Friday, January 23, 2015

Chu Lip | Cutest lip balm ever

 Hello my little Sweeties How are you today? I'm so happy to be here today and so excited now because of this sharing post. Today, I'm gonna show you a cute lip product that is a MUST for everyone of you. No matter who you are , how the day is~ I'm sure you need a LIP BALM to moisture your lips, RIGHT?

Normal lip balm just way too normal and now with this Chu Lip from Japan ,I never fought that applying a lip balm can now be in such a fun and cute way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Guess what!! It available in four attractive colours, each comes with its unique scent. It's depend on you whether which colour and scent you prefer.

 Gimme Gimme Gimme more~
This cute dome-shaped balm is so attractive and smells REALLY GOOD! This just makes me want to use it over and over again and now we will never forget to apply our lip balm. HAHHAAHHA Such a brilliant design~

If you wonder~ In Japanese the word ‘Chu’ means KISS ya~ I know you are familiar with this because we all use this when texting with our friends , family or boyfriends!

Not just good in looking!! All Chu Lip lipbalms are formulated with delicious blend of recipes as well as enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips.

The Chu Lip lipbalm comes in a fun and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula. Apply it just like kissing the lip balm.


- Smells SUPER GOOD -
 *make me feel happy*


Please allow me to talk more about each colour of Chu Lip~ I'm loving this so much!!! The four colours are Pink, Red, Purple and Green. 

 Purple – Arabian, Floral Shower and experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.

Pink - Paris, Perfect Memories to feel the eternal love with sweet berry scent with its unique mix of raspberry and peach flavour.  

 Green - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia and enter the world of fairytale surrounded with refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango. 

Last but not least, Red - NY, Brilliant My Way and be dazzled with the powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose. 

No matter who you are, what job you had , you will always need one of these in your bag. I use it before apply any lips colour. Use this as a base to moisture my lips first then only carry to the next step of my make up. Other than that I personally loving the berry scent and refreshing scent one. I use the berry scent when I hang out with friends and they asked me about it too. Next, for the refreshing scent I use it for normal day. 

Each ChuLip suit for diff occasion and depend on which colour you prefer too! It's a daily must have for moisturised lips.

 You can collect them all and mix and match the various colours to accessorise your desk while caring for your lips.

 So now which ChuLip is your favourite??   *don't think too long, just grab it all*

AHAHAH So a big love and thanks to this lovely Chu Lip. I'm in love with it and it will be at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM25.90 each.


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dé MAKER @ Lake Fields, Sungai Besi | My 3 Tone Red Hair Transformation

Hello Sweeties This probably the last post you can see my long hair that I keep since the past 22 years. I guess some of you might be curious for the reason. Some thought that smelly dumped me! AHAHAHAHAHAH Fyi, it's all because I really envy those who able to carry a short hairstyle rather than the long one and I'm getting tired with my long hair. So I just cut it short! To be honest, I'm in love with it and most of my friend asked me did I regret on that. I said, NO! I never regret as I promised myself I have to cut my hair short before I married HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wanna see whether I can carry and style it out anot. See whether I more suitable on short or long hair. The answer never make me sad and it increase my confidence I guess I could tell you that I feel I'm pretty with long and curl hair but short hair make me feel fresh and even prettier in that. Actually not pretty la is more mature and CHIO when I style it with any outfit.  But I'm curious why people regret on cut their hair short, for me I think it's pretty good and easy to manage too.

Maybe long hair look more girly i guess. But hair will grow one ma! So don't worry if you're in short hair because you should feel proud of it since some of the girl never dare to try short hair look. Okay, back to the topic, before I cut my hair shop I went to Sungai Besi, Lakefields for a friend's salon. My pudding hair during that period was super ugly. So, I decided to try out their salon.

It's been awhile I didn't update about my hair post because I can't think what to do with my hair. Since I'm always sticking with my old hairstylist I decided to step out from comfort zone and find some inspiration and new hairstylist to style my hair. So I keep on searching and within that 5 months I received some of the email on trying new salon. I didn't accept that because you know...I'm quite choosy and I want something new.

