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06 September 2018

Hello Sweeties💕 It's been awhile since the last time I blogged about beauty event. It was a great day because I get to tagged Smelly along to the event since he got nothing to do and I need an assistant to help me get a great shot during the event. So I woke up really early and dress in my favourite piece of tutu dress. Everyone looking extra gorgeous in the event and I went there damn early because I don't like to be late too. So this event was a great success and it's D'coeur new scent hair perfume launch. 

I'm so excited for this as I actually received their event invitation month ago! Before the official event 😱 The team who contacted me was super duper nice and I met a lot of friends during the event. Everyone look super gorgeous that day and the event was held @Ritz Carlton. Some more the venue was decorated in my favourite color!! OMG it's damn beautiful and let me show you some of the photo taken during the event.

Everyone look really excited because D'coeur gonna to show us their new scent hair perfume treatment that have been really rare in the market now. The one I tried before was the rose scent but during the event, they highlight the new fruity scent which is more fresh and energetic compare with the rose one.

My #OOTDchanwon

 lots of activities going on but we mainly just taking photo and also this lady is too talented!

 The highlight is my beautiful dress. I actually bought it from Zara...Kids! AHAHAH Yes I can fit in to Zara Kids size dress.

 BTS candid shot of me. Good job Smelly! lol

Thank you everyone who came to me and take photo together. Nice meeting each of you and now that's all about the event photos. Let's continue with my review on the hair perfume treatment! I received this few days before the event and I have been really into fragrance lately but I was really surprise with the hair perfume treatment.

As you guys know I went to hair treatment once every 2 months and if I have free time I will go on every month but due to my travel life, I have been neglect my hair lately. Since most of the time I'm really into trying new beauty product, when I receive this I was like ' omg? got such thing as hair perfume treatment?'

I heard and tried hair perfume before. It's definitely a good product as I love going gathering or steamboat BBQ food date with my friends. Every time after those fun gathering, my hair smells like shit or has those BBQ smoke smells. I remember last time I tried on a hair perfume product in Japan, it smells really good but it's just purely a perfume to apply on hair.

But this D'coeur hair perfume treatment is like a ALL-IN-ONE hack for your hair. It's hair perfume + hair treatment and at the same time it smoothen and treat your fizzy hair like a hair oil. So for me it's like an instant treatment for our hair and when you spray it on, it has that perfume scent also!

The packaging itself is another plus point. It's so luxury and I think this is what the branding and behind the story of this brand. It's actually inspired and formulated in France and made in Malaysia. It's a local brand product but I'm impressed and feel so surprise for its branding, packaging and the whole image. I feel like receiving a luxury gift when I unbox the product for the first time.

First impression was great and I really think the overall packaging and the product itself make a huge different from the usual hair perfume I have seen in the market. The ribbon, the quality of the packaging can really make a huge diff. For me, it's more like receiving a gift than a hair product lol.

OMG!! This is the hair perfume treatment!! Look at the bottle! It look so good and the bottle cap itself can act like a mirror so when you spray on your hair you can use it as a mini mirror.

As for the ingredients itself, it's Paraben FREE, Silicon FREE, NO alcohol, No colouring and phthalates too. It means it's natural and completely good and safe to use on our hair.

When you open the cover, there is the magic spray! Personally I will prefer the rose one instead the newly fruity scent because after I tried both myself, I still stick back to the rose one as I love the light scent of rose on my hair when I use it on my damp, slightly wet hair.

To be honest when I first using it as a hair perfume, the rose scent is too much for me. As personally I prefer something light than those very heavy kind of scent, then I was surprise that it works better on me when I use it as a treatment on my damp and slightly wet hair. Because for the perfume scent itself, if you think of the BBQ heavy smells that stick on your hair, you actually need something really heavy in order to get rid of that. So if you use it on a daily basis like straight apply to your hair, it might be too much for you. 

I try to apply my Jo Malone and Chanel body fragrance first and then only use this product. At the end, I can only smells the rose scent on my hair. So if you are using this product then you can use it alone without applying any body fragrance as the scent can last for hours and just save your money to use another body fragrance again.

Since the first try was too heavy for me, I decided to try it and use it as a hair treatment. So the application method was super duper easy and also the after use, like instantly I can smells the slightly rose scent and really feel the hair texture become really smoother and softer!

  1. For liquid hair product you always need to shake well before using it.
  2. Spray 3 time all over on my middle to end part of my hair. If you have longer hair can spray more. No need to worry about the scent because using it in your damp & wet hair it leaves your hair a nice and just right amount of rose fragrance scent!
  3. After spraying it on my hair, I comb with my fingers. If you prefer you can use a hair comb instead.
  4. Just blow dry and style according your daily hair routine.
You no need to rinse away the treatment. Just leave it after all and that's it. Also, blow dry and style as per usual. It gives you a very luxury rose scent and leaves your hair feel smooth and shine too. Feel free to try it yourself! 


Besides, if you wish to lock the moisture into your hair and keep it extra smooth OR want your hair look healthier with natural shine, you can actually spray it once again after styling your hair. 


As for people who wish to use it as a hair perfume, no worries as it's even easier. Just bring it along and spray whenever you need it. Yes, anytime and anywhere even on dry hair also can! Some time I just spray once in the morning and use my fingers to comb roughly. It really smoothen the end part of my hair. 

Do note that I don't recommend to spray on your hair scalp as personally my hair is really thin and sily, I dont wanna it to be so flat. So I always spray from the middle to the end part. Also, just in case it if you are really sensitive or having sensitive hair scalp then please don't use it on the top part / scalp or roots of your hair because this product isn't use to treat your scalp one. Remember take note of that ya.

Next, as for the size of the product. The rose one (pink cap) is only comes in one size which is the 100ml bottle. For me, it's really big and I don't think I can carry it everyday into my small bag but for backpack size bag or your office wear bag I think as long as you know there is a BBQ gathering or any gathering or food trip that will make your hair smells bad, then just bring it along. 

So I thought I was the only one feeling sad about the size but thank god I went to the new launch and only realise the small bottle , fruity scent actually comes with a smaller size. It's 50ml! Which is much smaller, smaller 50% than the rose one. For daily use at home, you can get the rose one while if you are thinking of traveling or having a small size is better for you then get the fruity one.

I hope they came out with a smaller size rose one as personally I prefer feminine scent but I saw a lots of buyer loving both. I guess just personal preference. But the fruity one does smells really refreshing than the rose one. It smells more unique while the rose one is like a common scent for all.

 For you to compare both of the size. The 100ml (Big / Rose Scent) with the 50ml (Small / Fruity Scent)

 The small fruity newly launch scent is in a white bottle!

 Really enjoy shooting for this product because it's so pretty! AHAHAHHA

I think I will put the rose one at home and if I'm travelling or going out, I will bring only the small one as it's easier to bring around and not to big for my luggage too.

If you are asking me for gift ideas, I guess this could be something really special and unique too. People who receiving this will feel like receiving a high-end luxury product!! Just let the packaging speak for itself.  

So I guess that's all about my sharing and review of these product. Which you guys prefer? A fruity scent or a rose one? Let me know and if you wish to try it out or interested on the product detail, you can visit to the official website click here.

Please get from authorized dealer and you can always check & verify it on the official website to avoid buying or getting the fake one ya. I received mine from this authorised dealer, if you are interested feel free to get from here:-

Watsapp Order: +6 016 532 3979

That's all for today! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.


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