30 October 2018

Hello Sweeties✨ Welcome back to my blog and I'm so happy to be here again. Yes, I tried my best to come out with two itinerary within a month and I did it. I knew that you guys were waiting for me to complete this 5D4N Busan Itinerary and finally it's here. Without further ado, let's get started!

| Preparation & How I plan my BUSAN Trip
As you guys might be wondering how long is the trip, what to wear, what's the weather and assuming most of you guys never been to Busan before. Here's everything you need to know before your trip and some very good tips to share with you guys.

So before I start with all the preparation and tips. Just a quick shoutout to Korea Tourism Organisation who sent me the super worth coupons book to use during my Busan Trip. It makes my trip so worth it and I normally share good deal or promotion with you guys but this is really different. Why? Because everyone can get this coupon book for FREE. Yes man! Not just free, inside this coupons book has tons of coupons to use Korea including Seoul, Jeju, Busan and etc. Since I cover the Busan area, I will more focusing on Busan area.

Inside this booklet, you get 50% off for the entrance ticket or fees, or 5000 won discount for tour bus and even FREE BUSAN SUBWAY PASS too. I think the Busan one is really so much worth compare to others. So if you are traveling to Busan soon, please get a copy of this coupons book before your trip. You will thanks me for sharing this as I use the free 5000 won Busan Subway Pass to travel within Busan and it save up my 1 day transportation fees. So good thing must share!

Travel with Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) FREE Coupons book

As you guys might notice this from my instagram post or stories, this trip was one of the trip that I save up the most compare to my other Korea Trip. I went to Busan once which was like 5 years ago with Smelly's Family but this time, I decided to go on free & easy travel style. Yes, my usual travel style without paying too much. Also, I never know the coupon book can be so handy and helpful on my trip. It changed my mind and so worth it! Since it's really nice, I really hope to help KTO to spread this around. 

So this is the coupon book and there is free T money card for you to use and also the free 5000 won subway pass I mentioned. There is a list of discount and coupons available for each specific area. If you are interested to get one copy for yourself, just click here to redeem your coupon book!

So this is how kiasu I am to travel with the free coupon book. I just put it inside my bag or backpack then travel with it. Whenever I saw something worth to redeem, then I will redeem for my friends too. I brought two coupon book during my Busan Trip. One for my friend and one for me!

This is all the coupons attached on the book. It included how to go, how to redeem and all detail stated nicely on the book itself. So no worries, if you need any help on itinerary planning or further info regarding Busan or any area in Korea, can always talk to KTO staff as they are really friendly, even help and guide me on my itinerary. While planning for my itinerary, I also check on Korea Tourism Organisation Facebook Account (click here) about the latest place to visit or news regarding Busan. Really useful and I recommended you guys to check it before head over to Korea.

 The famous Busan Trick Eye Museum 25% off discount coupon available in the booklet.

Btw, I get the free subway pass and exchange the coupon for a real subway ticket at Busan Station. The cute little card I'm holding was the free 5000 won subway pass. So cute right!! 

Ps: The DYWK coupon book can be redeemed for FREE if you're traveling to Korea from now onwards to 31st March 2019. Basically you just have to register and complete a survey in order to get the coupon book: For redemption please click on: https://www.visitkorea.com.my/discover-korea-your-way-dkyw-2018/

Traveling Period & Weather

I travel in between the first and second week of October. It was the best weather to travel to Busan as that's the beginning of Autumn. Which makes the weather just right for all of us. I can wear any dress or summer outfit with just a layer of jacket or outer to cover myself. I studied and did research on the weather and that marked the most beautiful period to visit Busan.

But you know no matter how much you plan, there is time where you can't predict the right weather. So I planned the itinerary which is quite relaxing and fun, also we did try the Jjimjilbang (hot spring experience) & some cafe hoping time in Busan too but unfortunately there was a serious typhoon visit on the third so we cancel some of the park visit and didn't able to enjoy the beach.

Typhoon visit on the 3rd day and 4th day of my trip. It cause a lot of trouble for me as most of the places I plan or want to go are outdoor and near seaside. I was sad but still I manage to plan my last min plan and once again, change the itinerary. 

