Dr.Wu, Clinical Skincare Line finally launch in Watsons Malaysia

01 June 2017

Hello Sweethearts  Finally I'm done packing my things and will be away for few days to my favourite country, Japan and I'm really excited for this because I'm going to another new prefecture again. So back to the topic, today I'm going to share my excitement toward the previous DR.WU event that I attended few days ago. It was held at Metal Bees in Sunway Damansara.

The person beside me (the photo above) was the founder of Dr.Wu. He is Dr.Wu actually! HAHAHAAH This event was super duper fun because my role of the day was a 'Class Monitor'. Yes,  I guess some of you knew this from my instagram stories. It was such a pleasure to be on stage with the emcee Lyn and also Dr.Wu. I'm sooooo happy because finally Dr.Wu is now available in Watsons. The whole event look like a real classroom with tables and chairs.

It was really interesting and fun because each of us get to interact with Dr.Wu and I'm the one who kickstart the event but still need to keep calm and walk like a normal person lol. The moment when I saw Dr.Wu I was like OMG OMG OMGGG!!!! I'm using their toner and he's standing in front of me. I noticed this brand because it's one of the Taiwan’s No.1 leading medical skincareUnlike others skincare brand, it is actually a clinical skincare products technologically-advanced skincare line of high potency products for sensitive skin.

For those who ask me to recommend some nice skincare product for hydrating series, THIS IS THE ANSWER for you! I'm using Dr.Wu hydrating series's toner and mist. The blue series which is specially designed for dry , imbalance skin and damaged + sensitive skin like us. I purchase my first Dr.Wu toner during my taiwan trip last year then I immediately fall in love with it. As I mentioned just now it's a clinical skincare line so even after you did your laser treatment (your skin become super damaged and sensitive), you still can use their product.

It works like magic and keep my skin hydrate all day long. The mist was another star product that you should really try it out. #Chanwonrecommended I have been using so many diff mist from diff brand and this is the one which I really like!

Mandelik Renewal System Series

So happy that finally it came to Malaysia in a big way with its new partnership with Watsons. So that all we can spot it everywhere in Watsons. Also, to mark this new partnership with Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, he actually came all the way from Taiwan to share the story behind the brand, the growing trends for medical skincare and his belief in his specially design products for Asian skin.

 Feel like a laboratory right? Thumbs up for the team.

 Capsule Mask Series 

 Your Class Monitor's seat! HAHAHAHA

I'm so nervous because this is the first time I have a special role during an official event + first time being a class monitor. AHHAHAHAAH It was a great experience because I'm able to meet all of them and of course selfie with Dr.Wu. Never thought I'm able to meet him one day. From that day onward (every time I'm using their toner) I will be like, HEY I MET THE FOUNDER of the brand before ok?!! lol

 <3 Color matching outfit! 

A little story behind the brand:-

DR.WU: Taiwan’s NO.1 Clinical Skincare, the leading medical skincare brand in Taiwan was founded in 2003 by the renowned dermatologist Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, along with his eldest son Eric Wu. With 40 years of vast clinical experiences and extensive research on skin structure, and a formula based on doctor’s prescription. Its philosophy is to bring about non-surgical solutions in enhancing one’s beauty and wellness.

I think with these products, all of us as a customers are able to enjoy skincare just like having a doctor perform medical treatments at home and at the same time, maintaining a perfect complexion through the most simple yet effect ways. It's just that simple! Am I right?


HYALUCOMPLEX Hydrating Series  |
My all-time favourite is always stick with hydrating range product line, this is the one I always recommended to my readers and please try the toner and mist out. It's really nice and should be a good solution to treat dehydrated and sensitive skin. 

Targeted problems: Dryness , Skin imbalance , Damaged and Sensitive Skin.

The normal skin routine will be kickstart with a cleanser > toner > moisturisers. If you love to add on a serums that it should be after the toner & before the moisturiser. I don't like sticky and heavy greasy feeling of moisturiser. If you having the same concern like me then you can try to use a gel texture moisturiser rather than the cream moisturiser. Hope this is useful to you because I get a lot of questions on my dm few days ago.


Review & My thoughts  |

#1 Cleanser [Hydrating Gel Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid]:
It's not bubble form of cleanser and unlike normal cleanser, this is extra gentle to our skin and specially designed for super sensitive and damaged skin (like your skin after laser treatment still can use this to clean it). It's create less foam compare to other cleanser and it's gel texture.

Turned milky but not sticky/ greasy after mixed with water. Gently massage to clean your face and wash it off after that. If you really love bubble form of cleanser you can get a foaming net and it helps to create foam.

#2 Toner [Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid]:
Second step right away your daily cleanser. What makes it different from other toner was the texture and the touch-feeling of the toner. It's like a toner + booster for your skin. Unlike normal water based toner, it's more concentrate and let me show you!!

It's so moisturising and even it's really concentrated but it absorb really fast into our skin. Not sticky at all! You can use your cotton pad to pour an amount of toner on top of it and use it as your SOS mask!! #Chanwontips

#3 Moisturiser [Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid]:
Gel texture, not oily or greasy, easily spread out and absorb by our skin. Suitable for people who dislike too-rich / heavy feeling of cream moisturiser. Even sensitive skin or super damaged skin can use it.

 Apply on our skin and do a little massage on it to get rid of chubby face lol

#4 Hydrating Mist [Glacier Water With Hyaluronic Acid]:
Can be used anytime anywhere & in any step of a skincare routine. If you use it as a part of your skincare routine, recommended after cleanser and before applying toner to boost up the water level and moisture level of your skin. I use it before re-applying my makeup to give a little hydration for my skin and whenever I feel my skin was dry.

What makes this so special was the mist is designed with an ULTRA-WIDE angle spray and it's so fine! No need to shake this product before use and just spray and gentle pat your skin until the product is fully absorbed. I really love this mist it makes me feel like I'm having a face spa! HAHAHAAH

 Look how fine it is! 

 Lol let me show you the ULTRA-WIDE angle spray ! 
Look at it! Please try this!! 

#5 Ultimate Hydrating Mask:
Lastly, complete your weekly routine with a ultimate hydrating mask once every 2-3 days. This is also targeted for dehydrated and super sensitive skin. One thing I must say is the mask is so fitting.

Three layers, A plastic layer , the mask sheet itself and a blue layer.

 Peel off the plastic layer

 Put it on your skin and lastly, just simply peel off the blue layer.

So fitting and I look like crayon sinchan here! lol

That's all about my sharing and end my post with a photo with Dr.Wu but why I look so fierce here? Or maybe I'm just too nervous to sit beside him HAAHAHAH! That's all for today. Love, xoxo. Stay tuned for my coming Japan and Korea Trip post :) Keep in touch and see you on my next post. xoxo.


  1. I love their capsule mask! especially the hydrating mask, works like magic for me :D

    1. I tried the hydrating mask haven try the capsule!! then i should try their capsule vitamin A B AND C

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