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Hello Peeps! Is me again~ I just came back from Japan few days ago and the reason why I'm here is because there are a super worth ICT Sale coming soon on the end of this month. Guess where is the venue of this super ICT Sale???? I know what comes into your mind now. It is going to be at Plaza Low Yat! The place where I bought all my digital / tech stuff and gadgets. Omg I can't wait to join you on the day too. Just mark down the date on my planner & phone calendar. Also, because it's so worth for my waiting (and yours too) I'm going to share those exciting news with all of you.

So that you guys can get ready for this coming ICT Sale @ Plaza Low Yat, am I right? You won't be regret on this because you are the few first person who know before you go!!! Please save and screenshot this on your phone NOW! HAHAHAHA The event is going to be extra fun because there are lots of activities coming along together with this ICT Sale. It going to be divided into 4 diff categories. Let me list it down for you! I'm so excited to share this with all of you.

| #1 Spend and Win 

I know you might be wondering are you entitled to join in anything when you actually spend your money there? The answer is YES

  1. It's super easy! What you need to do is just spend a minimum of RM200.00 in a single or combined receipt from any of the participating outlets at Plaza Low Yat, bbpark & Federal Hotel Arcade to win latest ICT products from our carnival booths ABSOLUTELY FREE! No hiding fees or cost to join this!!! 

    1. Spending of RM1500.00 above will take part in Category A (two different game booths)
    2. Spending of RM200.00 RM1499.00 will take part in Category B (two different game booths)
    *While Stocks Last. T&C apply

| #2 Hot Deals 

Not yet done because the next one is going to be the HOT DEALS! It featured some useful ICT products and gadgets , for example like power bank , hard disk , bluetooth speaker & so on! I think everyone of us can't live without these gadgets right!!!

  1. What you need to do is just look out on the gadget that you wish to grab , then take a look on the date and price too. The stocks are limited so make sure you go there to grab it as fast as possible!!! It going to be fun and I'm aiming the ALL-IN-ONE printer for RM99 ONLY! OMG where to find such a good deal!!

  2. Did i told you that the prices are as low as RM5.00!!! Also, please remember to:-

    1) Take note of the different selected products on two (2) days Saturday, 30th April and Sunday, 1st May 2016.

  3. 2) Hot Deals will be split to TWO (2) sessions each day
    1. First session: 1pm-2pm
    2. Second session: 7pm-8pm

| #3 Spot the SuperHeroes & Win FREE* Movie Tickets

Thinking of getting a pair of FREE movie tickets? No worries because you can stand a chance to win it home and enjoy the movie with your loved ones. Teehee!!

Don't be surprise because there will be TWO sessions per day: 1pm-2pm and 5pm-6pm so you can stand more chances to win the ticket! Smart!!And, One (1) movie ticket allows entry for two (2) pax. So now the problem is..... I want to win but HOW?!!!


  • Mechanics of the Spot The Super Heroespage1image12040 
  1. Step 1 Spot the Super Heroes
    Step 2 LIKE Plaza Low Yat Facebook page
    Step 3
    Post a photo of yourself with the Super Heroes onto Plaza Low Yat Facebook.

    (Only limited to 30 movie tickets per session!

    *On first come-first served basis. While stocks last. T&C apply. 

| #4 Grand Prize Draw

Done?! NOT YET because this is the last and the prize that caught my eyes! It's the last activity happening on the ICT SALE!! It's the grand prize draw! OMGGGG It's worth up to RM20,000!! Twenty thousands?! Are you serious?

They make it sounds super easy! Just spend a minimum of RM200.00* in a single or combined receipt from Plaza Low Yat, bbpark & Federal Hotel Arcade to stand a chance for:

1)  GRAND PRIZE Home Appliances & Devices worth up to RM20,000.00
2)  2nd Prize RM5,000.00 worth of Plaza Low Yat Shopping Vouchers
3)  3rd Prize RM2,000.00 worth of Plaza Low Yat Shopping Vouchers

Please note that each shopper is entitled to ONE (1) Entry Form for every RM200.00 worth of purchase.
~E.g. RM800 in a single or combined receipts = Four (4) Entry Forms, etc.

Also, the Entry Form must be fully completed and dropped into the “PLAZA LOW YAT SUPER ICT SALE GRAND PRIZE DRAW” box latest by 10.00 pm on 1st May 2016. *T&C apply

Sound amazing? Definitely YES!! Basically you just spend money and join the contest to win something home. So fun to know this because I'm going to spend every single of my money and make it worth for its price! I can't wait to meet you guys soon!!! See you there @ Plaza Low Yat SUPER ICT SALE! Remember to bring someone with you and spread this out with your friend too.

For more information, feel free to click on . That's all for today. Love, xx.



