#ChanwonTips: How I Clean with Suzuran Baby (Baby & Mama Edition)

17 May 2023


Hello Sweeties~ I know you missed me a lot, and I'm finally back with lots of useful content to share on my blog. It was a great time to update my little baby diary, share some mama useful hacks, and make recommendations for #ChanwonDieDieMust. While planning for the rest of my content, many of you asked me about some frequently asked questions (FAQs) through my Instagram DM and email. So, I thought, why not post all the information in this post and share the link with those who need it in the future.

So yeah, for those who have followed me for years, you know I'm easily allergic to dust and my skin is quite sensitive. Rashes and itchiness can come back to me quite often if I don't keep myself clean or the environment. That's one of the reasons why I always look for something that is gentle and suitable for my sensitive skin.  

Then, I gave birth to our daughter Reii. Most of the time, I really worry about her getting rashes on her skin or face. Therefore, I did a lot of research on the baby products and brands that I bought and used on her skin. As she's just two months old, which is considered a newborn baby, their skin can easily get redness and become dry. So what's the product that is suitable for super sensitive newborn skin? Even baby clothes need to be washed separately with non-chemical detergent and all that. So basically, that's always my main concern.

So, I asked my friends for their must-have baby products and brands, and the first thing they mentioned was the must-try Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton. They said it's the best one ever, and they even use it on their baby's mouth. That's how I learned about their famous baby Wet Cleaning Cotton.  I also remember seeing this brand, like, a lot of times when I wanted to send some practical and useful baby gifts to my friends. Then, when we were on our babymoon trip in Japan, we spotted this brand literally everywhere in Japanese baby stores. It's one of the well-known brands in Japan, and I'm so glad that everyone can get it in Malaysia because I need it every day to clean my little ones.

| What is Suzuran Baby ?

Suzuran Baby is founded by Suzuran Medical Inc in Japan (over 180 years of experience) which providing medical grade cotton products to both hospitals and consumers. With over 100 years of research and dedication, their products are thoughtfully designed to cater to baby’s needs. They produced all premium quality products through selection of high-quality raw cotton and strictly monitored production process to ensure all our baby has a tender care from the start.

Here are a few reasons I love Suzuran Baby's products:

  1. Safe for newborns (from 0-month onwards)
  2. All made from Japan medical grade cotton that's soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin (100% Japan Medical Use Standard)
  3. 100% pure cotton + Antibacterial baby essentials 
  4. 100% natural, gentle and non-allergenic
  5. 100% free from harsh chemicals, making them safe and gentle to use even on extra sensitive skin or bad skin condition.  


I really love their baby wipes because they're gentle on my baby's delicate skin. Even when I'm having a bad skin condition, I tried using Suzuran Baby and was surprised that it's really useful not just for our baby, but also for me as a mama.  

Overall, Suzuran Baby's unique selling points are their use of natural and safe ingredients, attention to detail in design and functionality, and commitment to safety and sustainability. As someone with really sensitive skin, I was worried it would pass down to my baby girl and cause her to suffer from eczema and rashes. That's why I make sure to use the right products, and thanks to all of these benefits, my baby is able to grow happily and healthier without eczema and rashes now. 

I truly believe that a happy baby without skin irritation problems makes for a happy mama too.

| What Suzuran Baby products I used to Clean my baby ?

I'm so happy that I tried their product from day one, both during my postpartum period and on my newborn baby. I still love using it until now. That's why I can come up with such a detailed post from my personal experience. There are so many great products that I've gotten from Suzuran Baby, including their cotton cotton gauze products such as the Gauze Short Undershirt and Gauze Handkerchief. As for their cleaning products, I want to give a big shoutout to both the Wet Cleaning Cotton and the Antibacterial Cut Cotton.

I'm using both of these products on my baby, and so far (touch wood) she hasn't developed any rashes on her skin or face. I'm really satisfied with the results and until now still using it every day to clean her. During my postpartum period, since I had a c-section, I also used both products to clean my wound and ensure that it healed nicely and cleanly.

Since I use Suzuran Baby products every day, I also share my experiences on social media. I often get asked about the difference between their products and how to use them on both mama and baby. Some people may be confused about when and how to use them. That's why I decided to create this Baby & Mama edition of #ChanwonTips to provide a little guidance for you on how to clean with Suzuran Baby. I hope it will be helpful as well. 

