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[FAQs #2] How to sell Pre-Loved /Old Clothes Online

Hello Everyone, how are you today? Probably everything back to normal right? Holiday this few days and I know some of you actually want to extend your holiday. I still enjoy and spending my precious time with my family and friends this few weeks. I'm having another bazaar on this coming weekend and I decided to come out with this blog post because it's always your FAQs. 

If you notice, I had a fb group which selling my own pre-loved / brand new or second hand clothes. Previously I just have fun selling them online but within this two years I joined a lot bazaar and had a blast with that. Some of you actually email / inbox or msg me whether that I can help you to sell some of you pre-loved clothes or you might be curious how I usually deal with it.

So here's another post about it and I hope you enjoy this as much as you can because you know~ girls spend a lot on clothes and with that opportunity of selling some of you pre-loved clothes online you might be able to take that amount of money and get another new piece of cloth then at the same time space save for your next item.

You might be curious how come every 1-2 month I have almost 10-20 pieces of clothes to sell online or having bazaar each every 2 months. It's because some of the clothes were too recognisable and i can't wear it for the second time to event or maybe I should really get something that can mix & match so that it's not that recognisable. lolx

Btw, I'm a kind of person who only buy for something that I really like. Once I bought it ..I mean I really don't want to let go it or sell it but due to my job I really need to do so in order to get new item at the same time my room too small so I only allow myself to get new clothes IF ONLY i'm able to sell the old one. lol

會花錢也要會想辦法賺錢來花 I remember 2 or 3 years ago I received few comments or inbox msg asking me whether I'm too poor OR too in love with the same piece of dress..hmm it's because I always wearing the same one over & over again for diff events then the reader comment like that. I feel very curious too how come I wear the same thing for diff event. It's too recognisable. So from that day onward I keep on experience myself and selling all my pre-loved and brand new items online.

Here's a post that can conclude my 2 years experience on HOW TO SELL PRE-LOVED CLOTHES ONLINE. So i'm here to share some of my tips with you :) Hope you like it! Let's get started!

#1 Never expect to gain any profits from selling it
First thing ever...Never expect to get any profit from selling it. Fixed assets have its own depreciation rate and of course clothes have that too. I never expect to gain anything from selling it online or selling that on any bazaar because most of the time when you sell it it's something that you willing to let go for and get a small compensation to get a new item that can fit into your wardrobe.

For example I bought this top for RM49.90 if I sell it for RM45 even it's new and I feel really waste if I'm selling it cheaper than that. I can tell you no one will be interested on it. Because people only interested on it if the price is 50% cheaper than the original price even it's new. It's my own experience lah. Last time I hope to gain profit too but maybe out of 100 people only 1 people might interested on it.

For my case I always selling it 50% cheaper from original price or sometime just between the price range of RM10-25. Maximum 25 except those branded one maybe will be a little bit higher because if it can't sell I just put it inside my wardrobe without wearing it. Why not I let go it with a cheaper price for the buyer? Yea...

So end of the lesson, never expect to gain from it.

#2 Iphone editing apps and collage
Most of you told me that you don't have time to take photo of all your pre-loved item.  I guess this is the main reason why your item can't sell. There are so many phone application can help you to take and edit your photo. The simplest way for me to do editing will be using an iPhone apps such as Insta Collage or Camera 360 to edit all my photo. First you need to take 3-5 photos of each item. You can either wear it or put it on the floor nicely with a plain background. 

Next, using a collage apps to combine all of the photo. The best one will be 3 in 1 (3 diff angle of the item into one photo) so people can easily see it and make their decision. Then, after edited all the photos into few collage, you need to proceed it to a photo editor to tone the brightness , sharpness of the photo. 

Remember not to over tone it if not people might end up complain that why the actual product diff from the photo. lol

#3 Diff angle and position of the pre-loved item
Since you want to sell it online the important thing will be taking few photo of the item from diff angle. For example (the photo above) left side I will put a full body photo with normal outfit matching the item that I want to sell then the right side photo will be some detail of the item i want to sell. 

Keep in your mind usually when you shop for something such as a short pant what you looking for? The waist length? Knee length? Design on the back or front? detail of the pants? If it's what are you looking for then present it out in your photo. For example the photo above if I want to sell the top I will be first took a full size photo > snap the bottom part of the top > snap a close up photo of the top + pattern / design / special on it

#4 Mix & match the item
 I know this is the hardest way for you because I feel so lazy to do this too but this's the fastest way to get respond from buyer or your friends. Most of the time the item that sold out first will be the item that easily mix and match.

