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14 November 2018

Hello Sweeties ✨ Welcome back to my blog and today I'm going to share some life-changing travel FAQs and hacks for you guys. As you guys know this month was a crazy month for me. Within just 1 months, I travel back and forth within Japan, Korea and Malaysia. It's half self-leisure and half working trips. In the mean time, since it's the beautiful autumn & falls season now I often receive tons of questions related to my travel experience especially the one I went in Japan.

You guys ask for my opinion that which season should you go for the first time to visit Japan. My answer will be either Spring or Autumn. Personally I prefer both in the past but recently due to the overwhelming and amount of people going to Japan in Spring, I slightly prefer autumn nice everywhere is full of reddish, brown and maroon colours. It’s the most beautiful time of the year when the whole country is covered by colourful red, yellow and orange. From nature spots to historical sites such as Kyoto, Okayama & there are numbers of amazing spots for autumn leaves viewing in both Japan.

The weather just nice for us because we no need to wear thick parka and wrap ourself like a dumpling yet looking just nice with a layer of thin jacket. The autumn look extra beautiful in picture and I love how beautiful my instagram feed was during Autumn. Even just a simple photo like standing right above all these autumn leaves can just simply made my day. So for the first timer who enter in Japan, I will recommended either during Spring or Autumn will be the best season and reason for you to visit to Japan.

Next, talking about traveling to Japan. There's some must-do, must-see and must know things that I use to share it with my friends. They usually prefer free & easy! Since I just back from an autumn trip, for this post, I'm going to share some of the Must-do and tips for Autumn trip. Here's the ultimate check list sheet for you.

(1) Book your Autumn trip!

Choose your ultimate destination to go for the autumn season! People usually visit Kyoto and Tokyo for their first time, but I would recommend you guys to visit Okayama in Japan as it is less crowded and it’s really beautiful! Normally I will suggest you guys to book at least half a year in advance but I found a way that you guys don’t need to book so early, save money and take your time to plan your holidays/leaves! Stay tuned for the tips later!

Photo Taken @Everland, Seoul

Photo taken in Tokyo, Japan.

(2)Free souvenir: Collect colorful autumn leaves

Thinking to get a souvenir for yourself? How about a free autumn leaves for you to bring back to your homeland or turn it into a bookmark. Remember to press the leaves between the pages of your book. 

(3) Shop for autumn limited edition snacks 

What about a limited edition snacks? I often get myself some autumn limited edition snacks back! It's only limit to a period of time, mostly you can spot this everywhere in 7-11 or any convenience store in Japan. 

I got this from Okayama, it's the Hiroshima Autumn limited edition's kitkat in Japan.

(4) Japan's seasonal traditional cuisine

If it's your first time going to Japan in Autumn, make sure to try the Japanese Seasonal Cuisine nearby your place. Normally you can get to try their traditional cuisine in an onsen stay. Next, you can notice the autumn decoration, small plate they use is something related to the Autumn season. 

(5) Outdoor mix-gender hot spring that surrounded by autumn colour trees
Yes, this is something new! You will never know how awesome it is to experience the public onsen that surrounded by all the autumn colour trees. 

Enjoying the onsen @Sunayu 砂湯, Yubara Onsen 湯原溫泉 in Okayama, Japan.

Soap yourself into a hot spring in the morning is the best thing ever I did in Okayama!

(6) Visit a garden / park

Visit a garden or a huge park in Autumn is a must for me. That's where you can sightseeing and surrounded by all beautiful autumn leaves. Another photo spot for you to take photo!

 Photo taken in Shinjuku Gyo-en, Japan.

(7) Visit to your favourite Castle

I guess most of you knew that I love to visit unique and beautiful castle. I went to Himeji in May and this time in Autumn, I'm really excited to go to the Okayama castle. This castle is really special as it's the only Black color castle in Japan! So here's the photo of the castle and it look stunning with the autumn leaves everywhere. So glad I'm able to experience this in Autumn. The castle look extra beautiful from my view.

Photo Taken in Nov, @Okayama Castle, Japan.

