Pastel Unicorn Soap Making Workshop (Cold Process) @ Artiz Soap

29 June 2017

(So yea, this is My Unicorn vs Smelly's Unicorn)
Hello Sweeties OMG OMG OMG Finally I'm able to share this post with all of you. I guess for those who followed my instagram or watched my stories you must be so excited about this. Yea, it's regarding the soap making workshop that I attended few days ago. So happy that I'm able to share my experience with you guys omg. Esther, the owner from Artiz Soap was super duper sweet because she knew that I'm a fan of Pastel color x Unicorn so at the end of the day, she decided to change the whole soap making workshop related to something that I love. OMG OMG I'm so happy and can you imagine the whole workshop was surrounded by things I love??

ARGHHHH!! I love DIY related workshop. There are classes / workshops for Japanese flower arrangement session, flower candle making workshop and so on too. I'm so excited and guess this can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or your besties. You can enjoy this super fun workshop with a bunch of girls or maybe with your friends. I attended this with Smelly and it's really interesting. This workshop is also suitable for newbie like us. Yes!! Even if you have 0 knowledge about soap making process...No worries!!! You can join the workshop too.


Creative x Handmade  |
Unlike other boring workshop, this is more creative, fun and it's just about handmade & do it yourself. This is the reason why I fall in love right away after I saw their handmade soap and candle that look like a real cakes / cupcakes. Everything is super duper nice and can you imagine that I'm able to think of or choose my favourite unicorn's hair and it's basically your masterpiece! 

Just take a look on the cupcakes!! It looks so real but it's actually a soap lol. After the workshop you can bring your masterpiece home and pack it nicely as a gift for your loved ones, your friends, your papa, mama, aunty, uncle, lol. Don't simply give people la, give to people that you appreciate the most and they will appreciate your gift too. lol

Tell them like 'Hey, I'm the one who did this ok!!' and each time your friend using the soap , he/she will think of you xD HAHAHAHA Sound creepy but you get what I mean right!! AHAHAHAH Okay I'm going to giveaway two of the unicorn for you guys so you guys can smells good & think of me lol.

I love cold process soap because it's easy for beginner and of course, I'm just curious about it. So, I decided to ask Mr.Google the basic soap making process and here's the summary of Soap Making 101. I guess the hardest part of the soap making process will be the calculation part of the ingredients and the correct amount of liquid oil that you need to put. 

But no worries, we have someone who is really pro to help us with the calculation and all ingredients are well prepared during the workshop. OMG SOOOO GOOD!


| Basic soap Making  |
To make your life easier I found this image from google and I decided to share this with all of you. The whole process was the same except our workshop is more fun and creative (because it's not those  boring soap but a combination of pastel x unicorn inspired soap). I love how creative it is when it comes to this kind of workshop. 

So the summary of everything will be mixed both mixtures in once , blend it , add essential oils , pour into gold and let it dry. Lastly, remove from the mold and cut it into few slices. But during this workshop we able to learn something more than that! It's some unique technique of making a perfect unicorn soap!

It's more on creative, layering, technique and color mixing skill which you hardly learn from internet. I saw one of the Japanese Soap Making book in Kinokuniya few months ago. I'm pretty sure it's really famous in Japan because each year they have their own exhibition which showcase tons of lovely handmade soaps by talented soap crafters all around the world / just in Japan. I love how they mix and playing around with the colors. I love pastel stuff T.T It just makes me happy!!!

The best part of the workshop is all the tools and ingredients were well prepared for you. No need pay extra for the ingredients. Just register & pay for the workshop, the rest you can bring it back after the class.


| My Pastel x Unicorn Soap   |
So this workshop I decided to go for Pastel x Unicorn design lol. There are 3 different designs in the same series. HAHAHAAH I name it myself for you guys and below is the sample soap for us. So we took 10 mins to think out of the box. I'm thinking to create a pink female unicorn with fabulous hair while Smelly's one is more cool tone lol. (ps: So that we can pair our unicorns together lol) 

Is like unicorn gf & bf! AHAHAHAHAHAH Good idea and I can wrap it up nicely then give it as a gift to my friends! MUHAHAHAHAHHA!!

From left to right : Pastel Unicorn , My Dreamland/ Pastel Rainbow, Gradient Star

Omg! I named it myself because I forgot to ask the official name of those soap but it's like my baby so I just name it for fun lol. But our masterpiece is way cuter lol! 青出于蓝 lol Also, I can't wait to collect my unicorn dreamland soap (new name again lol) so I decided to ask Esther to show me the final outcome of my soap. 

Here's our final masterpiece after removed it from the mold & cut into few slices.

 Smelly's Unicorn (before draw the eye) 

OMG OMG OMG SO pretty right!!
Look at my fabulous hair T.T It's my favourite colors wtf!

 Left: Mine   Right: Smell's

 Okay to be honest, this gradient star~ Smelly's the best!
He copied mine but a better version of my Unicorn's fabulous hair lol.
A combination of light pink, darker pink and darker purple. 
Mine was mint, light pink and light purple lol.

