A Different Side of Tokyo | Chanwon's Itinerary

13 August 2019

Hello Sweeties✨Welcome back to my blog! So glad to be back from my trip to Tokyo 2 weeks ago and finally I'm done with all the editing. Today, I'm going to share all these secret and hidden gem spot that you never know it even exist in the city of Japan, Tokyo.

As you guys know I have been traveling to Japan for many times, I know everything about Tokyo but if you ask me 'Chanwon, have you been to the countryside in Tokyo?' or ' Any place in Tokyo which is less crowded and more scenery?'. My answer is always 'I guess is No? or Maybe this place does not exist at all?'😳

 was always wondering is there any countryside or less tourist side of itinerary plan in Tokyo. Until this trip, I finally noticed this play does exist and it's even better than I thought. If you are a frequent traveler to Tokyo, you must be always in the city and think of travel to another prefecture just for a nice and peaceful escape on few days to sightseeing and enjoying hot spring. Am I right?

I did that to most of you itinerary in Japan if you realise. It's always few days doing all sort of city to-do and then few days just going somewhere which can rest my mind and embrace the natural breeze and sunlight. I actually shared all this beautiful place through my instagram stories with you guys and many of you requested me to post the complete itinerary I did on this trip to my blog so you can always refer whenever you need.

So yea, it's always the reason why I appear on my blog HAHAHAHAAH! To give you a good guide and show you everything that you need to know / to-eat / to-play. This itinerary plan is suitable for people who are going to re-visit to Tokyo and wish to have 1-2 days break from the busy city. It's just an hour drive away from Tokyo and you can get a nice natural therapy for yourself.

I have been working so hard lately and feel so stress. This trip just amazed me. If I never been to this trip I will never realise how beautiful it is of this countryside of Tokyo. People always shocked that I love kampung kampung area. I do especially if the area got onsen (hot springs) and nice scenery which I couldn't wait to share with you guys.


If you plan to have a little 1-2 days escape from the busy city of Tokyo to have a slower, greener kind of itinerary, then this itinerary will fit you the best and suitable for people who travel with a group of family or friends as well. If I bring my dad over he will be so shock and I feel so blessed being treated with the best weather at all. I went to forest, up on hills, waterfalls and also the cafe that I love the most that is less crowded.

You can take train to arrive to those place but some might need to self-drive. Like the cafe I shared on my instagram that might require to self-drive since it's out of the city. All these spots are full of surprise and you can choose whichever caught your attention and start planning for your trip. Some can spend a whole day there and enjoying the activities, some might be just a half day visit. So if you are interested with this trip that I shared on my instagram. Then keep reading!


So I took JAL flight from Kuala Lumpur. We arrived in Narita airport in the early morning and I booked the limousine bus from the station and gather in Shinjuku Station West. First thing we did was we met the driver and we have a good break time inside our lovely van. It's about  an hour and a half journey from Shinjuku to our first stop of the day!


| #1 Tomin no Mori: Forest of Tokyo Citizen 

About an hour - 85 mins of driving distance, I finally arrived at this magical spot. My mind was like WOW when I arrived in Tomin no Mori, the countryside of Tokyo on the first time. This place is only well known for the local and all of the photo I just no need to worry about the photobomb because just few group of people here. The weather is slightly cold although it's currently summer in Japan.

If there is such a place like this in my homeland I would be mind-blowing because this place is so beautiful like it only exits in the storybook. So unreal by just looking at it. I told myself I must get myself to enjoy everything and this forest therapy just my cup of tea omg! love it!!

This is one of my favourite spot that I visited in this area. Also later on after our lunch we will be visiting one of the Japan's Top 100 waterfall.

We parked our car at the parking spot and take the free shuttle bus up to this hiking and sightseeing spot. Then I just can't wait to kickstart my forest therapy yooo!!

Just look at this! Isn't this beautiful? 

 On the way to recharge my soul.

The sky is so cloudy on the day we visit, if it is clear then you can spot three of this mountain like the photo above.

Totoro alike scene. HHAHHAA

I'm the totoro Chanwon lol

20 mins walking distance to go!!


This is definitely my favourite photo spot ever! It's just a peaceful brown bridge but when I saw these photo I took on my camera, I just go back the place and continue posing to take more photo and show you guys on my blog.

