#FollowChanwonTo: Nokonoshima & Nokonoshima Island Park 能古島, Fukuoka (5)

01 September 2018

 Flower Trip in Japan- [Oita: Part 12] + [Fukuoka: Part 12 , 3 4 , 5] + Tokyo [ 1] + Summary Post (to-do/ how plan / expenses)

Hello Sweeties 💕 Welcome back to my blog and here's the last blog post for my Fukuoka travel journey. In this post I will be cover Nokonoshima Island 能古島. Fyi, after the visit to Nokonoshima, the next day I will be head over to Tokyo for another 3 days in Japan before going back to Kuala Lumpur. I was quite surprise of the amount of message I received over the past few months. You guys love reading my travel post and I hope this is really helpful for you to plan for your coming trip as I really recommended Fukuoka for people who wish taking the road less traveled. So are you guys ready to the last part of Fukuoka spot? Let's get started!

Now, the place I'm going to visit is the Nokonoshima Island Park. It's famous on its flower field! When we were researching the details on google, the only thing I get to know from google is that beautiful and gorgeous colourful flower fields. The colour change according each season as the flower bloom differently on each month. But do you know that you can actually spend like maybe 2D1N or 3D2N at this beautiful place? We dont even know because it's sooooo freaking big.

This is what I get from google image

If I knew it, I will make sure I spend another day overnight at this beautiful Island. Actually I just check and get those beautiful spot from instagram and we thought it was just a small small island or maybe just a normal park like the one we visited previously. BUT, when we arrived there and took a map from the info counter, I was like 'OMG, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?'. This one, you can even spend 3 days here just to enjoy all the activities and the beautiful seaside view.

Nokonoshima Map

The place I plan to visit earlier is the Nokonoshima Island Park and the moment when we arrived the Nokonoshima Island, we only realise the park is just a small tiny area out of this huge main island. Yes, it's a whole freaking huge island and the journey & time taken to arrive at this point is quite complicated but no worries. I'm here to help you!

Nokonoshima Island Park

So the above one is the park that we planned to visit (Nokonoshima Island Park). It's located at the top part of the main Nokonoshima Island. There are lots of activities, restaurants and even accommodation / seaside accommodation available at this park. My advice is remember to get a copy of the map from the ferry port's travel info counter. If you ask me to rate this place, I will give it a 5 out of 5 as it's not crowded at all & super beautiful.

Except one thing you need to take note is the blooming time of the type of flower for each month. Some came for Sakura, some for autumn but we all came for the spring flowers blooming period. Which I really recommend if you really love the colourful flower fields. 

Flower Calendar
If you happen to be in Fukuoka and not sure what to do on the rest of the day, maybe could include this into your itinerary as all of us fall in love in this island. You can always bookmark this blog post too. 

You can rent a bicycles and cycling around the main island. Since we only have half day spend in this island, we just take a bus all the way from the ferry port to the Nokonoshima Island Park. If you have time, you can visit and take more time to explore the main Nokonoshima Island. There are tons of activities available in the island and the park itself.

As for the park, it's main highlight will be the flower fields and if you stay longer at this park, you can stay at the island accommodations. For example there BBQ house and also the bayside beach accommodation. There are lots of cafe and restaurant available there so make sure you get yourself the map ya.

We start our journey from Hakata Station. During the journey, we take all sort of transportation including the subway, bus and ferry. You can get every info about how to access to this  Nokonoshima IslandPark on this official website: click here but during that time, I have no idea why I get really confuse between the island and island park. 

So from that detail, I added extra on at the bottom so you can have a clear picture about the whole thing and I added with the transportation emoji so it's easier. Please take a min to appreciate my work because it took me 1 hour to complete it without photoshop lol.

Chanwon's version of guide xD
So that's everything I can do for you guys. AHHAHAHAHA In short, from Hakata Station we need to go to the Meinohama Station by Subway. Then from the subway station, you can ask the info counter to point the bus station for you. Next, from the bus station, you need to go to the Meinohama Ferry Terminal. Lastly, you will arrive Nokonoshima around 1-1 hours 30 mins of transportation also plus all the waiting time for the ferry and bus. 

If you want to look at the flower fields, you need to take another 15 mins Bus to the Island Park. Yes, that's basically everything but there is time table available for each bus and ferry. So please please take note on the time table so you won't miss out the last ferry back.

