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10 November 2015

Hello my little Sweeties  Konnichiwa!! Spreading my love to all of you~ Miss you soooooooooo much! I'm back in Malaysia and it's been a nice and fun trip to Japan. Preparing for my coming Australia trip and meanwhile, it's time to get back & update my blog again. I did a travel collaboration with S'aime & I'm so satisfied and confident with their product because I bought a wallet from their shop few years back in Taiwan & it was so good. The design , quality , colour of choice & easily matching style..... where all the matters that I'm looking for & this is the reason why I did this collaboration with them.

I'm so excited when I received their collaboration email but what impressed me the most was the moment I'm unboxing their parcel. Seriously, I have no idea how they came out with the ideas but you will be totally shocked to notice those small diff on their bag and if you compare with others. You know most of the time (especially when travelling), we have tons of item that we need to carry with us. For example, pocket wifi , passport , maps / small booklet , wallet , cards , power bank & camera. But for me, I'm sure to carry more than one camera. So because of that....I prefer backpack. Just like my first Japan Trip I brought the LeSportsac Macaron backpack but that one seriously quite hard to match my Autumn Outfit & OOTD look so while I'm thinking what bag I should bring.... I find that S'aime Bag will be something that I should consider for.

I brought 3 bag with me together with this Zora backpack that I have been so in love with, a DollyRock hot pink sling bag and last but not least, a classic black Monica wallet bag. Now, let see how I carry each of them and its functionality during my trip.

#1 Zora Backpack 
No joke! If you saw my update I think you probably can notice this backpack almost every photo I took in Japan. Not because the collaboration but simply because it was so useful for me. I put everything that I need inside and I can't believe this S size bag fits everything nicely. Consider of the autumn outfit I pick their new release autumn colour - green as one of my travel essentials. I know normally people will choose either black or brown colour but I have no idea why this green one actually caught my eyes.

Since I received lots of your msg regarding the actual size and how I carry my items here's a short video that I record when I'm in Japan with my iPhone. Sorry for the quality but just a short one because I'm quite lazy to explain and reply it one by one for all of you when I'm busy travelling with my bro. lol 

No joke really~ This fits everything in but I'm going to get a L size red colour for my coming Melbourne Trip since this time I'm travel I will bring 3 camera along with me. One compact camera ZR3500 and another 2 will be the big and bulky camera (One for Smelly & one for me so he can help me take nice photo :p) plus one more iPad with me lol. It's why I want to get another L size just to fit in another 1 extra camera & my iPad. HAHAHAAH But so far S size should be just nice for everyone.

So here's some of the OOTD outfit look together with my current obsession Zora Backpack & after the ootd I will show you the inner compartment but if you watched the video then you can skip that :p if not too 'long gas' already lol xp

^First day of my flight @KLIA 2

 ^Third Day @ Gotemba Premium Outlets
 ^Just having fun and walk around @Ikebukuro 
I hate photoboom lolx
 Okay, this one can x)

 Not sure what to eat so we heading to Seibu and Lumine & look for some nice & cheap sushi set. SUPER DUPER FRESH AND CHEAP! 

 Follow the map and brought my bro come to Pokemon Centre too. 

 Went to Hanazono Shrine @Shinjuku , Tokyo

 Another traditional Shrine near our homestay at Tokiwadai, Japan.

Because it's super duper cool @Utsunomiya , Japan I decided to just wear my only thickest outer on the rest of my trip. lol That's why the remaining 5 day I got limited OOTD shoot + I need to move around from my homestay and take train + subway to Utsunomiya. But most of the time I just carry this Zora backpack with me except 3-4 days (because I decided not to bring my big & bulky camera with me) and during that 4 days I just brought the DollyRock & Monica wallet bag out only. 

When I look at this I was immediately say 'I WANT THIS'. The reason why I mentioned about the functionality was because each of the compartment of the bag , the design , the look and how you can fully utilise it. 

The outer beauty was super simple. A fully open zip for you and if you notice that, it has two side compartment for you to put water bottle , coins , receipt maybe? I put my contact lens case and an eye drops

In front of this magnet pocket, I put some plaster and the zipped compartment I keep my pen , lip balm , lipsticks and sometime necklace for me to change when I shoot for diff OOTD. 

