The Bright September

07 September 2021

It's the first week of September. This week have been an amazing and fruitful week for me. I have been doing good so far but still missing those days where we can meet and hang out with our friends. I have been staying home for 4 months now. Too many things happened lately. Last month one of our good friends passed away due to covid, my best friend's father as well and what I did is really spending a lot of time myself at home and looking forward for the day where I'm able to share things and talk to you guys here.

So glad that I'm being productive this month. I started to work out again in the morning, prepared breakfast for family and I, trying to unlock new recipe when I'm free to cook, making yummy bun and really spend time chatting with friends. They are now becoming my net friends haha, and so happy that I'm able to go back again to my weekend home. I'm once felt so depressed every morning but lately, I feel way way better. I started looking forward for the day and update on my social media platforms. 

Oh yes, wanna let you guys know that I bought 3 new green babies again. Really a plant mama now! I look at them every morning and I'm so happy to see them growing. There are finally things that I'm looking forward every morning. There are small Melo plant growing at the side and also reading some articles about all these collective plant.

left to right: 
Clarinervium / AlocasiaMelo / BegoniaMaculata

Next, ever since the lockdown started, my piano lesson turned into virtual class through zoom. Practicing and playing piano is one of my meditation method and I love it because it stops me from overthinking and just focus on the melody and I feel so satisfied whenever I completed a new song. 

I also enjoyed practicing my piano during raining days. I think it helps to calm my mind too. It's been almost 9 months since I married to Smelly. We spent almost everyday together lately due to the lockdown and Smelly is now working from home. Only back to office once every few days. Since it's September, it's few more days until our 11 years anniversary together. I'm thinking to buy some flowers and decorate our dining table, Smelly suggest to have crab party at home and we shall discuss again this few days. 

I guess this coming birthday, I will be celebrating it at home again lol. Yes again... repeated the same thing happened in 2020. I really wondering why in May there are only 5k-6k cover cases daily, and lockdown started in May, 4 months later after the complete lockdown our cases rise up to 20-22k daily in September 2021. It's such a joke for most of the case as we are doing the best to stay home, couldn't work at all and only can work maybe 20-30% at home due to most of my shoot are only able to do it outdoor and we also can't travel more than 10km or going to other state.

But is okay, we are still going to stay home anywhere. Just do our best to survive through the pandemic and I hope everyone of you are doing great at home, if you are going back to office and work, please remember to take extra care at this period of time. New covid variation, Delta isn't a joke. I have seen it taken away the life of my closest friend and relatives. So please please please take a good care of yourself and stay safe.

Apart from that, one thing I noticed last week!! I finally gained weight. Previously it's always in between 41-42kg and now I'm around 46kg. I can see my bloated tummy and I don't mind if the fats all goes to my shoulder or upper body but just a big NO NO to go to my face and tummy. I tried to wear back my shorts and most of it, I feel so damn tight lol. Of course I gained weight because I was feeling so down previously, I ate alot and not really doing a proper workout at home. 

I miss my pilates class and it's so fun to go to the class tho. I really hope that we soon reach to the stage that we are safe to travel outside and also travel within the country. I really miss the outdoor activities and been a long long time didn't going out with new outfits lol. 

Obviously my abs gone and I left only bloated tummy now! HAHAHAHAAH I guess once we are able to work like usual then I will slim back. Other than exercising there are some new activities I did every weekend. Enjoying workout through Nintendo, the ring fit and I finally able to move the fireplace I bought to #ChanwonHOME. It have been staying at the box for months and yes, it looks amazing! Loving it and I moved the heart shape desk to another room of my house. Now my living area seems bigger and more toward my dream kind of interior look hehe.

Happy to see things slowly get better and I also going to edit my #chanwonHOME 2.0 photo and share the renovation makeover story here on my blog. Lots of you guys requested it! Wait for me okay! Also thank to Smelly and my bro who came along to help. We spent some great time on last weekend.

Dont be surprise with the length of their hair. They didn't plan together but due to MCO lockdown, hair salons aren't allow to operate. Therefore, they just keep their hair grow until this length. Now considering that I have two sisters in my life. 

Hi sisters 🤣

I also started to buy almost everything online. Tried my best to stay indoor because I feel so anxious and nervous whenever I'm out from my house. I guess it's all because of the virus and staying home for a long time making me quite anti-social now 🤣 I also tried to order lot of fruits online, this Australia strawberry is a gift from my friend.

Look at the size, it's a jumbo size strawberry. Normally it takes one to two bites for me to finish the whole strawberry but this, 6-8 bites only. HAHAHHAHAH So damn huge and I guess it's worth for a photo here lol.

Look heart / lip shape 💕

and then this is the photo I took an hour ago. Normally I'm wearing my spec with home outfit but today I wanna dress up just to look good. So I don't waste my makeup, it all getting expire soon and left 3 more months until the end of 2021. Oh gosh, time pass and Imma gonna jiayou again. Done with all the sad sad day, time to kick my ass and do something great.

That's all for today and I need to prepare for my dinner again. Thanks for reading my blog and you mean a lot to me. If you are struggle during the pandemic, stay strong because we felt the same way too. Hope you found your way or things that to keep you busy and don't overthink about something that we couldn't change especially this pandemic. 

Talk to you soon. See ya. Love, xoxo.

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