Next, my stomach is calling. So we have a break at the middle of the journey to one of the Japan's Top 100 waterfall. We asked for the recommendation and the restaurant here look really unreal as well. You just look at it on the photo! OMG! How can this even real. I had the best handmade ramen in this restaurant as well.


| #2 Hossawa Waterfall: One of the Japan's Top 100 waterfalls 

Next after the lunch I just get change to this beautiful red dress because I know I'm visiting one of the famous waterfall in Japan and once I go out from my car, I regret because it's freaking cold out there 🤣 So remember to always bring along your outer or jacket with you whenever you visit to waterfall spot. It's so cold but still I enjoyed a lot at this place. I take off my shoe and wanted to dance in front of the waterfall spot HAHAHAHA!! No, it's just because I afraid to fall down since I want to take photo in front of the waterfall lol.

The Hossawa Waterfall is located inside the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. It's also the main attraction for people to visit the park. With a  simple 90 mins drive from downtown Tokyo will take you to this primitive forest neighboring Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures.  

 On the way to the waterfall.

Smelly shot the best side of me hehe! 

The Map

Also, Japan never fail to surprise me. When I thought I missed the peak season for hydrangea and while we are walking to the waterfall front, I spot a whole row of beautiful pink & blue gradient hydrangea. Just in front of me and there are no one standing right here so I can get close to all these beautiful flowers and took few photos with it.

It's so beautiful 😭

I thought this is the waterfall lol HAHAHAHAHAAH It's not so we just continue looking for the direction board and there is a resting area on the way to the waterfall.

5 more mins then we will be arriving to the waterfall front. Can't wait to dip in my leg lol

Oh yea! I'm here at one of the Japan's Top 100 waterfalls. I always believe in natural therapy! Nothing better than taking a deep breath in front of a real waterfall. I just standing there, starring for few second, close my eyes and just focus hearing the sound of the waterfall.

The waterfall is around 60-meter height, which consists of four drops, not only provides an important source of water but tells a legend that has been passed down for ages. Watching water descending down the plunge is truly a spiritual awakening experience. I couldn’t help but shout out inside me: how is it possible that such an amazing view is located in Tokyo! 

Next thing I did, I take off my shoe go up to this spot and start dancing in front everyone! HAHAAHH No la, just joking! I want to take a photo with this beautiful waterfall and my OOTD as well.

📍Hossawa Waterfall: 
Take a Nishi-Tokyo bus from JR Musashi-itsukaichi Station for 25 minutes, 
get off at Hossawa Waterfall Entrance Stop and walk for another 15 minute.  


| #3 Akigawa Valley: The Beauty of Four Seasons 

Akigawa Valley is a 20 kilometer long basin stretching from Tokyo’s Akiruno City to Hinohara Village. The lush greenery, topped with crystal clear waters, is a view to die for. This hideout is quite popular amongst hikers, fishing enthusiasts, as well as campers looking for a scenic campground and memorable outdoor barbecue.   

Sad that I'm here during summer season when you can only see green leaves. I guess Akigawa Valley will be so beautiful in Autumn and during winter. It's the best spot to enjoy the autumn view in downtown Tokyo. You can google the photo of Akigawa Valley, the view and scenery is mind blowing as well. We drive all the way to here and wanted to witness the beauty of Ishibune Bridge, which leads to the famed Japanese hot spring hotel Seotonoyu, is one of the representative views of Akigawa Valley.

The bridge commands a superb view of green mountains and this is how it look like from far.

📍Akigawa Valley: 
Take a bus from JR Musashi-itsukaichi Station 

I google when I'm home and it look so beautiful during winter. The whole bridge covered by the white snow and look super romantic too.

Our traditional tatami stay @OME KAMPO NO YADO 

Second morning wakeup in a full energy level because the first night I had a good hot spring time in this traditional tatami stay hotel. You know how much I love onsen in Japan and the funniest thing aside was it's actually Smell's first time. Since morning I have show him some old picture I took and give him some tutorial on how to enjoy the onsen in Japan.

He was so shy and refused to go by himself but once we checked in the hotel, he realise there is no bathroom in the hotel. AHAHAHAHAHAH So he was like WHAT??? and  being forced to try the onsen. So at the end I asked' how was it?' He was like OMG so good I will wake up in the morning and go by myself again lol.

