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05 November 2015

Not gonna lie you but Japan was one of the most happening country for me. You can travel here with budget or else you can easily get a 'wallet boom'! Why?! Too much cute character from Sanrio e.g., like Rilakkuma , Hello Kitty or my favourite Gudetama! They always came out with limited edition collaboration with skincare product, snack , or women pad! Like now I just bought their limited edition Melody women pad @.@ lol I know this was crazy but believe or not it's worth and the price was reasonable for me!

So before that I saw some fun cafe or place had a collaboration with Twinny Star Kiki Lala or Rilakkuma / My pony! Most of the collaboration / pop up cafe @ Harajuku (most of the time) because Harajuku has more younger and shopper like me who love sanrio a lot! Then, we planned to go to the Twinny Star Cafe at Shibuya! We woke up in the early morning and I was told that it will be the coolest day ever. But....from what you know...I brought all autumn and spring outfit to my April Japan Trip! wtf*

Really! I have no idea until I picked the thickest top I own. Lol Then Daph told me that the twinny star cafe was @Shibuya. So we woke up quite early but still...RAINING!!

So here's the plan of the day! From Ikebukuro (where I stay) to Shibuya. So far I'm always stick with the bottom line from Ikebukuro > Shinjuku > Harajuku > Yoyogi > Shibuya and if you have extra time you can continue explore it one by one! Just go down from the JR station and take the map /booklet then you can enjoy the endless fun in Japan. If you want to enjoy more fun then you can follow my blog for more xD Jkjk!!!

#1 ChanwonTips♥ Must-do in Shibuya: Take a photo of yourself on the crossing road.

Shibuya was one of the must-visit place and it's so famous because of it's Hachiko Statue! The most touching real life story in the world. A story between a Shiba Inu(japanese dog) and its owner , a professor. A story of loyalty and I tear a lot on this! This is why I personally like Shiba Inu a lot! Cheesie own one too! Hehe~

Rain rain go away~ Told you that 60% day during this trip was raining! Luckily I'm still able to take some photo to show you how it look like.

Spot my favourite shop ever, WEGO! I think there are more than 5 store in Harajuku and I can see this again in Shibuya. I think everywhere! Most of the magazine like popteen or vivi in Japan featured their product too. So, if you come to Japan remember to grab some of their item here. I got myself tons of chocker! HAHAAHAH

#2 ChanwonTips♥ To-do in Shibuya: Try this Ramen.

But please be prepare that you have to wait for the queue! I'm so lazy to wait so I didn't try this out and lots of people here T.T You need to wait for 30-40 mins until your turn. So if you want to try this out make sure you come earlier than others! This ramen was so popular because you can choose and customise your ramen as you like & of course very yummy. You can choose whether you want to have soft / hard noodles , half boiled or boiled egg , the level of the soup & etc etc. Most funny part was...why everyone was here & queue because their shop was quite small so you got no choice need to wait outside and line up. Unlike those super big and huge ramen shop.

For those who like to get an nike air those normal one lah you can actually have a look at ABC-Mart. They selling lots of sport shoe and offer a big range & diff brands for you to choose for.

Remember this gooey & melty cheese pie video that shared on the Facebook? I know where is this! You can find this in Shibuya! Only served in Japan!! 

#3 ChanwonTips♥ To-do in Shibuya: Try this gooey & melty cheese pie.
No joke that the video really caught my eyes and it was raining so I guess not much people there in the early morning too! If you come to Shibuya remember try this and share with your friends. I'm sure you can eat this alone. Sure fat die! HAHAHAHA

#4 ChanwonTips♥ To-do in Shibuya: Take a photo with Shibuya 109.
Tourist to-do list! HAHAHA Must take photo with this popular spot if not no people know you come to Shibuya! Shibuya 109 just like a normal shopping mall but with lots of fashion  brands. Of course the price totally not cheap at all. So please be prepare! If you ask me where is nice to shop?!! Probably will told you Harajuku & Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ)!!HAHAHAAHAH 

Since I love Shiba Inu a lot & it's a must reason for me to go in this shop. Am i right? ahahahah Feeling guilty I can spend like RM100 here just to buy and collect their lovely postcard. I tell you their postcard super duper cute one lo! Otherwise, I just ask daph to control me! lol Ask me don't buy too much but it seems like useless -.-

So I'm done with this!! Receive a msg from all my blogger friend to gather ourself at the entrance of the theme cafe. Not sure what's the theme cafe now but you can always google it out. Last time was the twins star kiki & lala cafe but once we reached the cafe I was like....

WHAT?!! MELODY?!!! HAHAHAHAHA Either Melody or Kiki Lala also ok for me! Because both also my favourite. I love Kiki & Lala because it's so pastel and melody too. I don't like hello kitty...idk why! lol but if just for photo purpose then I'm okay with anything! lol

#5 ChanwonTips♥ To-do in Shibuya: Visit themed cafe / store
There are more themed cafe or themed store I think. One of the best one will be the one piece Mugiwara store! Here's the photo of Mugiwara Store @ Shibuya.

Since I'm alright with any themed cafe as long as I don't hate the character! HAHAHAAH So here's the photo of myself with my melody!  So there are another sheep character call sweet piano?? OMG I don't even know this! HAHAHA
Full of melody and even selling melody's product too! OMG earn a lot! HAHAHAHA

Melody DJ! lol

Melody & Sweet Piano was like 
' So yea..we are BFF always' :p

Melody: ' Oppss..who look at us?! Let me show you how sexy am I"
Sweet Piano: ' Okay..*blush blush* like this?

Melody & Sweet Piano were looking at us!
The Menu! All japanese but still got photo can see!

One of our order came with a lovely cup! Included with the meal so you can bring this home OMG!

Our drink!

Another Drink!

My melody dessert! OMGGGG SO KAWAIIIIIII
But I think this was Sweet Piano ....
not melody!! WAHH SO CONFUSE !!

So there are a mini melody chocolate beside the sweet piano! lol

Forgot the name of this dessert -.- 
I want this cup! OMG why I didn't order this

Let's eat this!
Can....can I???

OMG! I'm so sorry to you Sweet Piano!! Your fluffy hair gone!!

Okay!! That's all about my day in Shibuya.There are still a lot of must-do & to-do in each place but this is what I explore it with myself and told by my friends. Hopefully I can go Shibuya and explore again see what else I can share with you ;) Hehe!! Then, after this melody cafe I just go visit some stationery shop and shop til drop! So next post will be specially update for stationery lover! Place to shop and buy stationery and just everything about it. That's all for today. Love, xx.

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