♥20120701♥ Happy Day

01 July 2012

Herloo Peep♥ :3 So how are you today? June ended :) Have a very good starting now! Most of my family and friend's Birthday on June..My mom & my brother too! Just a normal celebration :) Some of the photo with my family! Bought a wallet for my mom and a whole set bling bling blue jacket for my brother!
 I think most of you wonder how my mom look like..So my mom ask me to choose this picture to show you guys cause she look thin in this photo! + the photo took inside the car look more thin with the bright sunlight! HAHAHAHA Happy Belated Birthdaymama :) 
 So next will be my  brother ! Oh..he look good with the jacket! AHHAHAH both of us are the fans of 'secret garden' and i bought him this! Happy to know that he love it :P Happy Birthday Didi (brother)! Please study well now so you can have a good result on your SPM ..After that enter university like me :D then  get married xD Jkjk*
 When we were young... we always argue with each other! I slap him then he slap me back and kick me .___. At night when we sleeping we play pillow fight and then he complain to my mom @@ Can't imagine that he started to grow up become a teenager :P Study hard eh~ dont always play game!!
The chocolate+cheese cake damn delicious leh!
Opps so bright :) It's the filter of the camera! the art filter really damn nice..I have a baby skin in all the photo now :P Hiak hiak* So end of part 1 and part 2 will be the girls outing with flowers!
OOTD :) the top flora get from Cotton On during sales for only RM15 and inner layer dress from mirorcle @Ferenheit 88 ! The dress+ top end up too short then i simply add a pastel color jeans inside..Hope it wont weird or ugly :'( is that okie? Lol
This not me ...HAAHAHHAH I love my fringe but my real fringe not long enough so I just curl it on a side using all my hair on my backside hair part then clip it to a side ! You all can try it too look like barbie on some angle :P
Have a short chit-chat time with flowers @许留山, Pavilion.. Hmmm.. the dessert not really nice actually...Price abit expensive :) We order 3 dessert everything inside the photo + 3 free mineral water..End up total RM46 :O Service charge 10%+6% = 16% that's freaking high for just a small small desert..This is just what we can conclude! AHAHHA you guys can have a try on it :)
 Opps bobo  look so cute in this photo and I'm really like her leopard sunglasses :'( I want i want!! HAHAHA
 Spot my leopard bag! I'm leopard lover! muahahahah~
 So three of us! Rose look thinner than last time we meet.. She did very well in the competition yesterday but too bad I can't watch the whole competition :'( but still we support you! Hahahah
Hell talkative :P 3 of us talking non-stop before we back! HAHAHAAHH and guess what! we meet Iiwen Tan and also Weiwei Hor too! Photo time :) 
 Iiwen & Bobo look alike! My god ~ And Iiwen so cute like a little girl!! Glad to meet them 
Pretty Weiwei <3 I love her eye and Barbie Hair! Omg..feel like kissing her! HAHAHAHA really surprise!
Her Casio Camera is damn cute! and convenience

Have a very great day with all of them! Thanks for everything :) Enjoy the last day of June yesterday and look forward of this NEW MONTH July♥ Xoxo 

Preparing myself and get ready to badminton court again! Exercise to keep a healthy lifestyle!ciaoz