The same story goes to my brother. I remember my bro was here in Tokyo few years back and he told me he will not naked and enjoy onsen but sekali try, tiap tiap hari mau! HAHAHAHAH Everyone come Japan with me will go through some sort of inside joke and I remember everything. Please welcome Smelly to join the onsen addiction club lol. Next trip with Smelly, I will plan to book some private onsen in traditional ryokan experience also. But first, I need earn a lot money! HAHAHAHAHA because private onsen in traditional ryokan can go up to RM 1000 per night. That's crazy but let me tell you, it worth your money. I tried!!


| #4 Mt. Mitake: The Power Spot

Mt. Mitake Tokyo is an outstanding natural gateway from the central Tokyo. If you take public transport, it takes around 2 hours to be here. If you are driving your rented car, it will take more or less an hour plus to arrive at this power spot.

There are so many activities available in spot. You can sighseeing at Mt.Mitake, walk toward the Mitake Gorge and enjoy all the scene around the walking trail, go to the special up to mountain cable car to get the panoramic views and last but not least, enjoying praying at the power spot at the famous Musashi Mitake Shrine.

From Shinjuku Station to Mitake Station. Then walk around 1 min to the bus stop at Mitake Station and take the bus (around 10 min) to Takimoto Cable Car. The cable car takes around 6 mins to Mitakesan.

The Mitake Tozan Railway Cable Car

This cable car has the best and spectacular panoramic views of the whole Mt. Mitake area. It's so freaking special to me because I never take any cable car look like this before. Just let's the photo do the talking, you see!!


Once arrived here, we decided to look for the famous power spot! To be honest, I never know we could visit power spot in downtown Tokyo because normally power spot is like up from the mountain and super hard to find. Local Japanese people often travel for hours, go to other prefecture just to visit and witness the power spot. I remember during one of my work trip 2 years ago, I visited one which took me 3 hours to drive, walk and find it lol.

This trip into the nature just made me realize that I don’t have to travel far to visit one in Tokyo. To be exact, this power spot was located in Tokyo’s Ome City. This 929-meter high mountain has shrines, quite trails, practitioners’ settlements and historic lodgings catering to pilgrims. Let me bring you to this magical power spot now!

📍Mt Mitake: 
Take a bus from JR Mitake Station for 10 minutes, 
get off at Takimoto Stop and take the cable car headed for Mt Mitake. 

Next to the observatory deck is a shrine with a towering tree of divinity. It is said that prayers for pregnancy, smooth delivery and marriage are often answered here. If you have some time on your hands, you can also visit the Musashino Mitake Shrine or admire the spectacular sight of moss growing on gigantic rocks and beautiful waterfalls. Feel the power of nature and fill up on energy!

I spot the tree which pray for pregnancy and I just run! AHHAHAHAHA But there is one for marriage. So believe it or not it's my first time visiting this with Smelly and both of us just walk toward the tree and touched it.

HAHAHAHA we both look so silly here but we both wish to spend the rest of our life together so hopefully this power spot could answer our prayer one day 💕

 For smooth delivery.

This is for pregnancy. AHAHAHA I think next time only I come to touch you ya because I haven’t get married so can't have baby first if not I can't work lol. Very scare to touch this HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Some funny photo of me taking this human cable car up to the power spot.


| #5 VERTERE : The craft beer heaven

Next thing is something special for me. I haven’t been to any craft beer cafe ever. This cafe beer place has serve the famous local craft beer and food as well. This is the place we took our lunch and pairing it with the beer. I have 0 knowledge about beer because most of the time I will either choose to have plum wine with soda or just red wine lol. maybe sometime apple cider because I don’t really take alcohol but this place completely changed my mind.

The cafe itself look so cute and cozy. If there is such place in KL I will definitely go every weekend HAHAHAHAHA!

This shop selling some merchandise of VERTERE. We will need to walk toward the back and find the hidden entrance of the craft beer cafe! So cute omg!

Once you enter the cafe, it look completely different than what I expected! 

The craft beer menu

Food menu

 Guess which is mine?

The real food size even bigger than what I expected. Also look so yummy in real as well. Normally photo just for illustration purpose only but everything in Japan is just, so honest. Value of money and photo never lies as well.

I spot a corner beside the window has the best ambiance for food photography. So I just anyhow took these photo. I think they can hire me to design the food menu for them as well AHHAHAHAHAH It look prettier and yummier in real as well lol.

This cafe's signature dish.