Time Table

When I traveling to a new place, I always keep my google map app on my phone and also always take photo on the time table so I can always refer back. Also, the time table is for one specific month, when it's not a peak season or any public holiday, the time table might change too. So always take note for it, or else for Nokonoshima Island bus & ferry time table, you can always refer back to the link I linked above.

So I guess that's all about the info part. Now let's start my travel diary! 


| Tenjin
Now let's continue from my previous blog post. The next morning we went to Tenjin to return our Kimono. Since we planning to visit to Nokonoshima from Hataka Station, we actually passed by Tenjin. So I decided take we should take our breakfast and lunch at Tenjin since there are more restaurants and choices for everyone to choose.

Returning our Kimono

So many restaurants in Tenjin and I choose you!

Here's one reason why I can't stop myself from going back to Japan. Clean toilet, good service and nice people. Even in most of the restaurant, there are space for you to put on your shopping or personal bags. Since I'm craving for rice, I just anyhow just come in this restaurant and try their onigiri. This is a very small space but it's really cozy. Plus, extra point for the food!

 My meal

 Our meals

We keep our 30% stomach empty because we would like to try one of the cafe again located at the same Tenjin area. So right after our lunch, we decided to walk back to La Joelle and enjoy our last high tea session in Fukuoka lol.


This is a very beautiful cafe and the best spot for you to enjoy an afternoon high tea with your girls. Gina was a big fan of cafe like this. I can see the reason why she love this! The entrance is super pretty! Let me show you~

The Entrance

There is a minimum order for each person. One drink per pax so if you are entering any cafe in Japan or even in Korea, please take note on this. Other than that the desserts and treats are amazing! It's so yummy and I really really like everything we order. 

 So pretty 😭

Not just the dessert, the cafe itself is really pretty. Every corner look really cute and elegant. Love the French style pastry dessert too. 

Totoro follows me around

After we done our lunch & high tea time, we immediately head over to Nokonoshima. So from Tenjin Station, we take subway first and arrived to the Meinohamaeki Kitagushi Bus Station.

On the way to the ferry terminal by bus

Around 30-40 mins later, we finally arrived the Meinohama ferry terminal. 

Almost there!

Since the bus and ferry time might be vary from time to time so remember to always check and take note of the time table. When we arrived at the ferry terminal, the ferry only arrive 20 mins later. So I just walk around the terminal and here's a candid shot lol. Busy checking the time and also counting the time left before the park close lol.

Spot me :p If you take a look from this photo above, they are mainly local people going to the island and surprisingly we are the only oversea tourists here lol. Also all of them brought their own luggage and I guess we are the only one who bring only hand bag lol. 

Photo worthy spot

Please ignore my sport shoe lol, I dont wear heels when I need to walk a lot lol.

So now we are taking ferry to this beautiful Nokonoshima & then we will need to take another bus to Nokonoshima Island Park.

 I'm so excited!!

 Candid lol

Taking photo of the time table so I could refer and take note on the last ferry time.


Finally we arrived at Nokonoshima! So happy and I spot a rainbow color cafe. It's NocoNico! This island is really peaceful and I'm looking for the local bus to the island park.

We didn't stop at the cafe because the island park closing at 5.30pm and it was 2-3pm that time. So I thought we could stop by here and take some photo when we back from the island park. Next, we going to take the Nishitetsu bus to Nokonoshima Island Park.

Waiting for the bus and if you have extra time, you can actually rent a bicycle or foot walk to the Island Park.

 Even the time table look super cute!

Around 15 mins later, we arrived at the entrance of the gift shop. The bus station is located beside this souvenir gift shop near by the Nokonishima Island Park entrance.

You need to get buy your entrance ticket before entering the Nokonishima Island Park. For adult ticket, it's 1200 yen (around RM45) and it's so worth it because you can spend a whole day in this huge island park. So remember to prepare your money to get the ticket ya.

Entrance Ticket

Besides, you can rent volleyball, badminton , baseball inside the park. If you have baby with you, you can also rent the baby stroller or keep all your belongings inside the locker too. If you come with a group of friends, you can have fun or overnight at the island accommodations.

Since it's Children's Day soon in Japan, you can spot lots of koi fish hang beside the house or shop too.

Mad love the sunlight and also the flowers behind me!

This is what you see when you enter the park. OMG can you spot the colourful flower field?


30 seconds later, I immediately run to the colourful flower field and pls look at it!!! 

I couldn't resist beautiful things like this! Just run!! 




