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21 March 2017

♥ Hello Sweeties   How are you today? I'm feeling 'pink' now because I'm going to blog about the most FAQs on my instagram. I received lots of love and questions from you regarding the pastel edit on my photo and selfies. So this post is specially dedicated for those who would love to know how I edit my pastel photo / filter. I'm sharing this with all of you so you can save this up for your future reference and hopefully in the future when someone ask it again I can directly send this link for them because you's hard to say it but I'm going to blog about it now so you can have an idea on how to simply add a little pinkish pastel filter on your photo.

This is my top secret but you know~ Sharing is caring so I'm using both of this method to get a pastel effect / filter on most of my photos. The first app is LINE Camera and second one is Foodie. Foodie was the one I use the most because I can straight away adjust based on the filter I like and see the effect in real shooting time on my camera. Both are quick and easy and to fully utilise the pastel edit photo, you might need to consider the following items:-

  1. Your photo must be bright enough / taken in a nice natural sunlight
  2. More white than black colour background
  3. More light pink & blue items (can make the photo turned into a very pretty pastel photo)
  4. No green, dark color , ugly color to interrupt the pastel edit

So here's the things that you might need to consider and are you ready for the tutorial?? Let's get started!!


| APP(1): LINE Camera  |

First camera is one of the filter that I love the most in LINE camera app. It's the 'fairy tales' filter. It add a dreamy feeling and pastel filter on the photo and the best thing = you can simply adjust the amount of filter on the photo. In this app you can also add some funny line sticker on your photo like the gudetama sticker that I purchased in this app and adjust the amount of brightness and some other basic editor that you need the most.

Just click on album or camera to put in the Fairy Tale filter. This can turn the whole photo into more pinkish + blue tone. If you wear a pink dress / outfit or the props you shoot was pink / blue then it will looks super pastel until you cry! Your cheeks will turn pinkish too if you selfie with this! 

[Selfie + Pastel Edit on LINE Camera app]

[Shoot item only + pastel edit]


| APP(2): FOODIE  |
I use this the most when I'm travelling to Korea & Japan. You can realise this filter from my instagram photo. Foodie app is not just for food photo!!  I'm surprised when i saw the filter added on my boring photo because it turn out to be so pastel and korean! Like those korean girl's feed on instagram hahaha! So here's the secret to achieve pastel filter photo!! This is a must okay!! Please download foodie because it look sibeh chio for all photography.

To add the pastel effect / filter on your photo what you need to do is just pick either one filter from TR1-TR4. This T series effect is quite similar except the pink shades and tone are diff. 

What I love the most is the real time filter which you can see how it looks like on the phone and normally I'm using TR1& TR2 for food , beach and travel. Remember to adjust the amount of filter too!

This is the before and after filter edited by Foodie! So pastel and korean right???

 Here's another one to show you each T1-T4 filter!

The photo taken from Foodie has better quality than LINE Camera when the sunlight is good enough. Usually I straight away edit it for my facebook & instagram photo. Sometime I use also use if for my blog too. You can read some of the post that I did previously >>> click here or here.

Also, here's another photo I took just now for my instagram posting!

Using TR2 effect / filter on Foodie App

So it's all about my secret for having a nice and pastel feeds photo. Hope this is helpful to you and if you think it's useful please share this with your friends too. That's all for today. See you on my next post! 



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