The Happiest Moment of my life

06 July 2019

Sorry but please ignore a crying Chanwon here. I just done taking shower and now sitting at a corner of my room, waiting for myself to calm down a little more & wanted to take note of this happiest moment of my life.

Today is the day that I have been waiting for. I'm feeling so grateful and I cried for a while when I first enter my home. I started blogging when I was still a young little girl, 16 years old. Which is 12 years ago. At that point of life while seeing all my friend enjoying their uni life and partying, I set myself few goals that I wish to achieve before my 30. It's quite funny and I even wrote and tell this to my friends that I would like to get married when after 28 and I should also buy myself a car and a house before I'm 25.

I woke up at 8am this morning, I'm feeling a little tired due to my sickness but no worries I took medicine and antibiotics by the doctor. I drag Smelly out of the bed, brushing teeth with me and we get ready by 8.30am. I told Smelly that I think I will cry later and you might need to cover me up for that. He laughed and said 'is okay, no worries bee'.

I brought all the necessary document with me and arrived the management office at 9am. That moment when I'm holding the keys I was like, is this even real? Am I able to enter my house and see that for the first time later? Lots of emotions and thoughts at the moment.

I thought it will be just two of us but Smelly family are always so supportive, they accompany us to get our keys and everything. So I took my house keys, looking for the lift and parking. Soon I arrived our block and while walking toward the main door of my house, I just take a deep breath and ....

I can't even believe it's real. I have been waiting this moment for two years. I bought my first house during my early 25. Then car when I was 26 and today is the day that I will be seeing the house that I bought for myself as a gift and even so called a place that is completely belong to me for the very first time.

The moment that I opened the main door, my tears and everything just couldn't stop. I try my best to hold my tears and not to let anyone see that but still, quite fail it literally just come out like that. I followed the staff walk around and unlock each of the doors with our keys. The moment I walk in the master room and the other 2 rooms I just wanna shout out loud. 

I walk toward the living area, I look at the morning sunlight and the view, I feel so grateful and so touch. I don't know how to stop myself from crying but I also trying so hard not to look at anyone, just walking at a corner and having another deep breath again. I really can't believe that I achieved another milestone in my life. My brain appear lots of throwback, all those bitter and sweet memories, ups and downs moment in my life. 想必我哭完我一年份的眼淚了

Yes, I never rely on others to make my dream come true and it's just me , my hard work and myself, I finally got the key to enter my house. It was a gift that I promise to get for myself and I waited this moment for 2 years plus. You know that moment like you finally graduate, or maybe won something but much happier, or maybe like you finally giving birth to a kids. Idk, but it's just soooooo unreal.

I wanted to record this happiest moment down on my blog so I can always look back. Now I can have everything I wanted here. I can buy furniture that I like and showcase all my oversea homeware haul at the corner of my house. I can slowly learn how to choose and buy all the furniture, pick my favourite color, buying my favourite curtain and hang it myself. I can have my own cooking area and yard to do my laundry.

I can make my own decision and doing everything that I always wanted to do. I can invite my friends come and overnight at my place. Drinking our favourite wine, playing boardgames and getting a daybed for my house. I can enjoy movie time with Smelly at my place and just .... I have millions of things to-do after getting my house.

It's one of my long term goal and today I made it. I made it and I did that. Yes, I did that.

I'm really grateful and thank you so much for joining this journey with me. If you have been following me since the first day I start blogging, you probably know how hard I go through all of these and been more than a decade since I set my goal.

Thank you for supporting me since years ago. I'm so so so happy for this. It's not the end but a new beginning and milestone of my life. I will cherish this moment and just let me digest a bit more. I will be back on my blog. Coming I will be dealing with packing and unpack everyday. I will try my best to enjoy the process.

I need to renovate my house and at the same time moving all my things from studio to my new space. A bigger office that I could be more productive on my work. Then my office I can bring bebe come over so he could meet some new friends. I can finally have a proper meeting spot with my team, discussion and brainstorming to create more content that is useful and helpful for my sweeties.

Thank you for loving and believing in me. I will always remember how I started everything and now, I think I should go ahead and start planning for the new office and hope I could decide the renovation and furniture that I like to have at my place.

This is the happiest moment of my life. Love you guys. xoxo. 


  1. Congratulations! You are an inspiration! 🎉🎊❤️

  2. congratulations to you!!!! I can feel your emotionals right away .That stream of sunlight is perfect!

  3. Congratulation dear. I'm happy for you :)

  4. Congratulations Chanwon! So happy of you and I am proud of you! please share me you financial management tips as well! (another topic for your blog :) )