My top-favourite cleaning product out of all is always belong to this Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton. It is a pack of 30 sachets (60 pieces) disposable cotton pads that are pre-moistened and made with 100% pure cotton and contains only 100% purified water, which is sterilised with high steam pressure and individually packaged in alumina packs for hygiene purposes. So it's really gentle and safe to use even on our newborn baby's gums and tongue. 

1 pack of this alumina pack comes with 2 pieces of Wet Cleaning Cotton

The packaging is so convenient and hygienic! It's important to have products that are easy to bring along with you on-the-go, especially when it comes to baby care. Not just babies even on adults as well, I found this is the must-have items for all mama and baby especially in our mama's bag as well

If I didn't give birth to baby Reii, I really don't know we need to clean our newborn's mouth and tongue every day. I thought they only need once they started to eat food but in facts, starting good oral hygiene habits early on can help prevent future dental problems for babies. By using Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean your baby's mouth and tongue, you are helping to remove any bacteria or milk residue that may be left on their gums and tongue after feeding. This can help prevent the buildup of plaque and promote healthy teeth development. Additionally, it can help prevent bad breath and keep your baby's mouth fresh and clean.

Since it's sterilised, it can use to clean on baby's mouth or sensitive area such as eyes as well.

This Wet Cleaning Cotton can be used not just for cleaning your baby but also for cleaning their items. It's important to keep their items clean to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading and causing infections. The convenience of the Wet Cleaning Cotton makes it easy to clean on-the-go, especially when you don't have access to soap and water.

You can also use the Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton to clean your baby's toys when you're outside. It's a great and convenient way to ensure that your baby's toys are kept clean and hygienic. It's always a good idea to keep some of these Wet Cleaning Cotton sachets in your diaper bag or purse for emergencies.

Another #ChanwonTips (1) on mama: Clean our nipple crust. 

I remember during my second trimester I started to spot white alike thingy appear on my nipples. It's known as nipple crust. Nipple crust or dried colostrum is a normal and natural occurrence during pregnancy. It's important to keep the nipples clean to prevent any infections, and using a gentle and safe product like Suzuran Baby's Wet Cleaning Cotton can help with that. 

In short, other than using it to clean on our baby's mouth and tongue, these cotton pads are designed to be used for multiple cleaning purposes, such as:-

  1. • Clean other sensitive areas such as eyes and ear
  2. • Can be use to clean nipples and finger before / after breastfeeding (on mama)
  3. • Clean baby bottle teats, pacifiers and teether
  4. • Clean wounds
  5. • Wiping baby's face / skin


Next, it's another product from Suzuran Baby, aka the Antibacterial Cut Cotton. Many of you confuse between both Wet Cleaning Cotton and Antibacterial Cut Cotton. Both of these are made of same 100% pure cotton and to not leave any residue or lint on our skin while other than its size, the main difference and usage will be Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton is intended for general cleaning and hygiene, while Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cut Cotton is specifically designed for wound care and prevention of infections.

Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cut Cotton

As you can see from the photo above, Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cut Cotton (left) which come with bigger surface and size is designed for wound care and cleaning. It is made of 100% pure cotton and is infused with an antibacterial agent that helps prevent infection and promote healing

It's dedicated design for wound care and hygiene purposes. As a c-sec mama, it's important to keep our wound clean and hygiene all the time. I found that their Antibacterial Cut Cotton is really soft and comes with a high-quality cotton that is really gentle on our skin. The antibacterial agent also help to prevent infection in wounds and suitable for use in medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics. 

This Antibacterial Cut Cotton also comes in a larger pack size of 120 pieces, making it more cost-effective in the long run.  It's also interesting to note that when used wet, the cotton has a cooling effect, which can be refreshing for both mama and baby. 

*OEKO-TEX® is the worldwide standard and products with the OEKO-TEX® mark are guaranteed to be safe, free from harmful substances and serve as an indicator of trust for consumers*

The convenience of being able to use it both wet and dry makes it a versatile product for cleaning various surfaces, especially when on-the-go. Just put one into your diaper bag and that's all you need. 

This is the ig stories I shared during my confinement month.

Also can use to clean genital area whenever you need on baby or if you are natural birth mama, this is also one of the must-have too.