So here's a little weather summary for my trip:-
(1) The first day we arrived in Busan quite late so I just go around the places near by where we stay.
(2) Second day was all day raining due to the typhoon visit on the third day. So the whole day raining here & there until the next morning.
(3) Third day the half afternoon wasted as we can't do anything other than staying at our homestay and only go out after the typhoon visit. So we only went out after the late afternoon.
(4) Forth day, I guess this is the only perfect day where we can really enjoy ourself and go to everywhere we wish to go. Weather was pretty good around 26 degree.
(5) The last day we just pack everything and prepare to go to the airport and landed in KL.

Although there is typhoon visit during out trip, but I still manage to go to 60% of my itinerary except those super far park which got cancelled due to the weather. Plus, I can only go to the seaside on the 4th day of my trip. I hope you guys can be the lucky one who experience perfect weather when traveling to Busan as I checked with the tourism and everything, normally this traveling period is the perfect period to travel but unfortunately everything cause and force to change after the typhoon incident.

Even the umbrella spoiled by the super strong wind lol

After typhoon

Please take note that during typhoon visit day, everything including most of the outdoor activities will closed down until further notice. Mostly they will place their notice in front of the door. Like the photo above. This is the time when we want to take the Busan City Bus Tour and unfortunately it only open on the next working day.

If without typhoon, the weather is around 25-27 degree everyday but at night it will be around 16-18 degree. As long as you cover yourself with a jacket, it should be fine for you.

Flight Ticket

As you might know the only airline that can fly directly to Busan will be AirAsia. So this time, I decided to go for AirAsia as I wish to get a direct flight instead of others. The flight ticket was around RM950 per person with minimum luggage weight. Since I want to shopping there, I bought extra luggage weight so the flight ticket is around RM1200. If you book during promo period with min luggage weight then it will be less than RM1000 per person. 

Budget Planning & Expenses

For the homestay I pick, I always pick the one within my budget. So for a total of 4 night stay in Busan, per pax with total expenses spend on our homestay is RM500. Which is pretty affordable and cheap compare to staying expenses in Seoul. I think overall Busan is really a nice place to visit and I really love their cafe. It's so diff from the one I went in Seoul, Cafe in Busan has a really nice sea view and more big space , cozy and nicer ambiance. Not too city and too countryside. I think if you thinking of having a beach relaxing and fun trip, Busan could be your choice too.

So for 5D4N expenses per person:-
  • Flight ticket RM1000-1200
  • Homestay RM500
  • Transportation RM200 
  • Pocket money RM1K-1.5K if you are not a serious shopaholic
Total Expenses: Around +- RM3,000 included accommodation, flight ticket, transportation fees, food and extra for shopping. 

I think to visit Korea, this amount of money should be just a right one for all of us. Even myself, I do shopping and purchase some cosmetic or mask, I only brought RM1,500 for this 5D4N trip. So if you want to shop more in Busan, you can add on extra pocket money and adjust according your budget. Hope this figure can be helpful on your budget planning. 

Transportation Subway in Busan

The subway train and transportation in Busan is pretty easy. There is total of 4 main subway line, 4 diff color represent each diff line and it's accessible to all of the place I visit. Even bus station is easy to find for. 

Compare with Tokyo subway line this is just a piece of cake lol. So no worries if you plan to travel alone or free & easy, even me can do that and I travel alone on the second day in Busan (if you watched my stories then you know what happen). So yea, happy traveling! 

5D4N Chanwon's Itinerary

So now since there is no more typhoon visit lol. I guess you guys can really use my itinerary on your Autumn visit to Busan. I planned the itinerary to visit seaside cafe, relaxing at the beach, cultural visit  as much as shopping at the underground area in Busan. So feel free to use this itinerary, either bookmarked or print screen it for your own reference. After this, I'm going to more of the detail part of the places I visit and itinerary too. 

As you can see from the itinerary above, I cancel the itinerary for Cruise experience, beach , Bay101 and park due to the unexpected visit of Typhoon. Other than that, it's basically similar and I also added few extra to-do and went to some new places in Busan too. Now let me show you how nice it was to travel in Busan!

| Where I Stay
If you want to have some advice where to stay then you can take note for this. Since my first day visit to Busan is mainly for the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village and their biggest seafood market, I decided to stay nearby Busan Station. You can stay 1 or 2 station away from Busan Station or around Dong-gu area. I wish to show you guys my homestay link but the homestay wasn't available now 😭

As long as per night it's around RM250 for two pax I think it's pretty cheap and affordable. If you love cafe hopping and wish to stay somewhere near and easy accessible to Seaview cafe, you can stay somewhere near by Haeundae Beach. So it's depend which part you prefer and who you go with. The sea view and seaside in Busan is really beautiful and relaxing. One of my favourite cafe near Haeundae was the Cafe Rooftop. Will show you guys later!