Simply snap some #ootd photo by matching it or wear it in few diff ways so that people will know it's worth to get one too. But sometime I'm so lazy I will just write it in a caption. lol

#5 Discount or FREE POSTAGE or FREE GIFT
Everyone love discount but since it's pre-loved item + the item REALLY really cheap means that you can't really give lots of discount for them but you can do in such a way by telling them they can get FREE shipping or a mini gift to show your appreciation for them.

Most of the time I will pay 50% of the total shipping fees. For regular buyer that always buy my item I will alway give them FREE SHIPPING but sometime some sweetie just buy 1 item RM10 also want to ask for free shipping. That really make me feel super mad because WAHLAO RM10 STILL FREE SHIPPING MEANS I CAN GET RM4 only -.- then I rather give that to charity so I save my time to post photo and drive out to post office just to post it for you lol

Another way will be having a discount like 
-' BUY 4 FREE 1' 
-' BUY 1 for RM25 , BUY 2 for RM20 , BUY 3 for RM18 per piece'
-' 3 for RM50

In this way people can easily get what they want just comment on the photo below and no need keep counting for the amount because everything stated there clearly. 

#6 Fully utilise your social media platform
It's not a business but it's a interaction between you and your friends/ follower. Let them know you trying to sell your pre-loved item online. Increase their awareness but don't tag them on fb or what just share it out on your insta or Facebook or twitter.

You can open a pre-loved album on your Facebook then when you upload it you can do a 'PREVIEW' photo on your insta so people will go and look through your Facebook album.

Remember include the faster way to let them contact you if they're interested on it.

#7 GET READY and Be patient 
2 years and I always remember the first time when I'm trying to upload it online. I wait for 1 hour only got 2 person who interested on my item. I uploaded 20 items only 3 respond. Guess my item too too too old fashion or else my photo look really dark so they can't see it clearly keep ask for a close up photo. HAAHAHA

Everything need extra time and work hard on it. Just remember once you uploaded it you must be stand by wait for people who comment or contact you. Once they contact you, YOU MUST REPLY them immediately if not 70% they will cancel and say BYE BYE with you. You know sometime 買東西需要的是衝動 if you reply them too late they might not interested on it le :'(

#8 Show your appreciation to them
By writing them a small note with your own hand writing (even it's ugly lol). You will feel so happy when someone interested or have the same fashion sense like you. So in return, write them a small note or surprise them with a small cute item to cheer them up. People can feel it when you send them some love in the parcel. Always remember to show them you appreciate it.

#9 Pack carefully & nicely and deliver it on time
Always pack it nicely if you're selling your bag remember to put some extra care for the item. If it's fragile item make sure you put some bubble wrapping paper on it. Tell them once you get their payment you will deliver it out on the next day. 

#10 Join some pre-loved selling group on Facebook / pre-loved app
This is another alternative way to get faster respond because fb group have lots of buyers and sellers. The buyer base already there so what you need to do is understand the rules to sell it inside the group or you can download a phone app 'Carousell' to sell or exchange your item with others. It's a good apps too. Lastly you can google some of the website can let you join and become one of the seller to sell your pre-loved item too

#11 Join bazaar as vendors
This is another way to get your thing sell but to be honest I didn't get as much respond as selling it online. But some of my friend do earn a lot when selling it on bazaar. Sometime I really feel so frustrated when someone trying to negotiate a RM8 top for a cheaper price with me. You know RM8 really really super duper cheap and i DON'T KNOW WHY those auntie still want me to discount more. But I do enjoy the precious chance to meet some of you at every bazaar that I organised or joined. 

#12 Never give up on selling your item
You might think I'm crazy but I tell you every time I can't sell a certain item I will keep going and never give up to snap new photo / ootd photo of the item. Like last time I wanna sell the flora top I got from korea but i ALWAYS CAN'T SELL IT. For the past 3 time i UPLOADED it on my insta / group no one interested about it -.-

So I tell myself not to give up and bring it to a new background to snap again and create a new caption & FINALLY congrats to myself I'm able to sell it out for my 5th time of upload @.@ You know sometime it's all about FATE to meet someone who interested on certain product. lol

My own schedule on selling my pre-loved online
Spend 3-4 hours take and get all things that I willing to let go 
Spend 2 hours to take photo / ootd / close up photo of each item. It's best to have 4-5 diff photos of each item
Spend 1 hours to collage it , tone the photo with some phone application such as VSCO , Camera 360 , Meitu
Spend some time to write a small note and get some free surprise item attached together with the parcel
Shoutout on Facebook tell your friend that you're going to upload it on which day and what time
Spend 2-3 hours to sell it online including upload it , give them a caption , think for a good attractive caption, searching for some extra photo on how to match the item
Packing for the parcel and double check all the receiver's address and item 
Post it out on the next day and send them their own tracking number

This can spend up to 1-2 days in order to get ready for it. I hope you like this kind of post so after that you can enjoy shopping again. Get more item and MORE SPACE for you to grab new clothes! HAAHAHAHAHAHAH It's all about how you spend your time to appreciate every item you bought and let go it with lots of love. It's not easy but soon you will get used to it :) If not you can always let it go to your relative or give it for the purpose of charity!