Enjoying my beer with the perfect view outside of the window. Then after few sip I give the whole thing to Smelly! HAHAHAAH For me it's quite bitter because I simply order the beer by looking at the name lol. I should order the more creamy one instead of this black beer lol.


| #6 Nippara Shonyudo Cave

First time visiting Cave after so many years. I think I visited one in Malaysia when I was still a primary school student with my friends. Time flies and today I'm visiting one of the coolest cave in Tokyo, Japan. I regret with my off shoulder top and luckily I brought my denim jacket over. It's freezing inside the cave tbh. I can't feel my nose already. It's like 10 degree only inside the cave. The natural air-con lol.

Please be remind that it's currently summer in Japan lol. Maybe due to the raining season in early of July so it's cooler than what I expected.

Are you ready?!! Now let's the photo do the talking! I'm taking you over and please follow me to discover everything inside the cave.

 My hand shaking inside the cave because I literally freezing inside. lol

The next day after visited the cave, I can't feel my leg and my muscle super duper pain as the stairs is too much inside the cave. But we walk through everything just to come and witness this special beautiful lighting effect inside the cave and there are so many other spot and name of each diff path too. But I have to walk carefully without taking photo since it's quite dark and wet inside. So here's the photo I took inside the cave.


| #7 Cafe Indigo Blue: ChanwonDieDieMust visit Cafe

If you ever ask me what is my top recommend and favourite cafe in Japan, this will now be the one. I have never ever wanted to sleepover at a cafe but this, is ...just... #ChanwonDieDieMust! It won my heart away and I back from Japan for almost two weeks time until now I still missing this place. Even Smelly told me that we should come back to visit here next time.

The view from the cafe and you thought that's everything? NO!!!!

This is now my top 1 favorite cafe of the year. Before I come here I actually google this cafe and check on the location tag on instagram. For me I was like yea, maybe is just a normal cafe that has the best view in Tokyo but having me in real, coming all the way, sitting down and enjoying the red bean soup in front of this perfect and cozy spot... WOW! I just love it!!

This cozy place has the most amazing viewing point ever and they served special local dessert that comes in many different flavors. If you happen to drive to tokyo, pls come visit this cafe it’s really so relaxing and beautiful.

The view outside of the cafe

No joke, there are two best enjoying spot in this cafe. Yes just two!!! This is one of it and another one taken by a Korean family traveler who came all the way from Tokyo just for this cafe!

 After putting on filter lol

More photo!

 This is the second photo spot I recommended you to take photo!! 

 Our desserts are here! The hot one is mine!

This one I have to recommend for you guys. It's their signature LIMITED EDITION dessert. It's the last one of the day and we are so lucky. It's actually their dessert but serving it & mixing it with egg?!!!! Yes, I thought it's creepy but it taste really good 😭😭😭😭 If you happen to come to this cafe, remember try this okay!!

The second day we stay over at this magnificent western hotel @Forest in Showakan Hotel.

Nearby this hotel there are Aeon and lots of food / restaurant as well. Just take the free shuttle bus from the hotel to the nearing dining and shopping area / train station.

Photo taken in our hotel room! I love the ambiance and lighting!


So the rest of the day we just take train back to the city of Tokyo. Since I'm so used to travel to Tokyo (even I did solo trip to Japan last year too), I'm the tour guide to Smelly . Just bring him around and Smelly keep nagging me to bring him to the nearest UFO catcher place.

Then I also visit to Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, bring them over to Don Quijote to get some souvenir and my daily supplies back to my new office. AHHAAHHA I experience the human traffic jam in Harajuku for the first time. So hard to breath until we decided to walk back to the station and go to somewhere which is less tourist lol. Please remember don't come to Harajuku during peak hour, totally can't move and enjoy at all. I have no idea why because few years back and last year when I'm here it's still not as much as today lol.

The rest of the day is just raining day in Tokyo city. I think it's the raining season during the first two week of July this summer. It's totally not summer at all, weather is perfectly fine except I hate taking umbrella walking around the city. But is okay, I still love Japan like how I use to be!!

 HAHAHA Smelly catches this from the UFO catcher machine. Damn cute!!

Thank you Yasui San the big boss behind this project. Thank you for showing me the hidden spot of Tokyo and planning the itinerary for me and arranging everything and making sure we are all enjoy the trip. I enjoy this trip so much and hope there are more trip like this with you in the future!!

I guess that's all for now and I hope you love everything I shared on this post. If you wish to explore the greener and countryside with less tourist in Tokyo. Make sure to check everything on this blog post and I shall see you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


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