So yea that's all about the preparation and info you need to know before I show you the place I visited and thing I did! Are you guys ready for it? Let's get started!!

| #1 Jagalchi Market
If you love seafood especially fresh crab, abalone or fish then you must put this into your itinerary. It's the biggest seafood market in Korea and it was quite big. From far you can slightly see the Gamcheon Culture Village just right behind this market. Actually just few station away from Jagalchi Market.

There are selling lots of seafood and you can see all the seller there are preparing to serve the super fresh seafood for their customer. It's quite a long and big outdoor market. Most of the it has an indoor shop just right behind their stall. So just take a look around and if you prefer indoor, there is a huge dining space right beside this market too. You can easily found it.

 Spot the colourful Gamcheon Culture Village

This is the indoor dining space I mentioned to you just now. It's quite competitive as every shop owner will promote their seafood when you walk or pass by their booth. But just go to any of it as all of them serve freshly cook seafood and please enjoy your first seafood meal in Busan.

 How to go:  Busan line  (1)  to Jagalchi Station, Exit 2

| #2 Must Eat: Fish Cake [Dinner @ Nampodong Area]
Next to do is to try the fish cake in Busan. Busan is famous of its fish cake! It's one of my top to do as I never try fish cake in Busan before. Compare to our fish cake in Malaysia, it's really different in term of the softness, texture of the whole fish cake. In Busan, most of the restaurant come out with fish cake related dish like fish cake with spaghetti or even mixed fish cake hot soup or noodle dish. 

Since it's our first night in Busan, I thought why not to try some of the local dish here. So while walking to BIFF Plaza, I spotted this famous fish cake restaurant in Busan and we just dine in and spend our first dinner in this restaurant. 

 Since 1963 

 Fish Cake πŸ˜‹

My spaghetti is quite different, it's Eo-paghetti. I guess is some sort of seafood made spaghetti noodle that's why it's pink color.

| #3 BIFF Plaza 
According to Official Korea Tourism Organisation, BIFF Plaza is actually a cultural tourist attraction to promote the Korea’s film industry. It was divided into “Star Street” and “Festival Street,” and on the eve of the festival each year the “BIFF Square Ground Opening” is held on the street. During the ceremony, events such as the hand printing of famous movie celebrities.

I decided to come here because I was craving for the local street food in Busan. This area also famous of its street food and some shopping streets around here too. So if you come to Busan, remember to come here and take a look of your favourite Korean celebrities hand print.

It's more beautiful at night with the LED lighting.

 The local street food stall all around the BIFF Plaza.

First night in Busan and here's my #OOTD

 How to go:  Nampo Station (Line 1). Exit 1 or 3 – Shopping street  
Jagalchi Station (Line 1). Take Exit 7, cross the street and you will see BIFF Square on your left. 

| #4 Must go: ARTBOX & Shopping at Gwangbokro Cultural & Fashion Street 
In Japan, one of my must go souvenir or head to toes shop will be Don Quijote while in Korea, one of my to do list every time I'm in Korea will be going to ARTBOX. It's quite famous in Korea and you can found Artbox everywhere. There are souvenir available, cute stuff, homeware, decoration items, calendars and so on.

As long as you love Korean or cute product, I'm sure you can get something for yourself or maybe souvenir for your friends. 

Spotted gudetama here even in Busan. So ended up I bought something for myself as well lol. The one I went was located nearby BIFF Square. 

Also, if you want to get some of the latest trend clothes or more on fashion street shopping, you can walk to the nearby Gwangbokro Cultural & Fashion Street located nearby Nampo-dong. Just near to this Artbox shop.

| #5 Gamcheon Culture Village 
So this is the must visit place in Busan. I thought I will hate the weather (since it's raining all day long) but at the end of the day, I feel extra blessed because it's less tourist or I can say zero photo bomb when I visit to this Gamcheon Culture Village.

