#ChanwonTips : How I wake up on time

30 September 2018

Hello Sweeties~ I miss you guys and if you followed me on instagram you might know what I'm doing recently. It's freaking busy and I try to stay as productive as possible but sometimes I just hope my body can hold it lol. Yes, I'm not feeling really well. Not flu or fever but I'm lost my voice since 2 days ago. It's been a really bad day for me. It's why I only can talk to you guys lol. 

The past 48 hours, I have live my life with only silly body language, hand gesture and mumbling lol. No one could hear me except I'm talking right beside of someone's ear. Yes, I guess it's because the day before I lost my voice I slept only 4 hours. I dont want to admit it but as time goes by, I fee like my body reach to age 40. My soul and mind is still super young and chio but I just can't be as good as 10 years ago. Or maybe 5 years ago lol.

Last time if I'm rushing for assignment, I can sleep only 3 hours a day and continuously for 3-4 days. I got no problem on that and it took me one day to fully 'recharge' my body but now, as long as I sleep less than 7 hours a day or after 2am, the next day I was like a dead fish. I can wakeup, but the whole body feel really heavy and dizzy. It's so hard to remember things and keep myself focus. That's the main problem and my eyes just need more rest for that. I want to sleep early but sometime the inspiration just came to me at night 😭

The mood of editing photos and videos, brainstorming only appear at night. WHY? I guess it's my lifestyle. At night when I'm on bed, it's either something appear in my mind and I have to wakeup and write it on a note but because I'm that kind of person who always carry something through to the end. Once I start it, I will do til the rest of the day and most of the time I forgot to take my lunch and get scolded by my friends and Smelly.

Getting worst now as most of the time I'm either stuck in the traffic at lunch hour or I'm still in the event. Yes I guess I can only make a diff if I reduce the amount of events and just stay at home. Still managing my time but when I'm oversea, my daily routine is damn healthy. Eat punctual and work in a really good mood except I hate sitting on the long flight time which makes my skin getting worst and doing all the unpack lol. I didn't blame that as I'm having another kind of like & dislike relationship lol. I'm complicated sometimes lol.

So over the past few weeks, I have discover one of my super lame #ChanwonTips which is quite irrelevant but just to share with you guys lol. Just let me say it out if not I'm will fall asleep inside my car. Yes, I type it on my phone's note and later on will update it on my blog, here! 

Ps: why there is some doodle on the photo above? I accidentally insert some font while resizing the photo for this post. But I lazy to send and screenshot again. So pls just, ignore that 😂 I'm really tired but I can't sleep now because it's only 8pm lol.

So this is my alarm these days 😂 Damn early and I'm not even joking. Waking up earlier isn't a problem for me but waking up early with a perfect looking makeup and outfit is something hard for me as I'm really sleepy and thinking to remove it at the end of the day is like what the..... I hope I can just simply draw an eyeliner and attend event but I can't. Not because I look ugly but I look pale, sick and unhealthy when I didn't makeup lol. Also without makeup, whenever I go meeting and appointment clients thought I'm like a 18 years old young girl who know nothing.

Or else it show me less pro and I also dont want to look diff from the photo. I represent myself, I can't risk that. So most of the time I die-die just throw away my pillow, crying hard to take off my pyjamas. But sometime when I'm meeting with closed friends, I will just wear my spec. Or I look at my schedule, if after the meet up I'm not going to any event then I will just apply an eyeliner and lipstick lol. Lipstick is a must.

Normally let say I need to go out at 7am. This is usually my alarm. More or less to have 4-5 alarm. Not over 5 because I'm really OCD, I can't stand if I have too many alarm. I want it to be on ONE page only so I can straight away see the last alarm time and continue nap. This was me 1 year ago.


If I think like this,  90% continue sleep and late! 

Fail: 90%
Success: 10%

#ChanwonTips 1.0

If I think like this, 80% sleep back and be late! 

Fail: 80%
Success: 20%

#ChanwonTips 2.0

If I think like this, 60% sleep back and be late! 

Fail: 60%
Success: 40%

#ChanwonTips 3.0
If I think like this, 50% sleep back and be late! 

Fail: 50%
Success: 50%

#ChanwonTips 4.0
If it's a gathering with your girls

6.10am: Perfect and look good in every photo with perfect makeup
6.15am: 2 app to edit your groupfie
6.20am: You need meituxiuxiu and 4 others app to edit your groupfies
6.45am: No one gonna date you next time xD

To look presentable and beautiful in all angles, I think I won't be late lol.

Fail: 30%
Success: 70%

#ChanwonTips 5.0

'you are going to lose the job'
'you are FIRED'

If I think like this, 20% sleep back and be late! 

Fail: 20%
Success: 80%

In a nutshell, perspective changes everything! I normally using ChanwonTip 2.0 then I will automatically throw away my pillow and rush to do my makeup. But if going out with my friends, I will probably ended up just give up with makeup because I really prefer that lol.

So to force yourself wakeup early, as long as you don't think in a way that ' I can sleep til or I can snooze for 5 mins' then should be no problem. Practice this for 1 month and force yourself go to bed early then you will be as punctual as me. Or else, wait til you reach my age, you won't risk to be late for any meeting or not punctual for a date lol.

That's all about my lame tips! HAHAHAHAAH :D TEEHEE! xoxo


  1. I used to have these alarm too. But I fail every time everyday, except there’s important function in campus. I gonna try this perspective starting tomorrow! Let’s jiayou!

    1. YES MAN! This is my tips to wakeup on time xD