Hello food lovers! Back to the topic, it is my food trip in both Bangkok and Korea and today I'm going to share a popular seafood restaurant that we spotted during my trip to Bangkok. To be honest, I don't usually go for a food trip except with a bunch of friends or family because it's much cheaper compare with just 2-3 person and with more friends, you can try more food and ORDER MORE! It was so fun because I ate a lot of SEAFOOD!! What better than seafood with cheaper price and bigger portion than our own country! OMG

Okay, for your information (as I mentioned earlier on the Chocolate Vile post) it's best to take taxi as your main transportation when you go with a group of people (6-8 persons) because it's more worth and quite reasonable for you to take taxi there. It's less than RM10 per person and you don't have to worry much on that but there are only one thing that I'm not very satisfied... It's their traffic condition. Even a 5km journey can take you more than 20 mins if the traffic condition was super busy and terrible. We planned to visit Chinatown earlier on the second day of our trip because I'm craving for seafood seriously! 

So we wakeup quite early and visited some place in Bangkok which I will cover it on my next Bangkok Itinerary post. After that we reach Chinatown and it was quite scary with the amount of people there. So crowded during this CNY and I swear no more trip to Bangkok during CNY next time. Traffic was terrible , super jam and lots of tourist bus. The taxi driver refuse to fetch us straight to the place we wanted so we have to stop at a place and walk by ourself + refer to the map that we print out before our trip.

We don't have internet access during the whole trip except in our Hotel and we decided to ask people around us. It's so fun because we found that most of the people in Chinatown actually speaks and understand Mandarin. (Of course man! It's CHINATOWN) lol After 25 mins of searching and asking, we reached this seafood restaurant. I was so shocked because not as crowded as they mention and maybe it's still early because that time we reached there was around 5.30pm. So lucky we able to get a proper seat and table outdoor without waiting and standing for 1 hour!

Their opening hour was 6pm onward but have no idea why there are still full inside the whole indoor restaurant. We have no choice but feel blessed even we seat at outdoor. lol Maybe CNY they open earlier I guess? Next, we just sit down and looking at our menu and guess what!! People start queuing beside our table lol.

CROWDED AFTER 6.15pm like that! The waiting line was super duper long and I feel extra lucky for having a proper seat here again. HAHAHAHAHA Then everyone just start looking at each other's table and see what food we order and some even come to ask whether can they share table with us! LOL So funny

 So here's the ultimate menu of TK seafood. HAHAHAH The crab look so yummy and you can choose the size of it. Choose large and medium better because SMALL IS REALLY SMALL and no meat like that one! lol The grilled crab with eggs was super good! I mean taste heavenly + CHEAP!  Not very very cheap but consider cheaper than Malaysia and we try our best to order as much as possible (portion for 8 persons) because I can confirm that end up the price still cheaper than our country lol!

I'm not sure the name of the what we order because we just randomly point it out and order what we think it's nice. Honestly, the grilled crab with eggs really good and the fish we ordered taste so fresh too. OMG REALLY QUITE NICE!! Crab & Fish = recommended!

 #1 Vegetable

 #2 Crab crab!!

 #3 This is the fish that taste sooooooo good and fresh one!




 #8 Best tomyam ever! Not very spicy so I can enjoy this to the max xD

 #9 Their fish really so fresh and yummy, so end up we order another dish again!

So we ordered total 9-10 dishes (I didn't take photo for one last dish because I really don't have extra clean hand to take my camera out and capture it lol) and 5-6 coconut as our drink! Best seafood companion ever! HAHAHAHAHA I took 3 bowl of rice and the crab small really quite small so it's better if you order the large one or medium if you wish to have more meat and bigger portion for yourself lol.

After all, it cost us only RM42-48 per person (total 8 person). Okay,  it's really super reasonable and I guess it's the only place i willing to spend and eat non-stop for seafood. Anyway, we never expect this can be so reasonable and cheap & no wonder so popular in Bangkok. Not over rated and so far from our personal experience it's pretty good except you have to be extra patient when calling the waitress or add any extra order / rice to your table. It's so hard to reach them because everyone was so busy serving their table and you  have to stand up or shout out loud so that they hear you lol. Like pasar malam like that! AHAHAHAHA  Rice serve in a big bowl portion, so you can just estimate whether you need to order extra rice or not. 

Personally, I will wish to come here again for second time if I'm in Bangkok again. Will plan for another food trip again next year and I will come back to you again TK Seafood! HAHAHAHA So, feel free to add this as one of your must-go list in Bangkok if you are seafood lover!!!

TK Seafood @Chinatown, Bangkok

49-51 Soi Phadung Dao 
Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel: +6622234519

Opening Hours: Daily 6 pm – 2am.

How to go?: MRT Hua Lamphong Station or easier you can just take a taxi to Chinatown!

TK Seafood @ Chinatown, Bangkok


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