I share the photo on instagram, I received many of you telling me that you totally regret on going on the holiday or normal day as you can't even get a nice selfie with that perfect scenery of Busan at all. So consider it's raining heavy in the morning, I think I'm one of the few lucky tourist who came here without any crowds and I can enjoy the perfect view from the top point view of this village. If you watched one of the Korean Drama, then you should know where is this place!

 How to go: Subway Line (1), Toseong-Yeog Station & Exit 6

 The subway staircase

Upon arrival, you can spot this huge drawing map right beside the bus station. 

I'm solo traveler for a day. Pity my friend she was really sick and due to raining heavily in the morning, she decided to stay at our homestay and I'm the super girl who start my solo travel journey for 12 hours lol. This photo taken by a random tourist from Japan, I just help them to take a photo here and asking if they can help me too lol.

 Cozy and beautiful cafe everywhere in this place.

I got no one to talk with and it's start raining again. So I thought of going to the top view point to take some photo before leaving this village and go to enjoy my lunch. Here's the random spot that I spotted and when I go up stairs, there is a top point view! OMG! I'M LUCKY lol

Again, without anyone lol. Normally people come here can't even take a proper selfie because of the crowds lol.

I stand there alone for 30 mins I guess. Then one of the local worker who stay and working here just come & talk to me. We talk for like 20 mins without any language barrier, she can speak simply English and she feel so surprise that I came here alone and all by myself. I was telling her some of the  story of my country and she told me some history about this village. End of our conversation, I decided to ask her to take a photo of me with this beautiful view of Gamcheon Culture Village.

At night it must be soooo beautiful with all the lightings!

More photo spot in this village.

  How to go: Subway Line (1), Toseong-Yeog Station & Exit 6 
Take bus 1-1 , 2 or 2-2 until you see the Gancheon Culture Village.

| #6 2DAE Myung Ga Handmade Crepes 
Wanted to try this 60 years old traditional handmade crepes badly! It's one of the premium handmade crepes in Busan and since I got the 10% off discount coupon with me, I just want to get some souvenir for Smelly's and my family. So ended up I bought sesame and peanut handmade crepes. It's really yummy! It's near to the next place I went, so since it's pass by I bought one extra again on the next day lol.

Street in Busan

 Time to redeem my 10% voucher on my purchase!

My favourite was the sesame one! Healthy snacks!

How to go: Just search on the map and type the address, then you can easily found it.

| #7  Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center 
There are two of my favourite shopping spot in Busan area. One is this indoor shopping at Seomyeon Underground and another one will be the one located nearby Nampo-dong area, which is the Gwangbokro cultural & fashion street.
Since the whole day was raining heavily, I decided to shop indoor! Also, this Seomyeon underground shopping place is linked together with Lotte Department store. So if the weather wasn't good, then this should be one of your backup plan. You can spend roughly 3-5 hours here. Almost half day settled in Busan lol. There are famous Korean cosmetic shop located underground of the Seomyeon station, also about 1 min walk and spot the sign board, you can easily found the Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center.

Just follow the sign board and you can spot this whole underground shopping street right in front of you! Look at the amount of clothing shop lol. Bought some jacket here :p

Linked together with the Lotte Department Store. You can buy anything you want to in this huge department store. Whether it's branded bag or local Korean snacks, shop til drop lol.

Since I'm always a smart Chanwon. Before I shop I just drop by the Lotte Department Store information counter to redeem some VIP discount voucher to use! I just show them the discount vouchers I got in the KTO Free DKYW booklet and they gave me the VIP Lotte department store discount vouchers too.

Further discount! MORE & MORE DISCOUNT! For shopaholic this is really useful! 

Just right in front of the Lotte department store, I spotted this super yummy bread from one of the super crowded bread shop. Everyone queueing for this and I immediately bought one for myself to try! 


I brought only 2 outfit and one sleepwear to Busan. The rest I just bought in Korea. I bought few jacket from this underground shop and most of it were quite reasonable because I can't get similar one in Malaysia. So just shop til drop and get some outfit for my next family trip to Osaka lol.

Sharing some of my favourite underground shop with you guys! Since it's autumn, everything in my favourite earth tone and jacket available everywhere too!