Another #ChanwonTips (2) on mama: Use to remove makeup 

Discover this when I forgot to bring my cotton pad to remove my makeup during my confinement period. So I took one of it and use it on me, I'm loving the size of it. Just equal to 4x normal facial cotton pad and once you pour your makeup remover on it, omg the size just perfectly remove all my based makeup, sunblock, foundation and also lipstick color. It can be tear off into 2 thin layers too. 

In short, Antibacterial Cut Cotton is really useful on :-
  1. Prenatal/post-physiological cleaning 
  2. Cleaning wounds 
  3. Use as cosmetic pads (facial cotton) 
  4. Cleaning baby’s genitals and diaper area when changing diaper (recommend to use with lukewarm water when cleaning baby) 

Also I just found out another #ChanwonTips (3) especially during hot weather now. OMG the weather this month is super duper hot until my skin once again discover rashes and red patches around my neck. So with the cooling effect of this wet Antibacterial Cut Cotton (just mix with water), it help to soothe skin irritation and provide relief from itching or discomfort caused by heat rash or other skin conditions

Really so itchy and I try my best not to scratch on it.

cooling effect to soothe itching skin or rashes

Next #ChanwonTips (4)  comes in handy as well when my baby girl get high temperature after vaccination few days ago. Doc advice us to monitor our baby temperature and the next day her body temperature slightly increase and I quickly use this Antibacterial Cut Cotton by wetting it with water and placed on her forehead. Can be used as a cold compress to help reduce fever or relieve the discomfort too

It's always good to have multi-purpose products that can come in handy in different situations.

Other than the Wet Cleaning Cotton and the Antibacterial Cut Cotton, the handkerchief from Suzuran Baby is also one of my favorites, and I would recommend it to all mothers. Before giving birth to our little daughter, I thought that having 10-15 pieces of handkerchiefs would be more than enough for daily usage and that I could clean them. However, the reality was that it was never enough, so my advice is to get as many as possible. Also, when it comes to cleaning and daily use, it's advisable to use handkerchief which has higher absorption level, easier to dry and more breathable one.

After having so many diff kind of handkerchief, I can tell you that my top pick is still belong to Suzuran Baby one because it's fully made with 100% pure cotton, easier to clean and dries quickly, ultra-lightweight, highly absorbent + breathable and one main reason I'm loving it will be the larger surface as compared to normal handkerchief.

I bought so many cute one but at the end Suzuran Baby handkerchief with larger surface still works better to clean the mess and use it as a burp cloth.

#ChanwonTips (5)  for this Suzuran Baby handkerchief, I love using it with my own 'color-coding system'. Since it comes in different colors, I might as well use it in such way to serve different purposes. For instance, yellow handkerchiefs are used for general purposes such as cleaning up spills and wiping your baby's face. Pink handkerchiefs are intended for cleaning up after your baby has eaten, while green handkerchiefs are for bath time. This color-coding system makes it easy to keep your baby's things separate and avoid cross-contamination.

Because of it's breathable benefits, it dries quickly too so there will be no odor and very practical and helpful for our hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

This handkerchief made with cotton gauze fabric gets softer and softer after every wash, and it maintains its shape and last longer compared to other type of fabrics. 

In a nutshell, we can use Suzuran Baby handkerchief for all purposes such as:-
  1. Use as washcloth during bath time
  2. Padding while feeding 
  3. Cleaning and wiping sweat
  4. Use as burp cloth 

(1) Use as wash cloth during bath time to wipe baby's skin

(2) use as padding while feeding baby

(3) Cleaning and wipe away sweat

(4) Use as burp cloth or clean baby's saliva

| Where to buy Suzuran Baby products  

There are many baby stores carrying Suzuran Baby products and it's always convenient when products are widely available. But personally as a busy and on-the-go mama like me, I often enjoy online shopping and get it delivered to my doorstep! I'm so glad that I get to know on such amazing product that works well on my precious baby and even me as a mama too.

So if you all are interested to get any of the Suzuran Baby products, feel free to head over to https://www.suzuranbaby.com.my/ online store to grab it and quote 'Chanwon10' to enjoy your first RM10 OFF when you shop on their website.

That's all for today! See you on my next post. Love, xoxo.

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