31 January 2020

Welcome back to my blog my Sweeties💕 If you are sticking with me for years you probably already know that the first post in every beginning of the year will be the highlight and new year resolution. I have been doing these since 5 years ago. Every year I will take a whole day just to do some self-reflection, looking and scrolling through my phone's photo album, putting on my thinking hat and making new resolution every year. Never forget about it and this year too.

This good practice and to-do help me to set my goal clearly and act as a reminder for myself. All these goals keep me alive and motivate me to do more. By reading all these old resolutions and highlights, I can see how much I have grown up. This year I'm seeing all the goals and resolution I set for the past few years, I'm blessed and feel grateful for everything.

2019 has been both good and bad for me. It's a year that to remind me to take care of my health on both of my body and mental. I went through a lot especially suffered from the my face and skin breakout. I remember the whole month I'm waking up at midnight no matter how I sleep I just couldn't sleep well at night. It continues and affected both of my health and hence immune system get affected and I get my skin breakout for the whole 1-2 months. Then in the second quarter of year 2019, I'm suffering from terrible skin allergy which makes me couldn't sleep well at night as all the skin became so itchy at night and daytime.

I remember I'm crying during that period of time and tell myself is okay to take a break and just follow the flow. But that was just part of 2019 and the great thing about it when I look through all these highlight of the year, I realised I have come so far. I have work so hard to achieve things that I want. To be able to chose the life I want to live. This is what makes me work harder and motivate me to go further.

Apart from my health, I think both 2018 & 2019 have been doing good for me. I never feel so alive before and I'm love doing what I'm doing especially these 2 years. I'm seeing myself from a person who say no to saying yes for public speaking, on stage sharing and moving forward to now, I'm able to host a few hours workshop myself sharing about my travel and beauty knowledges. I really love doing it and I will keep doing it until I can't.

Been blogging since 2008. From a person who only talk through my blog, to someone like now. For doing it more than 12 years and nearly 13 years now, without you guys I think I wont be able to achieve that. You guys treating me and may blog like baby, seeing me grown up and join me for my life journey. I would love to say a big THANK YOU to each of you..gratefully! Thanks for being a part of my life and let's grow old together!!


Now let's continue our topic. Here's what I breakdown and try to summary all these highlight that I have been through in 2019. I also insert some small photo for you to recap and if you can remember all of these photo, I will need to give you an award! HAHAHAHAHA It's fun to look through everything I have done for the past year and I love how I can scroll through everything once again before I kickstart the new year with new resolutions.

So are you guys ready?! Let's get started!

1. Solo Trip
The best thing that I ever did in 2019 was spending few days solo with just myself in Japan. I think this is the best self-reflection time ever. I wish to do it once every year so I can really spend time for myself. Also during the solo trip, I got my first experience on visiting to the cockpit aka the flight deck when I'm on my way to Japan with my friend. That's happening during Feb last year if I remember correctly.

2. Engaged to Smelly 
Never though this could happen to me but it did. I'm now having a fiancé but I still always mentioned about my boyfriend rather than my fiancé. Having a engagement ring on isn't just about going to marry to someone I love, it also means that my life is now with commitments and responsibilities. Also able to spend the rest of my life with someone I love. Not sure when is the wedding day yet but I'm pretty sure that I'm enjoying my life as a fiancee right now ☺️ Click here to read my behind the scene engagement proposal story.

3. Bought my own piano and pick up new skill such as dancing
By looking through all these highlight I feel pain for my bank account hahahaha! Always envy about my friend who got piano to practice with in their home. I always dream to have one and I guess now, I'm no longer dreaming as I finally save my own money and get my first piano in my life. It's also my favourite white color!

Remember I told you guys that I always wish to learn new skill as my new year resolution each year. In year 2018 I told myself I have to learn how to dance and guess what, I finally can dance like a human lol Also did two dance covers with my friends. That's how funny I am in 2019 lol. Finally I can dance a little bit lol

4. Got my new house key 
If you read my post about the happiest moment of my life (click here) you probably knew that I have collected my new house key. I was so busy at my work until one point I forgot I need to deal with lots of renovation stuff and furniture things. So renovation actually... just started last month lol. Finally I have time to deal with it and it's why I'm not so active on my blog but things are getting better now so I'm back again!

So excited to share my new house look with you guys. Put so many effort on it and spend so much money to making it look good. Will share more progress with you guys whenever I can. Now just continue praying for smooth renovation and flooring progress.

5. Continue doing what I love. My job + passion 
I love talking and sharing with audience. Just like how much I love talking with you guys. Starting from 2018, I'm always open and so looking forward to workshop , talkshow and sharing session with my readers. In year 2019, I'm doing it again and better. I say YES and challenge myself to be on stage and I also get exclusive invitation to few live shows. Loving how technology changed everything and I'm able to meet each of you myself, greetings and saying hi with each of you.

I did quite a number of travel and beauty related talk, for workshop, both meet & greet session and on stage sharing session. Also get to see for the first time, having my own standee in front of the physical store during these special events I did for some brand that I'm loving with such as Fossil, Mujosh, Nunature and so on. Next, I'm also moving out from just having the workshop sharing session in KL, I'm invited to few sharing session again to both JB and Penang area. Also in 2019, it's my first time having media preview press interview on stage with Klook and my KOL friends.  Live session through facebook and instagram with brands I like such as Klook & Kissa and also One Fm interview and host Matta Fair talkshow sharing session with Cheesie as well. So many first time and I really love how my work open up a brunch of opportunities to my life.

6. First time exclusively feature on Newspaper & Magazine Interview
I thought I got no fate with local newspaper feature even I got once get featured in oversea newspaper but 2019 just surprised me. I finally say Yes again to magazine interview as well as the exclusive interview with SinChew, one of the local famous newspaper. The interview was great and it's more about my work and related to me. 