How to go:  Subway Line (1), Seomyeon Station 

| #8  Jjimjilbang Experience @ Shinsegae Spa Land 
So yes, it's my first jjimjilbang experience in Korea. After I tried it's something similar to Onsen hot spring in Japan except you can eat boiled egg while jjimjilbang in Korea lol. Since Bobo was sick, I thought of bringing her and experience the hot spring in Korea so she might feel better. Then guess what, we continuously come to the same place to experience jjimjilbang again on the next two day lol. Yes, came here twice and we really enjoyed it.

She feel much better after the soak into the hot spring water. If you want to experience something diff  please add this into your to-do and itinerary. This Shinsegae Spa Land is really nice, huge and full of facilities to play with. Inside the spa land, there is restaurant for you to eat and more than 10 types of sauna for you to enjoy. Now, let me bring you to experience the Jjimjilbang in Korea with me!

 How to go: Subway line (2) to Centum City, exit 10 

This Spa Land just located right beside the Shinsegae Department Store. Last entry will be 10.30pm but it closed at 12am sharp. So if you wish to come in the morning, it's perfectly fine or else you can come at night after your long walking day as it's really a good solution to treat yourself and after this jjimjilbang experience, you can sleep peacefully throughout the night and feel much recharge on the next day!

The whole experience was pretty good and I see my friend was so enjoy in the hot spring. This SpaLand was build in a really luxury and big space. The price is so reasonable, around 10,000-18,000 per person depending on the peak hour or after 8pm will be in a discounted price. In this SpaLand, you can enjoy all facilities at one price except the restaurant inside or if you need to purchase any drinks / massage service.

Once you enter the Spaland with the purchased ticket, you can spot this shoe racks everywhere around this corner.

Take off your shoes and grab the key with you!

 Here we go!!

Both of us, Jjimjilbang & selfie in Korean style lol

Besides, there are more than 8 types of sauna room. For example the salt sauna room we went and also the Bali sauna room. You can go in one by one and try it with your partner. Also, you can order some egg and eat inside the meeting area. It’s really interesting as Bobo never try any public hot spring before. If you are going to your male friends or bf, each of you go to the hot spring separately and meet at the meeting point or the sauna area together. Or you can meet at the food restaurant too. 

All of the areas are mixed gender except the hot spring area which separate male & female. If you planning to come to Busan soon, remember to put this into your itinerary or must-do list. You won’t be regret! We slept really well yesterday night because of this hot spring experience. You can google to see some of the hot spring photo. We aren’t allow to take photo on that but in public mixed so yea, that's all the info I wish to share with you!

Diff types of Sauna Room

Salt Sauna Room

 This photo taken on the second time spent in Spa Land lol.

Dinner @ the restaurant available inside the Spa Land.

 Last highlight will be the hot spring for foot.

 Choose according the temperature you want! I prefer the hot one as my legs are freaking tired after a long day of walking. 

| #9  Busan City Tour 
So since I have the discount voucher book with me. I thought of redeem the 5,000 won OFF for the Busan City Tour. There are total of 2 line that I'm interested to get on. The red line loop tour and also the blue one. The blue loop tour can bring me to the seaside cafe spot in Busan where I can spend the rest of my day enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or eating one of my favourite cake but unfortunately it's closed down due to typhoon and only available on next working day which is the day I'm back to KL lol. No fate 😭

But for your information, if you have a whole day no plan day or travel with your family, just get on this loop tour and as long as you pay for the bus tour ticket, you can go on & off within the whole day for this loop tour. It's pretty worth it and the original price per pax will be 15,000 won but after the 5,000 won Off vouchers from the coupon book, it cost only 10,000 per person. Around RM37 per person only! 

 I decided to take red line located at the Busan Station. I only know it closed when I'm here T.T


Remember the Cafe Rooftop area I went. There are more than just 1 nice cafe and this area also cover by the Busan City Bus Tour too. It's the (3) Blue line loop area. So if you are interested then you can take note on this as well. Still a bit sad I can't experience and try the bus tour for you guys but yes, you guys can try it if you keen to. lol 

| #10 Cafe051 & Famous Abalone Porridge Shop  
Due to the typhoon, lots of the outdoor activities closed, I decided to hang out nearby Jungang-daero area. It's just few min walk from Seomyeon Station. I called this day as no plan's plan lol. Since we going jjimjilbang after this we thought of just walking around Seomyeon area and found a really nice strawberry milk drink shop and also visit the famous award winning abalone porridge shop in Busan.