Hope this can help you sell off some of your pre-loved item ya :) I love shopping for pre-loved item too because most of the time I meet people selling all product that REALLY SUPER DUPER CHEAP one!! and also some free gift that I love! muahahaha

Before I end with this post i want to say THANKS for those who bought any pre-loved item from me since years ago. Thanks for all your love and support and it's really happy to know you like my item and have the same interest as me. I really hope that all of the item can get a new owner and can't wait you to create your own OOTD look with all the item that you got from me. Love you all without you all I can't get to invest in new clothes and nice outfit now :) I LOVE YOU *BIG HUG*

That's all for today. Love xx.


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Emjoi Divine Hair Remover | Tried & Tested Review #2

Hey Hey my sweethearts  I know you have been waiting for this because I told you on my previous haul post about some of the product that I bought from Supermodels Secrets ( First thing I did was searching for a hair styling iron and next will be every girl's need item. It's hair remover product. I think most of you know that I have been trying out and getting my hair remover done by Strip but after that I received some of your feedback ask me to intro some cheaper way to say Bye bye with your armpit hair & your leg's hair.

At the same time I guess it's the best way to get it done when you're at home. I know right you might be shy if you going to those hair remover shop to get it done. So yea~ Another choice will be getting it done AT HOME. So what you need should be a tweezer! But for my case even tweezer also can't 100% remove all my hair (especially my armpit area) My armpit hair can continuously grow nonstop and look like a male's armpit hair. *wtf

Sometime hor~ I also very lazy to remove or I forgot to remove it and my parent or smelly will O.O when I raise up my hand. I won't feel shy for that but I just feel annoying. WHY CANT I LET IT GROW?!!! It's really tiring and painful when you need to use tweezer to remove each hair ONE BY ONE. Some small and thin hair really can't remove one :'(

So other than tweezer I also searching for something known as an automatic tweezer or epilator. Thanks god I can get it together with my previous haul from supermodels secrets. That's the reason why I have a reason to review this for all of you because IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!! 

End up I bought this Emjoi Divine Epilator (USA)There are few reason why I bought this home and here's some of my thought and after-use review.

#1 Nice design and easy to use - PINK! I love pink...Anything in pink will be one of the best thing ever in my life! lolx okay i'm serious now! The main reason why I picked this was all because of the application of this. What you need to do is just turn it on after placing 3AAA battery then you can simply turn on/off and can adjust the speed of it. The design of this easy to use with our human hand especially the curl side design. 

#2 Easy to clean & Hygiene - This package included a brush for you to clean the epilator. What you need to do is just open up the cap then clean it with the brush.

#3 Speed - Adjustable speed will be another reason for me to enjoy this product. For armpit hair I mostly use speed 1 if there are some thin hair or hair that can't remove by the speed you can increase the speed to a faster one. 

#4 Can be use for many diff area - Not just armpit hair you can use it to remove individual hair from the upper lip and chin area , bikini area , leg or hand & etc. But before apply it on any area make sure to hold the skin taut with one hand ya :)

#5 Small , Easy to carry - Of course the size of it should be just nice for me. Very easy to handle and carry around to any place too.

#6 Made in USA - Good quality and warranty against defects in material and workmanship lasts one year from the date of purchase. 

#7 Minimize pulling and discomfort - The design of the massaging finger function can minimise the pain and pulling discomfort during epilation.

#8 Reasonable Price & long lasting -  The price that I purchased during promotion was quite reasonable and cheaper than the original price. So please get it now because they're having a raya sales / promotion. You can't get this price outside in the market!!

Even it's super nice there are always a pros & cons of every product. Here's some of the minor cons of this product. Firstly, it's not waterproof. Means that it can't fall into water and because of that it's not prefer to use inside your toilet if not you might drop it into the water. Another thing will be it's not chargeable means you need to always replace your battery with a new one. But this two cons doesn't really effect my decision to purchase this because IT'S STILL AWESOME & nice to use.

 Thanks god it save my life. Previously every week I need to use tweezer to remove all my underarm's hair + I can use up to 30 mins- 1 hours just to get it done. wtf?!!! It's true because my armpit hair grow really really fast :'( Genetic problem how I wish I'm a male T.T I know other than that you might want to see some before & after photo. I wanna show you my hand's hair but it's not clear enough...

