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25 June 2017

Hello Sweeties! I'm back from Japan and it was so fun to visit a new prefecture last week. I miss all of you and today I'm going to share with you guys a collaboration post with a French creative designer jewellery called, Taratata. It was really fun to feature and shoot with the jewellery because their Taratata jewellery is really cute and creative.

Taratata is founded in 1986 when three creative souls, Bernard, Hélène and Philippe met and exchanged ideas. Their shared appeals of originality and creativity gave birth to the audacious and captivating collections of Taratata. Today, Taratata has 2 boutiques in Paris and more than 500 point of sales available worldwide! 

Taratata is special for its outstanding and extraordinary jewellery design. Their collections are inspired by everyday symbols, sense of nostalgia, arty icons as well as anything wild and fun.

Taratata jewellery is produced in limited quantities and some collections are no longer in produced. If you see anything interest you, remember to get it now while stocks last.

So today, I will be styling and creating two different look with Taratata new collection that I would love to feature it on my blog for all of you. I like how these jewels resemble the telephone, DIY home makeover kits, sewing machine, gardening tools and things that go beyond our imagination! It's really fun to play around with the jewellery and I love how it add a little creativity to my everyday's outfit.


Taratata Jewellery  |
So happy to receive the whole collection from Taratata especially the super cute rings and necklaces that really melted my heart. It's colourful and the whole collection just look super duper fun! 

#1 Taratata Papier Carbone Ring (Typewriter-Grand) Click Here

#2 Taratata Taraboum Ring(Aquarium Fish) : Click here

#3 Taratata Papier Carbone Necklace (Long-Petit) : Click here

#4 Smart Phone Bracelet: click here

#5 Taratata Smart Phone Necklace( Numero): click here

Each jewel comes with a cute little dust bag like this. HAHAHA It looks extra cute with colourful prints like this. So are you ready to see how I style and play with the accessories?? Let's get started!


Bracelet  |
Ring right!! Loving how Smart Phone series depicting the olden days of telecommunication by featuring Bakelite black phone, old radio, agenda paper, pencil and irritating twisted cord handset in a comical and delightful manner. Somehow, it does remind a bit of the “Telephone” music video by Lady Gaga. For this, I am styling with a plain white top with a pastel blue outer so that it looks sweet at the same time and put the attention on the black& white bracelet.


Rings  |
Love cute little things? Then be sure to check out their rings. The aquarium one was one of the cutest thing in the world. It's so tiny and caught my attention once I unboxed my parcel. OMG!!

 Look how cute it is!


Necklaces  |
Lastly it's Taratata necklace. Their necklace is always amazingly colourful and come along with a unique theme and story behind the design. It's time to forget about your tablets, smart phones and let’s get old school! 

The multi-coloured stationary collection recalling my school days with yellow pencil, fancy red typewriter, vintage black fountain pen and quaint exercise books.  

Second necklace is from the Smart Phone series. It's vintage and classic. 

Second outfit style with this necklace from the multi-coloured stationary collection. 

Feel so good to play with the colourful jewellery from Taratata and that's all about my outfit x Taratata jewellery. Big love for both Papier Carbone and Bobine collection and if you wish to get this too ....I have a good news for you guys!!


Just enter the promo code” Chanwon” to enjoy 10% discount off storewide, valid from 30 June to 10 July 2017, while stocks last. Taratata Malaysia ship worldwide with free delivery to Malaysia and Singapore. So what are you waiting for??!! Remember to check for more! That's all for today. Love, xoxo.

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