29 January 2020

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog and I'm back again. Can't believe that this is my first post in 2020. Upcoming I will update my new year resolution again and today I'm going to tell you guys my Top Picks lipsticks over the year 2019 until the beginning of 2020. If not mistaken, I did another blog post regarding my top picks lipstick in 2017 (click here). It was exactly two years ago until recently I got tons of questions asking about the lipstick I'm using through my shoot and my daily choice of lipstick.

For those who always watched and followed my instagram stories, you probably knew it as I shared quite a few times. To make all our life easier 🤣 I decided to update the latest version so everyone can search it back and easier for me to send as a link to you guys. So I remember exactly two years ago, YSL color #12 was my top favourite. I use that almost everyday and it's been one of my favourite daily use lipstick as well.

So here I am, sharing my most recent top picks lipstick. It's now more of a matte shades and dried rosy color tone. Over these two years, the Shu Uemura #585 has been my top favourite.

- #1 SHU UEMURA #585 -

If you really take note of what's my recommendation, you probably knew this. I got this a year ago and I can't stop myself using this. It looks really good on fair skin tone especially when you got minimal makeup. This is really my first orange shades lipstick. It's not the usual red or pink shades I have and when I got this, I thought it gonna just stay there at my vanity table. 

But once I took the swatches photo and sharing the review through my stories, it just keep repeating over and over again on a daily basis. This is the first ever thing I put into my daily bag when I'm out from my home. I honestly can't live without it through my entire 2019.

There are few shades I got from Shu Uemura but nothing can take away the #585 in my heart. I really love this shades as it makes my skin look bright and bring out the whole look really well. But it's not suitable to use when you have thick and heavy eye makeup. Personally I love to apply it with just some basic eye makeup look. When you have heavy makeup on by putting this lipstick it just look completely out and too much.

Here's all my the photo taken when I'm applying this lipstick. It explained all and I really can't find anything orange shades that look better than this on my skin tone.



The second lipstick that I have been loving should be this Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink #14. This is really long lasting and through my pre-wedding shoot in Japan, I'm using one of this to create a makeup look as well. Basically I think this is the must have color no matter what skin tone you have. It looks good on all skin tone from fair - medium dark as well. It's the dried rosy shades that I have been loving over the past few months. 

This is the shades and swatches I took last year and shared it through my instagram. I love how matte it is and when you apply it in 1 layer it looks lighter and if you want to create more of a bold look, just wait few seconds and apply another layer on it & it will looks exactly like the photo above.

Here's the look I created on my pre-wedding shoot using this lipstick as well. I applied two layers on my lip and I honestly think this should be one of the best seller for the whole vivid ink collection. My friends mostly go and get one when they saw me using this through few of my shoots and even the photographer told me that I picked the right color on my shoot. 

So for those who don't like the orange shades #585 I'm sharing just now, here's the second recommendation I would love you to try it out yourself and this lipstick is really long lasting than the rest of my top picks. It just stays perfectly on my lip! 



The next top pick is something I would apply whenever I want to create a 'WOW' look or attending fashion event. It's more of a dusty purple + a little rosy shades. It's totally make for event look or if you wish to look differently on some special occasion. Whenever I'm attend a fashion show event, this is the shades that I would go for.

Photo above can be achieve with just 1 layer. If you wish to have more heavy or WOW look, you can make it darker as well. Just to make sure that your lip is not too dry or cracked when you applying this. Whenever I'm using matte lipstick like this, I will apply my favourite moilip lip balm from Shiseido (#ChanwonTips + #DieDieMust Buy) at night or before the makeup and when applying this matte lipstick I will wipe away the excess lip balm to achieve a smoother lips too.

Now you know what to pick if you going to a special event!


- #4 GIORGIO ARMANI #400  -

People always said that no girls could live without a secret weapon - Red Lipstick. I have so many red shades lipstick and all along that, my top pick will be this special one Giorgio Armani #400. My best friend is a fan of their beauty product and I was surprised when I first try it on from my friend's travel makeup bag and I remember last year I can only get this in the airport so it was actually a gift from here. She knew that I'm eyeing on this for such a long time.

For me, this is the best red shades ever. It's a bright red shades that every girl should have! There are similar shades one from Shu Uemura as well but what wins my heart was the texture of this #400 lipstick. It's sooooo pigmented and I can simply achieve a bold red lip with just one stroke on my lip. Moreover, it can be easily remove with just a cleansing water and although it might leave stains on the cup or my food, but the color still stays there on my lips. Even after my meal, the color might be faded after it but it still look super nice on it own.

For those who looking for a recommendation on red shades lipstick, go try on this. It's really caught my attention when I first trying it on my own. For people who prefer on a more pink + red shades than this bright red one, you can try the same collection one from Giorgio Armani but in shades #409. Both #400 & #409 look good on our asian's skin colour.

Photo taken indoor in the hotel. If you go outdoor or under natural sunlight, it looks stunning!! Really love this #400 red shades from Giorgio Armani. 



I guess now you all know what's the lipstick shades and brands that I'm always using. I'm repeating using it over the year 2019 and even until now. There are few more recommendation for students or people who have less budget, if you are looking something similar to the Innisfree vivid cotton ink #14, you may also try on Canmake Lip Tint Matte color no.4. It's also one of my top recommendation that I always share through my instagram.

I really hope you enjoy all of these recommendation and so happy to be here and celebrate another year together with you all, my sweetie fam! Upcoming will share my new year resolution and the #MassiveGiveaway soon!

Stay tuned!! That's all for today. Love xoxo. I will see you on my next post!

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