A Day With NEX-F3 ♥ 20120710

10 July 2012

Herloo Lovely :) I'm so exited now!!! Guess what :P I had a awesome day with all my buddy & my new camera~ As I promise I will update a post about it!!So here's the post about my new camera NEX-F3 First time ever got time to try out every function and art filter of the camera and what I can conclude is you WILL NEVER REGRET after bought this camera home! I'm serious and I guess most of you will get attracted by this camera & it's just launch last month! Everyone was like 'OMG..'    [I'm also like--- OMG]

So..I guess this must be a long long post with all crap around and story xD ! I work so hard to save money and hope to upgrade my camera, which is Canon G12! I bought my Baby G12 last year and the camera is also awesome when SELCA! Because it have a turning screen which can act like a mirror when you're talking photo by your own ...in a simple word is just all about SELCA(self capture)..  I bought it at a price around RM1650 and the seller not even let me nego the price ! Pricy @@ 

Besides that I know you guys will ask me why I wanna upgrade it?! I'm still love it so much because this camera is my dream camera [in my wishlist 2011] and also half present from my bf! Is just like our baby which recorded and captured every precious moment with my friends, family and him..But  there're some disadvantages about it ...which is G12 is just a semi pro camera  and can't change or apply any lens on it like DSLR :( Pancake lens and etc..All can't apply .. sign* 

At first I'm so satisfied with it but when used so long I think semi pro can't satisfied me anymore! I wanna to have something like DSLR..Of course not that kind of big & heavy DSLR..maybe something like Panasonic Lumix Series? *wink  GF1? GF2 ? GF3? etc...

Since I'm interested in blogging and also as a blogger I hope to show you guys the real environment of some place or maybe a higher quality photo of a object..I find out Canon G12 really not enough for me after I used it for 1 year.. G12 is really work well for those girls who like to capture self portrait or some family photo [like me :) as a normal needs for you to purchase a camera ] The function like fisheye / color filter = AWESOME..this is also one of the reason why I bought it home with all my saving but When it come to bokeh background or blur blur background with focusing some object..It's show the weakness of having it.. 

I'm trying so hard to search online and ask for the additional lens but G12 have it own limitation :) So I guess it's time to UPGRADEmy camera!     wink wink*

Then I straightly bought GF3 I never think about others problem i just trying to look for a better camera but ignored what i want :'( ! HAAHAHAA what can i say after i used GF3 is just not really like it because GF3 dont have the turning screen which limit me to shoot more SELCA photo :( 

Then i find out that's really a BIG PROBLEM for me having a camera which don't have any turning screen !and that's the REASON WHY I LOOK FOR ANOTHER CAMERA :3 But still the FILTER of GF3 is awesome :)  I very like those camera come with diff kind of art filter because I'm so lazy to edit the photo ! AHAHAHAH filter done everything in 1 snap :P  

So here's some of the blog post I use to update the photo which took by GF3:

If you notice , every blog post above the photo is damn nice right? focus the object so clear and stuff like blur background and filter! :) The products all look so nice inside the photo just it can't SELCA  *SIGN*  !! Because of this... I get back to my Baby G12♥! use that for outing while GF3 use for shooting product or blogging ONLY ! Oh yea..One disadvantages of GF3 the handle part is really not good if you put on a larger/ heavier lens :( It work good with pancake lens only.. Seriously GF1 better! and also about the Selca G12 work more well than GF3 ! GF3 portrait shoot not as nice as Canon G12

Then , I told myself not to waste money again just use 2 camera for diff type of needs! But a problem occur for a girl like me when carry both camera for outing..THAT'S SUPER HEAVY -.- My bag so heavy..I keep on complain and also it's not really good for us travel with 2 camera..Keep changing camera all the time..When I wanna selca take out G12..Then put it back again..Take GF3 open the lens cover shoot the environment or something then put it back AGAIN ... People thought I'm crazy or wanna show that I got 2 diff camera -.- wait ppl come steal my camera -.- But I still calm down myself and told myself DONT BUY CAMERA AGAIN  

*heart break why am i wasted so much money on it..and i keep searching for another camera which function well in both selca ..Just like the combination of G12 with GF3 but not even one camera that can make me fall in love with it..

