD So addicted to reply your comment here. Like the chat box years ago that I used to place on my old blog lol. That game is damn good!!

  3. Amazing photos, thank you so much for sharing!!!

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  5. Oh, I love fried chicken and this looks delicious. I must share this post with my friends because they must know how much I love chicken. I can pick it over a cake anyday. This time I am planning to book one of the Chicago event venues for my birthday celebration and a cake like this would be amazing.

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