It's really my first time get featured on local newspaper other than magazine one. Also in 2019, my out of Tokyo countryside travel experience has been featured on the Japan travel magazine, WAttention. Next, I also get the opportunity to be featured on Cosmopolitan, a Malay magazine interview with other travel related people and kol. Proud to be feature on world of buzz news articles as well. As for beauty I also get featured on Sister magazine beauty column with my highly recommendation beauty product. Last but not least, Matta Fair booklet featured related to the Kansai Area Travel experience with Cheesie as well. See all these opportunity that have been given to me. Thank you😭 

7. #ChanwonxBadore Project
In 2018 I'm so proud to launch the #CWkissaLZ collection for clothing line with a local brand and in 2019, I'm so excited as well because have been so busy for the half year just for this #ChanwonxBadore Project. I love working and collaborate with local brand which brings values to people and having same mindset with me. So hard to be able to collaborate and work with such big project. I only can focus one each year and not sure how's everything goes in 2020 but working with both of these projects were the best thing ever.

So many things I learned from these 2 years and to be honest, being the art director, creating story board and making everything from zero to something is a great try and experience. I'm stress but to be honest, really enjoy on each of the progress. From one person to a whole team and working with the same project and adding value together is something that I love to do and passion with. I can't wait for more opportunity like this and able to share all these good brands with you guys! More about the project bts story can found here (click here)

There are few more project that I'm so proud of myself doing it in 2019 such as bringing my whole team to create video content for Doughnut Malaysia in Japan. The video soon to be publish and reveal. Another exciting part is I get invited to Taiwan for the exclusive TryMe new limited edition product launch. So happy to be represent of my country. I really love meeting new friends and building relationships with brands I like.

8. Limited Edition Shampoo with my signature and character on
I remember the first time I'm seeing it on the table and I be like 'wtf, I can't believe it's real'. It was one of the brand that I have been loving and using for a long time. One day they told me, why not you be on the bottle of our shampoo and represent it since you are using it for years. I'm almost cry out loud. Although there are lots of delay of this but finally it launched at the last quarter of 2019. Plus, it's limited edition design and it can be found on Watsons , AA pharmacy and others physical stores. But I guess it's out of stock now since it's limited one.
You guys must be so proud to see this!!

9. Social Responsibility
Practising some social responsibility. It's something that I wanted to do since two years ago but always couldn't know where to kickstart with until all the collaboration with brands that I'm working with last year. We decided to come out with something that good for the society and try to do our part for it.

As a blogger, content creator or KOL, I decided to support all these social responsibility events and campaign. In 2019 some of the campaign I'm working with such as, Nunature RM1 donation for each bottle sold,  Grab campaign to support and help the orphanage house, Eco campaign with Innisfree and so on. Hopefully this year 2020, I can do more for the society and influences you guys to take part with me as well. Finger crossed!

10. Moving to new Studio + Bigger Team
Please allow me to ignore the moving part. It's a nightmare for me during the period of my skin allergy but moving to the new #WONZY Studio with bigger space is the best thing ever I did in 2019. After that, two new team members join #ChanwonTeam and I wish to be able to create more amazing content and info for you guys. Most importantly everyone with the same mindset and goal can create something more and facing challenges together.

Having a big studio also mean bigger commitment when it comes to the reality. Hopefully I can keep doing it and earn a living with my passion!

Oh yea, also the company trip for the first time! Travel with all our #WonzyStudio team members. More to come and I think it's getting hard to get accommodation which can fit in more than 10 pax lol. But I'm looking forward to see each of them growing. I really love everyone in our office. We helping each hour whenever we need help and it's just an amazing family that I'm able to meet them in 2019.

11. New country and Japan prefectures unlocked
Travel is part of my life. Although I found that it's quite hard to work and travel at the same time but thank god, still able to manage it just nice. I realise my body start to become so tired if I travel every month. So I started to take supplements lol. Also get a good rest whenever I can and spending some me me time as well.

There are few country I visited and unlocked, such as Cambodia and Vietnam. A part from that visited to few new Japan prefectures eg: Yamagata, Nagano and Mie. Hope to be able to see the world more and share my travel journey with you guys! More to come hopefully I can unlock all the prefecture before I give birth lol.



  1. Stop buying crap I don't need and start de-clutter my life.
  2. Live in the moment & Be Grateful
  3. Invest in healthier lifestyle (workout at home, eat on time)
  4. Put my phone down. One day break a week without checking emails and Watsapp.
  5. Go to bed happily. Good night's rest as priority and write down things I'm grateful for every night in my hobonichi. Better Mental health. I will try my best to Sleep on time lol
  6. Let go people who aren't making me any better, surrounded by people who inspires me with positivity.
  7. Commit to doing something together once a month with Smelly. Cooking meal together in our new space, going movie together or travel together. As I know I'm too workaholic and also neglect tend to neglect Smelly lol.
  8. Trying something new: cooking (bring forward again this resolution from 2019 to 2020 lol), new workout or exercise.
  9. Do good for our earth. Love our earth.
  10. Read 1 book each month. Total 12 books within a year.

One thing I really learn from 2019 is, focus on mental health and don's stress /over work on things that are out of our control. Just follow the flow and let it be. Finally I make time on this CNY break to think about my new year resolution and reflection about things happened in 2019. I'm grateful for everything and thanks for your love and support over the past few years!

Let's do it together! Now is your turn to write down your new year resolution and a little time for your own self-reflection. I hope at least I did 80% of the new year resolution this year! That's all for today and see you soon on my next post. Love, xoxo.