Short Getaway To Singapore | Staying in Homeaway

14 June 2017

Hello Sweeties! I'm here today to share about things I did / places I went and most importantly, where I stay during my short getaway to Singapore. Yeap, I received lot of your dm on my instagram and emails for the link of my stay in the HomeAway apartment. Also, some 'useless' details about travel alone in Singapore lol.

So this is my airport outfit. Nothing special but keep me feeling comfy and warm. The reason why I'm having a short getaway to Singapore was I wanted to have a quick catch up with Cheesie before our trip to Japan. It was quite a surprise for me because at first I thought of check in from Singapore so that I could fly to Japan with Cheesie and ended up I decided extend two nights in Singapore after I back from Japan.

Clean & Safe

To be honest, it's not my first time in Singapore. Probably my 4th or 5th time because I always go from JB and ended up just go and back to Singapore from JB. So I didn't visit any cafe at all except shopping at Orchard road or Bugis Street. It's why this short getaway was totally a brand new experience for me because I'm traveling alone and probably sleep alone as well. Omg sound so sad but I really love how clean and safe this country is

The street was super duper clean and even I walk at night wasn't scary at all. The best part is, I can even walk alone all the way from my apartment stay to the cafe / shops. Yes, totally diff experience. There are only one thing that I hate the most...


Yes, the currency lol! When I'm on the cab I was like, omg! It's so reasonable and cheap. Only SGD5 from my place to xxx. But when I'm back in Malaysia (when SGD1= RM3), I just feel like crying and wtf!! So much diff but you can't imagine how safe it was when I'm staying alone in Singapore. I feel my inner peace lol and of course, I can even walk on the street at night & nobody cares!

Taking Cab

Probably I'm not the only one who love taking cab in Singapore. It's like 2-3 mins then you can get a grab car which just right beside your area or like me I download the local taxi app (comfort) but somehow, it's more exp than grab and uber. Why I'm using the comfort to book for the taxi? Because my grab app totally can't function at all lol. Thank god Arielle and Cheesie saved my life. OMG I feel so thankful!

In Malaysia I rarely take cab because I would rather die or drive myself!! I'm afraid of our taxi driver because of the safety problem in Malaysia :'( Also, Smelly and my parents just won't let me take cab since years ago. So I never take cab and the first thing I did after I graduated from my Uni was getting a car. But grab and uber seems quite okay in Malaysia so maybe I should try that in Malaysia lol.

This taxi uncle was super friendly. We talked about the weather and some 'useless' conversations as well lol. Then each time I'm texting with Smelly I was like ' OMG you know so cheap leh take cab in Singapore! It's so easy and no need to drive at all' Then when I'm back I was like wtf? SGD8 = RM24 like that for one ride. 

But worth it. I wish I could stay  here longer or else I will be coming back soon for another short getaway lol. Seriously, if I'm not a blogger I should consider working in Singapore just because it's clean and safe like the main reason why I love Japan so much. I think I falling in love with Sg already. OMG Means that I need to earn more RM in order to be able to spend in Singapore. lol

Stick friend

AHHAAHA My stick friend will always be here when I'm alone. Say HIII!! She always appear on my insta stories. She's really nice because she accompany me to hang around in Singapore, brunch and whenever I need her, she's here! lol


All my long lost friends who's currently based in Singapore. So sorry that I can't meet everyone all in once but you guys made my day. The happiest day was the first day when I arrived in Singapore and a quick meet up with Arielle and Cheesie. Oh I'm so shy because quite a long time I never met the person who influenced me the most, Cheesie and next Arielle, the new friend that I met because of this working trip.

Then, I met my long lost uni friends Charlotte too. If you read my blog since years ago then you know she's one of my closed friend during my study life. Next, Kim and her daughter Chloe. The funniest thing was, Chloe actually met me quite a few times but she never play with me until that day (my very first time) she hold my hand and insist want to wear the same cap with me! HAHAAHAH OMG SO CUTE I KENOT!!

Lastly, Hhong!! One of my follower that I met since years ago and now we were friend for each other! So happy that Charlotte come all the way from her house to bring me out from my apartment xD Why? Because I can't even book the cab with my phone app wtf! Thank god she was there. 

Great Singapore Sale (GSS)

OMG I just want to let you know that I don't even know about GSS until I went to Orchard Road and spot the amount of sales at there. You have no idea how happy am I when I saw the 70% OFF for Kikki.k and Samantha Thavasa that are not available in Malaysia yet. Kikki.k was one of the must-visit shop when I'm in Australia while Samantha Thavasa was also in sale with 20% off for most of its wallets and bags.