 The side pocket compartment that I mentioned earlier. Just put whatever you want and if you see closer, the material & quality was the one I care and impressed me the most. So far if it's dirty , I just take a wet tissue and clean it ..JUST LIKE THAT! So easy and each of the compartment was so secure + zip open smoothly and nicely.

Behind of this backpack got a pocket for you to put in your card. I put my JR card here so I can easily access it when I reach the station & no need open all the way down to take my wallet and card. Other than that, a secret zip compartment again for you to put on some cash or thing you wish to take it out easily by your hand. I just my cash and passport here sometime.

The inner design was quite similar with others backpack. A zip pocket for you to store your items again and two pocket for you to put your phone or power bank. In my case I hold my phone most of the time so I put power bank & pocket wifi lo~ Oh yea, there are a security chain for you to hold your wallet for security purpose. So I just clip it with my wallet so in case it drop or someone steal it. lol

Aiyaaa, I really love this backpack a lot. It's so useful and thanks god I found this if not I must be a hard time for me to pick the best backpack for this trip. There are so many colour available personally I like this green one , maroon one or the light blue also not bad. Only pros on this backpack!! Thumbs up again* for its functionality , size , colour of choice and of course QUALITY

Here's the link if you interested to know more about ZORA BACKPACK:

#2 DollyRock (Hot Pink) 
This is when I decided to leave my bulky camera home and only brought my pocket wifi , power bank , passport , wallet, a compact camera zr3500 & phone with me to discover and explore the remaining day in Tokyo. After I took this OOTD i just put my big camera back.

 Forgot to apply lipstick that's why it look so pale here! HAHAHAHA

 S'aime | Love Yourself

Except the special design of the Zora backpack this DollyRock bag has its special design too. If you take a closer look on it this sling back actually came with a compact wallet / pouch.

You can put it inside the bag or at the back of the last compartment. It's so cute and just a compact pouch for you to keep your things organised. You can take it out and put it inside the bag too :)

Since this is a sling and smaller bag compare with the backpack, the compartment is just enough for you to put your smaller items so your shoulder won't be too pain on the weight + won't feel heavy on that.

I use the compact pouch as a wallet and put it inside this DollyRock bag. I prefer to keep it inside rather than the back's compartment because I scare it drop. Oh yea, forgot to mention inside the bag there are two card compartment for you. I put my IC & JR train card too.
Can fit in an iPad too! Available in 4 diff shades , black , hot pink , blue and a light beige pink colour. For those who prefer smaller size bag you can keep this in mind.

DollyRock Bag link:

#3 Monica Removable Shoulder Strap Wallet / Phone Bag 
 This is another wallet / phone bag that I like to bring it with me during my trip. It can use in many ways, as a wallet , as a compact wallet bag attached with the shoulder strap , as a phone bag that can fit in iPhone 6 plus and apart of that you can put your card together with your money / phone too.

For a wallet I prefer darker color and it's why I got myself a classic black one. Love the logo on this wallet it's just so classic!

You can take off the strap and make it as a wallet to carry with you. But I prefer with the strap since I didn't bring any bag out together with me. For a night date with your gf or bf you can just grab your money + phone then put all inside this bag.

The compartment was super enough for you to put your phone and some $$ inside too. After that, you can put your card inside the card compartment and coins too. So nice right!!!!

Monica Removable Shoulder Strap Wallet / Phone Bag :

It was the best collaboration I did so far. Thanks S'aime team for the trust & choosing me on this collaboration. I'm so happy enough to provide my platform and spread my love to all of my reader. Seriously, I'm appreciate for it. S'aime was one of my favourite brand and you can now imagine the moment I received their email and now I'm part of their user. Hopefully in coming future they will come out with more new design bag and more choice for us to choose for.

Now I'm still looking at their new product this month. It was a iPhone case but quite diff from those normal casing. It came with rose gold , gold even mint colour! OMG!! SO NICE!!

It's quite reasonable. Only RM65!! Just share this to all of you because i'm going to grab one also!! But the colour so nice have no idea why should I buy!! Probably will get a purple or rose gold colour one!

Too nice to be real! OMG I love this kind of casing so much and a strap for me to hold and keep my phone nicely. So nice right!! I think my post is a bit too long lol! That's all for today! Thanks for all your love ;) There are a giveaway going on ..on my instagram :D remember to check it out!

For more information you can click on:-
Official Website Store: 
Facebook Page about S'aime latest product and PROMOTION:

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