14 August 2018

Hello Sweeties 💕 Welcome back to my blog and I miss you guys sooooooo much. I have been very busy during the past few weeks. Busy with my video projects and working on something that I wish to reveal it on my social media platform as soon as possible. It takes 80% of time and I put more than 100% of my efforts on it. I can't wait to reveal it soon but in current stage, it's still p&c. Please wait for me, ok?

So as most of you knew from my instagram, I just landed in Malaysia few hours ago. Yes, I can't believe just within 2 weeks time I actually travel around the world lol. It's like having 3 days just doing nothing in the flight lol. Honestly, I hate jet lag. It's the first time I'm having serious jet lag in my trip and thank god I have all of you who give me some advice on this. Like for the past few years,  the farthest country I went will be Italy and the time difference is just 6 hours. So it's nothing to deal with jet lag.

This time, it's my first time going to New York. Like my really first time!! Until now I couldn't believe it myself that I just got back from both New York & Brisbane. Thank you my friends and my team who help me during my whole trip, without them I probably going to cry at night for being so tired and suffer with the terrible jet lag experience. lol 

Both Malaysia and New York time zone is like completely opposite. One is in the morning and another will be at night. Like completely diff! I was told to get ready for jet lag and at first I was like, Oh dear, it's not a problem for me. I'm still young and I can overcome it lol. Then guess what, first day I arrived in New York, I'm having my first day period cramps. 

🤬 頭獎都沒那麼容易中!

I feel completely drained of energy. I look terrible with that super large luggage which is full of picnic bags and props lol. Yes, if you wonder why we always look so flawless and fabulous of photo then this might changed your mind lol. My friends were so helpful. I reached New York with my empty brain and mind lol. They did everything for me and I'm blessed. Thank you my team. In return I will work harder and make sure I can help my team grow and create more content all my readers and followers.

Time flies! I'm back in Malaysia now and I thought of sharing some of my story with you guys. Or maybe it's just my personal thoughts now. For the past few years, I always thought like the moon is better-looking in foreign countries than at home. 

外國的天空比較美 外國怎麼都比較好 

But ever since I started my traveling life, I wasn't feel the same anymore especially this time I back from one of the busy city in the world. I don't know why I feel so strong like I love my country more each time I back from oversea. 

New York is one of our dream city. I know everyone love there and I wish to have extra time to go around LA, California or other place out of the New York City. The first night I arrived, I feel so confuse with the people there. Lots of mixed feeling like it's really a busy city and busy until I can't feel the peace. Everyone of us included my friends was looking at the street and be like OMG.

Everyone walking here & there, so rush, horn and traffic jam everywhere. In the evening, when I walk down to the street I saw lots of rubbish / garbage bags beside the road. It's so smelly after 6pm like that. The whole street just reminds me the smelly garbage bags. It's there until the next morning where the garbage truck will only collect in the next morning. The subway was messy, hot , stuffy and I feel so phobia I dunno why. Maybe I use that to compare with the subway in Japan. It's a huge diff btw.

When we woke up in the next morning, the first thing we heard isn't our alarm but the horn sound from the street nearby our hotel. We stayed in a good and really cozy hotel but I miss my homeland so much at that moment. It's like the city is full of people, lots of oversea people not from local and I was like 'this is my dream country lehhhh'. 

But don't get me wrong, I never hate that. I still love New York City as it's surrounded by all beautiful buildings, people was nice, food is great and it still beautiful in my heart after all. Just that if I get to come back again or maybe next time, I will stay somewhere nearby Brooklyn or I should say anywhere that  not so close to the busy New York City. So I could barely feel the stress of the busy city, slowly walk around the place and explore the hidden gem in New York too. 

Every country got their own problems, issues and to sum everything up & after visited so many country, I really miss our homeland , the Malaysian food, people , my family, friends and all of you. Although Malaysia still not as good as others especially the transportation system, the tourism and more but I believe we can still improve from now on + in the future. In a nutshell, I feel so blessed that I'm born in Malaysia.

Like in the past I couldn't never understand this, now I can slowly feel it. I wish Malaysia could be a better place for everyone of us. At least a safer country for all the local. Also, thank you everyone who love all the photo and content we created in New York. So happy to be there and show you guys what and how the country look like. Also, feel super unreal when I was there to see those buildings & scene that I use to watch or see in the movie. 

Thank you New York for the amazing experience and will share more footages and photo + places we went on my blog soon. Feel so sleepy now but I have to hold my eyelid and not to fall asleep before 9pm (so I could get back my usual daily routine) lol. Feel extra cozy wearing my new pyjamas and updating my blog now.

Also feeling extra happy when Smelly came to the airport just to fetch me and my friends. Guess what, my unromantic boyfriend got me a paper rose! He DIY himself and passed to me this morning in his car. I cherish and appreciate all these little things he did for me. So end up I decided to put the paper rose on my totoro and starring it for few minutes straight lol. 這樣子的浪漫我很喜歡 有心意的都喜歡~ 

Other than the happy little things, the unpacking and laundry is the hardest part for me. I'm really OCD on this. Every time I will make sure I get a hot shower before going bed (once I back to my home country) and also do the not so fancy thing like:- doing laundry with my sleeping dress lol.

So after 3 hours of hard work, I finally done unpacked and done everything. I will make sure the white clothes need wash separately with the color clothes. Also, replying all my working emails , scheduling my coming events and schedules, plan for the coming meetings and shoots.

That's all for today. I should continue work on my email and planner first. See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


  1. Happy unpacking and unjetlagging and all the love tp you xoxo

  2. Looking forward to read more about your travelling post to New York and also Brisbane! Rest well☺️❤️

  3. I have a good feeling about Malaysia because of your blog. You're a terrific ambassador, and a fine human being too.