So hor...please stay calm and I feel sorry to show you my armpit too -.- But I sacrifice for this review since armpit hair will be the most obvious one. Let me show you my underarm.. *awkward moment*

Sorry..I feel awkward now! Lol mix feeling whether should I upload this before & after on my blog. But you know...I just can't wait to show you the feeling of having a CLEAN & NICE underarm. lolx I never let my hair grow this is my usual armpit hair once every week. It naturally grow like this every week. Means every week I need to remove it by my hand but now NO MORE WORRY BECAUSE I BOUGHT THIS!!

Today is my the 14th day after using it my hair seems grow slower than I use the tweezer because when I use tweezer I can't remove 100% of my armpit hair. I just can't finish remove everything but since I used this it removed my hair from the roots so it means that my hair will take more time to grow up lolx. *tears* I want to kiss supermodels secrets now!! It's just TOO AWESOME!!

Bear in mind, after removed all the hair your armpit are will turn a little redness but don't worry you can apply some toner that use to minimise the pores one and let your skin calm down for awhile. Then you might get your CLEAN underarm back!! HAHAHAHAAH For a long term or if you want to prevent unwanted hair growth you can purchase the EMJOI AFTER EPILATION CREAM too.

 So overall, I give this a 4.5 starts out of 5 because I JUST LOVE IT! It's another long review post but i really really want to thanks god that I found something to do with my underarm hair. lol For those who interested you can get it on the link below and remember to grab this during their promotion period now! You might save ALOT $$!

 Oh yea!! Remember to quote my name & enjoy special 10% off


Special thanks to supermodels secrets for the special discount to all my readers!!

That's all for today! 
Love, xx. 

Be your own kind of Beautiful,
 By Chanwon 


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Japanese Snacks Haul - HAPPY BOX ♥

 Hello Hello my Sweethearts  HAHAHAHAAH I hope to stay calm but I just can't calm down myself when I talk about food or snack! Remember my previous post about some Japanese product haul (click here) from It's been awhile til now but still I can't say no for that. I always craving for diff kitkat flavor that not available here and craving for my korea market o snacks too! Arghhhh~ Damn it!

So yea, it was a surprise for me!! Guess what I received their HAPPY BOX this morning. It's their new concept that gather few snacks together to come out with a HAPPY BOX. Just like our monthly beauty box but this is all about snacks from JAPAN! ALL FROM JAPAN and the price is super reasonable because everything you can't get it here.

I hope daph will make a monthly happy box for all of us so we can try different snack each time and then just decided to get a bigger of full size one. I'm shocked that they even included some product that I always craving for. Plus, a nice greeting postcard for me :( Melted my heart

 Products Included  
 -Gummi Mallow (5 flavor box)
-Gummi Mallow (Limited mango)
-Syally Mate Leopard Printed Cookies
-Oreo Matcha bits sandwiches/cookies
-Choosy Lip Mask (Honey)

Cute Postcard with Daphnefroggy's hand writing

This Gummi Mallows are super duper tasty! I never try anything taste like this and the packaging still so nice too. I'm quite impressed by Japanese snack and food! Look so 精緻 at the same time taste super good. This gummy mallow was super Q! I tried the mango first and it taste + smells like a real FRESH mango. Besides that the middle part was actually a marshmallow plus a layer of super sweet mango covered all over the white marshmallow.

 This mango flavor = LIMITED EDITION only available during summer time. 
Not just mango this marshmallow still available in diff flavor :)

 Tokyo Banana product -Langue De Chat Cookie
 Came with two flavor each flavor = 4 pieces. I think all of you noticed that I tried almost each of the flavor of their tokyo banana and I think their biscuit taste good too. Very crispy I love the white flavor one!! I also love the 白色戀人 biscuit which also only available in Japan. Maybe my next order will order that!!


 Japan always came out with new flavor one! So nice!

Photo do the talking... I really think I shouldn't talk so much at first! lolx Not just some limited edition snacks this happy box still got a lips mask for us!! Wahlao I think it's quite new for me to receive a box that full of secret japanese snacks at the same time everything also taste super nice. Seems better than beauty  box :p because this can eat but those beauty product we can't eat and taste anything! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *slap me pls*

nom nom nom~ Arghh everything = SUPER AWESOME!!! I think that it's another way for me to release my stress + pamper myself with some tasty snack from japan. I'm very satisfied and impressed with this new HAPPY BOX because I think I still can't find any monthly box included diff kind of japanese snack like this...yum yum yum~ 

So for those who wish to try japanese snack or get any japanese product you can always contact my babe daph!Feel so happy finally I got a chance to grab any product from Japan! Contact her through LINE- daphnefroggy or follow her shop on Instagram @walkinjapan_com (here)  That's all for tonight's update :) That's all for today. Love, xx.


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