(8) Fruit Picking Experience

If you love to experience something new, why not try fruit picking during your autumn trip. In Japan, you can enjoy picking fruit such as grapes, apples and peaches during autumn season. That's the best season ever and not feeling hot or sweaty at all.

(9) Wearing Kimono in Autumn

Feel bored with Spring photo? Why not try to wear your favourite kimono and shooting in Autumn. This is the best way to shoot with your kimono. Just stand in front of all the red colour autumn trees or else you can choose to selfie with it. 

(10) Wear your favourite Autumn colour Jacket 

I'm a jacket lover and everyone knows that. I love traveling in Autumn so that I can wear my favourite jacket and turtle neck sweater. In Autumn, I often wear and get the jacket that is brown, red or army green colour.

Or sometime I will put on red colour glove, scarf or hat to match the autumn theme too.

That's all about the to do in autumn. Also, I often heard feedback that it's so complicated to just do the booking and plan the itinerary for trips. Just like me when it's my first time to visit Japan. Everything seems to be really expensive and confusing. I always thought I couldn't make it when I wasn't free enough to deal with all the booking and ticket hassle, to research and wait for special discount on certain times of the year. Now I easily did it with one simple and useful travel application  and I can enjoy discounted prices all year long! No need to wait for special air-ticket discounts anymore! Yes, it's the visa deal app called Pick A Trip.

What I love the most is it allows us to instantly search, compare, book and pay securely anytime, anywhere. With Pick A Trip's transparent fare breakdowns and schedules, we will always know what we are paying for, when and how we will get to your destination. Unlike any other complicated process which require you to enter and looking for multiple app just to simple book your ticket. So much easier!!

One main point is, they offer affordable rates and promotions on par with other travel agencies compared to regular rates offered directly by the airlines. Since it's cheaper and comes with better offer, WHY NOT?! Here's an example of what I have search on JAL website & through the app.

I highlighted and comparing the price between the price book through the app and also the website. I search this as per the day I wrote on this blog post. Flight ticket price go up & down, sometime you can get even cheaper than this. But no worries, every time you read my blog I will confirm that you get more nice deal because since I'm collaborating with Pick A Trip, they agreed on giving RM100 off discount on all flight tickets. Just keep reading and remember to use it to book through the app ya.


To make your life easier, why not let me show you and point out the reason WHY you should download it?

  • Reason #1: Compare different airlines easily
Taking time to do the price comparison between each website is taking too much of time. You need to open your laptop or mobile, enter the website link and waiting it to show you the best and scroll it one by one. 

But if you download the app, just one click through the app, enter the country you wish to visit, the next thing is all about making your decision! Life easier with everything gather in one app.

  • Reason #2: Compare rates between different classes
Move on to the next reason, what else about comparing rate between diff class? That's the super awesome one as again you no need go through all the hassle just to check it through diff website and click on the diff class, what you need to do here is when you search for the price, the interface will show you exactly the classes and price. Just click on each of the label on the same page and that's all!

  • Reason #3: Fast, secured and seamless checkout
After deciding which class and which is the cheapest and most affordable airline, you can straight go to the checkout process. It's so fast, super secure as it's all go through your Visa detail and lastly, the process is seamless!

  • Reason #4: Easy to read itineraries with price breakdown and other information
Before you pack your luggage or if you forgot any important detail or itineraries, no need to click or search for any print screen or click on the website or go through any complicated processs again, just one click to the app and all itineraries showed on the screen! Much easier to read and with all detail stated properly!

  • Reason #5: Pre-save passengers details
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  • Reason #6: Pick your PREFERENCES
If you wondering what else the app can help you? It can even help you to pick your meal. Everything through the app, just choose your favourite meal and stay tuned for it to be right in front of you when you are on board. 

  • Reason #7: Seasonal Promotions and Incentives *THE BEST REASON
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  1. Erm the limited Momiji Manjuu kitkat is from Hiroshima not Okayama.

    1. Thanks for telling Jessie, I corrected it. My mistake, I got it from Okayama but it's Hiroshima Limited edition Kit Kat flavour <3