 Left: Smell's   Right: Mine
Smell's one look like pandan cake! HAHAHAHA Mine is really like a dreamland.
But from both of our masterpiece you can really spot the difference.
It's unique and really based on your customisation. 

 My unicorn! WAAAHHHH!! SOOOOO PRETTY got eyelashes some more :p

Smelly's unicorn is cooler than mine. 
But my fabulous hair and eyelashes is nicer xD

We did 3 different designs and each mold can cut into 6-8 slices depend on the size you want. So for my case, I can bring back 3x6 slides of my DIY soap. Total 18 slices + Smell's 18 slices. WAAAAH! Wait I collect it from Artiz Soap then I giveaway few slices for you guys ya. :p I can't wait to bring my unicorn and dreamland home! MUAHAHAHAH


Let's Get Started & Do it Yourself   |
These are the pictures took by Smelly during our workshop and I'm so happy that I'm able to share it with you guys. The hardest part for us is to blend both mixture together while the rest like squeezing my unicorn's hair is just a piece of cake for me lol. Smelly's hardest part was the unicorn's hair & the cloud. xD

I think I'm really good at doing those DIY things except I'm so lazy to prepare all those ingredients and I hate to clean it after doing all the DIY. It's why I really love this kind of workshop where I no need to prepare any tool and worry about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA Best for lazy person like me :p 

 Tools and ingredients you need!!

 Wooohoo! Making my unicorn horn!

 Done on the first one!

 Choose my favourite star and color


 The rainbow!

 This required some technique and need few practice in order to cut the perfect size with the same thickness.

 I'm sure you know which is my favourite color!!

 The stars that I need to put on the top of my dreamland soap lol

 I'm ready!!

Tools and ingredients

Measure your lye (sodium hydroxide) carefully into a bowl. It’s poison! So remember to prepare the water in a heat-resistant bowl. Then pour your lye into the bowl of water. Stir it slowly at at the same time remember to wear rubber gloves and glasses as a safety precaution.

Why lye??

The lye reacts with the oils to create soap. Btw, you can’t make soap without lye and the process of the reaction is called saponification. Remember that if you measure your ingredients properly (with all the calculation), there will be no lye remaining in your final soap product. Also, once you pour the lye into the bowl of water, it will have a chemical reaction by giving off fumes and heat. 

Don't worry about the fumes and heat because it will only last one to two minutes. After all, the water will turn clear. 

 Next, the liquid oil.

 At the same time, thinking what color should I put on my unicorn's hair lol

 Of course, my favourite shimmer powder!! bling bling~

 Once the lye solution is cooled, pour it slowly into the pot. 
Then, mix both mixture (liquid oil with lye + water) together and blend until it turn to vanilla white and smooth!

You can choose to blend with your hand or with the stick blender! However without the stick blender (Just blending and stirring) you may need to stir for up to 30 minutes. AHHAHAHAAH

So, at the end we decided to blend with the stick blender until it looks smooth. It does an hour’s worth of stirring in about 5 minutes, which ensures a better result. Remember to blend it until it looks “trace.” It’s when the soap mixture has become thick enough to leave a trace of itself when drizzled on the top of the batch.

 After blend & stir x Before

Then, fragrances and colors would be added at this point!

So for the first soap, we are making the Dreamland / Pastel Rainbow.

Just randomly mix with all the color that you love, stir a little bit and pour everything on the mold.

 Smelly's pandan dreamland xD

 Making our dreamland's cloud

 Smelly's pandan dreamland cloud

 MINE!! MUHAHAHAHA I love doing this lol
This is the best part of the whole workshop!

 Smelly's pandan dreamland | My rainbow dreamland

 Add the rainbow on the top of the cloud!!


 LOOK AT THIS!! OMG SO NICE & I can feel  my inner peace!

 OMG!! This is my unicorn's hair colors

 My unicorn's fabulous hair xD

 Added with the horn and I'm almost done with it!

 Mine!! with lots of shimmer powder! xD
So greedy :p

 My gradient star :D

Fyi, soap mold normally is made of wood but this time we are using the transparent mold because we want to see the color and layering of our unicorn's hair.

 WOOHOOO! Mission completed!

 I want to cry T.T OMG so satisfying to watch x1

 so satisfying to watch x2

Extremely satisfying! 


Graduated xD  |
A photo of us graduated from our soap making workshop lol. So memorable and I'm loving it. Never thought that Smelly will join the class too. I never force him to join but he enjoy doing it and now he can totally understand how satisfying am I when looking at our final masterpiece lol. 

 Need to let it dry for one day and collect it after that!

The soap feels nice and smooth, but it needs to age for at least 4 weeks before it can be used. Omg how can I resist this! 4 weeks T.T


More workshop @Artiz Soap  |
Looking forward to join the other workshop and I'm interested in the flower arrangement , more soap making workshop & more!! I received all your dm and for those who interested to join their workshops, you can check their new update on facebook:

That's all for my sharing and hopefully we can meet each other at the workshop next month! AHHAAHAH Enjoy reading and I can't wait to take shower using my unicorn soap. That's all for today. Love, xoxo.

Thanks Esther for the DIY bunny clip <3


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