So this De MAKER is one of the hair salon that I went to give them a try. Bobo told me that Dezh is a nice and humble guys and he's good in that. I went there and you know I always stick to someone who can help me cut my fringe / bangs nicely. It's very hard for me to let someone cut my bangs because it's the most important part of my hair! LOL Since I decided to get a new look with new hair colour. I just told him to cut my bangs and give me a new hair colour.

My hair faded and also black roots came out A LOT! I keep waiting for a new colour for my hair. I told him I don't want bleach , No brown colour anymore , No yellowish and I just wish something make me more mature. (I think i told everyone to make me look more mature lol) So here's the before hair~



Another big change for me I guess. The best part is I never mention what I want and this is quite scary but he make me look more charming with just a few touch on my hair colour. He surprise me with a 3 tone red and a darker maroon at the bottom end part of my hair + medium red + bright red highlighted on some part of my hair

Here's the photo without any filter

So nice right? With the previous hair i look pale and i NEVER ever dare to try red colour. BUT this is just so nice and won't look like "la-la" at all. It make my hair look so  healthy and no more pale!! Never bring my camera there because at first I'm just want to try once but end up decided to blog about it because of his skill and also I'm loving the colour plus the price was reasonable too. For those who stay nearby sungai besi or KL maybe you should make an appointment with them before this coming CNY.

All photo below credits to my iPhone lol. Hope you don't mind the quality ya~

 For those who went there for the treatment you can actually get this free ampoules for your hair. It's from korea and most happy is I'm loving their treatment machine. It's like 水分子打進頭髮 machine. aka prosynergy treatmentIt actually require someone who help you to massage your hair and at the same time holding the machine and keep repeating the same circular motion all over your hair. Didn't take photo for that because no one help me take the photo llolx


Sorry for my double chin and pale face because never apply any lipstick lol. But from my personal experience Dezh was a good hairstylist because he very concern about our hair. Actually I require to try like a dip dye hair and he ask me to let go the idea because it's more important to look healthy since my hair quite damage (also because i never go treatment for the past 5 months lol ) You know because of my job it's important for me to change my hairstyle and colour but sometime I feel sad because it also damage my hair.

So normally I'm always did at least one treatment per month so that I can dye 5-6 times per year. Please don't learn me because it really damage one's hair so better don't simply bleach again and never do treatment after that. It's a long term homework for every girl I think. Apart from that, no matter it's related to what I always looking for a good , comfortable and friendly environment. Dezh make me feel comfortable during the whole conversation.

I really hate changing hairstylist but if the salon no longer provide good service and work I will never want to share about it with you guys. I'm not going to lie this because it's bad if you go there and end up you feel disappointed on that and I'm also the one who need to take the responsibility. That's why normally i won't go new salon except I tried and experienced it. If you go there please get in touch with Dezh, he's a shy and humble guy :)

Guess now you got another alternative to try out this salon. 

Oh yea talking about the price they are having new year promotion. Normally before CNY everything increase their price. The place that I went to cut short my hair was slightly pricy because it located at Bangsar. This is much reasonable so i THINK it's the best to share with you. Especially CNY coming you have to be prepare with a brand new pretty hair right?!! 

Promotion valid until 6th Feb only. This salon located at the same row with the bites cafe @Lake Fields, Sungai Besi. So maybe after or before your hair transformation you can also visit the cafe :p HAHAHAHA Good idea hor~

Before I end with my post let me show you more selfies photo with my previous 3 tone red hair :3


So, for those who interested and looking for new and nice hair salon this would be one of the alternative I recommended for all of you. Just telling them you're looking for the director , Dezh and please told him not to be shy and I'm loving my red hair too!!! Will be back there again for treatment~

De MAKER Hair Studio

 36,Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
The Trillium,Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur .

For appointment please contact 03-90554701


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