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06 November 2015

Hello Sweethearts This is another long awaited blog post! OMG I can't believe that I just back from Japan two days ago and now I have to conclude both of my APRIL + OCT Japan trip into one. Is like all in one! So this should be more useful and informative. I'm having a lots of stationery haul again and it's why my brother hate me now. I normally use (min) 2-3 hours when I shop for stationery or anything related to planner , pen , washi tape & etc. Seriously, I can use the whole day just look at this and keep telling myself not to buy too much!

The hardest part was making decision whether which to buy and what colour to choose. You know I always got the same item over and over again. For example I saw this gudetama washi tape and I was like...

Okay now, 
'if i buy one later out of stock how..'
'Maybe i should get two! '
'But same one get 2 of these will it be too crazy??!!'
'Or I should pick the same type but diff design washi tape?'
'But both colour damn nice leh~'


Then look at this I realise both washi tape was so nice..
'Can I just buy all?'
'I come all the way to Japan..if I didn't buy it later I go back Malaysia regret how?!!!'
'Okay lah! Just grab and let's see how later'

So I continue grab everything and it was so hard to make decision. So, I just put everything on my shopping bag. Row by row and look at it column by column. From pen to colour pencil , crayon , stickers , cards , japanese washi tapes, limited edition / special edition stationery , stamps and I JUST WANT THEM ALL! But once I back from Malaysia I was like , OMG this was so cute and I don't want to use it so just keep it. It repeat again & again during my first trip to Japan and it's why this never happen again during my second trip to Japan.

This October-November half month Japan trip with my bro was quite good because he can't wait me too long and keep force me to say bye bye to all stationery @.@ Don't know whether I should be happy or angry on this but I control myself not to buy too much stationery that I will never use or just for keeping purpose only. Lol you know this is girl's thinking! It's quite diff from the boy! But only camera, food , gudetama and stationery will drive me crazy! Not bag or clothes lol maybe one day?!

So every time I look at the item I will ask myself whether can this be use or just for other purpose? Will you need this? Or just want it for fun? What can it benefit yourself. After asking yourself and wait for 3 mins you suddenly will become so smart and telling yourself this is waste of money! Wahhh!! Really another #ChanwonTips for you! Because normally when we bought too much it's really just waste of money and never use that item. End up you just throw it , give it to your friend or wait it spoil! lol

Your brain just need some time to digest and thick normally! So give your brain some time to refresh your mind. HAHAAHAHAH

Okay! Back to the topic you can print screen this and keep this in your phone. Here's some of my favourite place to shop stationery from my personal experience during this two recent trip to Japan. You probably can spot their shop in most of the shopping mall or hot spot area. Most of them was the same except some carry more choice and brands + some with discount price. Are you ready?!!!

  • (#1) Tokyu Hands ( Singpore got this but not in Malaysia :'( There are a big building of Tokyu Hands in @Ikebukuro / Shibuya. You just save the address down from their official website and use google map to find the exact location. TAX FREE :You can show your passport at their cashier to enjoy tax free
  • (#2) Itoya ( I went to the one located at Shinjuku and I check-in it on my instagram. Offer a huge range of planner and pen. I found the new and smallest Frixion Pen and refill there and I just shop for 30 mins I spent like RM300 on that -.- I'm so sorry again wallet
  • (#3) Loft ( I went to the Shibuya one & Odaiba the one located inside the sky tree building. Seems similar to Tokyu Hands, you can find everything there from hair to toes + stationery haul. I will put more photo of this and show you below.
  • (#4) 100 Yen Shop OR Daiso : I went to the one located at Ikebukuro. Told you Ikebukuro was one of my favourite place to shop almost everything! AHAHAH Similar to Daiso too. You just go to the stationery area and grab their cute stationery stuff / washi tape with a cheaper price compare with others.
  • (#5) Sekaido 世界堂 ( Heaven...this is one of the heaven!! A combination of everything and total of 6 floors for you to shop til drop. Drawing stuff , painting stuff, office , document or STATIONERY!! All-in-One! I spent the whole day here. More than 6 hours! The photo I post in this post all taken in Sekaido , Loft & Tokyu Hands!

P/S: Sekaido & Itoya mainly selling all stationery related stuff while Tokyu Hands & Loft / 100 yen shop were somehow selling everything you need. From beauty cosmetic item to Stationery > Tool for you to make Bento > and a bit like Daiso also :) Everything from head to toes! I took some photo there and let me show you now!!Other than Tokyu-Hands can enjoy Tax Free others I'm not very sure! Remember to show your passport at the cashier ya.

Since it's my first time...
I just couldn't be calm...
Forgive me..

First stationery heaven @Sekaido!
Total 64 items! I think it's worth because everything was at 20% discount price!
That's why...
I'm so sorry to my wallet!

which one ?! which you want?

Photo taken by one of my friend, nana I met with him in Japan. Thanks a lot for the photo ;)
Accessories to tie your planner! So nice!!


Midori stuff

Traditional planner , carton planner , sanrio planner!

Erasable Frixion Stamp

Pastel Fxixion highlight pen

More pen! Colourful + LIMITED EDITION & Design

T.T How can I say no to this!

Washi Tape & Masking Tape Heaven!

Second stationery heaven @ Loft!
Selling beauty and cosmetic product too!

Cute Washi and masking tapes
Bento seaweed cutter
Nail stickers

More planner and notebook!



Third Stationery Heaven @Tokyu-Hands 
Here's another Tokyu-Hands Cafe for stationery lover. The food there was so damn good and reasonable! Only cost like RM35 for a bowl of nice food with super nice drinks. Okay! I miss the food here and guess can shop for stationery too because beside this cafe it's everything from Tokyu-Hands! I will blog another blog post regarding this cafe ;) Don't worry! 

Photo Album , Cute sticker , Cute Sticky Note
Greeting Cards
Phone Case!

So this is the other reason why I love Japan so much & no reason for me to say NO! Look at the huge range of choices and the amount of stationery they had. You see even just a simple planner they came out with gudetama version, melody version or the pen you can buy the pen case and customise your own pen with your favourite colour refill. Not just red blue or black but 24 refill colour for you to choose for. OMG!! THIS WAS SO CRAZY and now I really stay calm because I never regret things I bought and spent here. Again, ONLY IN JAPAN! 

Hope you can find this useful! For those who love stationeries....GIVE ME 5! That's all for today. Love, xx. Remember keep this post and print screen this. Don't ask me where I normally shop or buy my stationery again in Japan ya~ HAHAHAHA Love, xx.

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