UNTIL one day!!! I get into a photo shooting session and chat with 2 photographers which using SONY (alpha users) then they intro me about NEX-F3.. I WAS LIKE..WTF?! WHY DON'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER !! I stop myself again for searching the product detail from internet..I'm seriously going to BANG WALL if the camera is awesome enough to make me fall in love with it!

Another day , I saw someone share the link on facebook about this NEX-F3..I got nothing to do..I click it and it's really so interesting ..So next step should be YOUTUBEit !!! Then some video is those pro people talking about the camera..But i skip that until  I WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I'm going to BANG WALL X10000! What the hell? This is super awesome! User Friendly some more! OMG ATTRACTIVE..OMG IS SO ATTRACTIVE! Then i keep look for it but the camera still haven launch yet in Malaysia..So i use almost 1 month time to decide how to GET THIS FREAKING AWESOME CAMERA ..2012 wishlist ! I'm gonna grab it home and kiss it x100000   At the same time, I'm going to bang wall again cause my parent gonna kill me because I keep on buying camera -.- 

Soooooo SOOOOON ! My dream come true ![my savings all gone too ]  I bought it home once it launch ... It was a freaking wonderful day for me..I'm  happy but I'm very worried about it...I scared it wont satisfied me again and I'm wasting my money again!!![ Pk liao lo ] I'm trying to persuade my both parent about how good is this camera then i can hold on my 'braces on' plan and use that money to buy this camera!and of course my heart so pain cause I purchase it with my own savings! My parent may support me go for braces than buying this camera @@ ..

And and!! I need to persuade Mr.Kittytoo because he's the one who fetch me go MID VALLEY ,SONY CENTRE :P And special thanks to my friends Takara for the help! I got special price for that camera :)

Taadaaa:) Actually if compare to others i think NEX-F3♥ is really reasonable & affordable in some way! The normal package come with body and lens kit stuff like that RM1999* but I think mine is more worth cause I took the package which come with an additional  of Pancake lens! & it's only RM2499 but I bought it at a price RM2199!!!!..OMG ! GOOD RIGHT

Really thanks for the discount price and the help of my friends!  Not really much but it's save alot for me! So hurry up if you wanna to buy i think you can just take the normal package ONLY RM1999 leh! Compare to the time i bought G12/GF3 I feel this more worth!

Oppss ! Too much for the story! Here's the camera look like..And i recommended you guys have a visit to Sony Centreand try it out before purchase it! Ask your friends who work @ Sony Centre, you maybe can have some discount too ! HAAHAHAH force them discount to you! Lol


 A bit blur cause I'm using Iphone apps to capture and edit it..Lol hope you don't mind :)

 Left hand side Look


 This excluded from the package but you can ask it for free from them :) Of course I need all that lah! the Gorillapod and also the cleaning kit:P

 Package with pancake lens

 Bottom Part of it

Bag? maybe useless for me cause it's really too big for me..Lol 

If you think those bag and other stuff are useless then Don't want it & ask for a cheaper price :P ask them discount for you and you don't want all that..Remember that you got a free 2 YEAR WARRANTY from SONY CENTREya ! Don't forget this!

Okie..So that's the basic idea of the camera and now I'm uploading the photo with  diff art filter  outcome for you guys :D All photo fresh fresh :P Just took it today morning during my class and also after my class! HAHAAHAHAH OKIE..stop blablabla here! Here's the photos~

P/S : To show you guys the real outcome from the camera's filter effect all photos below are WITHOUT editing :) But I got Resize it because scared loading take too long of your time ! But basically all photo effect is from the camera's art filter : Soft-High Key / Pop Art / Soft Skin mode / Soft Focus / Toy Camera / Retro & etc.. 

The best selca camera ever! Auto edit your face make your skin look more natural and softer :3 AWESOME !!

Soft-High Key♥ :

 Toy Camera filter 

Soft High Key filter again :3 Just love this effect so much!

Brunch today with my coursemate! Photo took by NEX-F3 too <3

 This effect make my panda eye look so ugly :'(

I'm finally making the right decision and I'm freaking love this camera! Welcome to my life Baby F3~ Finally done with this post! Hope you guys enjoy this although it's all about my crap story =.= That's All FOR TODAY! will update more more awesome and chio photo of my life to you guys! Love, xoxo~

Some link/video for you guys as reference :) 

 >>  http://www.mobile01.com/newsdetail.php?id=11984   [very detail about the camera]

Interesting Video :3