I accidentally bumped into this Cafe 051 and at first I thought it's just a normal cafe but turned out their strawberry milk is really good! The interior is B&W theme and the space is really quite small. Just nice to fit in 4 small tables and now let me show you this Cafe 051.

 It's the strawberry milk!

I dont like milk but this strawberry milk is just soooo good!

Next, right after our chit-chat time in Cafe 051 it's time for our dinner! Bobo more familiar with food and restaurant. Since she's sick, and just in the right time we bumped into this award winning porridge shop, I decided to give it a try. Bobo tried this before in Seoul, but it's my first time so let's try this out.

 If you would love to give it a try, remember give its premium abalone porridge a try!

 It's known as slow food in Korean.

Settled our dinner and if you come alone, you will be surprise with the portion of the porridge. So at the end we decided to order just one set for both of us. It's too much to eat this all by myself lol. After all, we went to the Spa Land again lol. Never ending jjimjilbang experience.

| #11 Unlimited refill: Crab Buffet   
So this is the 4th day of our trip. I wanted to bring Bobo to one of my favourite cafe street but at the end we went to the wrong place because the bus station was really confusing but guess what, we found a restaurant that having Crab πŸ¦€ Buffet. It’s a 2 hours unlimited crab refill buffet restaurant. 

The moment I realised we went to the wrong bus lol.

The meat is really fresh as Busan is really famous with its seafood here. It’s also our first time having crab buffet in Korea. 

You can choose either the buffet or the crab meal set. I prefer to go for crab buffet as it cost only 26,000 per person. Around RM100 per pax. So cheap right omg! Unlimited refill some more.

We ate 6 crabs in total. You can refill 3 each time and you have to finish everything first before asking them to refill the crab for you.

The staff even teach us the correct way to eat the crab meat!

I think there are lot of similar restaurants in Busan but if you are interested with this one, this is located at:-

πŸ“Dadaepo Harbor Station, Exit 4. Just few steps further than the Mc Donald nearby the junction.

| #12 Chanwon's Favourite Cafe: Cafe Rooftop *highly recommended   
Mark the last day in Busan, finally a perfect weather to go out and ticked my final must visit / to-do in Busan. Yes, it's my top favourite cafe in Busan. If you really love seaside view, incredible sunset scenery or a relax and good ambiance cafe, then this is the one for you.

This cafe has 2 floors. The highest floor is the rooftop view while the below one has a diff ambiance and interior of the cafe. We went there quite late as it took around 45 mins to travel from Busan Station (since it's seaside it's near the beach and sea). It has a perfect view for sunset , light house and abandoned railroad. There is a rainbow led bridge right behind where I stand. If you ask me to recommend the perfect time to visit this cafe, I will recommend you come right before the sunset hour. Around 4pm!

Now, let's photo do the talking!

I'm blessed for the perfect weather before we leave Busan. It's really beautiful and look at the light house behind me with the sunset! Love it! I keep starring non stop lol.

Dreamy sunset. Thank you!

Almost turn dark and is time to run to the cafe! Must take some photo and show you guys around!

 This is the building of Cafe Rooftop.

 It's located at 4th floor of the whole building.

 The entrance door.

 πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜± So nice right!!

We order a cup of hot chocolate, coffee latte and a dessert to treat ourself. It's our last night in Busan!!

 You thought that's all? No. NOT YET!!
Let's explore the rooftop of this cafe.



 Brought our coffee and chocolate here :p 

Look how nice it is!!

If you love this kind of cafe, remember to include this into your itinerary ok? You gonna love it as much as I do!

| #ByeBye Busan  
Thank for reading my blog post. I hope you can find it useful on planning your up coming trip to Busan. Although the weather of this trip is slightly unpredictable and I force to change my itinerary / cancel some of the place to visit, but still Busan is really beautiful. I'm so happy to treat this as one of my birthday getaway. For a short 5D4N trip like this is really fun. Just a nice length for a short escape and vacation to recharge our soul.

Thank you so much for everything and all your patience! I really love to visit Busan again in the future. Cheers for more sea view and romantic cafe like this. That's all for today. Love, xoxo. See you on my next post!

Map provided by Wanderlog, a travel planner


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