I was like wtf!! What are you waiting for , CHANWON! Just use debit card! AHHAAHHAHA 

So ended up I bought 5 items from Kikki.k mainly books and pens & I bought one super pretty notebook from Samantha Thavasa that I wanted for so long one. OMG It's cheaper than the one I saw in Haneda Airport. Even after tax free still expensive than the one I bought in Singapore. Personally I think I will be back to SG and shop more for their GSS.

I received some of your msg and Arielle recommendation to shop at Jurong. It's cheap, affordable and nice. So I'm ready to dig and 找黄金!Wait for me until July ok?!! I will be back to spend more in Singapore. Do you have any suggestions where else should I go shopping on my next trip? 

Be a tourist

Visited some hot spot just to take photo and mainly act like a professional tourist. So sad that it rain right after I took this photo :'( Damn!! But is okay, I will be back again to take a super duper chio one ok?

Muji Cafe & Gudetama Cafe in Singapore

It's always my to-go list when you know that Gudetama Cafe & Muji Cafe is available in Singapore! lol Let's photo do the talking now :3

Muji Cafe located at Paragon Mall

 I love Muji style!

 It's my favourite GUDETAMA!!!

Wonderful staying experience in HomeAway

I must tell you that my staying experience in HomeAway's apartment was super duper great. Even I'm alone I feel super safe and it just makes me feel like a home instead of staying like in a hotel. It's so cozy, everything look like an Ikea home that make you love to sleep on the bed and just love staying in the whole apartment area. More privacy for you and your friends or your family.

I think if you travel with a partner then per person each night was around SGD60-70. So if within this price range it's consider reasonable in Singapore. Plus, the apartment house that I stay can have max 4 pax and some (like my second apartment it's max 3 pax).

So, the first night I'm staying nearby Orchard Road while the rest I'm staying alone as well at nearby Tiong Bahru which has more cafes and shops around the neighbourhood. 

 First Stay: River Valley apartment near Orchard (fit up to 4 pax) 

The first night staying alone wasn't scary because it's more than just a home. Look at the furniture and the big sofa bed. I think this apartment can get an award already lol. It's clean, nice (especially the toilet because I always look at the toilet first then only look around lol) and cozy.

The space was big enough for 3 pax I think but this can fit up to 4 person. So if you stay alone like me here then it's quite a waste la! Even can do shooting at this apartment lol. This apartment also located nearby the bus stop point. It's just right below your apartment stay. By walking distance for about 13mins you can reach Orchard road or else you can just take cab lah! Easier xD

If you coming with 3-4 person then each person just have to pay around RM150-175. The best thing booking in HomeAway was the last mins discount and deal. It's so attractive and I think I shared about some of the good and reasonable listing in Tokyo area on my stories too. Also, before I found my apartment, I received a link with youtube video/ tutorial regarding the apartment details. It's so much easier for me to look for it and wifi available in the staying experience too. Everything clean , nice and  even microwave , washing machine & etc were there for you. Both of my stay were using the electronic lock with password to unlock it. I think it's much easier so I no  need to carry any key with me lol.

Last mins deal and discount!

Second Stay: Tiong Bahru apartment (fit up to 3 pax) 

The rest of my stay - staying at Tiong Bahru area because of the streets of cafes nearby this area and I can easily visit there by just 3-5 mins & short walking distance. As usual, never disappointed with my stay

 The toilet

 After the entrance of the apartment.

Bus Stop

I think I really like Tiong Bahru because it's convenient & located nearby my favourite cupcakes /cafes!! The PS Cafe ... also Plain Vanilla's cupcakes which taste like heaven omg!! The red velvet and dark chocolate!! Let me show you the photo that I took during this trip.

So if you love cafes, foods or dessert then you could stay at this area (Tiong Bahru) to save your money and just walk around to explore the cafe instead of keep taking the cab lol. I should go back as many time as I can because I really like the cupcakes and the food from PS Cafe. OMG then some of you send me the famous Durian Sago. OMG!! I wanted to try that and the unicorn cake too but too bad I don't have time :'(

Maybe next visit again? Teehee* Probably go to USS too!

Promo Code

I must tell this to you because I received lot of your msg asking my Japan's stay and Singapore's Stay!! Since I here today , of course giving you some good deal now!! Yes, use promo code <HomeAwayChanWon> on and enjoy 8% off on your book. Valid until 30 Sep 2017  but you can do for any dates!!!

You can save more money with the promo code and spend it on shopping! AHAHAHAH Good idea right! ( Psst, for those who really love shpopping I have a surprise for you guys and I will announce on my Instagram next week!During our 4D3N stay in Uchiko, Japan we were staying at the place that listed in HomeAway website too. Can't wait to update about my Japan Trip few days ago. Oh yea, if you have decide to book your whole home experience with HomeAway, remember to contact host check if your staying dates are available and at the same time send out a few enquiries to host to give yourself more options to choose. 

Lastly, Happy Travelling!


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