Belif Tone-up Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++

07 August 2019

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog and I’m currently in Japan. No joke man, it’s super duper hot here but just want to share a little life saver that saved my life during this summer!

I have shared this all across my Instagram but I thought I could share more of the review through my blog so you guys can always check it back whenever you want. I guess most of you guys heard of my sharing on the sunblock product for different type of needs and preferences. Today I’m sharing one of my new recommendation for Sunblock. Finally I get to share new thing again and so sorry it takes some time to try and review it. Well, late better than never lol.

I shared about the canmake light-weight sunblock and the magic glow dewy tone up effect sunblock so many time and sometime I still get asked like 'Chanwon, do you have others recommendation? I don’t like too dewy one, I prefer matte with tone up effect so I can wear it everyday and maybe skip my foundation / base makeup sometime?!'

Honestly, I have tried few sunblock but I never had one without dewy. Some making my skin feel oily especially on the T zone which is a big no no!! Some just making my skin feel a layer of sunblock and a little weird on the smells of the product. Some just too little SPF for me. Until I tried this Belif sunblock which gives me a matte and non-sticky feeling on my skin.

I'm really shocked as I just tried their aqua bomb few months ago. I love how their ingredients used on each of the product and then soon, I'm eyeing on its sunscreen product. 

I tried their multi sunblock and tone up sunblock for almost a month. I'm wearing it on two of my Japan trips during summer this year, I wear it to Sunway lagoon with Smelly & my brother. As well as recommending it to my team recently as our office now has too many natural sunlight and we realise all of us getting darker & darker because we spent most of our time working at the living room area lol. So freaking funny and if you watched my stories you will know what happen!

One of my favourite spot in our new office!

So just in time for this summer, I get to review all of these products that I received from Belif Malaysia in end of June. Happy to receive thoughtful PR kit! Just in time for my summer trip. The weather is killing lately even in Malaysia. So sunblock is one of my must-have items. I went to cycling on the second day during my Japan Trip now. My whole body just sweating non stop since the morning 10am. No joke it's terrible and I can't imagine if I get sunburn without applying sunblock. So I just brought over the multi sunblock and the tone up one with me.

The sunblock's size is really cute and I love the packaging as well. Then I just throw it into my bag it's really easy to carry around as well. So here's the 3 sunblock products from belif. All with SPF50 PA++++

  1. Multi Sunscreen+ 
  2. Tone-up Sunscreen
  3. Sunscreen Stick

 Multi Sunscreen+

 Tone-up sunscreen

Sunscreen Stick

Since I always wish to achieve a healthier complexion skin I just pick my favourite, which is the tone-up effect with matte finish sunscreen this time. I really love it because compare to those super dewy and oily one, this is really non-sticky and just easy to apply. I love to apply sunblock on my skin with tapping method. 

Since there are 3 sunblock from belif, you can always go to their counter and try it your own as each individual preference might vary. Some prefer tone up like me, some prefer the normal kind of sunscreen. For lazy people like my Smelly, he think sunscreen stick is much suitable and easy for him lol. I somehow still prefer the tone up effect one from belif because the tone up effect is really natural and not too much. 

I bring it to Tokyo last month.

Sunway Lagoon Day!


I love the pinkish tone of the sunscreen and it leaves my skin a soft and matte look with instant brightening outcome. Damn good seriously and a big big plus point will go to the ingredients used to produce this product. The texture is quite creamy but once you use the correct method to apply it on your skin, it's really not feeling heavy at all. Quite light weight compare to other cream sunscreen.

But if you get use of using gel texture sunblock then you can skip this as this is a cream type sunblock product. If you prefer gel type you can try on other gel sunblock product as well. Moreover, if you prefer a more dewy kind of sunblock you can try the multi sunscreen from belif as well, it's more dewy. If you prefer matte + tone-up then this belif one will be one of my recommendation for you.

Next, some sunblock product will make your makeup look so cakey or have a hard time to put on your makeup after applying the sunblock but this one wont. Even you can touch up the sunblock anytime on your skin as well. But for the touch up sunscreen, you try using the sunscreen stick instead of it because I found that stick product works best when it comes to touch up the sunscreen product outside.

Started with dot-dot and tapping method all around your face. Then you can see how the tone-up effect works on your face. You can also use this tone up sunscreen as the make up base before continue with your concealer and eyes make up.

Left: After Tone up sunscreen  | Right: Before 

The sunscreen formulated without 5 additives (mineral oil, animal derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, tar pigment, synthetic preservatives). So it's suitable for all skin type as well as the sensitive or dehydrated skin like mine.

So if you are looking for a matte finish sunscreen with SPF50 PA++++, remember to check this out. If you don't like to put on any heavy base makeup, you can use this as a base makeup as the tone up effect is really natural and suitable for all the skin tone. If you prefer dewy one then check out the multi sunscreen or the previous sunscreen recommendation I stated on my instagram. If you looking for a sunscreen that you can easily apply when you are driving or on your work, you can try the sunscreen stick as well. It's easy to apply and use compare to other type of sunscreen. If you aren't a fan of cream texture sunblock or you prefer gel-alike texture then this tone up sunscreen might not be the one for you.

That's all about my review and sharing. I hope you enjoy reading this blog post and I will see you on my next post! See ya! Love, xoxo.

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