This is Livingstone Daisies. Unlike other, it is a low spreading succulent plant which bears glistening daisy-like flowers in many colours, native to southern Africa. When it's all over the field, it look so gorgeous. You should come to witness it yourself. Now, let the photo do the talking. 

You might not know this but it's so hot during Summer in Japan. I tried my best to cover myself with this beautiful umbrella but still, it's so hot lol.


Next, we walk around and spot another flower field of red poppies and also we are running to find the yellow flower field Nanohana (Rape Blossoms).

Red Poppies

Also, beside the red poppies there is this purple flower field left on the opposite of red poppies. But I'm not really sure what kind of flowers it is.

After that we continue searching for our Nanohana!

This is poppies too but isn't a red one, is the orange - yellow colors poppies.


After all, we follow the flow and enter the Omoide-Dori street. This small village is really cute. The famous Udon Noodle Shop located at this street and there are lots of cute little shops and restaurants here.  Oh yea, all the shops closed at 5.30pm. Remember to take note of the closing hours.

The Six Spirit Statues

 So cute!!

 Toilet :p 


 Flower Calendar 

If you wanna spend a night relaxing at this park, this is one of the rental cottage house available in the island. 

Sunset soon!

We came all the way for this Nanohana 菜の花 but so sad that it's all gone 😭

This is the Nanohana! It's yellow colors and super pretty. But I die die must visit this so ended up Limzy actually googled and we found another one in Tokyo. Lucky me because at the moment I saw this empty field, I'm really sad because I thought I might not be able to see the Nanohana until next year. (It's only available during Spring season in Japan.Which means I might need to wait until the next year.)

In front of this, it's actually a bayside beach. There is a island park camp village located just right beside this area where you can rent a bungalow here. But since this place is closing soon and we need to run back and get on the last ferry from the island, I think I keep this for the next time lol.

 Also, rabbit park just right beside the empty flower field.

It's 6pm now, we rush back to the souvenir gift shop to take the last bus back to the ferry terminal point.

The Gift Shop

Bought this 😋


We are so lucky to be on the last bus! I can't imagine if we can't be back on time lol.

Back to the ferry terminal and the last ferry only available at 7.30pm. One hour left so I'm just going to walk around the Nokonoshima and this is the first thing I wish to do. Visit this NocoNico Cafe!


I'm so hungry at that time as it's dinner time already but I can't find any 7-11 here at the island. So we decided to buy all the rice balls from this cafe and surprisingly it's so yummy. The rice ball is really diff with the one we get in 7-11.

Look how happy I am lol

 We walk back to the ferry terminal waiting for the ferry to come. Look at the sky, it's really beautiful.

Bye Nokonoshima! I will be back or maybe could plan a honeymoon trip here! xD

So it was quite a unhappy day for Limzy because she lost Gina's jacket. The whole afternoon she was really worried about it and we have been searching it at the toilet and everywhere but still can't remember where she put. At the end of the day, we try our luck to ask the uncle standing at the ferry terminal's counter and TAA-DAAA! She found it and the uncle return back the jacket to Limzy. We were really happy about it and this only happen in Japan.

Like got once my friend left her makeup bag in the subway and then she just anyhow just go down from the subway. After 30 mins of walking to the toilet and before we move to the next station, she only realise her makeup bag. Then we went to the office info counter to ask the officers and check for us. One day later, it arrived at station near our hotel and we went to collect it. Nothing gone it's like the whole freaking bag including the money inside the makeup bag still there. OMG This is what I love about Japan. It's safe, clean and I always see my friend left their important stuff there but still able to get it back 😭😭😭😭

A photo of Limzy and Gina's pink jacket! Sorry to say that but babe, you look cute! AHAHAHAHAHHA

At the end of the day, we decided to eat our last ramen in Fukuoka before we head back to Tokyo at 6am next morning. All of us were really sad because Gina going back to KL first and left 3 of us going to Tokyo but I know we will meet with each other when we back to KL.

This is me spending my first day in Tokyo with my super tired body as we only slept 3 hours in Fukuoka and took the earliest flight back to Tokyo. But I shouldn't complain about it since the next day, our dream came true and we visited another huge park in Tokyo just for this yellow flowers. 

Now you know how happy I was during the last 3 days in Tokyo. Thank god I no need to wait another year to witness this. Also I'm so happy that I'm able to share all of these with you guys. Thank you for sticking on my blog for my travel diaries and I guess that's all for today. Looking forward to see you on my next post. Til the next time! Love, xoxo.

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